Lustful Letters

Maggie Adams
2 mins read
Published almost 3 years ago
Chapter 8

Lustful Letters: Hurts So Good

First pleasure, then pain, then ecstasy! My story continues…

“Sit up, pet, and give me your hands,” he murmurs.

 I do as I am told and soon the red tie is binding my hands.  The silk is firm but soft against my skin. He gently pushes me back against the pillows and runs his hand down my body, making me shiver.

He chuckles a moment, then roughly separates my legs by grabbing my ankles. “Stay.”

The woman of power within me bristles at the demanding tone. It’s something I need to work on, my auto response is to confront. He quirks an eyebrow. Obviously, he felt me stiffen at the command.

“Something wrong, pet?”

“No, Sir. Just a small adjustment,” I reply. It’s the truth. I need to adjust my attitude.

He stares into my eyes then smiles. “Very well.” He brings a large bar from the case. “This is a spreader bar. Your job is to keep your legs spread open at all times. If you don’t, I will be forced to hook the loops around your ankles to keep your legs spread. Your pussy has to be accessible and on display at all times for my enjoyment.”

In one of our many conversations leading up to this moment, we had discussed my hard and soft limits. The fear of being restrained was one of them. He knew that the mention of being restrained would get my immediate attention.

“Look at me.” When I comply, he continues. “Tell me your safe words.”

“Green is good. Yellow – slow down; and red stops play all together.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course.”

“Then accept your consent, your trust, and my mastery over your body. I know your safe words; I am in control. I can sense your apprehension as well as your passion.”

I bow my head, chastened.  “I’m sorry, Sir.”

He lifts my chin to stare into my eyes. “You should have some fear of the unknown. This is your first time with pain, after all. But never doubt my care of you. This is for you, your journey.” He chuckled as he pinched my nipple. “Not that I’m not going to enjoy this.”

Relaxed now, I smile. He grabs my ankles and flips me over and I’m suddenly on my stomach. “Lovely view.” He cups my ass cheek and rubs his thumb across my skin before letting me go.


I flinch as pain from his hand explodes on my skin. My ass is burning, but before I can assimilate that fact, another smack reigns down on the other cheek. Back and forth, the pain, the burn, the warmth continues. I lose track of the count but my body quivers in pleasure. My God, how did I not know how glorious this would be?

He stops and his hands lightly touch my skin. “Such a beautiful pink.  How are you, love?”

“Green, Sir.” I wiggled my ass invitingly. 

Smack! Smack! Smack! 

My ass was on fire but the man wasn’t even winded. “Want to up it a bit?”

He came into my line of vision, a crop flicking lightly against his thigh. I gulped. He chuckled. “Get on your knees and hold out your hand.” I complied and he lightly slapped my hand.  “Green?”


He stepped back. I felt the wind, then the sting as it flicked across my pinkened ass. Over and over again, it landed. Yet, the pain morphed into pleasure. My pussy convulsed and cream coated my thighs. I moaned in ecstasy as the blows continued. High on the pleasure/pain now, I didn’t want to come down. I felt his lips on my ass, murmured words I didn’t understand. Then my ass was lifted and he entered me swiftly. I flew higher still as he pounded into me. My desire to please increased as his balls slapped against me, his fingers digging into my hips, forcing me to his rhythm while he fucked me. 

“Cum for me, slut. Show me your gratitude.”

I screamed as his dark words penetrated my pleasure filled mind and I went over the edge.

“MINE!” He growled as he continued to fuck me.

My pleasure began to rise again, the pulsing of my pussy against the slamming of his cock, building my orgasm again. I began to thrust against him. He stopped. He pulled my hair back and stared into my eyes. “You ask me for your pleasure. I’ll decide if you can take it.”

“Please, Sir, may I cum?” I begged. The cessation of sensation left my muscles contracting, milking his cock. I couldn’t help but shake with need.


He drove into me harder and I knew I was lost to his demands. I was going to cum. I couldn’t hold out any longer. My Sir would be disappointed.

“Please!” I cried out.

He thrust into me and shoved his thumb into my asshole at the same time. The sensation exploded within my body. “Now!”

I came with a keening cry, so intensely affected by his mastery of my body that I would have fallen if I wasn’t splayed across the bed already. Belatedly, I realized that he had climaxed as well, his breath and sweat, a cooling agent against my heated skin.

When we could breathe again, he pampered my body with his gentle touch, all the way from my toes to my glowing red ass, massaging my feet and ankles, up my calves and my quivering thighs. Then he untied my wrists, kissing the inside of each and skimming along my arms with a gentle lick.

He got up and went into the bathroom. Moments later, he emerged with the ice bucket filled with water and a few ice cubes. He dipped a washcloth into the water and ordered me to roll over. Then he placed a kiss at the back of my spine, and the cool cloth on my ass cheeks. He repeated this procedure for several minutes, light kisses all over me, cool cloths on my inner thighs.

At last he rolls me over and places an ice cube on my heated pussy. It felt exquisite and I moan. 

“Well, well, well. My slut enjoys sensation play.” He whispers as he gathers me close. “Let me hold you awhile and then we can explore more sensual delights.”

“Thank You, for Your care.” I murmured. I kissed his chest.

“It’s my right to do so, baby. You’re MINE.”