Lustful Letters

Maggie Adams
15 mins read
Published almost 3 years ago
Chapter 9

Lustful Letters: Dream A Little Dream

Weeks and many bruises later, I slept beside my Master, only to be awakened by a nightmare; at least I think it was a nightmare…

“Tell me about it, pet.”

“Dreams within dreams, Master.” I’m shivering and he curls his large body around me, offering me his warmth and his protection. “I am a woman named Dixie. It is me. I feel my soul within her.”

“Tell me.”

And so, I begin…

I can't seem to help myself. The need to run, to escape is all around me. I want to be another person, free from the burdens of social constraint and morality.

So, I run into cyberspace….

I am free for a moment as I peruse the profiles, read the writings, examine the beauty of others, and turn my head away at the darkness of some. I meet many, friend a few, and begin to make my choices.

Just curious, that is all...

And yet it beckons me at odd hours of the day and night, insidiously calling out to me to be what I know I cannot. To taste the forbidden, to fling off all that I have built, simply to know the touch of what I crave.


And so, I fall, down, down, down the rabbit hole to a world confusing, frightening, and yet, I have no fear.

Simply curiosity.

The white rabbit runs, "You must hurry, hurry, else you will be discovered." I scramble after her, seeking a spot to hide.

As I cower under the cloak of my ambiguity, I hear a question asked. "Who are you? What do you want?" The ticking clock gets louder, and louder, still, resonating within my breast. "Who are you? What do you want?"

I run out from under my cover, seeking release from the endless pounding of my own heart.

"Would you care to play?" I hear as I am grabbed by twins, their cocks hard, seeking entrance with their coarse pawing. They tear at my clothes, but I am quick, terror giving me strength as I run deeper into the darkness.

"Hello, Dixie. Would you care to chat?" A grin appears in the darkness followed by the body of a sleek cat. I nod in relief, a semblance of my old confidence returning for a moment.

"Step into the light," it beckons and I comply. I am suddenly blinded by the brightness and shield my eyes. "Very pretty. Do you have value?" I feel the cat's purr as it slinks past my legs. I shiver. I'm not sure what it means.

My panties are damp and the cat sniffs the air. "Ah, I know what you seek. You shall find it here, but there will be a price."

I'm suddenly afraid. "I just want to go back", I whisper. The cat looks at me in sympathy as the Red Queen appears. "There is no going back, Dixie. We have you, now." She smiles but it does not reach her eyes.

I scream and race back into the darkness. I hear the thud of boots coming after me.

I see the opening from where I fell. A hand reaches down from the hole. It is a familiar hand, never comforting, but strong and safe. I grab it, wishing nothing more than to leave this place, forget my adventure.

He begins to pull me up, the vines and thorns tearing at my clothes, my flesh until I am battered and bloodied. I see the sepia tones of my world become clearer, no color, no contrast, simply vanilla. It is safe. But I look back.

And there is the cat frowning at me as it looks at my body. "No. Go Back. You won't do. There's no value in you. You’ve hidden your spark."

The hand that pulled me up is now dragging my body across the field, not letting me scramble to my feet. He looks down at me in indifference. "We shall not speak of this again."

And I am terrified as he begins to hum "Moon River," and I hear the Red Queen cackle.

Yet I know I will return again and again.

“We shall not speak of this again,” He utters the exact same words once more as he pulls me back to the safety of the vanilla world.

And we don’t.

But it is there, in the back of my mind.

It creeps insidiously into my consciousness.

And into my dreams…

I am in a forest, dark and menacing, yet I hear the tinkle of laughter, the clatter of dishes – a picnic!

I run toward the sound. Voices grow louder and as I break through the trees, I see them, so beautiful and confident, their happiness surrounds the field like a lavender fog.

“Well, well, what have we here? Come and sit and tell us all about you,” the man in the hat drawls.

The ruby-eyed dragon pulls out a chair and bows. He beckons me forth. “We are all civilized here. You shall come to no harm.”

My mind hears a whisper in the trees and I glance back. The Cheshire cat is not smiling, but he says nothing.

I sit and a pretty mouse offers me tea. “There is nothing to fear. Would you like to be friends?” I smile because she is as pretty in voice and manner as the diamond choker around her neck. 

“Yes,” I answer as I glance back to the forest. The cat has disappeared once again.

Pretty mouse sits on the table next to me and pats my hand. We talk of many things I wish to know and she is open and honest. I like her immensely.

“A penny for your thoughts,” the man in the hat is behind me, reaching for my hand. He pulls me up as the dragon simply stares. My mouse friend is quiet, eyes downcast.

