Lustful Letters

Maggie Adams
13 mins read
Published almost 3 years ago
Chapter 7

Lustful Letters: Lessons Learned

I meet a man, a sadist… a mentor… and so much more

You know I get aroused by your dirty talk, pet. Come here and let’s relive our first meeting.  (I snuggle closer to my love as he begins)

We are seated close to each other, alone, in a quiet bar away from home. I notice you, then notice you noticing me. I smile as I like what I see and like your attention even more.

I'm nervous because I NEVER go to a bar alone after my encounter with the psychopath, but I want to start living, however scary that may be. I notice a handsome man look at me and smile. At first, I’m not sure he is smiling at me... but then I notice his eyes. A direct contact that sends shivers down my spine.

I look at you and notice your eyes first. They are beautiful. If they are the window to her soul, I need to meet this woman. I realize I'm staring and you caught me. I smile and then get a feeling in my loins that says I'm attracted to you. 

I smile back, shyly at first, but with more confidence as you continue to stare and smile. I blush and lower my eyes, I'm not used to this attention, but I can't help it. I peek out of my side vision and you’re still staring. I bite my lip and slowly lift my eyes to return your gaze.

Well, life is made up of a billion choices and I'm old and wise enough to know what I need to do in this case... I follow my instinct, and without so much as a second guess I find myself standing up and walking to your table.

“May I join you?”

I hear that sexy voice and my nipples harden against the silk of my blouse. Your presence is so commanding, I fight the urge to lower my eyes in submission. "Yes please," I whisper. And you touched my hand... It feels so soft, so warm... Was that an electric shock I got from touching you?

Ah yes! I felt it as well. I start to pull away but you tighten your grip, just slightly as if to tell me it's okay. 

It feels so good to hold onto you.... It feels more than physical... I can't let go... It’s been so long. I feel the warmth and strength in your hand, but I'm not afraid. I feel safe and excited. You’re rubbing your thumb across the back of my hand, a light caress that sends sparks shooting to my core.

I look you in the eyes, and ask what you would you like to drink…

I suddenly want to say "You. I want you!" but I bite my tongue and murmur, "American Honey", hoping the whiskey will give me the confidence I lack at the moment. And yet you still hold my hand, caressing it, making my breath hitch with each pass across my skin.

With the other hand, I flag down the waitress, who acknowledges my moving to your table with a knowing smile...

I order two whiskeys... American Honey, all the while caressing your hand, enjoying the softness of your flesh. Such tender skin. I long to mark it. I bet you would pinken prettily in my hands.

I watch your lips as you speak to her, the richness of your voice flows, and I want to capture your bottom lip with mine and suck... and then I blush because I don't even know your name. I can smell the lightness of cologne mixed with the essence that is you and I like it. I like your honesty, your confidence, and your smile. My southern is more pronounced as I offer my name.

I lean in and say that your accent is like a sweet honey on my tongue. It is my great pleasure to meet you, and with that, I give your soft hand a light squeeze

I'm very happy to meet you. It was lonely sitting here by myself. I note the desire within your eyes. My heart races with the knowledge that you find me attractive.

“I have a feeling we are going to be good friends,” I say, and with that, I feel my pulse quicken and a twitch in my loins.

Our drinks arrive and I take a sip to restore my calm, but I'm aware of you watching me. I rack my brain to think of something to say besides 'take me now!' "What do you do, if I may ask?"

“I'm in international business... If I told you more, I'd have to...” I pause, looking at your beauty and wondering what we will share tonight... nothing too intense, I fear I’d scare you away with what I really would like to do.

“You would have to… what? I'm curious to know,” I say with a grin. The whiskey has made me bolder and I lean in close to you and whisper, “What would you do to me?”

And with that piece of innocent byplay, I knew you were not into the intensity I craved. But you were so obviously in need. And so was I. “Oh, I would have to take you upstairs and make you forget you ever heard what I said...”

I come closer so we are simply a breath away. My hand lightly touches your thigh. "And just how would you make me forget?" I stroke the top of your thigh with a fingertip.

I lean back toward your ear... lift your soft hair to gain access, and drag my tongue across the side of your neck, finding that sexy nerve that drives you wild, then whisper, “I have a special way that will make you forget the last hour, yet the next day you will remember everything as if it is the first day of your life.” It was cheesy, but it did the trick. I felt your pulse quicken.

