Lustful Letters

Maggie Adams
12 mins read
Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 3

Lustful Letters: The Tethered Heart

After Harold, I surmised that I was not as ready as I thought to embrace my new-found sexuality. I tried to lay low, to forget that thrill of sexual expression, but…

You seduce me with your words...

You tease me with your pictures...

You tempt me with your promises...

You make me wanton with need for you...

Your Master awaits…

This is the message I found when I opened my LinkedIn account one Monday morning. No facial profile, simply “M” as a name. I thought it was intriguing as I had only been on the site for networking purposes. Why would someone write this to me on a business site?

I, of course, wrote back: “Your message is intriguing and yet obscure…”

I received this in reply:

That's as I want you, intrigued... wanton for me. I will take you to heights you've never known.

Me: Do I know you, perhaps?

Of course, you do, my pet. I am your Master…

Me: I am no one’s slave. I have Domination over my own life.

*chuckles* Sometimes a D/s relationship is simply a strong person looking to be controlled by an even stronger person.

Me: Why would you even think I desire that kind of relationship? This is a networking site!

And yet here we are, conversing about the very thing that stirs your soul and dampens your panties. Do you think I don’t know who you are? What you desire? 

Me: You know nothing about me! Leave me alone!

I know Harold was not for you. You were right to end it after you met him.

I drew back in horror. He knew of my life! How? Did Harold speak of me?

Me: How do you know about me?

There is no need to fear. I am very good at keeping secrets. My very life depends upon it, you might say. I am also very good at seeing what needs to be seen and acting upon what is necessary. You are floundering, pet. Your needs and desires are at war with your conscience. Let me show you how liberating it can be to simply allow your true self the room to breathe.

Me: I don’t know what you mean… I am true to myself. 

Are you, pet? You use your domination over the weak to keep yourself enclosed within the walls you have built; never trusting, never allowing your truly wanton self to escape the confines of those walls; never able to take the chance of complete trust to explore the carnal nature which shines in your eyes. 

You, my pet, are a caged beast; allow me to set you free.

He was right. I knew it. My brief written dalliance with Harold had proven that. When we met, we knew something was missing. I am not a true Domme; I’m a top at best. Perhaps this man knew how to release me… but dare I take that chance?

Me: Perhaps what you’ve said may be true. Would you like to meet for coffee? As I said, you have intrigued me.

Alas, my pet, I am not in the States. My duties take me all over the world. And it may be best to start your training with the written instructions, rather than a meeting. After all, you are not the only one who wishes anonymity.

Me: I am not looking for a written word lover. I am a real woman. I require a flesh and blood man. Goodbye.

*hearty laugh* Oh my pet! I shall love training you! I am flesh and blood as you will eventually see. And you will crave my flesh, my blood. You will need it as you need the very air you breathe. But I will also feast on you.

That sent a sensual thrill coursing through my bones. Dare I take a chance?

Me: Why are you stalking me?

Because I am primal, pet.

Me: Leave me alone!

I’ll be in touch…

Me: I’m blocking you, now.

And the chase begins….

I did not block him. He knew I wouldn’t, damn him!  

Over the next several weeks, my education in the art of Dominance and submission took many forms, all of which I performed on myself through his instruction. I learned how to wield a crop, a flogger, and a cane. I watched videos of wax play, bloodplay, sensory deprivation, knife play and rope craft. 

And I waited for that moment of clarity when he would contact me.

“I can almost feel your impatience, pet. What do you desire?” 

“I want you to sit back and allow me to serve you, Sir.”

“Very well, tell me how you wish to please me.”

The music starts and I sway to you, my large breasts bouncing, the dim light glistens against my reddish brown curls. Just looking at you sitting there, cock in hand, while you watch me, makes my pussy pulse and I feel the moisture between my legs. Ah yes, my hands reach for my breasts, offering them to your waiting mouth, as my ass keeps rhythm with the music. You touch one breast with your tongue and the shock sends waves of pleasure down to my core. A fresh coat of cream seeps down my thighs. You cup my other breast, kneading it in your capable hand; I can't help but follow the path of my pleasure to part my curls and dip my fingers into my drenched cunt. I lift my hand, offering a taste to my lover.... 

