Holiday Romp

Carson March
9 mins read
Published over 3 years ago
Chapter 1

Holiday Romp

We’d been at the beachfront resort for three days, and by then, I’d seen him at least a dozen times each day. 

It seemed like every time I went to the pool, wandered into the bar, or walked along the beach, he was there at the exact same time. Like me, he was with a group of friends – in my case, a half dozen women on a week-long stagette vacation to Mexico, and in his, a four-some of guys. Our two groups had mixed and mingled more than once – our bride-to-be in had flirted outrageously with one of his friends at the pool on the first day. And every night when we headed to the onsite “club” at the resort, they were already there drinking and laughing. I was pretty sure that one of my girlfriends had even hooked up with one of his friends on the second night. They’d groped each other on the dance floor for an hour or two, and according to her roommate, she hadn’t returned to her room until 3 a.m. But she’d remained mum, just grinning away as we teased her. 

Whenever he was near, I got so tongue tied I could barely make eye contact, let alone speak. I couldn’t figure out why. He wasn’t my usual “type” – I was usually attracted to the bad boys, the ones with long hair, and surfing tans, who played in bands on the weekend. So cliché, but it was true. 

But this guy was the opposite: short hair, trimmed almost to a shave on the back of his neck, no beard or goatee, nothing wild. If anything, he seemed to be the voice of reason among his crew, drinking slower than the rest of them, apologizing to the servers on their behalf when they got a little out of hand. He was… polite. Nice. 

Or at least, that’s how it seemed to me – having not uttered a single word between us, I didn’t really know. I didn’t know where he was from, what kind of work he did. I didn’t even know his name.

All I knew for sure was that every time I saw him, I got so aroused I could barely stand it. The image of him on top of me would instantly pop into my head, and that’s where it would stay long after he’d left the area. 

Fantasizing about strangers was not something I’d done before, but I couldn’t seem to stop when it came to this guy. It was frustrating because I knew I’d never have the courage to do something about it, and the trip was already halfway over. 

I looked in the mirror and sighed. 

“Definitely not a wanton seductress,” I said to myself under my breath. 

I thought about some of the girls I was travelling with. They could walk into a room, spot a cute guy, and have them around their fingers inside of fifteen minutes. They just had that thing.

I was the wing-woman – the decently cute, but easily forgettable bestie. The one who silently sipped a lot of cocktails next to a friend who was busy chatting up some guy over the years. 

I put my hands under my breasts and pushed them up. If only I could find a bra that did that, I thought to myself. Or if they did that themselves, that would be even better. But they were large, and the rest of me was equally curvy. My tummy wasn’t flat, my hips were rounder than they should be, and my bubble butt was… well, bubbly. 

Not a supermodel, that’s for sure. 

I pulled on my underpants, a bra, and a simple sundress, then pulled my hair into a ponytail. Good enough, I thought. 

We’d registered to go on a day excursion in a nearby town to check out the market, and I was excited to do some shopping and have a change of scenery. Everyone taking the shuttle bus into town was expected to be in the lobby at 9:30 a.m. on the dot. And I realized suddenly that it was already 9:28 a.m. 

I pulled on a pair of sandals and raced out. Why had my roomie not woken me up earlier? Everyone had obviously gone for breakfast, and now I’d be starving on the long shuttle ride. 

I scampered along the winding paths connecting the various areas of the resort. Our collection of rooms was at the outer perimeter of the property, with the lobby and front desk was in the centre - a good five minute walk away. I kept up a quick pace, hoping that it would take time to load everyone onto the shuttle.

I burst into the lobby and found it empty. What? Where is the tour group? 

I saw a flash of light through the lobby doors. It was the sun glinting on the shuttle’s bi-fold door as it slammed shut. 

No! No, no, no! They’d already loaded. I made a dash for the doors as the shuttle pulled away from the curb. 

“Wait!” I shouted, which was futile since there were solid glass doors between me and the now departing bus. I pushed through the doors just as the bus hit the curved corner of the roundabout driveway. As it slipped around the corner, I saw two faces in the back window – one of my friends, and one of the guys from his group. 

Great. Fucking great. Not only had I missed the day trip, I had missed a day trip that he was also on. I had sudden torturous images of walking through the market place with him, laughing, and then being pulled into an alley for a passionate kiss up against a building wall. 

What’s this? Now my brain is stirring up fantasies that literally could never happen! They were all on the bus having fun – and by the looks of it, actually hanging out with those guys. He was on that bus, I’d been left behind, and that was that. No point having a fantasy about making out in an alley of a town I’d never see.

I felt a pricking in my eyes, like I was going to cry, which made me feel doubly foolish. I was such a third wheel, I wasn’t even part of the event. 

I took a deep breath and wandered back into the lobby. I realized then that I was starving, so I detoured into the buffet breakfast and grabbed a plate to take with me back to the room. I piled it high with a muffin, fruit, some scrambled eggs, and then filled a to-go cup with coffee. Might as well fill up for my busy day of… nothing much. 

I wandered back along the path to my room slowly. Ok, this is going to be all right. A day alone would be good. Wasn’t I always saying how I needed to take time to read more, meditate, relax? Maybe I’d go to the pool with a book? Yeah, this will be all right. This will be great. 

