Holiday Romp

Carson March
8 mins read
Published over 3 years ago
Chapter 3

Holiday Romp (Part 3)

It was “club night” at the resort. 

We’d been there several days and as far as I could tell, every night was club night. But officially – according to the resort social calendar – Wednesday night was THE club night. 

After having been left behind that morning by our respective groups of friends who had left the resort for a day trip, Will and I spent the day rolling around in his bed. And on the floor. And in the shower. And the bed again. And maybe the desk, the dresser, and the bench near the door. I was somewhere between “been fucked so many times I am incapable of anything other than sleep” and “high on orgasms and ready to party” by the time I decided I’d better get going back to my room. 

Initially bummed by being left behind, the missed bus turned out to be the thing I’d wanted all week long: the chance to be near this guy. 

And by “near,” I mean: on top of, underneath, behind, in front of, a sweaty tangle of limbs. But as the clock rolled around to 5 pm, I knew our time was running short. 

“Your guys are going to be back soon,” I said.

“They've probably walked in on worse,” Will replied. 

I raised my eyebrows. 

“No, not with me. I just mean: they've seen a lot, I’m sure,” he added, laughing. 

“Still, I suppose a little modesty would be all right.” 

Will kissed me, and his body rolling over on top of mine. I could feel him getting hard. Again. 

I chuckled. 

“Oh my god, you’re amazing,” I laughed. “Do you ever get tired?”

“I could do this all day, baby,” he grinned. 

“I think we just did,” I smiled back. 

He rolled off me, and leaned up one elbow. 

“All right, I’ll let you go. On one condition.” 

“What’s that?” I asked. 

“You definitely come to club night later. And you wear a dress. With no panties under it.” 

“That’s actually three conditions,” I said, furrowing my brow. 

“Three interlinked conditions,” he beamed. “That’s the same as one condition.” 

I pretended to ponder the idea. 

“Come on. He grinned again. “Please?”

“Does anyone ever say no to you?” 

“All the time. Every day. Constantly. I’m not nearly as charming as you think. You’re just all fuzzy on orgasms and not thinking clearly. That’s why I have to get you to agree now, before you leave and come to your senses about hanging out with a cad such as myself.” 

“A cad, huh?” 

He grinned again. 

“Club night. Dress. No panties,” he repeated. 

“Ok, ok, ok. You talked me into it.” 

“Because you’re easy …” 

“Hey!” I laughed, smacking him on the shoulder. 

“Easy. And also beautiful. And funny. And so fucking sexy that I could spend the rest of this trip in this room with you and it would be the best holiday ever. 

I blushed. 


“Is it working?”

“A little bit, yes,” I answered. 

“Good. Because it’s all true anyway.” 

I stood up then, digging around the piles of bedding and sheets and pillows and shorts and towels on the floor, looking for my clothes. 

“We made a mess in here,” I commented. 

Will looked around. The dresser was pushed away from the wall, there was a trail of water from the shower to the bedroom, and our clothes were strewn about everywhere. 

He jumped up, spotted my items and handed them to me. Buck naked, arm outstretched, and yep, hard as a rock, again. 

“It’s ok, you can look, I don’t mind,” he teased me, catching my downward glance. 

“Very funny,” I said. 

I took my clothes, pulled them on quickly and stood there, suddenly shy. 

He stepped toward me and pulled me into his arms. 

“Kat. Seriously. This was the best day. Come tonight. It will be a total bore without you. And it will make my week if you come.” 

“Ok, I’ll see you there.” 

“All right, let’s say… 8:30.” 

I turned and walked toward the door. 

He patted my bum as I went, and as I opened the door and stepped out into the bright sunlight, I heard him call after me. “No panties, Kat! And I’ll bring the rope.” 

Gulp. The rope. I’d almost forgotten his teasing earlier in the day. 

It sounded a bit scary. And different. And foreign. 

And exciting as hell, actually. 

Three hours later, I had showered, welcomed the girls back from their bus trip, explained that I’d spent the day reading a romance novel by the pool and was in the process of re-dressing in my own hotel room. 

I was going to be sore tomorrow, I could tell. My thigh muscles were aching, and I was pretty sure that I was going to have some kind of repetitive strain injury in my forearm from… well, from repeatedly stroking his incredibly perfect, hard cock in my hand. 

“Incredibly perfect?” Had I just thought that? I laughed to myself as I leaned into the mirror and checked my mascara. Yes, I had. And it was incredibly perfect, so why not? 

I realized with a jolt that I was more or less daydreaming and zoning out in front of the mirror when the friend I was sharing the room with shouted from the bedroom. 