You reach for my hand, drawing me close as you lick the cream from my fingers, I pinch my nipples because I know you watch as you suck lovingly on my hand. I feel your cock twitching against my thigh, seeking entrance to what you desire. I bend my head for a kiss and climb onto the chair, my pussy level with your eager tongue. Your arms encircle me, bringing me closer as you greedily suck my clit and lap at my juices.

I cum with a keening cry, my body convulsing, boneless in the throes of ecstasy. You lift me slightly and impale me on your thick cock and I moan as the sensations begin again. I hold onto the back of the chair, my breasts bouncing in your face, as I ride the magnificent cock that gives me such pleasure. Up and down, faster and faster, my pussy clenches, refusing to release and you slam me down once more, spilling your seed into my warm and loving womb. We collapse in each other’s' arms, breathes mingling, chests heaving, and your arms encircle me, rubbing my back, gently coming down from our ecstasy. You know I need this time with you, before the world intrudes. For just a moment more, nothing and no one exists.

“Now if you can write it, you can feel it. You can make your desire attainable. Why do you hesitate?”

“I fear rejection.”

“No man in his right mind would reject what you are offering.”

“I want more than sexual satisfaction. I want the connection.”

“You’re a romantic, not a submissive.”

“Why can’t I be both?”

The video goes blank and I am left to ponder why he arouses me so.

And if I will hear from Him again.

Tell me of your devotion, pet… I weary of the world.

It has been two weeks. Two weeks of lust filled exploration of my body at his instruction. He plays me like a Master… and I, His willing slave.

Sir... You know I'm more than willing to allow your Dominance over me. I'm your sexual slave.

Yes, I know; and I want, no, I NEED, to dominate you and share our bodies through this medium as I know we both desire.

Shall I make you smile? Today is Thankful Thursday, Sir.... I'm thankful that one day I may get to suck your magnificent cock... Tomorrow would be Fuck Me Friday!

Mmmm, and then Sex you up Saturday and Sinful Sunday? So many ways to corrupt your body and your soul.  

I await your instruction with breathless anticipation…

And naked as I have instructed for all our encounters?

Yes, Master.

Then turn on the video feed and let us begin….

There is something erotically charged about a faceless man – I only see the outline of his body and hear his voice. It is a bit of sensory deprivation that quickens my pulse and makes my pussy quiver. He knows this as he knows everything about my inner desires.

I want you to tie yourself to the bed with the silk ties I sent you. When your instruction is at an end, I will make a day of enjoying you, with feathers, strong hands, chocolate syrup, my tongue, my hard cock, my thick cum, and more orgasms than you can count...

You wish to make a feast of me??? Mmmm, I'm so wet right now. But lonely too! Where do you go for days? What do you do for a living? Are you an assassin for the CIA? Tell me! 

(I chatted in joy as I restrained myself.) 

I hope I can return the favor someday and feast upon that magnificent hard cock. But first I would kiss every part of your incredibly sexy body, from your toes to the top of your head, then lick my way down until I could engulf your cock in my mouth. Mmmm, such a salty treat!

(I suddenly realized the quiet from the screen. I could almost feel his displeasure at my babbling about his affairs.)

You forget yourself, slave. You only get what I give you…. and punishment is called for.

My computer screen went blank.

I did not hear from him for several days. My body and mind were in torment. I knew this was my punishment for my impudence, but would it ever end? Every moment I craved a touch I had never felt; and yet, I came home, every night, got naked and simply stared at that blank screen.

Hello, my slut…

(Tears began falling from my eyes. My Master had contacted me…)

Hello, Master.  (I bowed my head in proper submission)

How may I serve you? (My body immediately tightened in response, nipples hard; pussy pulsing)

Are you properly chastened? 

Yes, Master. I am yours to do with as you please. I have no desires but to serve you.

I have plans for you. I want to make you writhe in passion, then deny your orgasm. I love to make you wet. I love to make your body prepare to receive mine! We need several days to satisfy the primal need we share. I want to spend a day naked in bed with you, exploring your sexy body, seducing you over and over... I want to do so many things to you.

Tell me of your desires, Master... and I will make them all come true.... one lick, one kiss, one orgasm at a time.

