The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published almost 3 years ago
Chapter 18

The World of Cherry (Chapter 18)

Chapter 18: Steamy Showers

“I hardly had time to change the sheets from the last two that occupied the room,” Sandra tells me. She's managed to get both Winterlynn and Devon into bed in the guest quarters with minimal fuss. “How long do you expect them to stay?”

“Not long,” I confirm. “I brought them here for standard protocol, not because I'm adding on.”

“You sure?” Sandra teases. She knows me too well, which is why she doesn't expect them to leave anytime soon. “Yes, I'm sure,” I conclude, before heading for my room. “Keep an eye on them. I don't want to be disturbed until late tomorrow afternoon.”

“Yes, ma'am. See you then.” Sandra watches me until I'm out of her sight, standing guard until she hears the shut of my bedroom door.

I expected no less than to see my beautiful Harlow in a lacy pale pink nightie, bare bottom kissed by the moonlight as it was the night before. I should be stripping off my clothes and spooning her curves with mine but for other reasons, I don't. I get in bed with my clothes on and trace her silky hip and thigh with my warm hand. She wiggles under my touch, rolling onto her back with a sleepy grin. “I missed you,” she whispers lovingly. I slide on top of her, feeling her legs ride up my hips, “Why are you still dressed?”

“I need a minute to calm down. It was a busy night.”

“So, did you hire her?” Harlow's easy grin fades slightly.

“Who? Your new stripper sister?”

“Yeah, whatever her name was. Something Winter.”

“Winterlynn. Not officially, but I plan to. She gave a solo performance tonight that exceeded my expectations.” The good news makes Harlow quiet. “I think she's going to blend in with all of you very well, just give her some time. You be nice, young lady.”

“I'll be nice. You should let us girls test her out, too. We might know her better than you.”

“Hey, Harlow, I just got home. I don't want to talk about work.”

She comes back to me emotionally, smiling again, “What should we talk about then?”

“I have been imagining you all night.”

“Really? How?”

“I want to watch you shower. Will you do that for me?”

Harlow stares into my eyes, not expecting the request but happy to fuel my desires. “Of course.”

I give her a minute to warm up the water before joining her in my favorite sheer black robe. It's staggering how Harlow's body is even more beautiful with water flowing over it and I perch myself on the mosaic bench I had built inside the shower with intentions of moments like this. The shower itself was created from my specific design to be long, tiled with earthy, bronze stonework and four shower heads. When it was complete I celebrated by inviting three of my employees to come and bathe with me in it, and it was marvelous. It's big enough for ten skin-to-skin bodies, but why cramp free-flowing movement? It's better to have room for massaging and shampooing each other than to crowd. The wall I lean back on has a double-sided fireplace. On the other side of it is the spa tub where Harlow and Kristin made love the night before. I prefer the shower and Harlow looks perfect, removing the faucet head to wash over her entire self, dipping down for a few seconds between her thighs, loving the tickle.

“Want to wash me?” Harlow purrs.

“In a minute.” I could sit here all day watching droplets dangle from her nipples and drip down her torso to her shaved sweetness. She's getting restless, though, and the gesture of her swaying ass in my direction repeatedly has my heart racing. I give in, pouring perfumed gel into my palm that I bought specifically for her, as each one of my live-ins must have a unique scent. Her skin is like silk as I apply the gel over her back and shoulders.

“Your hands feel so good.” Harlow lifts her chin, beckoning for a kiss.

“You're hungry,” I tease, massaging her from hip to tits and back down again. “Put the water back on your clit, Harlow. Get yourself wet, inside and out.”

The shower head makes a path down her torso to her pelvis. Her body shivers from my fingertips brushing against her pussy lips, inserting slightly and gently into her precious hole. Shoving my whole finger in is what I really want to do. I want to feel her tightness engulf it right to the knuckle so I can trigger a deluge from her gorgeous snatch, but I wait, giving her an unbearably light amount of penetration.

“Cherry, please, please kiss me.”

Hovering my lips over hers, I smile. “You like my hand on your pussy? Feel my finger? You want a second one?”

“Yes, a little more.” Harlow is breathless, her whole being shuddering against mine. I help her hold the shower head steady as her arms grow weak from passionate waves.

“Is this what you want?” My finger slides in half way. “More?”

“Yes. Kiss me, please.” Harlow's mouth opens towards mine, but I still resist, busy keeping my finger moving in perfect rhythm to her moans. She grips me, both with her pussy and her free hand, water pressure consistent and intense on her swelling clit.

“That's it, baby girl. Give it to me, put your cum in the palm of my hand.” And she does, clenching down on me, releasing a sweet stream over my finger, hand, and wrist. Back arching, her stiff nipples press onto mine and I pinch them together, hers and mine, making her scream with delight. My hand goes to her mouth, hushing her cries, “I got you, baby, just breathe.”

“Cherry, I...” Now is not the time for what I think she might say. “Shhh, Harlow, enjoy the pleasure.” I hold her, taking the shower-head off her pussy, carefully removing my finger from her squeezing hole, signifying closure. “Too much water isn't good for the skin.” I turn her around to face the water stream, and soak her hair under it. Adding my favorite shampoo to her silky locks, I massage her scalp as she calms down from a heightened state.

“Oh my, Cherry, I love what you do and how you know my body.” Harlow basks in the afterglow, and the all over sense of well-being. There is nothing quite like a head massage, and after a mind-boggling orgasm, the feeling should almost be illegal, really. 

“Anything for my sweet Harlow,” I whisper, rinsing out her hair. “You ready to get out?”

Harlow looks at me with surprise and a bit of sadness. “I was hoping to reciprocate. You never let me taste you.”

“I will, I will. Tonight was all about you.”

“But I am all about you, Cherry.”

I rub her bottom and turn off the water. “Let's dry off.” Wrapping a plush towel around her, a strange vibe settles in my stomach. Most of my live-ins have loved me putting all of my focus on their pleasure, but not Harlow. I comb out her hair and lead her back to bed, noticing the light in her eyes has dimmed. We get into bed, two naked women intertwined, warming each other’s skin. Her pussy still trickles wetness, dampening my thigh, and this is what I need to send me off to sleep, drifting in a lucid fantasy about my sweet angel tribbing me, scissoring, grinding her precious cunt on mine. One day we will—one day soon.