Poker Night

Carson March
11 mins read
Published about 4 years ago
Chapter 2

Poker Night (Part 2)

I look at John, my mouth open slightly from the sensation of Adam’s mouth on me, and nod, smiling a little. I pull the dress open wider, till the shoulders have slipped backwards, my arms still in the sleeves that are now bunched around my elbows.

On my next breath, my chest rises up, and John's hand moves out to connect, cupping his whole hand over my breast at first, gently squeezing.

"Ohhh, ohhh, ohhhh," I say, breathy, eyes closing now, loving the sensation of it all.

The other two are riveted, and in the split second that I open my eyes, I see Adam watching them closely. Will they spook? But they look totally engrossed; in fact, David has one hand under the table like he's probably rearranging himself to deal with the erection making his pants uncomfortable.

"Stand up, baby," Adam says quietly.

I do so immediately, like I’m hypnotized. No question now – I want this.

Just seeing the looks on their faces – total complete overwhelming lust – has me so aroused I can feel my pussy making my panties wet. He pushes me back gently towards the table till my butt hits the edge of the small card table, and says, “lay back.”

I do, with my rear end right at the edge of the table, my head hanging back just slightly off the other side. Adam takes my legs in his hands, and pushes them up, putting my feet on the table, too.

The movement makes my dress slide up my legs, pooling over my hips and abdomen. He pushes it up further, exposing black panties and bare legs. He tugs the top part down more, exposing my breasts completely, and letting me pull my arms from the sleeves.

The cards are under me, forgotten, some scattered to the floor. Laying back, eyes closed, I now have one person at every side – North, South, East, West – with Adam at the south between my legs.

I can feel myself quivering, on display, and realize I’ve never felt this aroused before.

"Tell me what you were going to do to me when you got to the bottom of the stairs. If you'd found me alone."

I open my mouth, but nothing comes out.

"Tell me," he says, firmly.
"I was going to... hope that you were sitting on the couch, and... get on my knees... and... I was... well... I was going to... you know..."
"No, baby, I don't know, tell me."
"I was going to... open your pants... and… umm..."

He starts playing with my nipple again, leaning over me to do it. I can feel his breath on my neck.

"Tell me, baby."
"I was going to get your pants open and suck your dick..."
"And... lick you..."
"And... then get on top of you..."
"And ride you till I came."
"And then what? What next, baby?"
"And then..." 

I’m breathing hard now, saying all this as these men listen so intently.

"Tell me."
"And then... ask you to fuck my ass, too.”

I hear one of the men curse under his breath. Adam smiles.

"Hmm. That would have been great. But I think I'll like this too."

And then he pulls my panties aside, and slides two fingers into me.

The suddenness of it, the thick dragging feel of his two big fingers in my wet pussy, makes me lose control and I'm instantly moaning, hips curling, begging.

He slides his fingers in and out for a second, watching, eyes intent between my legs. I can feel myself wet, dripping now, as my pussy lips pull along his fingers each time they slide out.

I almost forget anyone else is there, his fingers hypnotizing me as they push in over and over again.

But then Adam speaks, and I remember we’re not, in fact, alone.

"Well boys, you heard her... she wanted a cock in her mouth, and one in her pussy, and one in her ass. I think we’ve got enough manpower here… for the job?”

He grins, and there’s a moment’s pause. But then, one by one, they each reach forward, touching the part of me that is closest to each of them. Adam’s fingers are still inside of me, and I’m wet enough that I can hear the noise of it every time he slides out.

"Adam," says John, suddenly serious. "Is this..."
"Trust me, it's more than ok. We've talked about doing this, exactly. You guys, doing this. With her."

My eyes are mostly closed, but I nod, giving my consent.

“Please…” I say, a quiet whisper.

John's eyebrows go up, and I hear David and Jordan groan almost simultaneously. One of them whispers, “Fucking hell.”

"Baby, open your mouth."