I shiver as your words penetrate my brain, the softness of your breath caressing where the wetness of your tongue traced. I know a moment's panic, as I realize what I'm about to do, but I brush it aside in favor of the adventure that awaits. "Prove it!" I murmur against your lips, then smile in bratty challenge.

I knew then you were putty in my hands. I lean in and kiss you... full on the lips... my hand behind your neck, holding you just where I want you as I part your lips with mine and slide my tongue into you, a prelude of what's to come.

Ahh, I'm flooded with sensation! Your warm lips, your seeking tongue, the firmness of your hand holding my head, not forceful, simply cradling, but your Dominance surrounds me, and I soften in your embrace, my submission and acceptance of your plan, a given.

I lift my hand under your chin, possessively, and know with this kiss you are mine... I'm not cocky, I'm just intuitive... We both know what we want, and we have found it...

I toss a $50 on the table, and lift you to your feet.

I stumble slightly on my heels, the passion in your kiss still has me a bit dazed, but you simply curve your arm around me, hugging me. I resist the urge to snuggle closer, but it’s a near thing... I want your passion, your strength, and your tenderness.

I catch you and hold you, then wrap my arm around your waist to support you as we walk briskly to the elevator.

As your care for me registers, I relax, my nervousness slips away. You will take me where you want me to go, but you will do it with tenderness. You are a sensuous, Dominant man, and my inner goddess is clapping in joy!

I whisk you into the elevator, press the top floor, and am so glad we are alone; the doors shut and I press the emergency stop button, then I lean in and kiss you again, this time with more urgency, harder.  I break from your lips, and kneel down, lifting your skirt, and bury my face against your drenched panties.

Aaahh, from tenderness to demanding! My breath comes in gasps, I can hardly think... I should be shocked by your behavior, but I'm so turned on, all I can think of is how good it feels.

I reach up and pull down your panties exposing the prize I've wanted since the moment I laid eyes on you. I plunge my tongue into your quivering slit, wanting to taste you, to be inside of you.

I cry out in shock, even as I spread my legs to allow you access! I'm drenched with need and your tongue is sliding over my folds, causing me to shake.

I reach up and take that sexy ass in my strong hands, then work my tongue in and out of you, my face pressing all the way into you, my nose touching your sexy clit. I knew in that moment, YOU WERE MINE.

I can't move as you devour me. I want to thrust up to match your tongue. But you hold me still, your big hands cupping me, as you feast on my pussy, your nose rubbing against my clit, sending spasms throughout my body. I moan helplessly, as I enjoy the ride!

I work it faster and harder and deeper wanting to taste your first orgasm directly in my mouth...

Yes! I can feel my body tightening. How can this be happening so fast? You reach my clit, taking it between your lips and you pull. I scream and the waves of my orgasm overtake my body. I feel your tongue lapping at my juices, holding me tight with your hands.

I lift you as I feel your legs begin to lose control. I’m sucking your sexy clit as my fingers delve into your dripping pussy.... mmmmm, yes give it to me, my slut.

I ride your tongue until my orgasm subsides, thankful that you have me in your strong arms or I would simply melt to the floor.

You didn't notice but I unbuckled and unzipped... I stand up and glide my hard cock into you in one smooth motion... Needing to be inside of you, lifting you up with one strong thrust.

Ahh yes! Yes! My pussy clenches you tightly as I settle onto your cock! Oooh, you feel so good inside me!

I arch my back and thrust my hips up into you, lifting you off the ground with the force, and completely impaling you with my hard cock, then I lean in and kiss you, hungrily, as I rock deep inside of you. You have me so hard inside you, feel it, feel it so deep as I arch my back and rock in and out of you, lifting you off the ground with each thrust.

Yes! Yes! Fill me, harder, fuck me, harder, faster! I want to cum again and again with You! My breasts are aching and I lift my shirt. You push aside my bra cup and take my swollen nipple in your mouth... 

I suck your swollen nipple and then bite the end tenderly, and then harder... gauging what you like... as my hard cock pistons in and out of your gushing pussy.

Harder! I want it hard and tight! I squeeze my vaginal walls together, forcing you to fuck me harder, as you bite down on my nipple. AAAHHH! I'm cumming again!

