The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published almost 3 years ago
Chapter 19

The World of Cherry (Chapter 19)

Chapter 19: The Guest Takes a Pass

Katherine and Avery waltz to me, giddy from an overdose of twats and tits, their weekly menu of choice. “Dusty, we can't thank you enough for your generous hospitality tonight. We really outdid ourselves.” Avery lays her legendary bust-in-face hug on me and I am in no position to complain.

“No worries, Avery, I’m glad your evening was spectacular. If you were asked to take a survey would you say you were somewhat satisfied, satisfied or fully satisfied to the max?”

“Oh please, you know I have no time for surveys. This girl is smiling ear to ear, yes? Says it all.”

Katherine hugs me as well. “And my selection tonight, goodness, what a yummy little whore she is. I'll be having her again soon.”

“Yes, you mentioned that earlier.” I don't want to project my feelings into the member experience, but Kristin is new on my radar, and it makes me twitch to hear her called a whore, but it's a term of endearment for Katherine. “When can we expect you two to make reservations again?”

In unison Katherine and Avery reply, “Tomorrow.”

“We’re fully booked for Saturday but I might be able to squeeze you in. I’ll talk to the boss.”

Katherine suddenly remembers, “My 'you-know-who' has me already committed to something tomorrow night. Totally forgot. I’ve got too much pussy on the brain!”

She's referring to her husband, who she feels brings bad luck if his name is mentioned within the club. “There is no such thing as ‘too much’! Let me know if your plans change.” I send them both safely to their limo. Like queens they make a grand exit, waving gracefully to the employees and other members.

The crowd thins out, which is typical for this time of night, or early morning. Feeling confident that the club will close by 3 a.m., I give myself a moment to chat with my lady bed buddy. “How you doing, Kristin?”

She flashes her baby blues at me, batting false eyelashes. “I'm good. Am I still scheduled for more?”

“No, you're done for the night, free to lounge and mingle.” Kristin's shoulders relax as she nuzzles up against me.

“Or you can meet me in Cherry's office to discuss plans.”


“Yes, you know, for your accommodations tonight?” I remind her of the new arrangement.

“Plans, yes, okay. Be right there.” She kisses my cheek. I know her lips were on Cherry's earlier, as well as a few others—in a few hours they will be all mine.

I notice a strange woman standing at the club's entrance. Good thing Cherish isn't here because she would have a massive freak out knowing I stupidly left the security gate unlocked, and apparently, the entrance, too. I go right to her, blocking her from coming in.

“I'm sorry, this is a private party, invitation only,” I state clearly, trying not to be rude.

“Yes, I know. I've been here before.” The woman seems genuine but the rule is the rule—members only.

“Really? You’re not a member.”

“No, but my friend Susan is. She brought me with her once.” She searches her purse, pulling out a crumpled guest pass. “She gave me this for when I had the chance to come back.”

“We are about an hour away from closing. Guest passes are only honored when attending with a member. All who wish to attend a private event must be screened first.”

“I'm sure I'm in your system,” she replies, reading over the pass. “I don't see where it says I can't come here on my own.”

“It doesn't state that, yes, but that is the rule we uphold here. You said Susan? Susan who?”

“Susan Corcoran.” The woman acts as if this will somehow allow her entrance but I counter with, “Her membership expired about a year ago unfortunately. We enjoyed having her with us, and even though you may be in the system, a guest pass from an expired membership, not to mention arriving without an RSVP or an invitation, goes against our policies. I'm sorry, and I'm sure you understand that I can't make exceptions.”

She looks at me, as if she thinks I'm joking, and then shows her disappointment, readying her phone to make a call, which I instantly put a stop to. “You'll have to put that away. We don't allow cellphone usage in the club either. We have strict privacy regulations.”

“My goodness, you act like I'm a terrorist trying to break in to the White House.” She stuffs the pass back in her purse.

“If you would like to speak with the owner during daytime hours, here's her card.” I hand her Cherish's very discreet business information. “You can make an appointment with her then.”

“I got all dressed up for nothing? This is ridiculous. Isn't there some way I can make this happen tonight?”

“No, there is no way you can. I'm sorry.”

Reluctantly she turns and leaves. This time I make sure to close and lock the gate behind her. I should have gotten her name, or asked for some ID, but I'm just glad she left without too much of a fight. I've had a few altercations with women who get wind of the club from some friend or another and try to enter without proper credentials and created a nasty scene when turned away. Women who are used to getting their way, and have been given every luxury, lose sight of the fact that not every situation can be won by throwing money at it or having a tantrum. Those who want to be a member for all the right reasons are cool with having to go through the process.

The door to Cherish's office is open, but Kristin is not inside. The key code to enter her office is only known by me and the Boss Lady. Yet again, a glaring reminder that my mind isn't where it should be and the mistakes I made must stop. When I carried Devon out I must not have closed the door behind me, and so, I'll write this one off. Taking a seat, I look up Susan Corcoran's information. Her membership wasn’t simply forgotten or not renewed, it was suspended. Suspended. The only memberships that get revoked or terminated are the ones where Cherish suspects or knows the member went against the terms of the contract. For whatever reason, Susan Corcoran isn't allowed back to the club.

Kristin's voice interrupts the research, “Hey, cutie.”

She called me “cutie” and I giggle like a schoolgirl. “I can't remember the last time anyone has called me that.”

“Well, you are cute. Totally adorable.” Kristin's sincerity makes me giddy on top of the blushing. What a mess I am already with her.

“You want to sit down?”

“Am I allowed?”

“Yes. You're off the clock and on my watch.”

“Are you sure it's okay that I spend the night with you?” Kristin sits, looking a bit out of sorts.

“Yes, it's fine. Cherry is used to, um-”

“Used to what?”

I almost ruin things for myself with her by admitting too much too soon. She doesn't need to know that I'm her step down and possibly the last step before going out the door completely. “Listen, it's cool. I wouldn't put you in a weird situation. Don't worry.”

“Okay, good. Do you have booze in your room? Or do I need to stop and buy some?”

Cherish doesn't like the girls under her roof to drink hard liquor. She thinks it makes them sloppy and often times belligerent or overly emotional. Wine and champagne are permitted when the boss approves, otherwise it's a dry house. 

“I have a secret stash.” My confession lights up Kristin's face, “Promise not to tell?”