I do, and Adam nods towards me while smiling at John.

"Well?" says Adam.

John moves around the table, opening his pants. His cock is big, hard. He's stroking it slowly as he comes around. I open my eyes as I hear him come closer, then let my tongue slide out over my bottom lip, opening my mouth wider for him, smiling. My eyes go to his cock as it hovers over my face.

Tentatively, he puts his tip to my lips and I instantly start licking, sucking, closing my mouth around his cock. He throws his head back, groans, and pushes further into my mouth, then pulling back again, starts a rhythm of small short thrusts.

The other two move their hands from where they were touching my body and unzip as well, their own cocks also hard and ready. Adam pulls his fingers out of my pussy, and leans over the table.

"Taste," he says, and I let John's cock pop out of my mouth, closing my lips around Adam’s fingers instead. "How do you taste, baby?" he asks.

I grin.

"Delicious, actually."
"Do you think you'll agree, David?" Adam asks, pointing towards my open legs.

David comes around the table, kneels down on the floor, and drops his head to my pussy, licking slow at first.

Adam puts his hands on one of my knees, pulling me open wider to get a better look, then steps aside to take off his pants and shirt, motioning to Jordan to do the same.

I close my eyes, lost to the feeling of David’s warm tongue on my cunt and and John’s cock in my mouth. Adam whispers my name and when I open my eyes, he nods at Jordan. I can’t turn my head with John’s cock in my mouth, but I move my eyes sideways to see Jordan standing next to the table. I move my hand to him, start to stroke him, loving the feeling of his soft silky skin in my hand.

I’m overwhelmed - the taste of John in my mouth, the feel of the others touching me, licking, my hands on them. Am I dreaming this?

I hear John start groaning, cursing – “fuck, fuck, fuck” – and I know he’s close to cumming. I reach up with my other hand and cup his balls, squeezing, gently and then he suddenly thrusts harder into my mouth. I’m trying to keep up with it, but a tiny bit of cum leaks out at the corner of my mouth as I swallow his load.

I see Adam watching. He rarely finishes in my mouth, preferring to be in my pussy when he cums, but I can tell he’s enjoying watching this.

As soon as John recovers, he turns his attention to my breasts again, leaning over me, sucking.

I’m so close to cumming, I start to beg.

“Fuck, fuck, please…” I moan out.

"Hold on, guys, hold on... get over on your tummy baby."

Adam helps me sit up, and then I turn around, bend over the table. Standing with my legs wide and my chest and cheek to the table top, I can feel my pussy wet from David’s tongue and from my own arousal.

"Tell us what you need, baby,” he says, his hand slipping along my slick pussy lips, rubbing and teasing me.
"Oh god…” I'm moaning now. "Please."
"Please what? Tell us?"
"I need..."

He stays silent, waiting. I know he won't go any further till I say it, making me wait to cum till I say it out loud.

"I need to cum baby please. I need to get fucked,” I finally gasp out.
"By who?"
"All of you."

Adam grins, motions for David to get between my legs, then moves around to the side of the table, close to where my face is turned, and pushes his cock into my mouth.

David lines up behind me, his cock pushing at my wet pussy hole, and I hear Adam say, "She likes a good spanking."

And just as he pushes into me, Adam leans over and smacks my ass.

I groan around his cock, so close to cumming now.

"Don't," he says. "Wait till I tell you."

He knows I love when he tells me what to do, bossing me around like this just when I’m on the verge of orgasm.

David is fucking harder now, pumping into me, his cock straining.

"Tell him how much you love his cock in you," Adam says.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, fuck, I love your cock in me, fuck, fuck fuck me fuck me fuck me."

Adam smacks my ass again, and over the noise of it, I hear him telling David to "fuck my little slut harder, fuck her harder" and he does, ramming into me hard, his balls bouncing against me, until suddenly he cums, holding himself deep inside me.