I moan like an animal. I feel you squeezing me and it urges me to fuck you harder!!!

My head hits the wall, but I'm oblivious to the pain. I have a need to make you cum inside me and I wiggle and grind as you plunge in again and again!

And then it comes... a thunderously strong orgasm deep inside of you, filling every bit of you... making you Mine. I hold you tight, squeezing the last echoes of pleasure out of it... then kiss you passionately... then I pull up your panties, straighten your skirt... and walk you out of the elevator... you are not even conscious of your surroundings... I take you to a seat... near the bar, where we were before... but you can't remember a word of our conversation...

“I had a concussion from hitting the wall,” I giggle at my lover, my Master. We have fucked as we recalled our first encounter, and I am lying there, exhausted, against his chest. But He has other plans.

“Then tell me another story of us, while I feast. I am a true logophile, I get off on words, written or oral. Perhaps I would be better to be called a cunning linguist.”

I laughed out loud at his pun, but then squeal as I’m dragged to my knees, my pussy near his mouth. 

“You can’t pause, my beautiful slave, no matter what I do; or there will be no orgasm for you.”

My breath hitches at the wicked things he may do to me. God, how I love this man!

And so, I begin…

I hear the ping of my video call and it takes me back for a moment to another place, another Master, and yet I see the face and the magnificent body of this Master. He enjoys showing off for me and anyone else I imagine. He’s a bit of an exhibitionist. He also wants me to tell him what I am doing to him in my mind as he watches me pleasure myself. (This impudent comment gets me a hard smack to the ass, before he states the words he always used on our video chats).

I am naked in bed and waiting for you…

Hello, Sir, I'm crawling onto the bed, my breasts swaying enticingly, as I lean over and kiss you lightly on the lips.

Your lips are hot on mine, the tender nibbles turn to carnal need, a flashpoint of fire. I can never get enough of your kisses. Your thumb pulls on my chin, forcing my mouth open as you demand entrance with your tongue.

You sweep my mouth, dueling tongues, mimicking our lovemaking. Your hand cups my head, the thumb near my ear gently caressing my cheek. I feel all the sensations, the connection we share in the kiss.

My hand rests on your chest above your heart, where I can feel your heart rate increase as we continue our kisses. My other hand rubs your neck, a gentle massage, simply to be closer to you.

I pull back slightly and look into your eyes, wanting to see the desire you have for me. I am not disappointed. It is there. The fire, the intensity, you look at me as if I am the most beautiful creature you have ever seen. I know I am not; but now, just at this moment, I feel it. And it takes my breath away...

You are as beautiful as you imagine… and even more…

You shift to a sitting position and pull me astride you, my breasts crushed to your chest. I glance down, my nipples so hard they ache with the connection to your body. You tug on my hair, bringing my gaze back to you...

"Give me your mouth," you command, and my body catches fire.

Our kisses turn carnal as I suck on your lower lip, pulling it, then back to taste your tongue, sucking it as I wish to kiss and suck every intimate part of you.

I long to be closer. I melt onto your body, feeling your erection against my bottom. I know my wetness is evident. I can't help that it makes me feel so alive, so wanton!

I wiggle my hips until your erection is nestled against the cleft of my ass then rub it against you, feeling you twitch.

Your hands cup my cheeks, pulling them apart as you thrust against my bottom, curving into the valley while your mouth continues its relentless assault on my lips. (You lift your head to speak but continue to finger me. I moan. I’m so close.)

The backside of your body is just as inviting as the front... running my hands across your smooth back, kneading the stress of the day away. Light fingertips down your spine, makes you shiver in response; a press on the divot at the base, cupping that firm bottom, feeling my fingers flex against the muscle, reminding me of how it feels to clutch you to me as I enter you.

I love your scent, the feel of your skin, the hair on your legs as it tickles my naked breasts while I'm bent over you... Dammit! I need you with me! I want to feel your skin, hear your words.