“Are you almost ready, Kat?” she called. 

“Yep, yes, sorry, coming. Ready.” 

I hustled my way out of the bathroom and joined her as she opened the door to the outdoor hall. 

“Hey, cute dress,” she said, looking me up and down. “I don’t think I’ve seen that before. You look great!” 

It was the boost of confidence I needed. 

“Thanks,” I said, smoothing the skirt down over my rear end, feeling the inner skirt against my bare skin. 

“All right, let’s go get the girls – time to party!” she said beaming. 

By 9:30 pm, I was beginning to wonder if Will was going to be coming at all. I was also overheated in my dress, sweaty, my hair had gone flat, and I’d lost my lipstick. I was pretty sure I had flashed my butt to half the people in the bar and the buzz of my two margaritas left me just a bit headachey. 

The weird thing was that the rest of his foursome had arrived a half hour earlier – and quickly, of course, buddied up with my girlfriends. 

Had he fallen asleep? Decided not to come? Changed his mind about being interested? Maybe on the phone to his girlfriend. Or wife?  

I suddenly felt like a total idiot. A bare-assed idiot. Had I been played totally? Did he plant the sliver in his foot just to get me to help him? 

I rolled my eyes at myself. Planting a sliver. Even a major player wouldn’t be that much of a dork. I was just being grouchy. And… Maybe… If I had to be honest… Disappointed. Very disappointed. 

Why? I asked myself. Just because of the great sex you were thinking you might have more of. Or the great guy you’d like to have more?

Just then, the bride-to-be in our group – a friend of mine going back about as long as I could remember – grabbed at my arm and pulled me up. 

“Come on, come dancing, please?” 

Bridesmaid duty calls, I thought to myself. I pasted a grin on my face and got up on the dance floor. 

At 11:30 – three full hours after he’d said he’d arrive – I finally extricated myself from the dance floor, gulped another glass of water down, and shouted in my roommate’s ear – as she was sitting in the lap of one of Will’s friends – that I was going to head back to the room. 

“Tough day reading by the pool?” she laughed at me. 

“Yeah, something like that,” I smiled back. “Maybe all the sun?” 

“Ok, come back if you get bored,” she said, then returned to whispering in the ear of her “catch of the day.” She was one of those girls – always having fun, no big commitments, life of the party. But she’d been stuck pretty close to this particular guy – Brian? – for several days. 

Interesting. Hard to imagine her getting serious, but anything was possible, I guess. 

I turned towards the entrance door and took two steps towards it – just as Will stepped in. Button-up white shirt, sleeves rolled up, khaki shorts, leather flip-flops. 

Goddamn it, he looked good... Really really good. 

I could tell he hadn’t spotted me yet.  

“Heck no. No to the nope-ity nope,” I said to myself under my breath, turning back towards the open doors on the far side leading to the beach. “Have fun without me.” 

Passing from the dance floor, through the wide doors and out onto the beach was like going from sensory overload to a zen garden. I could still hear the loud music of course, but the pulsing club lights were replaced by a dark sky and full moon, and the sweaty crush of bodies gave way to the ocean breeze. 

I breathed in deeply. Better. 

The warm night air swirled up under my skirt, reminding me – yet again – of my lack of underwear. I couldn’t believe I’d spent the night trying not to let my short skirt flip up because a cute guy had told me to. Seriously? Bad move, Kat. 

I kept walking toward the edge of the water. The lights from the resort and the moon were plenty of illumination – it was so bright it almost seemed like dusk, not coming on to midnight. About 15 feet from the rolling surf, I plunked myself down on the sand – making sure to tuck the skirt under me, of course – put my arms over my knees and rested my head on my forearms. 

“Well,” I said to myself. “You had a fun day. Just leave it at that.”

I nodded to myself, in agreement. 

Yep. Just be like my roomie – have fun, move on, find another playmate the next day. 

But I’ve never had a playmate like Will, I wanted to argue with myself. 

I chided back, Be glad you did today and stop moping that there won’t be more

I argued in my head like this for several minutes, when I suddenly felt the sand shift next to me. Will was sitting himself down to the right of me. The waves must have covered up the sound of his footsteps as he approached. 

“Hey,” he said. 

“Hey,” I replied. 

“Sorry about being so late. I got… caught up,” he said. 

“All good. I figured. Needed to call home?” 

“Yes, exactly,” he said, looking relieved, a small smile blooming. 

“I’m sure your wife – or girlfriend, or whatever – appreciated the check-in,” I said, looking straight ahead. 

He seemed confused. “My wife?” 