"You ready for more, baby? Ready for another cock?”

When I nod yes, yes, yes, he turns and says, “Jordan? Your turn, buddy.” 

Jordan's been stroking his cock this whole time, and he looks like he might cum just by touching himself before he ever gets inside me, but he moves around behind me and runs his fingers along my wet fucked pussy, pushing his fingers in, then pulling them out and running them all along my pussy to my asshole.

I squirm under the feeling of it, moan a little, and push back.

"Please," I say.

"She wants you to fuck her ass," says Adam.

Jordan stares.

"Fuck," he says. "I've never... fuck. Fuck me."

Adam leans over, licks my ass, pushes his tongue into me a little, making me wet, using his fingers to pull the wetness from my pussy up to my tight asshole.

"Go for it," he says. "She loves it. Like a good slut."

He’s never called me a slut before, never spoken about me like this. But I love it. I am being a slut, and I don’t feel bad at all – I feel incredible, filled, fucked, desperate for more and more and more. I moan, push back again, and feel suddenly the head of Jordan’s cock at my ass.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, please," I say, incapable of saying anything more.

He pushes his hard cock into me, and I feel my ass stretching to accommodate him, loving the feel of it. I realize suddenly that John, now recovered from cumming in my mouth, has gotten under the table, between my legs, and is licking around my clit with his warm tongue.

Jordan fucks my ass slowly, at first, but within a few strokes, he can't control himself and he starts moving faster, harder.

I look up at Adam, the strain of my near-orgasm showing on my face, my body bucking under the licking and ass-fucking.

He leans down, kisses me, his tongue licking into my mouth, tasting the cum still there from earlier.

He whispers, “Don't cum. Wait for me. Do not cum.”

I stare at him, needing, mouth open, my whole body bouncing with each hard thrust into me.

In another thirty seconds, I feel Jordan's knees buckle and he unloads into me, his upper body coming down over me as he cums hard, whispering “fuck, christ, fuck, god, fuck fuck,” as he does, aftershocks working through his whole body. Every few seconds his hips push again, deeper into me, for another full minute at least.

As he slowly finishes, John comes around to the end of the table now.

"Jesus christ, I know I already came in her mouth but, fuck, I need to fuck her properly," he says. He's hard again already, and as soon as Jordan pulls out of my ass, John takes his place, putting his hands on either side of my pussy lips to spread me wide, before pushing his cock in. 

He buries himself deep, all the way, then stays there a moment. David – still under the table between my thighs - begins his licking again, and John puts his hands to my hips, letting go every few seconds to smack hard over my ass.

"Fuck,” he shouts. “Fuck, your fucking cunt feels so fucking good."

I look up at Adam and can tell he’s loving watching this as much as I’m loving doing it and I know he’s aching for his turn.

"Baby, tell us what a slut you are,” he says, eyes locked with mine.
"I am, fuck, I love it, I love it, I love it, fuck, fuck!"

Hearing me say it, John goes over the edge, thrusting hard and cumming, hands gripping me tightly.

Adam moves over to the couch, and sits down, his cock hard as a rock and standing straight up. When John slides out of me, Adam beckons me over.

I get up, aching, having still not cum, and walk towards him.

"I think you said you wanted to suck my cock, and then ride me till you came, didn't you?"

I smile, in a total fuck-daze.


I kneel, and start lazily sucking his cock. He takes my hair up into his hands, holding it like a ponytail so he can watch as I lick and suck him. I move my mouth down to his balls, and he spreads his legs to give me room. I lick all over, teasing him, knowing he’s been watching me the last half hour and is ready to cum.

"Get on top of me, baby," he says, voice deep and raspy, and I crawl up, straddling over him, my knees on the couch outside his closed thigh. I reach down between us, hold his cock up to my pussy and rub it back and forth a little, wetting his tip against me.

