When the Sheets Talk

Dr. J
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Published about 2 years ago
Chapter 8

When the Sheets Talk (Part 8)

When the door closed behind Beth, I jumped off the couch and began pacing circles around the room. Her excitement and nervousness ran through my body. We were so in tune. Beth had told me that when she and Mara were alone, Mara focused on Beth’s orgasm. Alone time today meant that Beth would learn what it was like to be the giver. For my selfish reasons, I wanted her to have a good experience. I wanted our threesome to continue.

I liked that Mara was taking her time with Beth, allowing her to find her footing with female desires. Beth would discover the pleasure I already knew. The scent of a woman, her soft, supple folds, and the hard, round nub of a clit on your tongue. She’d have her first experience with all of that and then bring it back home to me.

Am I jealous? Well, maybe I was. Beth would be having fun without me in the mix this afternoon. I would miss Mara’s luscious lips going down on Beth. I craved to see Beth taste Mara. Her tongue was magic, and I wanted to see Mara respond to my woman. That picture created an instant boner. 

I strode over to the coffee table, picked up the remote, and sat down. Hitting favorites, I pulled up our porn link. A new channel featuring men-on-men caught my attention. I considered Beth’s dream, me with another man. I wasn’t sure what I thought about her idea. It wasn’t something I’d done before, but I was curious, so I clicked on that channel. 

Two ripped, nude, well-endowed men appeared front and center on the TV screen as my front door flew open.

“Hey, dude. I saw that Beth left. You want to do something?”

Fumbling with the remote to turn off the TV, I hit all the wrong buttons. I looked over my shoulder, and there stood Jason staring at the TV.

“Jason, man. What’s up?” He pointed past me.

“Well, duh, that’s a stupid question. Look at those dicks on those guys.”

I glanced back at the TV to see a new scene with two, hunky weightlifter types stroking each other’s cock.

“You like gay porn, Rafe?”

Not a question I expected to hear today, and certainly not from Jason. We had met six months ago at the local bar. When Beth and I moved into this apartment complex, we found that lots of the tenants hung out there. Since the day we met, Jason and I routinely drank beer and watched sports. Sex was not a topic we discussed.

“I don’t know that I do.”

“Then why do you have it on? Damn, these guys are good. And hung, too. They’ll be shooting off in no time.”

I looked back at the screen, evaluating the picture. Two sets of eager fingers worked their way over balls, cocks, taints, and holes.

Jason plopped down on the couch beside me.

“I like that blonde’s stroke. It made me hard. Turn it up.”

I looked down at the remote in my hand and pressed the volume up button. 

“You don’t mind, do you, bruh,” said Jason as he unfastened his pants, pulled his zipper down, and grabbed his cock. “This is too good to waste. Join me. I see that chubby you’ve got.”

Jason was right. I was hard. Now that he had pointed it out, I got harder. That was a first. Me getting hard around men. Beth’s dream must be affecting me.

“Damn, Rafe, look at how that guy rubs his thumb right at the base of the helmet. That’s what I’m talking about.”

Jason had his cock in hand, and I was, I don’t know, interested? Intrigued? Horny? 

Groans, mumbles, and moans from the surround-sound system filled the room. What should I do? One part of my body had a clear plan. My cock pushed against my pants wanting release. Why not join Jason? He had sprawled out on the couch for either maximum comfort or pleasure. 

“Do you usually watch guys do each other, Jason?”

“Sometimes. When I want it hard and fast, guys serve the purpose better.”

“How so?”

“I like the enthusiasm that men bring to sex. It’s different and fun.”

I stared at Jason jerking himself off, while the sights and sounds of the guys on TV complimented his effort.

Life had presented me with an opportunity to check out the possibility of Beth’s suggestion. Since Beth was enjoying herself with Mara, I could do some research about her dream. I didn’t think she’d be upset, so I pulled down my gym shorts and whipped out my dick.

Jason matched his stroke to the blond on the TV. What a wanking pair we were. When the blond reached over and grabbed his partner’s dick, it spurred me on.

“Let me, Jason.”

He grinned. “Alright. Have at it, man.”

With his dick in my left hand and mine in my right, I pulled equal strokes. Jason had an ample girth, more than mine but his skin slid over the hardness effortlessly. It was a powerful feeling to wield two hard cocks producing the ultimate in pleasure. I pretended both were mine. I was going at it strong when Jason stopped me.

“Rafe. How about taking this a little further?”

“What do you mean?”

He nodded toward the screen. “Look at the guys.”

The sounds from the TV registered before I viewed it. It was a mmmm-moaning. When I checked, blondie was going down on the brunette. The dark-haired man nearly levitated off his seat. Damn, it looked so good that I thought my balls might explode.

“Go for it, Jason.”

And he did. Jason performed a hoover-maneuver on my cock as I had never experienced. He bobbed, sucked, and licked. The power of his mouth blew my mind. It was consistent, firm, and tight on my cock. I was in heaven. While he worked me over, I continued stroking him until I was about to cum.

“Jason, I’m coming.”

He never let up. I emptied my boys as hard as I ever have and my moaning covered the TV’s soundtrack. 

Jason was still hard in my hand, and I kept rubbing to finish him off, too. He settled back in the cushions.

“What do you want me to do Jason?”

He turned his head and facing me and nailed me with a seductive gaze.

“Nipples. Do my nipples.”

He pulled up his tee-shirt. Damn, his pecs would have made a marine Sargent proud. Two pierced nipples with a nipple ring each completed the set. It was hot. I moved closer to him and kept the stroke going. 

To taste a man. Could I, do it? It was skin, a nipple. My thumb had just hit the sweet spot on his erection, and Jason let out a sound, a cross between a whimper and a whine. It elicited a familiar feeling in me. I knew he was close. A little extra would tip him over the edge…touches or licks. I leaned over and tongued his metal ring until I heard it clink on my teeth. I latched onto his nipple and picked up the pace on him.

I closed my eyes. First, I imagined Beth caressing me. I could see her watching me pleasure Jason. I felt her warm eyes glowing with excitement. This action would turn Beth on. 

Jason’s jerky pelvis announced his orgasm. 

After his breathing slowed, Jason dropped his head on the back of the couch, and I used my tee-shirt and wiped my hand. 

Everything was still, and then a new porn clip blasted in the air.

“Hey, Rafe, great jerk, and suck. I’m all mellow. Perfect time for me to go take a nap.” 

“Yeah, no problem.”

“If you’re into it Rafe, maybe we can do that again, sometime.”

“Ah, we’ll see.”

Jason tucked and zipped. Before he left the apartment, he called out to me. “Tell Beth, thanks for the heads up.”

I stretched out on the sofa wondering what he meant and if I’d take him up on his offer. In no time, I fell asleep. 

Warm lips nibbling on my ears woke me.

“Hey, darlin’. Not like you to take a nap in the afternoon.”

“Yeah, extenuating circumstances.”

“Really? I see you have the gay porn channel on and your shirt is crusty here.” She slid her hand across my stomach. “You’ve been enjoying yourself.” 

I bolted upright and saw ‘our’ entertaining film. 

Beth looked at me and smirked. “I like your ingenuity.” 

She kissed my nose, and an unmistakable aroma wafted off her.

“Hmmm. What is that new perfume, you’re wearing? Perhaps, Scent by Mara?”

Her blush hit me in the groin. She bit her lip and grinned. “You know, Rafe, this room has a specific aromatic smell, too.” 

Had she set me up?