Tessa's Secret Admirer

Elle Danielson
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Published almost 3 years ago
Chapter 6

Tessa's Secret Admirer (Chapter 6)

Chapter Six: Soon

They settled into a pattern of a couple of dates during the week and weekends together from Friday night through Sunday morning. Tessa had learned to appreciate her man’s amazing culinary skills and the fact that he took the trouble to cook vegetarian for her. He was creative about finding things they could do together without her seeing him. He even found a way for them to watch movies. He had attached pieces of posterboard to the sides of a baseball cap, constructing blinders that worked perfectly to remove her peripheral vision. She could look forward and see the TV, and as long as he was sitting behind her, she couldn’t see him. He had a TV in his bedroom, so they always watched cuddled up on his bed. With the lights off and the blackout shades in place, he would lean back against a pile of pillows, and she would sit between his legs, her back pressed against his chest. They usually couldn’t make it through a whole movie. After a few minutes, she would feel him getting hard against her back and his hands would reach up and start caressing her breasts or drifting down between her legs. Then he would grab the remote, click off the TV, toss her blinders on the floor, flip her onto her back and start fucking her.

Everything about him excited Tessa. His voice, his hands, the way he kissed. When they made love, it seemed like he could stay hard forever, making sure she climaxed several times before he did. And then he would get hard again and they would start all over. He kept his promise not to hold back. They had gotten pretty adventurous. More often than not, he tied her up, and those were the nights when she came so hard she thought she would lose her mind. She had never realized sex could be so staggeringly intense. With Karl, it had been sweet and intimate, and she had always enjoyed it. Her new lover had given her pleasures she hadn’t known her body was capable of, and she surrendered to his wishes completely, trusting him with her mind and body. He always knew her limits, sensing intuitively when he could coax one more orgasm out of her, and when it was time to ease off.

It was on their third weekend together when he revealed that his skills with a rope far exceeded anything he had done with her thus far. “Are you familiar with shibari?”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard that word before.”

He got behind her, and put her blinders on, and her phone in her hand. “Google it. Find a few pictures and tell me if it’s something you’re okay with me doing to you.”

Tessa slid the blindfold up just enough to look at her phone, careful not to let her eyes drift to anything in the room as she pulled up the shibari images. She caught her breath in amazement. There were dozens of photos of beautiful women bound by extremely complicated rope patterns, often suspended from the ceiling. Some of the women appeared to be confined to extremely uncomfortable positions, but all of them looked like works of art. Living sculptures. “You know how to do this?”

His voice was soft behind her. “Yeah. I started with simple patterns a few years ago and kept learning. I wanted to learn as much as I could about bondage in case I ever got another chance with you.”

Her heart fluttered at those words. He had learned this for her. “Absolutely yes. You can do this to me.”

“Are you sure? You have to trust me to know what I’m doing. It’s possible to get injured with this if it’s not done correctly.”

“You would never put me in danger. I trust you.” Tessa pulled the blindfold back over her eyes and removed the blinders. “Let’s get started.”

“Do you need to go to the bathroom or anything? It takes a little while to get all this set up.”

“I’m good.”

“All right then. Hang onto me. I’m gonna take you downstairs to the living room. I’m set up to do suspension there.”

“You have a suspension bondage setup in your living room? Is it awkward when your parents come to visit?”

He laughed. “It’s just a taller ceiling with a wooden beam. I attached a hook to it, which no one’s even noticed. If they do, I’ll just say I’m thinking about putting a chandelier there. But for tonight, you’ll be my chandelier.” He helped her down the stairs and guided her to the sofa. “Sit tight while I get the rope.”

He came back a couple of minutes later and moved her to the floor. “You’re right under the hook now.” For the next thirty minutes, he moved her into a series of positions that increasingly restricted her mobility, as a complex arrangement of ropes were wrapped and knotted around her body. Her arms were folded and bound tightly behind her back and he tied the ropes into a harness around her breasts. Her thighs were separated by what he referred to as a ‘spreader bar tie’. He then folded up her knees and tied a rope around each ankle, joining the ends to a ring that was attached to the back of the chest harness between her shoulderblades. He sucked in a breath. “Oh god Tessa, you look beautiful. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” She couldn’t move at all, but she wasn’t in pain.

