The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 10

The World of Cherry (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10: Full Swing

The dance floor is crowded and I check to see if my special guest, Marina, is enjoying herself. I carry a bottle of premium bubbly to her secluded table only to find she isn't there. I ask a few of my cocktail hostesses if they've seen the reluctant lady but none have. At this point Marina should be relaxing into the vibe, letting the champagne chip away at her inhibitions, and this delay is not what I or she needs on a busy night like tonight. I have too many demands to meet for the other members to waste precious minutes chasing down a scared little woman. I follow the spicy perfume scent, expecting to find Marina hiding in her girlfriends' private room. Sure enough, I hear Avery making another attempt with Marina through the closed door.

“Take your clothes off already, Marina,” Avery orders her uptight guest, sitting on a lounge in the corner, avoiding the situation. “Why don't you sit closer to Katherine and take a few notes. You need to be warmed up for when yours arrives.”

“You first, Avery,” Marina shoots back. “I'm happy to sip my water and be left alone until I have to run away from my naughty friends. Besides, what if there is an emergency? We can't all be evacuating in the nude.”

Katherine lifts her face away from Kristin's peek-a-boo bra adding two cents, “Doors are locked, honey. Surrender is the only option.”

Just then, I enter, first seeing lovely Kristin, being slowly feasted on by Katherine, and then in the shadows, Marina. “Ok Marina, it's time for me to take you to your birthday destination. I have a special spot picked out for you with a fresh bottle of champagne properly chilled and ready to drink, or share, if the mood strikes.”

“I'm not quite—I need a bit more time,” Marina stammers.

“Take my hand, sweetie, and I'll escort you,” I suggest once again. “Avery and Katherine have their own plans and you were not invited. I must respect their wishes.”

Katherine tickles Kristin's nipples and the precious sound of her moans remind me of the sweet nights I heard her making love to Harlow. This is enough to make Marina stand and take my arm. “Wave goodbye,” I say to the group, and as I leave with Marina, Avery's wicked laugh echoes.

Marina whispers in my ear, “I think she's getting far more out of me being here than I am.”

“That won't be the case for long.” I sit Marina in her own chair, secluded from the gratuitous behavior of the more advanced members, and pour her a glass of champagne, “Happy Birthday.”

“Have a glass with me? I hate drinking alone.”

I turn her attention in the direction of Nixie doing panty-less splits on the stage. “Nixie would love to share a drink with you as soon as she's done with this set. She knows you are here and can't wait to meet you.”

“Oh no, I don't want to keep her from doing whatever else she does when she's not doing that.”

“Marina, she's your gift. Be gracious and accept it. I'll check on you in a few. You're going to have an incredible time, like it or not.”

I see the outlines of two women getting intimate at the other end of the club and I instantly go in that direction. Witnessing Winterlynn's first member performance is imperative. Taking a seat at the bar I am front row and center for the show as elegant Brielle cradles Winterlynn's gyrating hips and ass in her lap. Head dropped back with pleasure, Brielle, who always comes alone and has never had a complete experience with any of my girls, might actually go all the way this time. I've never seen her get so worked up by any of her selections as she is at this moment with Winterlynn gliding her wet panties in little circles on her thighs. My own thighs pulsate, the feeling of Winterlynn so fresh in my mind. There is no way in hell Brielle isn't going to get more involved with this girl. Winterlynn could be the first club girl Brielle reveals her pussy to. I've been waiting for this day, even to the point of masturbating in my office imagining Brielle finally getting fucked under my roof, in plain sight, too absorbed in her unleashed desire to care who is watching or what strangers might be in the seat next to her. I love a woman who can be free, or at least, free within the club, to do what she would never do anywhere else. To make love at a table next to the bar, is only eclipsed by making love on the bar, in my opinion, and I have yet to see any member go that far. I hold high hopes that one day I, and the entire club, will experience seeing that. One must always have a dream.

“Hey,” Devon scoots up next to me and orders a shot of tequila. “This is quite the hang outspot you've got here, Cherry.”