I would love to slake your pain…

My pain, Master? (I trembled at what he wanted me to do... because I knew I would do it… for him. Wax, caning, fire, violet wand – it didn’t matter. I would do it for him.)

Get your vibrator, and lie naked before me on the bed, no need to present yourself. 

(I do as he commands. I see his silhouette on the darkened computer screen. I cannot see his face, and that adds just another element of seduction. I’ve never seen his face.)

That is exactly as I want you... wet and wanting me... we do have such a wonderful connection. Now open yourself to my gaze, fingering your clitoris. I want to hear your moans, slut. Show your Master how you long for his touch.

Yes, Master. (I do as instructed, and I am soon lost in pleasure. I hear his breathing and that adds to my wetness. The tension of not knowing what will come next coupled with my increasing need to climax has me panting.)

Are you there yet, pet? I can see your heightened color, hear your breathlessness

Yes, Master… please, May I cum?

Not yet, pet. Get to the edge, the very edge… are you there?

(His voice heightens my desire. My fingers are slick with my juices, my nipples tight. I don’t want to disappoint him, but I can’t hold out much longer.)

Yes, Sir.  I’m… (I can’t breathe. I need to cum.)

I can see you are ready. Shall I continue to torment you? No, I wish to see your pleasure… and your pain.


Grab the vibrating wand. Don’t turn it on. Lay it on your hard clit.

With a trembling hand, I do as he asksThe wand is hard core. I’ve never been able to withstand more than the lowest setting before I orgasmed in seconds.

Now, shove three fingers into that slick hole, slut and turn the wand on high!

(The moment my fingers delve inside, my pussy clenches and I know I’m cumming.)

Please Master….

The wand…NOW!

(I flip the wand to high and scream! The sensations are too much!)


That’s it, pet. Cum for me… Cum for your Master!

(Wave after wave crashes over me as the wand electrifies the nerves of my clitoris. I can’t breathe. I try to squirm but each movement sends another shock of orgasmic high rocketing through my body. It seems to go on forever, but eventually my shivers slow and my breathing returns to normal. I sit up and look in the mirror. I looked like a woman well loved. My gaze returns to the darkened computer screen.)

Feeling better, pet?

Yes, oh yes, Master… but I wish to make you relax as well. May I?

I want to hear of your dreams. What do you do to edge for me, my slut? How do you bring yourself to the brink of orgasm then stop? Tell me how you spend your time when I am not with you.

(I shyly begin to share my most erotic thoughts with him, my surrealistic lover.) I reread our conversations in my bed, my hands on my breasts, imagining Your lips, Your tongue, Your hands teasing, tormenting me...

I need a release from such carnal thoughts. My body arches, aching, reaching for that pinnacle again and again. Wanting to tumble down, down, down into orgasmic pleasure, shuddering, panting, body glistening from sexual exertion, and yet.... No.

I stop just short of such ecstasy, time and time again. Waiting to share my pleasure, my thoughts, my desires, my body with the one who makes me ache, wet and wanton....

I want to take You, no us, where only we can go... Down that fall of orgasmic pleasure, tumbling out of control, to a place we could only imagine; that only we can go...

I'd love to think of something poetic at this moment, but all I want to do is kiss those luscious lips, suckle those breasts and fuck you until we can't move.

I can’t help it. I erupt in laughter. I hear His chuckle then a soft, “Goodnight, slut of mine.”

And He is gone.

(I hear the ping of the computer two nights later.) Do you want to play Sir?...

First of all, I ALWAYS want to play with you, slut. But I have been very busy these last few days...

What a lovely, sexy thought, Master. I always want to play with you! And kiss. And lick. And....

You are the best medicine of all, pet. You do make me smile.

(I hear something in His voice. Pain.) Are you hurt?

I have a tension headache. I need to feel your touch, your caress...

Let me take care of You, Master. You're so busy. Let me help You relax. Lie down with Your head in my lap. Close Your eyes and feel my fingers lightly trace the lines from Your forehead, the underside of my breasts nestled near Your cheek.

Oh, you know exactly what I need baby… touch me baby, yes that feels so much better... caress my head... yes, that feels perfect, lover.

