The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 12

The World of Cherry (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12: Arm Candy

Harlow and I stroll through the club. It's time for me to show off my girl and give her notoriety. 

“I feel so odd. I have no idea what to do. Do I just smile and wave as your trophy wife?” Harlow’s sparkling blue eyes dim in my shadow, so I put her back into the light. 

“Yes, do that. You're mine for now, beautiful. Your job is to look good on my arm until I say further.”

Everything is moving along nicely at the club, but my work is far from done. Winterlynn has completed her first assignment with flying colors and I might have her matched up with one more member before the night is through. Devon has struck up a casual conversation with the bar staff, sampling a flight of aged tequilas. The dancers and aerial performers are in their element, putting forth perfection. Brielle is relaxing at a private table, content. Katherine and Avery have fixed themselves on the dance floor, the first half of their evening adventures complete, the second half still to be lived. Marina is half way through the bottle of champagne and Nixie is almost done with her stage set. Those two should be connecting very soon and I want to observe the initial interaction to make sure it goes smoothly. 

My professional mindset is interrupted by a coo from Harlow. “Kiss me,” she says.

“Not right now, Harlow, out here during business hours.” I repeat my standards, seriously this time. “Whatever affection we exchange can only be in my office while we are at work, or at home when we are alone.”

“Let's go to your office then.” Harlow's playfulness is hard to resist.

“I wish. I have plenty of members to attend to.”

“Well, where would you like me then?”

I suddenly realize it's been so long since I've had a full time live-in that I forgot what to do. “You know, perhaps the best place for you tonight is at home. Sorry, baby, it didn't occur to me that you might be restless without performing or being on the menu. Would you like to go back to the house, and wait naked in bed for me?”

“Are you sure? You won't be mad?” Harlow is cautious, unable to read me.

“Not at all. I expect you to be under silk sheets, lightly playing with my little jewel.” 

“I'm going to miss you. One kiss, please.”

“Later, when I get home. Promise.” With a pat on her perfect ass, I send her off.

Dusty sees Harlow leaving and catches me for a mid-evening debriefing. “I ran Devon and Winterlynn's I.D.'s and so far so good. I told Devon she gets one more guest pass, if Winterlynn becomes a full-fledged employee, and she was cool with that. Veronica arrived with her innocent stepdaughter, Allison, about fifteen minutes ago. They have a table alongside the stage so that Allison can get acquainted with Eternity. She is performing next and Nixie is finished, freshening up before her encounter with the reluctant but loosening up birthday girl, Marina.”

“Good work, Dusty, as always, my friend. Keep me posted.”

“Oh and Kristin's coming back to my room tonight. I'm sure you're okay with it, but I wanted to run it by you regardless.”

I don't know why this took me by surprise. This is a clear sign I need to get straight with my emotions. Kristin did creep into my heart, I'm realizing, and now it's time to set her free. “Fine by me. Thank you for letting me know.”

“Of course,” Dusty says with relief and heads back to work.

Being out on the dance floor is intense, with expensive perfume sweated off from one body to another, as the members get moving to the beat of the most talented DJ I've ever known, Carson. The androgynous DJ Carson perfects the ambiance with a soundtrack she creates spontaneously per the mood of the night. Her music selections vary from down tempo to dub step to lounge, jazz, dance and pop. Eclectic electric, she calls it, and it works for creating the sexy, energetic, gorgeous vibe I want in my club. I've seen women who wouldn't be caught dead on a dance floor in any other club get lost in Carson's contagious mixes, and then proceed to morph into dancing queens for hours upon hours, sometimes foregoing the fruits of their membership for a non-stop dance party. Not to mention, she is absolutely hot, owning her gender queer boy toi persona, communicating her sexual fierceness through the rawness of her grooves. She is the only employee of the club not openly offered, even though she wouldn't mind it. It's my choice to keep her private as the elusive DJ and the heartbeat of the club. Without good music you might as well be selling membership to a chess club. 

No pity is needed for Carson, because she's not denied sex, far from it. She gets her fair share of very willing hotties. I've caught her on rare occasions getting it on with the members, right there in the hallway next to her DJ booth, in between sets. Normally I wouldn't allow this, as services are given for a fee, but Carson comes across as forbidden fruit, a quick thrill if the mood strikes. She's a strap-on aficionado, or so the rumor has it, although she's never shown it to me, nor have I asked to see it. I've seen my share of strap-ons and I don't prefer to use them on me or my lovers. There is nothing quite like the feeling of soft, female fingers inside and an artificial dick seems to be defeating the purpose of living a lesbian lifestyle. A few of my dancers are receiving instruction from Carson on how to use them properly and I think that's hilarious. Lessons? How explicit these lessons are, I can't say, and so far no one has complained. I really try to give my staff privacy and this is why I don't probe too deeply into Carson's activities. She's become a permanent fixture, and her energy is what we depend on to encourage the magic. Plus, she's funny as hell, wielding a vicious sense of humor that works as medicine for me.

Avery and Katherine pull me between them for a momentary three-way grind.

“Kristin was magnificent. Just what I needed. Thank you for selecting her for me tonight.” Katherine is tipsy and sweaty and I recognize the scent of Kristin still lingering on her neck.

“You're welcome. It's Dusty and Eternity that put the pairings together, though. I only give suggestions. You need to thank them instead,” I inform.

“Yes, that's right. Well, Eternity knows what I like. I will want Kristin again soon, so, I'll be sure to let Eternity know.”

“And you, Avery? Are you having a wonderful time?” I inquire, and she replies, “Always.”

“Things look good with your friend and Nixie. I don't think we need to worry.” We spy over to Marina's table. Nixie is with her, sipping water while Marina polishes off her champagne.

Avery and Katherine nod in approval, keeping one eye on the developing situation while going back to their dancing, drawn into Carson's groove.