It is impossible now… work, distance… And you are as impatient as that randy college boy you speak of. You will do as I command when I command for you are Mine! Come now, I need a kiss, pet. On the cheek, the lips, my throat... kiss me with your words…

Once I start, you know I can't stop... Kiss, Kiss, Kiss... The touch of your lips gives me shivers of desire. I ache for more and yet I need to touch you, feel the warmth of your skin on my fingertips. Your words evoke a long-buried fantasy. I wish to be taken with passionate need, my body used with such desirable intensity, that I practically faint when I orgasm! How I long for your touch, your kiss, Sir! Oh, God, your words set me on fire!!

Because you know with every message there is intense desire to make love to you.

Then what are we waiting for?

I am an indulgent Dom, but I am also a sadist. I’m not sure you are ready for what I have in mind. But tell me, pet, what you desire… I may just beat you for it.

(At this point in the narrative, I beg to cum, but Master simply smacks my clit and tells me to behave and continue telling my fantasy…)

Here is what I fantasize, Sir. I enter a room and see you standing there, my body fills with desire, and an urgency to have you... I walk up and smile, then you reach up and take my head in your hands and kiss my lips lightly, remain there a bit longer, our kiss becoming more urgent and passionate. You force me back against the wall, hold my arms up over my head, your body pressing me tight. You rip off my blouse, exposing my breasts, our head bends down to kiss my nipples... biting lightly... Kissing up my neck until you find my ticklish spot then take my soft lips once again, and my lips close upon yours in an urgent passionate kiss.

Your lips feel like heaven and make my head spin. I am conflicted with the desire to keep my lips pressed to yours, but I long to devour your sexy body... I part my lips and suck your bottom lip between mine, needing your flesh in my mouth. The exquisite taste of your breath mingling with mine and the desire for you engulfs me as I touch your tongue with mine.

I need your kiss, your touch, another glimpse of your sensuously dark mind. You whisper such fearful yet exciting thoughts into my ear and my heartbeat skips. That's what I need. Your gentle touch, your wickedly naughty words, fueling my imagination, and leaving me wanting you.

My hand touches your chest. I feel your heart race. I know you are as affected as I am. I pull away from your lips to stare deeply into your eyes. Slowly I bring my hand down from your chest to lightly flutter across your erection, my eyes never leaving yours. You smile but evil mischief lights your eyes. I shudder for I know there will be a price to pay before I play.

It doesn’t matter. I willingly give all you ask of me. I gaze into your eyes and savor the beauty of you, more turned on every second by what you bring to me, out of me, what cries for redemption inside of me.

My pulse quickens as your fingers lightly graze my flesh. I shiver in sexual anticipation and feel a moment of womanly power as I look into your eyes and see your pupils darken in desire.

You brush your fingertips across my breasts. My body reacts to the touch, my skin blushing. You take my nipple between your strong fingers and twist painfully. My breath hitches and my eyes fly to yours. I see you grin in satisfaction of your hold over me.

Ah yes! My blush intensifies as I register your Dominant power. My head bows down in supplication as the lightning streaks thru my veins. Such a painful touch that evokes such an explosive reaction within me.

You love how my body reacts to your touch, as if I am awakening sexually only for you. You pull my hair roughly, then lean in and kiss my neck, exposed for you to devour. I feel your teeth scrape across my skin just a second before you bite!

Ah, my pet, you are not ready for my bite. I have told you I am a sadist, a primal, and yet you tempt and tease me with your words and imaginings. Do you think they do not affect me? Or perhaps that is where you feel your power lies. Do not misunderstand, my eager submissive… I will have you, in every way I wish, whether you wish it or not. I am not here for your pleasure, but you are here for mine.

(At this point, Master looks up at me then nods at the truth in his past words. I grin because he was so right, then I continue with my story as he rubs my clit with his thumb.)

I understand, Sir. I do not wish to anger you. I am simply complying with your direction to tell you of my fantasies. I cannot help that I awaken sexually when we come together. I live for your touch, your kiss, and my body sings when we make love. My hands fumble with your shirt. I must feel your skin. I love what you do to me... You arouse feelings I never knew I could have... Once we start, I can never stop!

I rip the buttons from your shirt, frantic to touch you, taste you as you’re tasting my throat. I pull the shirt from your pants and encircle your body with my arms, my fingers lightly tracing your back as I arch more, inviting you to taste my breasts.