(I note the difference in the way He is addressing me – baby, not slut; perhaps He needs me as much as I need Him tonight. My heart skips at the thought.)

Mmm, thumbs on the side of Your head, Sir. Small circles. Lightly lifting the tension as the weight of my breasts bring my nipples ever closer to Your mouth. I run my fingers along Your cheek, my thumbs pressing to relieve the tension and worry. I kiss Your forehead, Your eyelids, Your nose. My nipples graze Your lips as I bend to my task.

Oh baby yes... that is just what I need... I need you! Mmmm, my tongue must have your sexy buds. I reach it out and flick across the sensitive flesh, delighting in the warmth I feel, tasting you as I do... mmmmm, it feels so good baby, please don't stop.

I need you to touch me!

(My mind jumps with ideas of what this must mean. Master has always been in control. This isn’t our play. He wants me, needs ME. Tears flow down my cheeks with the realization that He trusts me explicitly with His passion.) 

Oh! Lightning shoots to my core as Your lips press onto my flesh, Master. I gasp as You wet the tender bud, sucking gently. I try to concentrate on the massage, but Your mouth, oh that hot mouth, is making me wet with passion.

Oh baby yes! Finding your hard nipples and having to suck them... needing you between my lips. mmmm yes, I need to taste you, to taste your flesh... with just one touch I know I will not be able to resist you.

(His voice, usually so strong, is faint and somewhat breathless. I peer into the screen, but see nothing.)

I don't want You to resist me. I want You to take me. I want You to make me the manifestation of Your fantasies. I lean in further, allowing You better access to my breasts. Your hand caresses my other breast, flicking that nipple and I'm unable to contain the moan. The scent of my arousal floats in the air. My naked body is unable to contain its joy at Your touch.

I love your nakedness so close to mine... there is nothing between us... sucking your nipple harder, squeezing your full breast, completely focused on you.

Oh yes! My hands tremble as I try to focus on Your neck and shoulders. I love the play of muscle under my hands but the tender nips and bites on my breasts are driving me crazy. I need more my love!

(I cringe at my slip, sure that punishment awaits. But that is how I think of him… my Master – my Love.)

I reach around you with my arms and caress your sexy bottom, finding my way between your legs, sucking on your nipple as I slide a finger across your sexy flesh, feeling the heat of your arousal and the wetness of your urgency.

(He let my slip go unpunished. Perhaps he didn’t hear…)

Ahhh, your fingers glide along my slick folds making me even wetter. My clit swells aching for your touch and I wiggle as I kiss the top of Your head. My hand wanders down to your chest needing Your skin, Your body against mine.

I am naked for you, Master... here to be enjoyed, as I enjoy Your pleasure...

Slipping a finger inside of you, feeling the heat and needing more of it... pulling you toward me... I am completely aroused by you.

Oh yes! I caress my skin, the underside of my breast, longing to stroke Your hardness; my hands trailing down, down, to cup You. That is what I need. I run my finger across Your head and bring the salty taste to my lips. Mmmm delicious!

Your lips feel like heaven; when you touch me... I am falling under your sensual spell, pet.

I feel the same. Kiss me, make me wet. I love the feel of Yours lips all over me.

I want to be kissing your lips as though it's the last day on earth... sucking your lower lip between mine, and drawing your tongue into me, my tongue delicately exploring you, wanting you…

(Oh God! He’s making love to me! This is not play!) Mmmm, I want to kiss, lick. I bend my head, taking a lick of your leaking cock. Delicious.

Yes! Your kisses make me inflamed! I want your lower lip. I take it between my lips and suck gently. I love to kiss and I LOVE to kiss you...

My head is spinning with emotions, sensations, arousal... kiss me, touch me, take me!

I love kissing you. Strong lips so tender against me. Tongues twirling. Your hands holding my head in place.

I love to kiss you... it feels so right... I may never let go... MINE!

Oh I never want y\You to let go. Such a sexy, smart man. So hard working... so... Hard. Mmm, my hand can hardly encircle You. Up and down.

Yes, my love, I am so hard for you...

I lean up, seated almost, still kissing you, and then lean you on your back and spread your legs... your hand all the while on my hard cock... I guide your hand where we both want it to go... leading my hard cock into you... heaven!