I rounded the last corner and stopped short. 

It was him. 

And he was sitting in the middle of the path, awkwardly cross legged, looking at the bottom of his foot. 

His head popped up as I stopped a few feet away. 

“Oh,” he said, looking as surprised as I felt. “Hey. Hi. I’m… I just… well…” he motioned towards his foot. 

I must have looked confused because he continued trying to explain. 

“I must have stepped on something. A sliver or a thorn or… I don’t know. It’s killing me though. I don’t want to sound like a baby but it’s killing me, so I… I sat down to look,” he said, ending with a chuckle and shaking his head. “I look a little ridiculous, huh?” 

He smiled then, and we made full, genuine eye contact for the first time. It made my breath rush out of my lungs and my heart pick up double. He was so sexy – not terribly good-looking necessarily, not stereotypically gorgeous – but so sexy I could feel my pulse suddenly between my legs. 

He kept staring, and I realized suddenly he was waiting for me to answer. 

“Um yeah… a little…,” I stammered. “But hey, slivers can be super painful.” 

He looked back down at his foot. 

“Yeah, it’s crazy. I can see it too but I can’t get it,” he said, motioning with hands in a gesture that seemed to indicate, ‘see, big hands, small sliver, I’m out of luck.’

“I have a pair of tweezers, if it would help,” I said before I had thought it through. Oh fuck, what now? Would he come to my room? Where I had clothes strewn all over the place and my roommate’s underpants were still lying on the bathroom floor from this morning? 

“Really? That would be amazing,” he said, beaming. He pushed himself up to standing. “I think you’re up on the second floor, above my room… Would you mind bringing it down to me? I don’t think I want to climb the stairs with this.” 

He laughed at himself, and I smiled back. In my head, all I could think was, he knows where my room is? It was like being in high school and discovering your crush has been making a point of walking by your locker a few times a day even though he has no reason to be in that hallway. 

“Yeah, yeah, of course. No problem. I’ll go find them,” I said. 
“Ok, I’m in 1311 – it’s literally right under yours,” he said. 

He was right, we were in 2311. 

“All right, I’ll… see you in a minute.” 
“Awesome,” he said, grinning at me. 

I stared at him for another few seconds, like a fool, then skirted a wide berth around him and headed off to my room. Behind me, I could hear him hop-walking along the path. 

In my room, I dug through my cosmetic bag till I found the tweezers, then looked in the mirror at myself. I fixed my ponytail and then for one crazy second wondered if I should change into better panties. 

“What are you thinking, you weirdo? What, you’re going to bring him tweezers and he’s going to jump you?” 

I rolled my eyes at myself and headed back out of the room, and down the stairs to his level. 

The door was open a crack and I pushed it open. He was sitting on the edge of the king size bed. 

“You’re not sharing a room with one of your buddies?” I asked, before I had time to realize it was a nosy question.
“No,” he said laughing. “One of them is a total pig, the room would be a mess… and the other two snore like bears in hibernation. I couldn’t handle it for a week. So I just got my own room. Easier.” 
“Yes, it would be,” I said, thinking of the mess my roomie had made so far. 
“And more private,” he said, his smile disappearing, and his eyes crinkling a little as he looked at me. 

I flustered, and looked away. 

“Here’s the tweezers,” I said, handing them in his direction. 
“Could I be a total pain and ask you to try? I know that’s weird – I assure you it’s a very clean foot,” he said, laughing again. “Freshly showered. Whatever this is got into my foot on my way to the lobby – I was going to go into town today.” 
“Yeah, I was too but I slept in apparently. I just missed the shuttle,” I said. 
“Shitty,” he said. “But lucky for me, or I’d have been calling down to the lobby to beg for a doctor to help with my terrible injury.” 

He winked at me and I laughed. I was starting to relax. I moved over to the bed and sat on the edge.  

“All right, let me see it then,” I said. 

He lifted his foot up into my lap and I took a closer look. I could see the problem right away – it looked like a big thorn that had gone in sideways, just under the skin, but the end was not out far enough to grab with fingers. It was so wedged in that even getting it with tweezers might be tricky. 

“This might hurt, ok? I might have to push backwards on it to grab the end,” I said. 
“Ok, do you have any laughing gas or… “ he said, chuckling. “I’m sorry, I’m a wimp! I can’t help it.” 
“No laughing gas, I’m afraid,” I said, smiling back. 
“Fair enough. Do you have a name?” 

I looked back at him and smiled. 

“It’s Kat,” I said. “Katherine but… Kat.” 
“Kat. That’s a great name,” he said, and he sounded so warm and genuine it made me relax further. “I’m Will. William but… Will.” 
“It’s good to meet you Will. Now, foot? Are you ready for the suffering and agony?”

He laughed again, and scowled. 

“Jeez, I think you’re going to enjoy hurting me… Do you want to tie me up first?” 
“No. I don’t have any rope with me anyway,” I said, grinning back. 
“Good. I like to do the tying,” he said, and winked again. 

My heart thudded, and between my legs my pussy responded with a sudden rush of wetness. I’d never felt so aroused before – nor had I been tied up. Not that he was suggesting it but… even as a joke, it apparently was getting me going.