The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 6

The World of Cherry (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6: Dream Girl

A steady, repetitive noise echoes from the hallway outside of the bedroom, loud enough to warrant my investigation. Draped in Kristin and Harlow's sleeping bodies, I carefully remove myself from between them. Feeling drawn to the sound, I walk to the edge of the hall. There at the far end is a moonlit shadow of a woman who is all too familiar. Her back is to me, but I recognize the wispy black hair brushing across her swaying bottom, moving slowly to a silent tune only she hears. Like a magnet, I'm pulled nearer and nearer—arms extended out for a touch I'm terrified to take. She turns to me, dark eyes piercing through mine. 

I cry her name, “Talia,” but she doesn't respond, holding her powerful stance, wanting and dangerous. Coldly, she manipulates my emotions, until I can no longer fight from touching her glistening skin. Tears pour down my face, overcome with the memory, the pain of knowing this girl—of desiring her. From the darkest hour of my past, she became my only light—the one I clung to when I had nothing else—and she uses it against me. Her full lips, pierced and smudged in glitter, aim towards mine. Shamefully, I want her like no other, and my will to run doesn't affect the gravitational pull holding me in her realm. Closer come her lips and I part mine, moonlight blazing through the window, blinding my vision. All I see, all I feel is my body falling—fast, with deadly speed into the murky depths of a nightmare.

As if being shocked back to life, my eyes open. I quickly realize my location, secure between my blonde angels in bed. Stifled cries fade into the ether of yet another terrible dream. Talia's haunting sends a cold chill down my spine. She is the nasty secret in my existence, the story of a bad girl who left her twisted imprint on me. No matter how deep the longing, or how broken the heart, she can never return. If she did, I'd have no choice but to lock her out—forever.

Noticing the time, I stir Harlow and Kristin awake. “Rise and shine. Time to get ready for work, my darlings.” I lay out the clothes I've carefully selected for them to wear to the club tonight. “As much as I'd love to watch you two prepare, I must go. Come, give kisses.”

They crawl to me, naked asses ripe for my loving spankings and they each get several. I wrap Kristin up in my arms, letting her know how much I've enjoyed her by the warmth of my affection. She will be missed, but there's no room for second-guessing. Harlow’s blue eyes glow with excitement, knowing she'll be back in my bed by morning, and gets her kisses in before I assume my role as their boss. “See you in an hour.”