“Are you okay with being suspended, or is that too much?”

“I want it. And will you gag me too? I feel like something’s missing.”

He placed a thick rope in her mouth and wrapped it around her head, attaching the other end of the rope to the harness ring. She bit down on the rope, loving this feeling of absolute helplessness. This was beyond anything she had ever fantasized about. He checked to make sure her blindfold was secure and then pulled on the rope, lifting her up off the floor. He kept pulling until she estimated she was about five feet off the floor. As he pulled her up, she could feel every individual rope that was wrapped around her. It was intensely uncomfortable, but somehow that only aroused her more. Her pussy and ass were spread wide open, and if she weren’t gagged, she would have been begging... begging for his mouth and cock. Something about being helpless and suspended like this opened her up to a new level of desire, feelings she wouldn’t have thought herself capable of. Her pussy was drooling, her juices dripping in long, clear strings onto the floor.

“Oh, Tessa.” There was awe in his voice. “I’ve never seen you look so magnificent.” She was desperate for his touch, but she knew she had to wait until he had his fill of looking at her. “I’m taking a few pictures on your phone so you can see this. I hope you’ll choose to share them with me.”

She whimpered around the gag as her body strained against the ropes. The desire was almost unbearable. Finally he took pity on her and reached a finger to her hungry little clit. He scooped juice from her pussy and used it to lube a beaded anal wand which he inserted slowly into her ass. He pulled it almost all the way out, then slowly back in, out again, in again, then a little faster. As the rhythm of his penetration increased, she felt his mouth on her clit, sucking, sucking, sucking hard, almost too hard, but then not hard enough. Her whole body tensed up as she pushed against the unyielding restraints. And she came. And came. It didn’t stop; her body shuddering as much as it could within the tight confines of the ropes. She squirted. A lot. The pleasure was so intense she started to feel that she was leaving her body. And then she slowly came back, the waves of pleasure subsiding to a more consistent state of bliss. Her breathing slowly returned to normal and she was once again aware of the ropes cutting into her skin.

He pulled out the wand and moved away from her pussy. “You are so tasty, my dear.” He lowered her a couple of feet and came around to remove the gag. “Are you all right?”


“Can you stay like this a few more minutes? I want to fuck you.”

“Oh yes. Please.” The thought of his cock inside her got her instantly aroused again. 

He got behind her and positioned himself between her legs. He took a moment to remove the spreader tie, which was in the way and plunged his cock into her drenched pussy. He had his hands on her hips, and was moving her whole body back and forth rather than thrusting with his hips. She loved the idea of him flinging her around, using her for his pleasure, being suspended in the air, like she was his toy, his object, his fuckdoll that he used in any way he wanted, any time he wanted to get off. “I need...” she whimpered.

“What, baby?”

“I need... rough.”

“Damn, this isn’t enough for you?” He accepted the challenge and increased the speed and force with which he moved her body. His fingernails raked across her skin and he grunted behind her, letting her know he was every bit as horny as she was. She wailed as he fucked her hard, pounding her G-spot with rapid speed and perfect precision until she came again, filling the house with the sound of her release. His own climax came seconds later and he let out a shout as the cum spewed out of his cock and into her warm wet nook. He held onto her for a few seconds as they came down from their climax.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that,” he told her as he withdrew.

“Let me clean you with my mouth,” she pleaded. She loved it that she was tied up and couldn’t have anything she wanted unless he wished it. But she also loved it that he moved immediately to comply with her request. He had just come, so he wasn’t hard anymore, but she tasted his cum and hers on his cock as he guided it into her mouth. She strained against the ropes, lapping at his cock and balls until he was clean.

After she was finished, he stood before her, hands placed lovingly on her head. She couldn’t see him, but she could feel his eyes gazing down on her with adoration. “I’ve never wanted to look into your eyes more than I do at this moment,” he said.

She sighed, letting herself retreat into this instant of pure happiness they were sharing. She wanted to look into his eyes too, but she knew the time wasn’t right for the blindfold to come off. Not now. Not yet. “Soon,” she told him.

