The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 2

The World of Cherry (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2: Nude Auditions

The Cherry Club opens at seven in the evening three nights a week with no defined closing time. Affairs shouldn't be rushed and I never want the members to feel that there is a clock ticking over their heads. Friday and Saturday evenings are always full and lively but the most popular night is Wednesday. My members demand a midweek evening to recharge their batteries and blow off steam. Wednesdays fill to capacity with mostly diamond-level members—the women who pay annually for unlimited visits and benefits. I won't reveal the price of any membership level, but the costs are somewhere between a luxury penthouse and a private plane. The women who frequent my club have the wherewithal to own both. There are no hesitations for renewing and I have never had a membership canceled. The members who prefer the platinum or gold levels are mostly busy executives with travel commitments, and the club is their “in-town” destination, a special treat they indulge in when time permits. All the members are treated exactly the same regardless of level, and the experiences they have once inside this private oasis of female flesh is unlike any other.

Exotic female dancers occupy the stage for several hours a night while brilliant aerial artists perform from the trapeze and ropes. Whether the performers wear lingerie, costumes or are fully nude depends on the member RSVP list. The beautiful club cast is for both visual pleasure, and for physical. They are available to the members by request, and must be booked several weeks—sometimes months—in advance. Requests for fresh, new talent are frequent, and I interview daily.

“What type of special skills do you possess?” I asked Winterlynn, the hot young brunette I interviewed earlier. She smiled so shyly that I almost wanted to excuse her lack of experience with a playful spanking, but business is business.

With a shaking hand, she clicked on the music before starting her routine. She had talent and was pleasant to watch, yet her dancing was too modest for performing at the club. When she was done I ran my hands over every inch of her vinyl covered body, feeling lean muscles and feminine curves. “Are you comfortable dancing fully nude?”

“I've never danced nude before, but I am happy to try it out,” was Winterlynn's attempt to conceal her modesty, averting her hazel eyes from looking into mine. “I don't allow 'trying out' at my club. You must be polished from the start.” Her disappointment prompted me to give another opportunity. “Why don't you see how comfortable you are with it now?”

She agreed, removing her clothes, skin reacting to the cool air with nipples puckering.“Should I do my routine again?” I settled back in my seat. “Absolutely.”

Winterlynn mounted the stage, nervous at first, not relaxed enough to bask in her bareness. “Your body has a wonderful silhouette, but I need to see everything if you truly want to work for me.” To my wonderment, her love for dancing eased the tension of being nude in front of a stranger. As her motions freed up, she opened her legs—even bending over to show off her ass—satisfying my request.

I wanted to hire her. She’s not as top shelf as the others, but there's a prominent member who likes them rather inexperienced. Being a teacher of making love to another woman is what turns her on, and it's my pleasure to supply her to the fullest. “Are you able to start tonight?”

“I am,” she replied, with the excitement of a child. I still needed further convincing, even though my instincts told me she would do fine after receiving mentoring from my best girls.

“Come here.” Her quivering made me suddenly wet and rather hungry. “You are quite lovely.” I cupped her tender breasts, enjoying how they fit lightly in my hands, so young and supple. “Are you willing to do whatever working for me requires? I only place the most dedicated and qualified girls at the club.”

“Yes,” she smiled sincerely and I could feel her gentle breaths as I placed my lips on hers. She knew how to kiss me back, obviously having experienced other girls. “Your lips are so yummy,” she whispered in between offering me her tongue and taking in mine. “Undress me, slowly.” She obeyed my command, unbuttoning my silk blouse, hands sliding down the curve of my hip as she pulled down my skirt. I led her face across the lace of my bra, and let her suckle on my tits for a nice, long while, and I enjoyed the intense sensations. I watched her sweetly travel towards my thighs. There she let her tongue playfully lick me over my panties before moving them to the side for direct contact, making my knees buckle with unexpected pleasure. Winterlynn had me in the palm of her hand, plunging her fingers into my juicy hole, which I rarely let new girls do. She had the skill to penetrate just the right spot inside me. 

Her pace was perfect and I quickly lost control, releasing on her face, legs shaking with each peaking and passing wave. If this is how she introduces herself, I can only imagine how fantastic she'll be as the main attraction. I stroked her head, letting her tongue flicker on my sensitive and spent clit, until I couldn't take another second. She stands, showing off how wet her face is, cleaning my juices from her fingers.

“Very nice.” With a kiss on the cheek and a swift pat on her round ass, I closed the deal,“You're hired.” 

This girl knows how to get the job done and I'm not afraid to use her for it.