The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 9

The World of Cherry (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9: The Right Hand


What to do about Cherry? 

From my experience knowing and working for her, there's nothing you can do but watch and learn. She is an enigma, like no one else I've ever known and thank god, as I don't think I could handle knowing anyone else like her ever again. One of her is plenty for a lifetime. It's true that I sometimes feel as if I'm living a life I have no business enjoying—coming from poverty to the lap of luxury in a private world of sex and seduction where getting paid and laid is normal and expected. Cherry is more than a boss or a friend—she is the only woman I've truly loved. What I feel towards her is a purely selfless love without romantic intentions, or wanting in exchange for my complete devotion. I would do anything to protect her and keep her safe, but in my heart of hearts I know this isn't possible as Cherry lives by a set of unstable rules subject to fluctuations depending on moods and whims. My place in her life is to sway and bend to her shifts, adjusting the borders as needed to support an ever-changing situation. A world within a world within a world is the best way to describe living and working for her—you never know which one you are in until you get there, and adapting without asking too many questions, without ever trying to change her, is the key to survival.

Dustin Marie is the name my mother gave me before handing me over to the State. After a few years of researching my family lineage, I assume Marie was for my maternal grandmother but I have no idea why she named me Dustin. Maybe it was the seed donor, or whoever she was fucking at the time and got pregnant by. As far as I could find, she wasn't married and there's no record of a father on my birth certificate, and I don't believe I was a miraculous conception, so, whatever her intentions were are a mystery. I'm not one of those adopted people who feel they’re incomplete without tracking down their biological parents. At this point, I have accepted who I am—a lesbian without roots, raised in and out of foster homes, and badly parented by an assortment of religious self-righteous pricks. Despite that there was little hope for me as a kid, I turned out okay, and I'm proud to be the gateway to an underground sex club specializing in women-only affairs as it is a worthy and important business. 

In my mind, doing what I do is like winning the lottery several times over. I'm approaching middle age and I have never had a major or long-term relationship with another woman, mostly because of my job. The only real prospect I have for the future in matters of love and romance are the girls that fall away from Cherry's grips. It does me no good to dwell on the fact that these girls see me as a soft landing spot, a shoulder to weep on, and a natural choice for rebound fucking. It's not bad being short-term relationship material as I have room to play the field, however small and controlled it is. Relationships terrify me, which is also the exact way Cherry feels, and I've come to believe that her approach to commitment, albeit unconventional, is the right way to be. Stay unattached unless it's absolutely essential to get involved on a deeper level. I've been tempted, as has Cherry, to fall head over heels into total emotional oblivion with certain girls, but it is best not to. They are employees just like me and have their personal reasons for being in Cherry's world and we are all subject to termination.

I'm tapped on the back by Katherine, who has been patiently awaiting her selection of the night. For the first time in a long time, I have a pang of angst thinking of sending Kristin off to Katherine's private room. I've been teased and toyed with plenty over the past weeks having Kristin rub her bottom on my crotch when Cherry or Harlow weren't looking, and tonight was going to be my payoff. Knowing Katherine's appetite, I have a feeling my visions of Kristin's sweet mouth drinking from my pussy are fading into a snuggle and cuddle bedroom scene after work. “Sorry to keep you waiting, dear Katherine. I'll bring her to you now.”

Katherine is tipsy, several bottles of champagne in already, and layers my cheeks with red lipstick kisses. “You want to join me, don't you? You want to watch.”

“Maybe next time.” I cop a good view of her ample cleavage as she bends over to kiss me again, and then I took a beat to watch her ass sway in high heels back to her room before giving Kristin the signal that it was time.

Winterlynn struts out in the costume Eternity gave her and she wears it well. I zero in on the rhinestones dangling from her bellybutton piercing, and imagine how I'd like her jewels in my face. It's work hours and for her, this first performance will make or break the deal for an observing Cherry. I need to be as supportive with my intentions as possible. Protectively, I put an arm around her shoulder and walk to one of my favorite platinum members, Brielle, whose gaze locks immediately on the newbie dancer I present.

“Are we having a good time?” I ask Brielle as she swings around in her chair, parting her legs slightly, reaching a hand out to Winterlynn. 

“I am now. Who's this?”

“This is yours for the next hour.” I look assertively to Winterlynn, “Introduce yourself.” 

“Hi, I'm Winterlynn, the dancer you requested,” she says with blushing cheeks.

“Oh good, I was hoping when I saw you,” Brielle takes Winterlynn's hand and the connection between them is instant. Clearly my work here is done, and I leave them saying,“Alert me if you need anything, otherwise, the evening is yours to do what you will.”