Lustful Letters

Maggie Adams
8 mins read
Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 4

Lustful Letters: A Musician's Muse

My erotic written encounter with a young musician, twenty years my junior…


May I have these hugs and kisses anywhere I wish?

I wish for kisses on my throat, the sweet curve where my neck meets my collarbone.

I wish for hugs, spoon fashion, naked in your arms, your hand cupping my breast, our legs entwined.

I wish for kisses in the valley between my breasts, tiny brushes of lips trailing down my stomach to my mound, then turning me over to nip and lick at my bottom.

I wish for hugs, a hand at the small of my back or around my waist when we walk side by side, to show the world you have staked your claim on me and I most willingly surrender.

I wish for kisses on the bend of my elbow, behind my knee, the instep of my foot, and the palm of my hand, a token to keep when we are apart.

I wish for hugs with arms wrapped tight, your dominance overpowering me; with your legs imprisoning mine, nestling your cock within my hips, my breasts crushed against your chest, your hands in my hair fiercely, and your lips demanding my submission.

This is how I like my hugs and about you?

Your words intoxicate me with desire...

I want your arms around my waist, with your breasts pressing into my back, nipples hardening as we touch to remind me how aroused you are... as your palms slide down my abdomen, lower, lower...

I want your hands interlocked, fingers on the back of my neck as you stand in front of me looking up toward me from below, your eyes meet mine, and I see the myriad of emotions on your beautiful face... leaning into me and feeling me grow hard from your presence....

Sir, the seduction of a simple kiss has been overlooked for more prurient pursuits. But the art of the kiss, when done properly, is the most potent of aphrodisiacs. It encompasses all the senses and leaves both the giver and receiver in a heightened state of arousal.

The sight of your eyes flaring with desire, intent upon feasting from my lips. The irises darken, the pupils dilate ever so slightly, the light from your soul shines from within.

Your nostrils flare, a predator seeking and pinning its prey, while your breath caresses my skin, cooling my fevered cheeks. Your tongue peeks out, wetting your lips, a small sampling of the erotic dance to come.

And your lips...soft, sensuous, a slight grin on your open mouth because you feel my excitement pumping through my veins, my body moving of its own volition, straightening, leaning toward the danger of your possession, my heart dancing like a moth to a flame, closer, closer.... ever closer to my downfall, my surrender, at your capable hands.

The moment of contact, terrifyingly electric. Lightning striking me to my core, lighting a fire within, consuming me...completely.

Total possession.

That first kiss, after so much anticipation. How could it meet our fantasies and dreams of one another? But with you, how could it not? Our lips meet and we begin the inevitable, swept together into the vortex that only we can share...

Total desire.

Let us talk about your embrace 

Sir, let us talk about your hugs...

To feel the power within your body, the tempered strength, as your arms close around me, caging me within your grasp. I lean into you, smell your scent, longing to taste your skin as I lay my cheek against your chest, feeling your heart accelerate with mine the minute intimate contact such as this, is realized.

Your hands, so capable and large, cradle my head against you, fingers spread wide to dive into my soft hair. I sense your touch, a mere second before your other hand descends to my hip, caressing slowly on my ribcage, just below my nipple. My breath catches, then is slowly released, as your hand retreats once again.

I hear your slight sigh of contentment as you rub the small of my back, then up my spine, pressing me closer, inviting me to meld our bodies together as one. Your hips cuddle my erection, your folds dampen in desire, the scent of arousal permeates our senses.

You tug on my hair, pulling my head away from you, then your wandering hands clamps down on my bottom, fusing our bodies together so there is no doubt....

And just before I am devoured for your pleasure, I hear your possessive growl..."MINE," and I smile.

I need you

I need you like never before, my lover, MINE. Seeing you this close to me, and yet knowing I must not give away our secret, makes me dream of having you right here, right now.  Your flesh under my fingertips, caressing you, feeling your reaction, knowing that I cannot resist your charms.

I pull your hair gently, melding your mouth to mine, and I kiss you once again, deeply, passionately, with purpose.

I slide my hand up from your ribs to your heaving breast, cupping the full orb in my strong hand, your nipple between my fingers hardens as if it knows we must make love.

You are wonderfully sensual and erotic. Your words touch me as no others. You seem to know what I need and how to say it in a way that compels me to arousal. 

I am so stimulated by you. I always have been, but you now have my blood boiling. My heart is pounding and pumping hormones throughout my body, making each cell react.

I want you to hold my hand. I want to caress your cheek, slide down to your neck. Feel my strong hands as I explore your bare flesh. There is nothing I wouldn't do to make you feel good right now, love!

I want the hug I mentioned earlier, the two of us naked, simply holding each other for a moment, the kiss as well, taking us to pleasures we reach together. Enlisting all the senses -  touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. Breaths mingle, skin tingles, tongues duel, eyes burning with desire, and the world around us becoming redolent with the scent of our chemistry.

There is nothing I would rather do. Your mere presence intoxicates me. I need to breathe your scent into my nostrils, hold you in my lungs, and savor you again as I slowly exhale. I need to taste you, your tongue, your lips, your very essence, adding to my excitement. I need to feel you, naked, next to me, needing to get as much of me as I can to touch you, my arms, my hands, my fingers, my chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, feet, lips, and more. You arouse me like no other...

