The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 14

The World of Cherry (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14: The Virgin 

I know Veronica well. She started at Diamond level and has never downgraded, just like me. She's been married many times and I admire how she deals with being in the closet—she's never been into men, and for personal reasons can't come out fully and dismiss them from her life completely. She's good at being the wife, the mature woman of stature, a mother to her spoiled children and stepchildren. Veronica is a master at being the family anchor to a power player, handling her side of the marital contract like a pro as the one who sends seasonal cards in a timely fashion, attends both business and school events, donates large funds to different organizations and manages a household staff. She's the perfect wife to a CEO because she doesn't care how many mistresses he has, as long as she is allowed to have hers. 

Since I only service the Diamond members, Veronica and I have made love with each other more than a dozen times, but tonight she is changing the situation quite a bit. Her new stepdaughter, a pretty little redhead named Allison, is her guest celebrating her 18th birthday. Veronica sent me a note when she arrived stating only this—Allison is a virgin. I almost creamed down my thighs reading this, as I love being the first to take a young woman almost as much as I love inaugurating older ladies into lesbian sex. I can't wait to be the first to penetrate her virgin hole with my little finger. I'll be good to her as I am with all the members, but this one will get rocked in my arms and petted and soothed with kisses and soft touches before I show her what it means to be a sexual young woman.

I wait for Veronica and Allison to enter. Wearing my thigh high boots, stockings and diamond studded leather thong and bra, I perch on the edge of the red velvet couch, legs closed for now.

Veronica comes in first, holding her stepdaughter's hand, “This is Eternity, Allison.”

“Hi, yes, we kind of already met while you were dancing,” Allison says shyly. 

An hour ago I danced for them, flirting with the teen birthday girl, which is when Veronica surprised Allison with the news of her gift. Of course, Allison was the typical eighteen-year-old, blushing, laughing, telling her stepmother she's crazy and weird, disbelieving she was telling the truth. When Allison first got wind of Veronica's plans to take her here, she really had no idea what she was going to see or experience. How could she? Veronica has brought only a few of her long list of stepdaughters, the ones she especially liked, and the ones she thought would appreciate it. She's never brought her own daughter here, as she doesn't see it as appropriate. Veronica's sexual needs are hers alone and she has no interest in meddling in the physical desires of her kids. She has a feeling about Allison, that this is what she wants. 

“Allison has been curiously chatting with her girlfriends about sex with boys, older men and wondering what it would be like to make out with a girl, yet she’s too afraid to experiment,” Veronica whispered to me earlier in the ladies room. 

I told her to tell Allison it is fine if she and I simply talk and do nothing more. Allison probably thinks we're going to have Shirley Temples and giggle over silly topics. Veronica takes a seat near the couch and prepares to watch what will inevitably be a wonderful experience for us all. Allison is awkward, blushing at the sight of me.

“Hi Allison. How are you? You look gorgeous and edible. Did your step-mother give you that dress for your birthday? It looks sensational on you.”

“Thanks. This was the gown from my senior winter formal. It's six months old already.”

“How nice you're getting a second use out of it.” I extend a hand to Allison, wanting her next to me. “Most gowns only get worn once before being tossed out.”

“It's amazing she's so thrifty, considering the money her father has. I love how conscientious she is.”

“Adorable, really,” I agree with Veronica while seating Allison at my side.

“You two are too much,” Allison rolls her eyes. “Who cares about this dress anyway?” 

“Good question, Allison, because honestly, I'd prefer you not be in the dress at all.” 

knew this would cause a moment of tension and surprise but it had to be said.

“Really? What should I be wearing?”

“Let me see your pretty face,” I tell her, caressing her shoulders and arms as she looks at me. Her smile is natural and her skin is flawless, but what melts me the most is her sincere shyness. She's not looking to run out or clawing away from me like a terrified cat. This girl is open to touch, but it's still too soon to kiss. She quivers under my gaze, glancing at my hands on her arms, tracing her fingers, palms, wrists. Her décolleté is pristine with youth, and I spend time there before daring to move onto her cleavage. 

“How does this feel?” I ask, her eyes darting from me to Veronica.

“It feels okay. Why are you doing this to me, though? Mom? Why do you want me to do this?” Allison makes me pause.

