When the Sheets Talk

Dr. J
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Published about 2 years ago
Chapter 9

When the Sheets Talk (Part 9)

Because of our long grueling workweek, Beth and I had not talked about her sexual adventure with Mara. I had not yet shared the hand-job events between Jason and me or the blowjob he gave me. But now that Friday night rolled around, I was ready to spill my story and compare our notes.

We headed out to hear our favorite local rock and roll band at a swanky new club. A thumping bass greeted us at the door and with the whooping and hollering bouncing off the walls, the place was packed. 

“Head over to the bar, Beth. I bet we can squeeze in there.”

“Sure, Rafe. I know you are always looking for a dark place.” She winked at me. I pushed her in front of me and squeezed her ass. 

Her auburn hair cascaded down her back over the new corset and top she wore. Her dancer’s legs under her short flirty skirt had me reeling. My mind was a soggy sexual mess. I had had fantasies about her, Mara, and Jason all week. 

I followed her around the corner of the bar, down to the short end with four seats. A couple vacated the two stools next to the wall as we walked up. Perfect.

“I want a playful drink tonight, Rafe.” Oh, I liked it when she played this game. I pulled the bar stools out, and we slid into the corner. 

“Drinks aren’t playful.” 

“I want one to match my mood.” 

She flipped her hair over her shoulder and rocked her body to the beat. Beth’s hard nipples under the nearly see-through top under the corset came into view. She was on the move. My woman was perfect and could tease. Her black corset pressed up under her breasts and set them on center stage. The light material shadowed her nipples. Hmmm, such an invitation.

“Which mood is that?”

“Flirty. Or maybe filthy. Like Sex on the Beach.”

“Hmmm. Maybe I can persuade you to have a Slow Comfortable Screw.”

“Oh, no. Since I’m in a beach mood, maybe I should try something new, like Oral Sex on the Beach.” Beth waggled her eyebrows. 

Any other time I would have thought about her going down on me, but today all I could think about was her with Mara. I had to hear the details. No, I needed to experience the details. I wanted Beth’s description of her tongue action between Mara’s legs. I planned to include the specifics, the images, and sounds, into my repertoire for getting off with her. Just thinking about it caused my heart to race.

I wondered if she would think about Jason and me the same way? I mean, she was the one who wanted to see me with a man. How would that heat her up? Beth pulled on my arm, lifted it, and placed it on her shoulder as if she confirmed hearing my thoughts. Her hair tickled my face, and her floral shampoo delighted my nose.

“You’re playing with fire, Beth. I want to know what happened between you and Mara.” I licked her ear.

“What’ll it be?” I looked up to see the bartender blatantly staring at Beth’s boobs.

“I’ll have a dirty martini,” said Beth.

“Gin and tonic. Thanks, man,” I said through gritted teeth. “You see you’re a sex magnet in that new outfit.”

“Babe, I like it hot, and I wore this for you.” 

“Your sexy magnetism in this outfit is undeniable.”

“I like that, Rafe. Let me show you more.” 

Her fingers walked from my forearm to my face and with her pointer finger, she traced across my bottom lip. My mouth went slack as she dipped inside my lip ever so slightly. She cooed and brushed the moisture over my lip. Her delicate touch traced and explored, loving me. Beth tasted like desire. After snagging my lip with a playful bite, her passion came at me through a deep, long kiss.

“Are you fired up because of me or because of the bartender?”

“Hmm.” Beth laughed. “He was looking at your hotness, Rafe long before he looked at me and that turned me on.”

“It turns me on, too.” 

Beth jumped and looked over her shoulder toward the sound of the voice. 


“Beth. Rafe.” Jason’s piercing stare pinned me, and when I recognized the glint in his eye, I experienced a natural arousal response.

“What are you drinking, Jason?” What a lame attempt at normalizing, Rafe. Not sure I could normalize with the sexual tension that filled the space between him and me. Could Beth feel it? 

When the bartender placed our drinks in front of us, he turned to Jason.

“Beth, did you get a dirty martini?” said Jason chuckling. 

“You know I like it dirty, Jason.”

“So, I’ve heard. I’ll have what he’s having, thanks.”

I emitted a ridiculous strangling sound as I attempted to sip my drink.

“You okay, Rafe?”

“Well, I—” What an awkward moment. I was back on the couch fisting two cocks and then—

“Rafe, you haven’t told her.”

Well, fuck no. I planned to discuss sex over the weekend, but Jason had preempted me.

Beth stirred her martini and scrutinized me. Moving around her, Jason stood in front of both of us.

“Have I misunderstood, something? I thought you two wanted to include others in sexy time.”