My eyes devour your sexy bare flesh. I see the fire alight in yours, and I shiver. I know that look. Primal. My pussy quivers in anticipation even as I tap down a moment of fear. You are animal sensing your mate. My eyes glow as I slowly release your belt. My fingers brush against your stomach and you inhale. I smile and skim my fingers under your waistband. I am so aroused by your need and I’m desperate to experience you!

I look up at you and grin while I lower to my knees. I unbutton your pants and slowly unzip. I gaze in rapture at the enormous cock protruding from the depths. I want so much to grab it, lick and suck. But I haven't been told I may. Please Sir, may I touch?

You nod and my eyes light up with glee as I gently lower your pants. You step out of them and I fold the pants quickly. I lean forward and place my head against your stomach, my lips a scant breath away from your cock. I inhale your scent and hear your low growl. God how it gets to me! Your hand grabs my hair and my nose bumps your cock. I kiss your stalk and balls then lick my way to your head. Your body exhales and relaxes as I continue to pay homage to your beauty and my desire.

Oh Sir, may l lick your pre-cum? May I suck you down and swallow your cum? I want you to be fierce, fuck my face, give it to me, please Sir. Please!

Stop. Now reread your fantasy and learn how many words were for your pleasure, not mine. How many times you were the focus, not me. You have much to learn, pet. Although your last Master gave you the tools to please, he did not show you how to use them.  And it will be my pleasure, and your pain, for me to teach you.

And pet… I suggest you find some exercises for stretching your facial muscles as well as some deep breathing exercises to teach you how to breathe properly through your nose. When I fuck your mouth as I want, you will need to be in full knowledge of these procedures. Oh, and you’ll have to call in sick the next day. You won’t be able to able to move, when I’m done with you. You will be exhausted.

I did as instructed and reread my fantasy and his response. When I was finished, I knew I still had so much to learn and said a quick prayer of thanks that Sir was so patient with my instruction.

“Cum for me now, love, then finish the tale.” He inserts his finger in my rose hole and his fist into my pussy. I cum with a keening cry, my body attuned to his command. Shuddering, I lie on his stomach, playing with his hard cock, and continue my tale….

It is weeks later. My instruction on the fine art of pleasing a man, a real man, not a boy, is about to be put to the test. I am meeting my mentor, my sadistic Dom, for the first time. He has instructed me to remain clothed in the hotel room as sometimes what is fabulous on paper is not so in real life. Now where have I heard that before?

I stare at the man in front of me, my lips feel dry, and I can’t help but lick them in anticipation. He is perfection to me. I can feel his sensual power, the caged beast, the indulgent Daddy, all I need within one man. I long to simply sink to my knees in submission or bow and offer my throat to the primal beast within. But I also need to maintain my power, a worthy equal to his passion.

“A suit? I love a man in a suit. And a red tie? Hmmm, how very powerful! Now tell me, Sir, how can I be of service to you?” I stand, legs braced, my hands on my hips. I’m no coward, although I know this man can and will bring me to the ultimate surrender.

He smiles slightly at my attempt at control. “Undress me.”

I slowly walk over to him. I can feel his gaze and my pussy tingles. I reach for the buttons on his jacket and ever so slowly bend down from the waist, arching my back and thrusting my ass out. With every flick of a button, my pussy spasms and I fight the urge to rub my thighs together. As the last button gives way, I stay in this position for a moment, allowing him to catch a glimpse of how I will look when I take him in my mouth, looking up at him as he looks down at me.

With a slight smile, I leisurely allow my hands to roam inside his jacket, across his starched white shirt until I reach his shoulders. With a little push, the jacket falls from his shoulders and I gently pull it down his arms and away. I walk to the closet swaying my ass, just the way he likes it and quickly hang up the jacket. Our eyes meet as I turn around and saunter back, fully erect and breasts pushing out, showing him how much I desire his touch.

It is only then that I notice the large metal suitcase near the door. I shiver in slight fear, but I trust him. I sense his eyes on me and the case. One eyebrow is quirked askance. I breathe deeply and meet his eyes with a soft smile assuring him that I want this.

I reach for his tie next, pulling and tugging the fabric, loosening it until it hangs from his neck. I pull it away and set it on the chair. “We’ll need that later, I suppose.” He smiles and I see the wealth of promise in his eyes. 

