The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 7

The World of Cherry (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7: The Festivities

The members arrive, and I make the first rounds of meeting and greeting. This is when I come alive, engaging in conversation with discriminating and adventurous women, excited about their evenings. There are numerous ways to live out a fantasy, and it's their decision to manifest them—I am simply the catalyst with a vision at their disposal.

Dusty is at the door, my watchdog for anyone suspicious trying to get in without a membership. I've had problems in the past with women claiming to be on a “guest pass” who want in. The rules are what they are: guests must be accompanied by a member, or have been to the club first with a member and are returning for a second visit to join. Most everyone that belongs came to me as a referral and passed an extensive background check. All money is paid upfront and I don't give refunds. The members know from the minute they enter that they are in the company of a certain class of women and their activities within my realm are secure and protected. If my rules aren't upheld, my entire business is vulnerable and I know there are those who would like to see my club closed, or somehow bring ruin upon me. I have enemies, who remain silent, but they are out there and I have no doubt that if I let my guard down for a second, they'll invade. Dusty is well aware of how important security is—she worked for my previous business, and witnessed firsthand the trouble that comes from blindly trusting. Diligently she guards the club and once the guest list has been accounted for, the doors are locked and the festivities begin.

I check the private rooms, scouring every inch to make sure they are clean and well-appointed with richly-colored pillows, scented candles, wine bucket, and gourmet nibbles. Plenty of water is also supplied, as the private rooms can be occupied for hours at a time and the members don't like to be interrupted, even for catering. The club doesn't serve dinner, as I found it was an afterthought for the members—when they’re here they come to party and let loose and anything more than snacks or small bites are wasted. Once the bar within the rooms is set up per a member's order, the staff leaves them alone, unless they are requested.

The dance floor is already getting busy, and I see two of my favorite long-time members, Avery and Katherine, dancing together as they always do, warming up before slinking off to their private room for their weekly affairs. Avery and Katherine have been best friends since attending an all-girls Catholic high school, and they prefer sharing one room so that they can watch the other make love. They are too good of friends to screw each other, which they've learned from several attempts in the past. “Cherry! You must meet our girlfriend, Marina! We've known her since high school, but she moved across the country, and now, for a few nights, Katherine and I have her back.” Avery proudly shows off Marina to me.

I shake her nervous hand with compassion. “Welcome to the club, Marina, we are honored to share your birthday with you.”

Marina blushes, “They told you? Listen, don't do anything special. I don't like having a spotlight on me, especially on a night where I'm feeling like a fish out of water.”

“Please don't feel uncomfortable. I promise you, your experience will be respectful. It's not uncommon for women to feel nervous their first time here. I have a prime location table, ringside the dance floor reserved for you, as well as the French room for later.” I reassure her, and in true Katherine fashion, she bursts out with laughter. “French room? Is it all pink inside, like my vagina?”

Avery swats Katherine's shoulder. “Must you use such a bold word so early in the evening? Marina relaxed by a millimeter before you opened your mouth. Don't stall progress.”

“Why don't you ladies follow me to your table? Should I bring a bottle of champagne to start?” They trail me through the rising sea of gyrating women, loving the awesome site of Eternity, my lead and most popular dancer, showing off her sexiest moves. She dangles her thigh-high boots from the edge of the stage, blowing kisses as she cups her D-cup breasts, nipples covered by feathers. I catch Marina stealing a glance at her, and quickly darting her eyes away once Eternity opens her legs, revealing a leather and diamond studded thong. Eternity is exclusively available to the diamond level members, and likes to make that perfectly clear with her attire.

Katherine accepts Eternity's invitation, and dives between her thighs for a kiss on her covered crotch. For a spell, Eternity was Katherine's girl of choice, ordering her week after week, until I had to remind her there were other members waiting for a chance to be with her, too. Katherine graciously released her possession of Eternity, yet the ravenous desire is still alive when they come close. Avery, on the other hand, prefers the girls on their first night at the club, fresh for the taking. 

Katherine is paired up with Kristin. She mentioned in her RSVP that she's craving a blonde. For Marina, I have a very special encounter in mind, to be held outside the club, back at Marina's hotel room, with my star chair dancer, Nixie. A woman as apprehensive as Marina needs to be in the comfort of a bed, sheets, blankets, anything she takes safety in as she loses control over her morals. Nixie is a strong young lady with a will of steel when it comes to seduction. She's never had any member deny her persuasions, and Marina will be no different.