“Well, hey there, baby. Having a good time, I take it?” My eyes are instantly drawn to Devon's legs. “Your friend is a natural.”

“She is. I have the major hots for her, you know.” Devon knocks back the top shelf shot and licks her lips. “But she's never going to let me have my way.”

“Never say never,” I remind her. “She's probably just afraid of you.”

“That's ridiculous. I hardly think that's the case. I've made myself too available. I'm too good to her as well.” Devon orders another shot before asking, “Would you like one?”

“No, thank you.” Instead of the drink, I take her hand, pulling her body between my legs, wanting to mirror the escalating lap dance Brielle is in the throes of. “She's a fool to not take advantage of you.”

“That's what I think, too. What's with all this sex going on? I mean, I love it. This is like the place of my dreams. Nothing but horny lesbians for as far as the eye can see.”

“They are not all lesbians. Horny for sure, but a good percentage of the members claim to be straight and are married to men.” I begin a journey feeling up her legs. Devon wiggles in my hands and she is so attractive, I almost forget the salacious scene happening just a few feet from us. Brielle fights from putting Winterlynn's tits in her mouth. I can see her biting gently over Winterlynn's tassels, wanting to rip them off with her teeth for a taste of fresh nipple in her mouth.

“I mean, how do you get away with this and why did it take me so long to find out about it? I've traveled the world modeling and I have gone to some very exotic establishments just for kicks, but never anything like this.”

“Good to know. I'm glad my club hasn't been replicated. In my mind, this club should remain the one and only.” I take liberties with Devon, feeling her legs up under her miniskirt. “I'd like to touch your pussy, Devon, if you don't mind?”

My request takes her breath away. “Really? Why?”

“Everything about you is rather delicious and as my guest I should think you would willingly agree.” Before she can answer, my fingertips have already swept the tip of her clit. Devon's pouting mouth hinges open, trying to answer back, but all she can utter are moans. “Would you like more tequila?”

“Uh, yes,” Devon manages to reply, and as I order her another, I sense my sweet Harlow behind me. I unplug from Devon to make room for her to join in. Harlow isn't as receptive as she's been, perhaps feeling a bit of jealousy towards my need to tease. I don't do well with mind games and head trips, but knowing Harlow is on a high of sorts over being chosen, I brush it off, hoping that type of behavior will pass. “Harlow, my darling, this is Devon. She's a friend of your new stripper sister, Winterlynn.”

Harlow shares her most genuine smile. “Nice to meet you.”

Devon is affected by the warmth in Harlow's eyes. It's difficult to be selfish in the presence of such goodness. “Hi Harlow. Nice to meet you, too. Are you a dancer?”

“I am, or was, an aerial performer. Today I start in a new position as Cherry's only toy.”

I laugh at her remark, mostly because my private life is not to be shared openly at work with the members. “Don't be silly, Harlow. What she means, is that I've recently shifted some schedules and given new priorities to the staff.”

“Are you coming to work at the club?” Harlow asks.

“I think you should, Devon. There's a strong chance I would hire you. You should at least audition.” I map out the scene in my mind of Devon’s runway legs on my stage in a private show for me. Harlow gives me a look, an all too familiar look, of assuming my intentions.

“No. I'm here to support my friend,” Devon politely turns me down, “but now I realize I'm going to have to fuck her when we get back to our apartment. You can't expect a girl to party in a place like this and not need to bang the shit out of another woman. Know what I mean?”

“Yes, completely. That's the point, darling Devon, and the entire reason this club exists.” I confirm my mission in Devon's honest remarks.

Harlow, Devon and I move our focus back to Winterlynn and Brielle, moving their bodies in sync in the chair, nipples like weapons bulging through their bras, sword fighting with hard lashes. Brielle is on the verge of orgasm and Winterlynn knows she has her in the grips, keeping the friction against her pleasure zones perfect for an elongated build up. I await Brielle's release, wanting her so badly to have one here and with Winterlynn, but to no avail. Brielle is satisfied with dancing on the edge, gently allowing herself to come down from it. She takes the art of kissing to another level, making out with her new tease, having satisfied what she came for tonight, and perhaps a bit more.