“It’s ok. What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico, right?” 

“No. No no no, Kat. I’m not married. Or with someone. I haven’t even gone on a date in, like, three years.” 

I looked over at him. Gorgeous, charming, sexy Will hadn’t been on a date in a longer period of time than meNot a chance. 

I snorted. “Ok, sure, Will.”


“Well, that was a pretty long phone call to your mom …” 

He sighed. Not frustrated, or mad. But… sad. It made me pause, and look at him. 

“All right,” he said. “I can tell you’re pissed. So instead of dragging this out, I’m going to tell you exactly why I was late because I know from experience that if you hear it later from one of my buddies in there, you’ll feel like shit for making assumptions – 

“Making assumptions? Just like that my back was up again. “Excuse me

“ – about me. I wasn’t calling my girlfriend, or my wife, or even my mom, Kat. I was on the phone with my brother. Who is 11 years old. Who I have full custody of because our parents died several years ago. Yes, I’m 20 years older than he is. No, there were no other siblings in between. My mom had me when she was 17. She was 37 when he was born. And this is my first time away from him. He’s staying with close family friends who I trust very much and who he has known since he was born. But still – he’s 11. It’s a long time to be away from your brother who is also your parent. And I desperately wanted to be down here three hours ago or two hours ago or one hour ago… but it took time to tell him five stories and 15 knock-knock jokes and listen to him tell me about each and every single Pokemon card he traded at school today. He’s a good kid but me being away is challenging for both of us, I’m not even sure which of us is finding it hardest. I think it might be me because I miss him and I feel guilty about leaving him for a week. I needed a… respite. A break. You know? But maybe he was too young still for me to go.” 

I sat silently while he talked. 

Oh my god. I’d sounded like a spoiled brat, complaining about his long phone call. 

“Obviously I didn’t tell you all this today because – well, we were busy. And jesus, it was nice to just be 'single guy who has no major responsibilities or dependents,' you know?” 

“Will –” 

“I really had fun today, Kat. And if the shoes were reversed and I didn’t know the reason why, I’d probably be pissed off too, waiting on you to arrive tonight,” he continued. 

“Will –”  

“So let’s just… I don’t know… Can we start club night right now, like just start over. We don’t even have to go back in there. I’ll get us a blanket, you get some drinks, we meet back here in –”  


He stopped talking then and looked at me. 

“Will, I’m sorry.”

“About… my parents? Or being mad? Or do you mean, ‘Sorry Will, but it’s too late and I’m going now.’” 

“The first two. More the being mad. I’m sure you’ve had your fill of people being sorry for you about your parents. It was shitty of me to jump to conclusions. I’m not… Really… I guess… Well, I’m not used to men thinking of me… Well, it’s just that… I guess I decided you didn’t like me as much as I thought you did, and I let my brain go from there. So, I’m sorry.” 

He smiled a little. 

“Maybe we should… I don’t know… Just make it up to each other,” he said, leaning in. 

“How would we do that?” I asked, all faux innocence. 

“I think maybe… This,” he said, leaning in to kiss me. Then his hand came over onto the inside of my thigh, his warm palm sliding up my leg. “And this, too.” 

“Uh huh,” I murmured. “That might work.” 

His hand slipped up further, till I could feel his fingers tickling gently over my bare pussy. 

“No panties!” he exclaimed. 

“Well, you told me not to,” I said, laughing. 

“Hmm, natural submissive, eh? Where’s my rope…” he said, pretending to pat at his pockets.

“Did you really?” I said, my eyes popping open. 

“No, of course not,” he laughed. 

“Oh ok,” I said, grinning. 

“Don’t look too relieved. I just got distracted by my phone call and left it in the room. We’ll get to it later.”

“Will, don’t tease!”

“I’m not,” he said. “Kat, just… Lean back, ok?” 

I did, leaning back on my hands, and he moved in front of me, his head coming down between my legs, my skirt bunched up at my waist. His hands stroked down to my upper thigh and I shivered. 

“You smell so fucking good, Kat,” he said, his voice deep now, no laughter in it at all. 

“Do I?” I said. I’d been dancing and sweating all night without panties … 

“Fuck. So good. I can’t not taste you – “

And with that, his head dipped right down into the juncture of my thighs, his tongue darting out to lap at me, slow, soft, hot. 

I wanted him to put his fingers inside me, and after that I wanted him to bend me over and fuck me again like he had earlier. And if I was being really honest, yes, I did want him to tie me up, too. But, not yet. Right now, this moment, all I wanted was his tongue on me, as I let my head fall back to look at the moon and the dark, starlit sky above.