The second shift dancers arrive for work, checking in with Dusty before heading to the dressing room, lavishing her with hugs, kisses, and titty rubs. Dusty, a butch full-blooded lesbian, gets her fair amount of pussy working for me. Despite her lack of height, in her pantsuits and masculine hairdo, Dusty has an understated sex appeal. Her major downfall with the dancers and staff is that she's a one-woman kind of gal, which goes directly against what my business stands for. I believe in experiencing passion to its fullest, and in my opinion, it is the only way to live. This is why I've never invited Dusty into my bed, as much as I've squeezed my thighs together imagining what her expert oral gifts are as a natural born lover of women. Her smoky brown eyes staring up at me with her mouth locked on my most tasty spots has been a curious thought. She is not easily seduced but working around this den of female hedonism, falling victim to heavy flirtations is unavoidable. Recently it's been Kristin who's held her fancy. I caught Dusty spending quite some time watching Kristin sunbathe in the nude the past three weeks, and I'm sure she's had a few risqué fantasies about taking her standing in the laundry room or over the kitchen counter at the house. She's maintained herself purely out of respect for me, but now Dusty has the opportunity to seize the moment since Kristin has been released domestically. A boss can learn the most interesting things when casually overhearing a conversation amongst employees.

“We have you on the aerial silks, Kristin. Harlow is simply circulating eye candy tonight,” Dusty informs.

“I am? I didn't know.” Harlow struts off to the dressing room with a sense of confidence at being my latest choice. Kristin lets Dusty hold her hands for a few seconds. “I'm going to miss having you at the house,” Dusty says, misty eyed. “My room is still open to you, if you're interested or need a place to stay.”

“That's so sweet. Honestly, I've been wondering what it would be like to kiss you, Dusty,” Kristin purrs.

“Really? I'm happy to show you.”

Having learned a few things in the art of restraint from me, Kristin hovers her lips over Dusty's, not touching down. “I don't want to mess up my lipstick. The members see me on the way to the dressing room. I have to look as pristine as possible.”

“Promise me we'll mess it up later?” Dusty gets a pat on the ass in before Kristin scoots away.

Winterlynn enters with Devon, getting their first glimpse of the majestic club. Dusty checks out the unfamiliar duo, asking, “How can I help you ladies?”

“I'm here for work. Cherry hired me to dance. I start tonight,” says the gloating Winterlynn.

“Your name is?”


“And yours?” Dusty motions to Devon. “Devon, her girlfriend,” she flashes her stunning smile to the security dyke.

“She means, friend that's a girl. We're roommates and very good friends, but not...”

“Sorry, not on the list, either of you.” Dusty blocks their entrance.

“Seriously? How could that be?” Winterlynn implores.

“I don't know, but no one gets in without approval or permission.”

Just as a disagreeable situation was about to arise, I defuse the standoff at the door and rush to remedy the situation. “Baby! Good to see you!” I give a mother's embrace to Winterlynn, “Dusty, this is my new hire, Winterlynn. She auditioned this afternoon. And this is?” I curiously eye the magazine model with her.

Devon offers her hand to me and I take it. “Devon. Winterlynn invited me for support on her first night.”

“Isn't that sweet? Not allowed, though. We only let in those who've been verified and cross-checked.” I remind my new hire of the rules.

Dusty chimes in, “Right, and I don't even have Winterlynn's information. She hasn't been backgrounded yet.”

“It's my fault, Dusty. I forgot to give her info to you this afternoon. Let's do that now, shall we?” Although we can't process security checks that quickly, my gut tells me these two newbies are not a threat. I listen to my intuition, and give Dusty the look that says it's okay, let them in, and she does.

I properly greet Devon with a generous hug. Her body is staggeringly hot, with racehorse legs and high cheekbones. Depending on what she has to offer, Devon might be hired by the end of the night, too, if I have it my way. For a split second I have a grand vision of them as my new live-ins, the next two to lie on either side of me as my blonde angels did. I brush the titillating idea aside, feeling that it's my emotions over letting go of Kristin dictating irrational thoughts. I haven't even given Harlow a moment as my only one and here I am being greedy. However, a woman can dream, and that's exactly where my wandering mind will stay, for now, in a tawdry fantasy.