“I'm not doing anything, honey. Eternity is the one with the gift. As my new and beautiful stepdaughter, I want you to experience the greatest thing in the world, and that is the affections of a woman.” Veronica crosses and uncrosses her legs, wanting to keep things moving forward. “And it doesn't get any better than this, I promise you. Do you not feel right about it?”

“Uh, no, I mean, a few of my girlfriends have fooled around with each other, mostly in drunken threesomes with a guy. We talk about it.”

“Oh, I know. I've heard. You don't just talk, you fantasize,” she reminds her. “I'd hate for that to be the way you experience female sex for the first time. I'd rather you set your standards high from the start, which will also reduce the risk of sloppy, drunk, meaningless romps.”

“Mother, I wouldn't do that. I'm too young to drink anyway.”

“Yes, you are my good girl.” Veronica offers the wink of a proud mother. “Do you want her to continue?” Mother always knows best how to lead in the right direction. “If not, it's perfectly okay, baby girl. We can hang out at our table and watch the rest of the performances. We'll have a great time either way.”

Allison is silent, unsure, so I speak up, “Allison, what's your favorite body part to be touched?” She points to her neck. “That's my favorite, too.” I caress her with my long fingernails, trailing back and forth between her bare shoulders. She likes this, closing her eyes to feel my caresses.

She's receptive when I sense she wants tiny kisses on her neck, too, and my heart flutters. Licking my lips, I sample her skin with my mouth and it is delicious, so soft and young. What gets me off more is she'll always remember this, and what female flesh feels like. I want every touch to be meaningful—trusting me is essential for her to be present in both body and mind. “Allison, how old were you when you had your first orgasm?”

“Twelve. Maybe thirteen, I don't remember.”

“By your own hand or something else?”

“My own hand. Sorry, mom, you probably shouldn't listen to this,” Allison confesses. 

“Please, baby, I still masturbate on occasion to the memory of my first solo time. Under a bathtub faucet with fast running, warm water. My whole body shook for what felt like an hour afterward,” Veronica reveals, getting restless in her chair. “Feel free to share more.”

“Were you in the shower, too?” I inquire.

“No, in my bed. It was the first time I let myself go all the way. I was so scared and had no idea what to expect.”

“Of course not. How could you?” I continue to kiss her neck, carefully adding in more areas of her body—shoulders, arms, the curve of her spine.

“I often think I'm crazy for liking certain things, and I shouldn't be fantasizing either.”

“Why do you say that? There's nothing wrong with fantasy and erotic imaginings,” I confirm, this time my hands have made their way to her cupcake-sized breasts, perfect to hold.

“I was fantasizing about being in a gang bang.”

This reveal garners a gasp and then applause from Veronica. “Good for you, baby girl. I admire your boldness.”

“It didn't feel bold, though, it was just totally forbidden. It was only women, too, and no one knew each other before being naked on a Persian rug.”

“Nice,” I purr, getting her nipples placed between my fingers, “and were they older or younger?”

“A mix of both and some were kissing, or giving massages. A few women were fucking on the floor.”

“Wow, honey, sounds like my fantasies, too.” Veronica is overheating, not being able to touch herself at the moment. She was not expecting to be turned on and I know her to be too decent of a person to go for it now. This isn't about her, well, not completely. She can masturbate to the memory later.

“It was hot watching these women. Their desire for each other was intense. One woman was eating another woman's pussy like it was five star dining.”

“Well, it is gourmet, if you have the right chemistry.” Allison squirms at the tickle and sensation of my nipple pinching play.

“I can feel that all the way down to my clit.” Allison lays her head back on my chest.

Finally, a sign I'm free to do what I want. The room gets very silent and that's precisely the type of tension I do my best work in.

She lets me roll the top of her dress down off her shoulders, and I take it even further, past her breasts. Without a bra her peach blossom tits perk up, nipples erecting. I journey to them, offering kisses and flutter licks from her neck, down her chest to her bosom. She responds favorably to the warmth of my mouth on her nipples as well as my hands teasing her belly, threatening to move lower to her nearly hairless patch. She is breathless with anticipation so I ease up, ever so lovingly, bringing her beautiful back onto my stomach, legs wrapping around her hips from behind. Hands continuing to tease the flatness of her belly, I reach the ultimate destination. She's small and I assume very, very tight. I proceed with the utmost care, and her hand only tries to stop my progress once before her sweet young, red-haired pussy lips are landed upon.

