The World of Cherry

Kay Brandt
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Published almost 3 years ago
Chapter 20

The World of Cherry (Chapter 20)

Chapter 20: The Gift

Marina fumbles with the key card, hands trembling, unable to unlock the hotel room door.

“Here,” Nixie takes the key from Marina with a very affectionate tone saying, “Just let it slide in the slot. Don't force it.” The door opens and a waft of perfumed air is breathed in.

Nixie holds the door open for Marina, dimming the lighting before the nervous woman enters, having been to this room many times in the past. Creating a mood is most important if Marina is to let Nixie have her, and Cherry had these rooms designed with loving interactions in mind.

“My girlfriends have excellent taste, picking this hotel. I can only imagine how much it cost them. They are notoriously big spenders. I suppose if I was married to a gazillionaire I would be, too.”

“And you're not?” Nixie doesn't wait for an invitation to strip down to her bra, panties and silky stockings. She keeps her heels on as well, and kicks her legs up as she lies on the plush bedspread.

“Well, I'm married,” Marina states as she holds her stance. 

Nixie pats the vacant spot next to her, “Yes, you've mentioned that a few times.”

Marina pretends not to see the invitation. “He does very well for himself and takes good care of me, but his money is not disposable and I respect how seriously he takes our finances.”

Marina can hardly get out from her coat. Nixie goes to her for assistance and once the garment is removed, it's casually dropped on the floor. Marina bends to pick it up and Nixie takes the forward gesture of stroking her fine ass. Marina stands quickly. “Hey, now, I appreciate how much you, uh, you want to touch me, but whatever it is I think you have in mind isn't going to happen.”

“You've said that before, too.” Nixie isn't interested in continuing this circular conversation or talking at all. She knows sometimes the most powerful communication is silence, and refuses to say another word.

“Have I? The club was quite something. I don't think I can handle ever going back there again.” Marina's hopes of keeping Nixie talking fade, falling under the spell of her deep gaze and half naked body. “I had no idea how many women like being with other women, and being so naughty, too. I've only looked at a girlie magazine once in my life, and it was by accident. It was my brother's and I didn't know.” Marina's voice quivers, when she feels Nixie's sensual touch on her arms, shoulders, back. “I should probably take off my earrings, no, wait, I feel naked without jewelry.”

Nixie walks Marina to the bed, and surprisingly she lies down without a fight, letting Nixie remove her dress from her shoulders. “I've heard horror stories about hotel bedspreads not being as clean as we think they are. Not that this hotel doesn't clean the bedding, but perhaps I'd feel more comfortable on the sheets?” Marina buys a few seconds as Nixie agrees, rolling the bedspread down, revealing warm, rich sheets and fluffy pillows. She holds the sheets up so that Marina can get underneath them, and she does. On hands and knees, Nixie is next to Marina, face over hers, hair dangling and tickling her chest. She lifts Marina's dress, and with a bit of struggle, frees her body of it. Even though she still has her white and black frilly bra and panties on, Marina crosses her arms over her body, needing the protection of overdone modesty. “It's chilly.”

Nixie brings herself over Marina's body, knees against either side of her hips, hands at her shoulders. “Maybe you should lay next to me for a while more? Until I warm up.” Marina suggests another stall tactic as Nixie desires to elevate this encounter. Marina's pulse thunders through her veins, seeing Nixie's juicy lips come for hers. The kiss is full and unstoppable, wet tongues dancing together. Marina goes through the motions of moving her mouth with Nixie's, having no idea if kissing a woman is supposed to be different than kissing a man. Nixie breaks the contact, wanting a second try at it, the first kiss is always awkward. To ensure a warmer reception, Nixie backs off, rolling over to Marina's side as she had suggested, taking her hand in hers, and caressing the palm with her glossy fingernails. Marina's nervous tension and idling simmers down, yet she still clutches the bed linens with her free hand. Nixie holds a steadfast gaze of want and need, fingers moving from Marina's palm, down her forearm and towards her shoulders. Marina surges towards and away from Nixie's touch, wanting to have more but fighting a wifely guilt. In the back of her mind she hears the prophetic echoes of a girl she hung out with in high school who was quite experimental, saying being with a girl while being committed to a boy isn't really cheating. Being with another girl is like an extension of masturbation, no different than being with yourself. Marina laughed at that notion then and still can't take it seriously. At this moment, however, she hangs on to the thought for dear life. Avery and Katherine claim having girl lovers is what keeps them happy which makes them better wives. Marina hasn't been kissed by anyone beyond her husband in over a decade and the foreign connection with female flesh is too sinful to accept. Treading over the abyss of extramarital passion she's been fighting, it takes only a few more seconds of Nixie's tender bedside manner for Marina to allow herself the intensity of womanly hands under her bra, petting her soft nipples, while the other hand has gone under her back to unfasten her bra straps.