“Jason, you’re right. Rafe and I are working to add other people in our sexual play.” Beth glanced at me. “I told Jason about my fantasy of you being with another man.” 

And with that tidbit, Beth confirmed that Jason was a setup. But she didn’t know what happened.

“Jason and I talked, too,” I said. Jason smirked. Beth watched us both carefully and then looked down at my tapping finger. “Ok, we did more than talk.”

“Aha! I was right about the sex smell in the room when I came home from Mara’s.” She patted my knee. “Working to make my dreams come true.”

“Wait, you were with Mara, Mara Bentley?”

“Yeah. Do you know her?”

“Mara’s my boss. I’m the manager of the Tops and Bottoms Club.”

“She mentioned that she and Celeste owned the club.” All of this information was news to me. What was this club?

“That’s why I’m here tonight. We’ve set up a little introduction to the club in the women’s bathroom. You should go check it out, Beth. Next to the last stall. And here, take this with you.” He pulled a small, flat vibrator from his bag and handed it to Beth.

“This sounds intriguing. I’m game. Get me, Rafe, if I don’t come back. I’m working on filthy.”

Beth left, and Jason sat down as the bartender brought his drink. 

“Didn’t mean to overstep there, Rafe. Beth talked like you two were on the same page.”

“Yeah, we are. All this is new. I’m finding my footing and how to talk about it, that’s all. No worries.” Jason seemed so carefree about our time together. Would I ever get to that place? I took another sip on my drink. “Why don’t you tell me what Beth’s going to find in the bathroom?”

“We created a glory hole for breasts. It should be fun.”

After I pushed open the heavy door to the ladies’ room, I headed for the designated stall, eager about what would happen. A flashy advertisement for the Tops and Bottoms Club decorated the door. It included an invitation to come in and sample. I stepped inside, closed, and locked the door.

“Hi, there, girlfriend.”


“You ready to have a little naughty female fun?” Mara had whetted my appetite for female play and if this was her business, how could I not want to check it out.

“Sounds fascinating.” 

“Do you have the toy?”


“Open the package, so it’s ready when you are.”


“Bare your breasts and then lift the Tops and Bottoms placard from the wall divider. Place the placard on the hook and push your girls into the open hole.”

That was pretty straightforward. I pulled my shirt down over the corset and released my breasts to the air, and my nipples hardened. Am I doing this? 

Carefully, I lifted the placard and peeked into the next stall, seeing nothing, before I set it on the hook. I eased my chest forward presenting my breasts into the open space as I pressed my body flat against the stall divider. All my feminine glory was now on display in the next stall. If this exhilaration is how men feel shoving their cock in a glory hole, I understood the draw.

“Are you ready for this?”

“God, I hope so.”

With warm hands cupping my breasts, kneading and pulling on them, my hip bones ground into the rigid surface. It was as if every aspect of my body wanted to participate. I was giving myself over to the sensations of the massage. I was giddy, horny, and wanted more.

“I’d like to provide another service.”

“Yes, surprise me.”

Nailed fingers began clawing at my nipples as warm lips and a nose nuzzled under the swell of my breast.


“This combination appeals to you?”

“Oh, yes.” The instant heat between my legs surprised me and ramped my excitement up.

A firm pinch and twist to my nipples caused me to bump up against the wall.

“Damn, that’s good.”

“You want a real fucking, don’t you sexy?”

My breasts were squished together, and a wet, long tongue wiggled up and down their crevice. When the hot mouth and lips sucked one nipple in with a nip, I instinctively drew my body up tall. Lifting my arms, I held onto the top of the stall divider and pushed my breasts out further hoping for more. My hard barrier could only let me go so far. Fingers were everywhere, lips and a tongue were everywhere. I couldn’t believe how wonderful this felt. My excitement pooled in my crotch. I was needy. 

Had my nipples and breasts ever been the focus of such hot sexual action? I loved it. I felt naughty here in the restroom, and I wanted raunchy.

“Talk dirty to me.”

“You’re a good slut. Those nipples are mine.”

“Yes, yes they are. Slap them.”

Smack. Smack.

“They look sexy wearing my handprints.” I wiggled up on my toes, hanging on by my fingers.

“Pinch them harder.” 

“Oh, you slut. I can do better than that.”

I nearly shot off the floor when something hard and cold clasped my nipple. Pain riveted through my body as wetness ran down my thighs. A deep craving bloomed inside of me.

“Oh, oh, ohhh… what’s your name.”

“Candace and you’re my nipple-pain-whore.”

Candace slapped and then massaged each breast.