I begin to work on the buttons of his shirt and I can’t help but clench my thighs. My pussy is so wet and getting wetter as I reveal his chest and stomach. I want so badly to run my hands inside his shirt, but I must finish my task first. Finally, I’m able to tug the material from the waistband of his pants.

Next, the cuffs. I love his hands, so I take extra care. I turn his hand, palm up, then undo the cufflinks, and place a small kiss in the center of his palm. A token of my thanks for how they will work their magic on my body. I lower it gently and walk behind him, lovingly caressing his back through the material. I repeat my loving homage to his other hand, place the cufflinks on the credenza, and then finally run my fingers inside his shirt to his magnificent chest, taking the shirt off his shoulders and into my waiting hands. I walk to the closet, then look over my shoulder at what I have revealed. My pussy is drenched and my nipples harden at the sight.

“Come here and turn around.” His deep voice calls to me.

I do as he commands and I feel his hands on my back, gliding over my curves and I can’t suppress a moan. He stops and my breath catches, but then I feel his lips ever so gently on my hair. I feel his fingers on the clasp of my dress, then the rasp of the zipper as he slowly glides it down to open my body to his gaze.

 I shiver when he steps away, suddenly cold when seconds ago I was so warm.

“Turn around and take off your dress.”

Again, I do as he commands, turning slowly on my heels, then letting the dress pool at my feet. I am left in my lacy black bra and panties, thigh high stockings in a sheer whisper of night, and my stilettos.

He holds out a hand and I step out of the dress. He puts his hand on my head and I lower to my knees. I look up for instruction and his shoe touches my knee. I bend to my task, releasing his foot from shoe, then sock. Repeating the process for the other foot. As I stare down at what I have revealed, I reflect on the strength of his feet, holding such a magnificent man firm and unyielding in his stance. I want to kiss the tops, but he pulls my hair and I look up.

I see his mighty erection tenting his pants and I’m no longer thinking of anything else. With trembling hands, I pull at his belt, unbuttoning and fumbling with the zipper. He stills my frantic movements with a hand on top of mine.

“Slowly, love. We have all night.”

Chastened, I control my trembles and manage to lower the zipper. I look askance and he gives me a nod. With infinite care, I lower his pants and his boxers revealing his thick cock. I notice the pre-cum on the tip and I long to run my tongue across his head to catch every drop, but I lower my head to the task at hand and remove his pants and underwear. As I turn to hang them in the closet, he stills me with his hand on my arm. My body reacts as if I received an electric shock and he chuckles. He knows how much he affects me simply with his touch.

“Lay them neatly on the chair, then come to me.”

I do as instructed and wait patiently, head down. “Take off your bra and panties.”

I see his cock twitch as he utters this command and I know he is not as unaffected as he seems. With practiced grace, I lower first one, then the other strap. Reaching behind, I unclasp the garment, letting it fall just under my breasts and I pull it away.

He takes it from me, setting it on top of his pants. “Now, the panties.”

I know just how he likes me to perform. Hooking the waist with my thumbs I slowly lower them down, revealing my dripping pussy to his gaze. I widen my legs as far as the panties will allow and wait for my next command.

“Give them to me.”

I reach down and step out of the wet panties, handing them to him. He takes them in one large hand and brings them to his face. He inhales in satisfaction and I watch as his cock grows harder. My nipples feel like hardened pebbles and there is nothing to stop the wetness that now coats my upper thighs.

He holds out a hand and I lower myself to the floor once again. I look up, receive his nod, and am allowed my first taste of his fabulous cock. I lick the pre-cum off the head, then twirl my tongue around it. Little by little, I manage to stuff him in my hungry mouth, sucking him, licking him, showing him my eagerness to please. I feel his balls draw up and I run a light caress on his sack and he pulls out of my mouth with a plop.

“Enough.” He looks down at me and smiles. “Go to the bed and present yourself.”

I know I must walk slowly to the bed, but I want to skip or run. He is pleased and wishes to reward me. I crawl onto the bed, making sure my ass and pussy are on full display for his pleasure. I turn to lay among the sheets and pillows, my arms framing the outside of my large breasts and trailing down to open my pussy lips as my legs splay open of their own accord.

“Very nice, sweetheart. You did well.” 

He picks up the red tie, walks over to capture the suitcase and strolls back to me. My body shivers in anticipation as he softly murmurs, “and so it begins…”