I know he wants me to sink down onto him, to feel my well-fucked pussy slide down around his cock, but I tease a little, knowing how much I can get away with, knowing that he enjoys this power reversal – having told me what to do, called me a slut, instructed me to open my mouth or not to cum yet. 

Now it’s me who controls him.

I keep on, rubbing my pussy back and forth on his hard cock, smiling at him as I do so, until at last he puts his hands on my hips and pulls down hard, thrusting his own hips up at the same time.

"Mine," he grunts. "Mine. Mine. Mine."

On each thrust: Mine.

I'm using my thighs to push me up and down on him, my body coming down with a smack to meet his thrusts.

"Yes, yes, yes, yours, yes, yes."

He wraps his arms around me, grasping my shoulders, locking me into place, holding me down.

I realize the other three have come over to us now, hands cup my breasts, pinch at my nipples, fingers slide into my ass again form behind. I know Adam can feel the fingers stroking inside me as his cock fucks my pussy, and I squeeze tightly, making the space inside me even more snug, milking him.

"I need to cum, baby please, please,” I say.
"Wait, wait, wait for me,” he gasps.

He’s fucking into me harder and harder, hips thrusting with all his strength, hands pulling me down hard.

I take it, and take it, holding at the edge of my orgasm, just letting him pump and pump into me until finally he puts his hands on either side of my head and pull my face to his, kissing me hard as he keeps fucking me, until finally he says, "cum now, cum NOW."

He shouts, moans, groans, his lips still against mine, his breath in my mouth as he cums hard, my orgasm riding through me so my whole body shakes, my pussy tightens around him, my hands grab at his upper arms, my breath just one long, exhausted "fuck".

Later, when the house is empty – everyone cleaned up, fed a final sandwich and a last beer, given humourously chaste kisses on their cheeks, made to feel appreciated and pleasant and pleased for the unexpected turn of events, then sent home happy in cabs – Adam runs the water in the soaker tub, lights some candles, and calls me in.

"You're amazing," he says.

"So are you," I reply.

He kisses over my face, along my jaw, my cheekbone, my forehead, down my nose. He runs his hands along my arms, stroking gently, lovingly.

He pulls off the long tank and panties I'd put on to make sandwiches for the guys, and tossed them to the side, kissing along my thigh, to my hip, softest gentle nuzzle at my tender nipples.

He nudges me towards the tub, and I step in and sit down. He gets in behind me, legs wrapping around me as he pulls me back against him. The water is so warm, and high enough to cover our chests almost to the shoulders. My hair is piled up in a bun at the top of my head. He pulls it out and washes it slowly, using a small cup to pour water over it to rinse out the suds.

When we're clean and warm and of the verge of dozing off, he helps me back out, and wraps us both in big towels. We run, feeling the chill outside the tub, to the big bed in the adjacent bedroom, and crawl in naked, leaving the towels on the floor.

He curls up behind me, spooning, kisses at my shoulder. I feel myself starting to drift off, when I realize I can feel him hardening again, his cock moving a little against my butt spooned up next to him.

He chuckles softly.

"Sorry, I guess he's not as tired as you are."
"No. Never say sorry. Never. And I'm not tired."

I move my top leg forward a little, and push back towards him, the movement opening me up enough for him to line up and slide into me again.

He does, slowly, patiently, knowing I am tender. He puts his arm around me, cupping my breast in his hand, and we move against each other, still spooning, gently, his cock sliding in and out slowly, until eventually he moves his hand from my breast to my clit. He rubs gently, and whispers in my ear, "Cum, cum for me, cum for me, cum for me."

And I do, quietly, lovely, deeply, and feeling my body tense next to him, feeling my pussy tighten on him, he cums again too, pressing himself as deeply as he can into me.

When he moves to pull out, I grab his arm, and whisper, “Please, don't move.” So he stays there, our bodies pressed together, his cock still in me, as aftershocks continue to ripple through me.

I drift off, feeling his even breath on my shoulder.

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