“Oh, please, clamp the other one, Candace.” The aching in my pelvis matched the throbbing of my nipples, amplifying my need, my want, and my desire to orgasm. Candace moved quickly and with no other warning, clamped my other nipple. 

I was sure Rafe would never believe this. I imagined him being in the stall with Candace, watching as her breasts responded. He would use his fingers, his mouth, his cock to help me orgasm.

“Candace, I have to come.”

“Take out the vibrator.” 

I pushed the vibrator out of my pocket, flipped the switch with my thumb. The buzz filled the space. I slid the flat, vibrating toy between my legs against my clit.

“Oh, my slutty whore, I’m going to rile you up.”

Candace wiggled the metal on each clamped nipple, and I thought I might implode. Did she pull on both of them at the same time? With one hand pressed tight against the vibrator, my other hand held me in place against the wall as I dropped her head back. I savored the erotic nipple adventure with Candace.

“Oh, God, Candace, I’m coming.”

“Yes, you are my slut.” 

And in that second, she pulled the clamps off my nipples, and the blood rushed in. I had never throbbed like this. Sounds came out of me that I couldn’t comprehend. I tasted blood as I must have bit my tongue. Who would have thought a bathroom stall would be where I had the orgasm of my life?

As my consciousness came back into bathroom reality, Candace continued massaging, licking, and kissing my nipples. She bathed me in warm, loving sensations. 

“Miss Slut, you were awesome. That vibrator is our gift. Is there anything else I can do for you tonight?”

“Can you talk to me while I dress?”

“I can. First step back. Then hang the placard over the opening.”

I followed the instructions as I looked down at my breasts. 

“You see the pleasure marks?”

“I do. Wow, I have never been this colorful before.”

“When you are in the space between pleasure and pain your body can experience a lot. You see what yours did. Pamper your skin when you go home.”

“Okay. Is this how women play at the Tops and Bottoms Club?” I pulled my sheer blouse up over my shoulders and breasts. As I buttoned up, the material touched my tender nipples. 

“Ooh, a little sore.”

“Breast worship is a common play at the club. Your nipples will toughen up if you continue this play.” I remembered the nipple jewelry that Mara and Celeste wore. I was beginning to understand. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Absolutely, phenomenal.”

“Jason has the membership information. Check it out. Maybe we’ll meet again.”

“Thanks, Candace. I’ll get it from Jason.”

I felt Beth return to the bar before she leaned in and kissed my cheek. “Thank you for allowing me the interlude, Rafe.” 

I could see a few marks on her skin and my cock stirred. So, this was an outcome of the glory holes for breasts?

“Did you like your surprise?” I asked. 

Beth snuggled in between my legs and whispered in my ear. “Yes, and I thought about what it would make you do.” She turned and picked up her martini and sipped. Her skirt covered one of my legs, giving direct access to her nakedness. Beth wiggled and scooted closer to me. I felt the wetness on her thigh, so I moved my fingers higher and found ample lubrication. I stroked back and forth in her slick channel. Beth squirmed.

“So, Beth, what shall I tell Celeste and Mara about their advertising experiment?” 

“Yeah, babe, do tell.”

“The um, treatment was stellar. And thank you for the vibrator.”

“Think maybe you’d like to partake in a more individualized and tailored event at the club?”

“I believe I would, Jason, but Rafe would have to fit into this plan, too.” 

Beth pushed back into my hand, so I slipped two fingers inside her wetness. Her arousal wafted in my face.

“Yeah, how about me?” 

“While the club is a haven for all feminine desires, they do cater to the requirements of women about their men. Submission scenes, cuckolding scenes or whatever other desire a woman might want to experience with her male partner. We’ll set up special events with members interests in mind.” 

As the music changed to a faster beat, Beth bobbed to the music fucking my fingers faster while Jason watched. This behavior was new and in public, hot as hell. Whatever happened in the bathroom will happen again.

“Jason, if we can enjoy ourselves sexually with like-minded people while we explore new activities that incorporate safety and consent, I’m interested.”

“What about you, Rafe? I’d be available for the male-on-male action at the club.” 

Before I could answer, Beth exploded. The crescendo of the music and her orgasm were simultaneous. She raised her hands as if she was dancing.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes.” 

When the song ended, Beth slumped back in my lap, and I let my fingers stay inside her, so she remembered we were connected. 

“If new adventure is what Beth wants, I’m in.” I wiggled my fingers inside her, and she snuggled into my chest.

“It’s clear that Beth is a woman who goes after what she wants. Let’s toast,” said Jason. We each picked up our glass. “To new adventures at the Tops and Bottoms Club.”

The End