Oh, yes come to me my lover! I wrap my arms around You bringing You close. My pussy enfolds You as well as I revel in how You fill me up. I arch my hips to take You deeper.

You feel simply heavenly... it feels as though we were made to do this... rocking deep and long strokes...

Ahhh yes my love! That's it. It feels so good. My pussy clenches when You withdraw. I want to keep You in me. The sensations, so sweet, I want to give You such pleasure. Take me!

Your pussy is amazing baby... perfectly shaped for me... squeezes me so tightly.... I am so deep inside of you... and it feels so good.

I'm squeezing You, kissing You, touching Your back, clinging to You. Take me, lover! My nipples ache, my breasts softly crushed to Your chest.

I am taking you as you are me... my whole body is on fire for you... you are so amazingly sensuous... rocking in and out of you... kissing you... making love to you.

I want You so much. I'm meeting You thrust for thrust breasts bouncing, I can feel the sensations pouring thru me. My body tightening.

I look into your eyes and know you are the sexiest woman alive... Feeling you tighten as I hold back what I know is going to be a huge release... rocking faster.

My eyes stare into Yours. I reach up to caress Your face. I need, I want… come with me, lover... More, faster, please, I'm coming!!

Yes, I feel you spasm in ecstasy and it pushes me over the edge... pleasure builds and then crashes over us as I fill you, squirt after squirt into your deepest recesses... it just keeps going....

Give it to me!! Yes!!! I'm cumming! I see heaven, my love. You take me to heaven every time! 

Cumming so deep... so strongly... so completely... You always make me cum so fully...

We are so good together. So right and hot and sexy. I can't get enough of you.

Yes we are, baby... you are such a sensual lover, and I find that so attractive. You are so perfect.

Oh, You bring out the sensuality in me, love. Your words make my imagination fly.

I really enjoy you... you always aroused me... you always made me feel special.

I would have loved to make love to you.

Mmmm that would indeed be heaven. The two of us entwined for hours. (Wait! Did He just use past tense?)

Yes... hours... enough time to rest afterwards and go again.

(His voice is growing fainter. I don’t want him to go!) Would You mind cuddling or do You prefer to sleep alone?

I would love cuddling with you... I would love to hold my love. 

Snuggling after sex, You curled over me. My bottom against Your cock, Your hand curled over my breast.

That's exactly how I like it... you would have felt so good. A gentle touch, murmured whispers. Aftercare at its finest. I wish you sweet and sexy dreams, my lover

No! Wait! Please Master! Why does this feel like goodbye? (I begin crying in earnest. Something is wrong!)

Thank you for tonight, my sweet slave. Thank you for making my life bearable. You are a pleasure, in every respect...

No! Are You releasing me? Why? What have I done? (I’m wailing now. Could He not see how much I loved him?)

I have nothing more to give you, my pet. My time is done. Adieu….

And with a whisper, He is gone and my heart is breaking.

Three months have passed since I last heard from my Master. Three long months without a word… until today.  Stuck in with the mail, a plain envelope with no writing, but I know it’s from Him. I carefully tear it open and begin to read…

My sweetest pleasure and keeper of my heart,

If you are reading this, then you know that I am unable to come to you. That is my one and only regret in my sordid and colorful life. That I shall never again hear your soft voice asking if you may please me; that I will never been able to truly hold you or kiss you, to feel myself sliding into your warmth, knowing without a doubt that I was home.

But do not be sad, my love; you were with me until the very end. You held me in your arms, comforted me, loved me as only you could do. You were the very essence of woman, my woman. It is life’s cruel irony that I should be forced to leave you just as I finally found you.

Perhaps it is for the best; you are a creature of light and happiness. My soul has been dark for a very long time. But just for a moment, I was allowed a glimpse of heaven. 

And now I have one last command for you, my pet. Be happy as yourself. For you are a priceless treasure. I comprehended that the first time I saw your face. 

He did not deserve you, nor did you deserve what he wished me to do. So, I did what had to be done. His death freed you… as your love freed me.

You were correct in guessing my occupation. It was my undoing in the end… as I knew it would be when I spared you. You were my salvation.

The Master who fell in love with His slave.