Your touch will tempt me tonight in my dreams. Goodnight, my lover. Dreams of beauty, of light… of love.

As I sit...

As I sit in this conference room, surrounded by coworkers, listening to your melodious voice discuss whatever we are here to discuss…

I'm wondering if you would like me to fulfill a sexual fantasy? Or shall we simply lie together in a large bed, and see where that leads.... fantasies, desires, touches, murmurs of seductive ideas...coming into your office... lock the door... unzip me... suck me...swallow me... devour me...

Do you wish to be taken with force? not in a brutish way, but in a way that leaves no doubt your lover is intensely aroused by you. That you will be his priority, his pleasure, his to possess.

Do you want to be marked as HIS....the words MINE, coming from his mouth as he enters you? The feel of his hands, bruising your hips as he clutches you, drives himself into you with pounding force.

And after, do you want to be held, caressed, calmed by words and actions, a reaffirmation of his possession of your mind, body and soul? Do you want that, lover of MINE?

I would love to connect with you like that. It is more than evident that we have a tremendous chemistry. We are both experienced enough, intelligent enough, self-aware enough to know what we want, and how to get it with someone when we find this kind of chemistry. I feel this with you.

I am confident that I can give you what you are seeking. I want to take you with force, in a caring way--mindful of your needs and desires--and focused on fulfilling them. I think it is more than clear that I am intensely aroused by you. I would love to make you my priority, my pleasure, mine to possess, and at the same time to honor.

I am seriously considering turning this fantasy into a reality. I love the idea that coming together with you in this way would change us both, for the better.

I think that would be an unbelievable experience for us. My only fear is that I would become addicted to you...I would be insatiable....

I love...

I love how you react to me; I truly do. It is one of the many things that arouse me about you. You are a much more thoughtful person than most and I know you are a cerebral lover. That is so incredibly attractive. You are a beautiful woman, and I would be honored to take possession of you...

Ahhh, I can almost feel my lips on your throat as I murmur sweet nothings to you. Leaning your head back, giving me access, opening yourself to my kiss, my breath sending delightful shivers across your skin...

I need you naked in front of me. Come to me, lover….

I want to possess would be the most erotic scene I could ever imagine.

Do you ache, lover? I ache as well for you. I know that the only way to slake the pain is to plant my seed deep within you, deeper than you have ever known, as only I can do. I am realizing that I was made to make love to you.

Your words flow over me like a velvet glove as I sit here, listening once again to your conversation with another; your dulcet tone tempting me with unknown delights, eliciting a sigh of rapture as your words light up my skin and dance across my nerve endings, only to pool like pulsing electric currents within my heart.

I want

I want to scream... Touch me! Taste me! It's all for you! But I sit here silently…watching…waiting…

The reciprocity we share is unbelievable, and compels me to seek you out. You are more than I even realized I could desire within my soul. You give my body singular purpose. I need to seduce you, with my thoughts, my words, my innuendos, my body, my very essence. And the more I write, the more it feels right and the more I must continue. We must make love again, darling, so that we can know what it is to share this most precious experience. It is as though our worlds were meant to collide, and to become one. Please answer my calls. Heed my words. Fulfill my fantasy!

You shall scream…until the rafters shake because that is how powerful our union will be. The sight of you compels me to touch the very essence of my sexuality, visualizing my hands parting your folds, my fingers tracing the outline of your lips as I long to do, then gently rubbing tiny circles around your swollen clitoris.

I need you so! My body melts in pleasure as I take in your beauty. I arch in ecstasy as I imagine you over me, preparing to possess me, your arms a cage of lustful promise, your body pressing down as you engulf me with subtle power. My back arches, head thrown back, at the exquisite sensations rocketing through my veins. You are beauty. You are desire. My Aphrodite. My Muse.

We set the rhythm of desire, chasing the elusive pinnacle, ever closer, and closer still. Your thrusts electrify me from within. I never want to let you go, never caring to end this ultimate fulfillment and yet yearning for completion.

You rear back, breasts bouncing, as my deft fingers twist your swollen bud. You scream as the pleasure/pain rushes through you and the shivers of la petite mort carry us away, safe within each other’s arms. Come to me, lover! Let me feel your power, your possession!

The eroticism of my thoughts is only surpassed by the sensuality of your mind and body. We find that perfect lovers' rhythm, our bodies acting so selfishly yet so generously, as our individual needs combine synergistically to form a much greater collective desire. You take me somewhere I never knew I could go, but have yearned for since my first glimpse of your beauty. We shall satisfy the most primal urges, and the most sophisticated desires. We were forged in a womb, in the most glorious act of creation, and it is here that you now have me again. The primordial echo of conception itself, resonates through every cell of our bodies, with a coherent reinforcement that builds to a crescendo so strong it shudders through generations, as it does through our very essence. Our souls dance, the most beautiful and intimate tango, as we become one...

(Eventually, as life goes on, I became less of a lover and muse, and more of a friend. He has become an icon in the music industry, and I continue to watch his progress in the background where I belong.)