“I need to get you down,” he said softly. “You’re starting to turn purple.”

Now that he mentioned it, she was very aware of the ropes cutting into her in various places. He lowered her to the floor and began loosening the knots that bound her. It took a few minutes, but she was finally free. Her whole body had a pins and needles feeling. He massaged her all over to get the circulation going again. “I think my breasts are still a little numb,” she told him, thrusting them up so he could give them some more attention.

He obligingly squeezed her tits, rubbing, massaging, caressing, as she laid back and enjoyed it. Then he started working on her joints, bending and straightening her arms and legs, and rotating her ankles and wrists. “Are you glad we did that?”

“Oh yes. I hope it happens again soon.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I hope your feelings don’t change when you see the rope burns. You’ve got a nice set of zebra stripes.”

“A reminder of the fun we just had.”

“I have mixed feelings about my girl going home from our dates covered in bondage marks.”

“Well, that sounds like your issue,” she told him. “Let me know how I can help you get over it. Besides, you’ve obviously done this before, so you’ve probably figured out strategies for dealing with your discomfort already.”

He straightened her leg out and kissed her foot. “Aftercare goes a long way toward soothing my guilty conscience.” He gathered her up in his arms and carried her upstairs to the bathroom. “Do you like bubbles?”

“I love bubbles.”

“Then my girl gets bubbles.” He sat her down on the edge of the bathtub. He gently piled her hair up on her head and secured it with an elastic band. Then he filled the tub with water and lowered her in. The water soothed the rope burns that were starting to sting. “I left you up there a little longer than I should have.”

“You left me up there exactly the right amount of time.” She reached out and grabbed his forearm. “Don’t hold back with me, okay? I don’t care if tonight left marks. I love everything that happened.”

He leaned forward and kissed her cheek, and she sank down into the water, enjoying the feel of his hands gently washing her. He rinsed her off, squeezing warm water from a cloth over her soapy breasts, before putting the cloth aside and massaging her neck and shoulders. “Are you sore?”

“I’m fine,” she told him. She was better than fine. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so happy. Today was Saturday. She could spend the night with him and enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the morning. They still had so many hours ahead of them before they had to say goodbye. He was a part of her life now. She knew his habits, his favorite foods and movies, the exact spot under his nut sack where he liked to be licked. He had told her dozens of stories about his childhood, books he had read, joys and disappointments. He hadn’t talked much about his job, other than to say that he liked it. But she knew him now. Everything except his name and face.

After the bath, he dried her off and applied aloe to the rope burns. He helped her get some paste on her toothbrush without making a mess. When they both finished brushing, he put his arm around her, resting his chin on the top of her head. “You know, I’m looking in the mirror, thinking how much we belong together. It’s nothing special, just two people brushing their teeth together before bed. But it’s kind of intimate and domestic.”

For an instant, she was tempted to remove the blindfold and share the moment with him. “You’re ready for me to take it off, aren’t you?” she asked.

“Only if you are.”

“It’s been five weeks. Maybe it’s time.”

“Let’s sleep on it. Tell me how you feel in the morning. I want you to have this for as long as you need it. But there’s a little corner of me that’s still afraid you’ll be upset when you find out who I am.”

She reached up and brushed his lips with her fingertips. “Then the blindfold needs to come off soon. It’s the only way I can reassure you.”

He picked her up and carried her to bed, pulling the covers up over her nude body. He removed his clothes and turned off the light. She pulled off the blindfold, and put it under her pillow where she could find it in the morning. They were lying face to face, their noses just inches away from each other in the darkened room. She reached out to touch him, letting her fingers run through his hair, down his jawline and across his lips. “One more week,” she told him. “Next weekend the blindfold comes off. We’ll spend Sunday together too.”

“You’ll take me with you to your... Sunday thing?” He had never asked for any specific information about her ‘Sunday thing’, and she had never mentioned it after their first date. But she knew he probably wondered where she went and what she did. It was time to share that part of her life with him.

“I’ll take you with me,” she promised, giving him a final kiss goodnight before she curled up in his arms to sleep.