Mischa Eliot
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Published over 2 years ago
Chapter 9

Tease (Part 9)

“Pet. Downstairs now. Get my gear. You know where it’s kept.” Piper extracted herself from me, her hands gliding down my chest to stroke my cock before turning and speeding towards the door. I hadn’t noticed she’d removed her shoes earlier. I had no idea if she was wearing panties. 

I stripped, wanting to be naked tonight. When I made it downstairs, I saw she did the same. Her clothing was folded neatly and set on top of the tool chest I kept my rope and other items of torment. She’d pulled out the rope and I found a nice photo in black and white set on top of the coil. “I want you to do that to me.” 

“I don’t think you’re ready for this yet.” I ripped up the photo and put it out of my mind. With one glance it was racing, sweat beaded my forehead. I wanted nothing more than to make her look like the photo and then use her as my fucktoy. I knew she wasn’t ready. Or, perhaps I wasn’t ready to see her trussed up like that. “Don’t pout at me like that. I’ll make sure to bind you like that sooner than you think.” 

Working fast and careful, I had her wrists and ankles wrapped in cuffs. Using the suspension rig, I raised her, legs splayed between two struts. “Now there’s what I’ve been aching for.” Without another word, I sank my tongue between her spread thighs. Piper moaned and I delved deeper. 

“Is this what you want, pet?” Another moan was my reply. I kept her on the edge, taking joy in the way she writhed and blubbered. I flicked my tongue against her clit and her thighs twitched as though an electric current ran through her muscles. 

I kissed and nibbled my way up her body. Delving my fingers into her tight hole and sucking her nipples made Piper writhe against my mouth and her bonds. It was too much even for me. 

“You can do this as much as you want,” Piper gasped, “but please tell me you’re going to fuck me at some point, Sir.” Sir was drawn out and turned into another moan when I distracted her with my thumb massaging her clit and my teeth sinking into her flesh for a touch of pain. 

“I’ll do to you whatever I want, pet.” I rubbed and squeezed both ass cheeks. I reached up and pulled, then reset the lines holding her ankles. With her ass fully exposed, I gave a playful smack. “I think you need a spanking for being so sassy, but how many smacks?” 

With each smack, her cheeks turned pink and the little squeak she made focused my intent on squeezing every ounce of pleasure from both of us that I could. “From the wetness dripping from between your thighs, I have a thought you may be enjoying this.” 

“Harder, Sir. You can spank me harder.” Piper’s voice had a dreamy quality to it as if she’d spent the day getting a deep tissue massage. I couldn’t stop the wicked grin from forming and slapped her hard. I watched her flesh ripple. 

Reaching between her legs, I slid my fingers up and pinched her nipple. “God, I love how you writhe and gasp and the way your eyes roll when you’re overloaded with pleasure and pain.” I licked and nibbled on her thighs. When I made my way to her apex, I licked her the same way I had the first time, from the top of her ass crack all the way to her clit. I fluttered my tongue against her most sensitive areas. 

“Please fuck me. Please let me come, Sir. I’ll do anything, let you do anything.” Listening to Piper beg and plead made me want to give in, to fuck her until I passed out from absolute pleasure. It also made me want to torment her even longer, to listen to her whimper and moan on the edge.