Veronica is pleased, giving me the nod of approval. A few more delicious moments are spent tracing Allison's body before I lay her down. Her skin is mine and I slather it with light kissing, getting more involved as I get closer to her jewel. I want to penetrate the shit out of it, but there is no way she can handle that. Being slow and gentle is my only choice, and I play softly until I hear her excited moans as I fully suck on her breasts. Her body moves with every twirl of my tongue, back arching as I give little bites to the nipples’ tips. I'm not asking any more questions, because I'm in charge of her destiny now. Keeping her breasts in my hands, I start the descent, hungrier and hungrier. She responds strongly to my kissing between her hip bones, and likes it even more when I continue down the path to her clit.

“It feels like electricity,” Allison giggles, back still arching with intense sensations. “I almost want to laugh.”

“Then laugh, baby. It's good for you. I'm going to lick you down here. You ready to feel that? Take a deep breath.”

Allison breathes in, exhaling as my mouth hovers over her pussy and drips a bit of spit on the center spot. “Oh my gosh, what are you doing?”

“Breathe, baby, relax and let your mind float.” I attempt to calm her down before I really stir things up. Her mouth falls open anticipating my tongue, but I don't touch it immediately. I kiss her freshly shaved bikini line, before licking her hairless lips, up and down and then across her glistening opening. The first touch of tongue on clit makes her jolt with delight and I proceed with a second and a third.

Ice clanks in the background as Veronica sips on her drink, encouraging my techniques. The licking continues with steady timing, creating a rhythm that even a hard-to-control woman like me would find impossible to fight coming.

“Eternity, can I taste you, too?” Allison reaches out for my face, getting her first look at a woman's face between her thighs, enjoying her honey drips. Eyes rolling back, she lays back down, overwhelmed by the sight.

“No, baby, tasting me is for another time.” Not one second faster is my motion, just more pressure of the tongue, making her legs shake. “And when you do get to have me for yourself, I'm going to explode all over your beautiful face, just like you're going to do on mine.” I go back to the licking, now faster, with more defined strokes.

Allison begins to lose it, the flow of pleasure sensations coursing through her limbs. “I'm scared.”

“Don't be afraid to orgasm, Allison. Don't hold it back. It's going to be exquisite.” 

Veronica sits up, preparing for the pop.

“I don't know what to do,” she moans, feeling the build, but holding back, so stepmother coaches her. 

“Turn the worry off, honey, and let your body be free. What you do with your own hand, her tongue can do a thousand times better, yes?”

“Yes,” Allison agrees, and I dive in to drive her over the edge. Spirals sweep wetness from her tightness to the point of her stiffening clit. I hold her shaking legs down by her ankles, keeping her anchored and I can feel she's right there on that edge.

“There it is, baby, it's going to be so good.” Veronica says the magic words that send Allison over the brink. Body jolting hard, she grabs onto the couch, digging her fingernails into the velvet, mouth open in a silent scream.

I lap and lap, getting off on her powerful waves, the virgin pussy hole opening slightly, enough for my pinky to tease. 

“That's a good girl,” Veronica purrs.

Allison finally utters a sigh of release. I'm tempted to bring her to a second orgasm, but I don't want to push her too far or overwork the little gem I just devoured. Instead, I kiss, kiss, kiss, and then pet her pussy, until I know she's safely come down from her high. “Thank you, Allison,” I sit up, taking her with me. She needs to be held and rocked a bit more before our experience comes to a close. “You are one delicious young woman. How does your pussy feel?”

“Oh my god,” Allison makes her youth apparent once more. “I don't even know what's going on right now. What you did was crazy. How do you know how to do that?”

I interrupt her rambling, “Your pussy should always feel that good. Now you know what to expect. Don't settle for anything less.”

Veronica exhales, smiling easy. “You make a mother proud, sweetheart. Happiest of birthdays to you, honey.”

“Thank you,” Allison coos. I kiss her cheek, and save one last soft kiss for her mouth before whispering, “Many happy returns.” I make my exit smoothly, savoring the touch and feel of her skin, releasing her from my arms.

“Good job, Eternity. I expected no less.” Veronica pats my hip with admiration and I touch her shoulder, “It's been too long, Veronica. Hopefully you and I will be back together soon as well.”

“You can count on that, darling.” She blows a kiss, and I intuit she'll be booking me before the end of the week.