“Wait, wait, wait.” Marina is helpless to the reveal of her bosom to Nixie. Her wet mouth drips as it opens to engulf her tit, and what Marina thought would be scary or unpleasant is shockingly intense, and so very, very wrong. “Nixie, I can't breathe,” Marina says with a whisper. It isn't right that her pussy is wetter than it's been in several months, and Marina closes her thighs tightly, futilely suppressing the obvious show of being madly turned on. She remembers seeing her first explicit film with the same experimental girlfriend who insisted they watch it together when her parents weren't home. The boys screwed the girls while the girls ate each other’s pussies, which seemed bizarre and unnatural. The little hole is meant for a cock, not the mouth and tongue of another woman. Her girlfriend explained how eating a pussy is more fun than sucking on a long tool of a thing. It was fine to take it for a ride but two girlie holes rubbing together while their clits enjoyed the slippery friction of skin on skin, was wildly more profound. She asked if she could be with Marina the next time she and her boyfriend were going to make out and hump, to hold her while she takes his manhood and suck her tits as he throbs inside her. The lewd suggestion was more than Marina could stomach at the time, and scary. Her boyfriend would think she was a lesbian and that's not how her mother raised her to be. Good girls take dick and pussies are forbidden, at least until reality was swayed by her sorority sisters, Avery and Katherine. Feeling Nixie’s thighs intertwining with her own, the fantasy she denied masturbating to—the one where her naughty girlfriend lays Marina's head in her lap while her boyfriend spreads her legs, letting his hard-on penetrate in—has come back with a vengeance. Her girlfriend strokes her hair, just as Nixie does to her now, only on this bed there is no cock, just a fiery stripper unafraid of making love to a prude with wet thighs and a mouth about to be kissed again—this time for real.

Nixie plunges her tongue in Marina's mouth and the exchange is mutual. Sparks flicker down Marina's torso, making her muscles tighten, even down in her pussy, which only makes her wetness more obvious. The mouth-to-mouth suction is broken by Nixie's need to kiss Marina's neck, under her earlobe, licking where neck meets chest and across to her shoulders, repeating the erogenous path. The fear of god in the lavishing of another woman is heard in Marina's moans. “Oh my god, oh my god,” is repeated over and over till Nixie puts a finger to her mouth to shush the mindless mantra. Marina's dark hair covers her chest, wispy on Nixie's face as she sits up to see what is happening. Nixie settles her back down. The next leg of this salacious journey must not be missed with panic and control—Marina needs to give herself over to bliss. Being competitive with Eternity for bringing on the quickest and most powerful orgasms amongst the clientele spurs Nixie to action. Marina is fortunate to have such an expert dedicating her mouth and zealous oral skills to her body, now loving on her pelvis while her fingers circle the head of a reluctant clit. This can't be. Marina rethinks the situation as the unfamiliar sensation of a warm woman's tongue glides around the private places only pierced and cum upon by a cock. The slimness of Nixie's finger entering and exiting her hole shaken by her explosive spot, her happiest place, targeted and worked until streams of clear ejaculation come running out of Marina's pussy. Not prepared to shoot out like a boy setting his balls loose for the first time, she jerks and cries, but Nixie holds her steady, refusing to let up until Marina has nothing left to flow out down her wrists, arms, all over the bed between her legs. Nixie wants to give praise, but decides to keep the silence and flip Marina over onto her hands and knees, ass in the air. “Oh, no, I can't take any more,” Marina tries to claim, short-selling her obvious ability to sex it up like a good whore would—the prude vanishing as a pouring pussy gets stuffed with an expert's tongue.

Nixie rarely sees a woman cum more than twice, even when the chemistry between her and a client sizzles off the frenzied charts. Marina is on her third, buckling in Nixie's hands, nose is buried in her ass, her tongue being squeezed by a tightly controlled snatch. Nixie has had enough giving, desperate for an ample load of reciprocation. She crawls onto her back, pulling a panting Marina on top of her. Legs wrapped like a harness around Marina's hips, Nixie locks her lover in place, mashing face against face, pelvis to pelvis. Marina's clit drips onto Nixie's, dampening the dark haired and horny lips that beg to be touched by a straight girl's hand. She can feel Marina's large stoned wedding ring scratch at her nipples as the married woman laps at the mounds and stiff nipples—an amateur lover being educated by a lusty leader. Nixie presses Marina's face into her bosom, moving her mouth up and down, long and hard as she rides a tidal wave of stimulation. Marina willingly plants kisses on Nixie's ribs, soft belly and hip, ready to take the plunge into the unknown that exists just beneath her chin. Marina licks her mouth, covered in gorgeous sex, head falling back when a brave tongue touches down, making contact for the first time with a pussy about to burst. Obediently, Marina pleases her teacher, imitating the same intricate designs Nixie made on her pussy, the sides of her clit, the juicy opening and tender lips. Nixie squeezes her nipples, sending electrical sensations right to where Marina is suckling, keeping her intimidation of the growing clit responding to her tongue in check, not wanting to interfere with the imminent orgasm she's setting forth. Nixie lifts her hips, swaying side to side, actively partaking in her leg shaking orgasm. The entire bed rattles as Marina experiences the beauty of Nixie's body in full liberation. Her back arches perfectly, with the grace of a dancer and the power of a goddess, owning her needs rightfully after servicing the wants of others. This is her time and when the pulsing vibrations of her pussy have been quenched, she brings Marina next to her, this time as two dedicated lovers.

A breeze floats across their bodies from the open window, and Nixie covers Marina with the blanket. She isn't staying, preferring to let the memory of their sexual encounter be what keeps Marina cozy while she sleeps. In the morning, perhaps Marina will decide this was all a dream? Either way, this night has touched her soul forever. Kissing Marina's forehead, and stroking her thick brown mane, Nixie tucks the married woman in for the night, knowing in her dreams she sees the dancer—the risqué and now totally unwrapped birthday gift that wasn’t from hell, but a private room in Heaven.