He holds me close and whispers, “Have no fear. I will protect you. Let me show you our world.”

He leads me back into the forest, our picnic forgotten as the others follow in silence. “You are beauty. You are grace. You think that you need to seek out what you desire, but desire shall follow you. You are the ultimate prize, the priceless treasure that others wish to own.”

I see them now; the many figures hidden within the forest. Men and women wielding whips stop to stare at me. I see the desire on their faces as they crack the leather across a naked body. I turn away as it is not what I seek.

We go further and three men are pleasuring one woman. The rapture on her face takes my breath away. “Would you like to be next? We will make sure you enjoy it.” I look up from the scene, but they have no faces, only bodies. It is simply for play, not a connection. I shake my head in the negative and step away.

I see a woman hanging in a tree. I run to help her, but she is simply twisting there, no pain, and vitally alive. Her moans of pleasure call to me. As I draw closer, I notice the intricate rope work, the beauty of the knots and their placement to facilitate her pleasure.

“Would you like to try?” the man in the hat inquires. I shake my head in the negative again. I do not wish to be bound. I wish to be free, don’t I?

We come to a brook, babbling along and I kneel to see my reflection. It isn’t water, but bodies writhing and moaning, hands caressing, cocks plunging, tongues probing. I draw back in embarrassment, as the man in the hat laughs. “It is pleasure found in many forms. I wish for you to see it all.” But he looks beyond me into the darkness and love transforms his face.

“She wishes to be cherished. She wishes to be important. She craves attention. She is a princess.” The Red Queen appears, but she is different. Not angry, but calm in her manner and speech. “I shall take her with me and she shall have all she desires.”

I pause in indecision.

The pretty mouse smiles and winks at me. The dragon nods with tears in his eyes, and I feel his sorrow for the first time. He retreats into a nearby cave, giving me no chance to offer comfort. I see another just inside; her pain falls around her in waves.

The man in the hat looks down at me and smiles. “I have told you what you need to hear. I have no further use for you. Another one will take your place. I am simply a guide.”

I turn to the Red Queen but she has disappeared and I know not which direction to take.

Only the white rabbit remains.

“Come with me. Together we will journey. You shall find what you desire, and so shall I.”

I smile my thanks and we start off, deeper still into the forest.

“Hello, Dixie. Care to be friends?” The cat is back, smiling as always.

“I do not know. You left me.” I pout at him. 

“I cannot help you in this. You have to make the decision.” He begins to crawl down from the tree and morphs into a man.  His eyes are kind, his manner confident, and his cock is hard and long.

“You want me,” I state as the white rabbit scampers to the side, waiting.

“I will not fuck your body. I will fuck your mind. I will make you writhe in desire. I will ensure that you know you have value, you are gorgeous, and smart, desirable. I shall endeavor to wipe away your naiveté. But I will not fuck you.”

“I thought my naiveté was part of my charm,” the brat in me replies.

“You are many things that are charming, and beautiful and smart. But you are also scared.”

“So are you! We have a connection and you won’t acknowledge it. You want me!” I yell.

“You need to play to find out what you want. Do not put yourself in a box. You just got out of one.”

“Dammit! I want you to acknowledge that you want me!”

He turns and begins to walk away. “It matters not what I want…this is your dream.”

I look down at the white rabbit, now by my side. “Do you wish to follow?” she inquires as she looks to the man.

I turn away from his retreating back. “I am not a dog, nor am I a slave. I’m simply me.”

“Then let’s continue our journey,” the white rabbit takes my hand.

I’m back in my bed and reality intrudes. “Dixie! Wake up! I need to get to work. Get up and fix my breakfast, make my lunch, and slowly shrivel up and die. I do not care as long as my needs are met.” 

The covers are torn away from my naked body and reality intrudes once again. I look out the window as a white rabbit flees into the bushes and a black cat sits on my front porch, staring at me.

It has been weeks since I have had the dream…

I notice the cat no longer sits on my porch. I have no idea where he has gone.

The rabbit scurries back and forth in the yard, waiting for what?  I have no idea.

My husband is settled, content even. All is right in his vanilla world.

No more talk of my dreams, my desires; only his needs are met.

And I am slowly fading into nothingness…

“Who are you?” 

I hear a voice but I do not wish to open my eyes, so I stretch, realizing I am naked as the damp grass tickles my back and bottom. I feel the mist… I think it’s a mist… as it lightly flicks across my skin. For a second, it almost feels like a flogger, yet as the thought forms, the sensation is replaced by warmth. My body shivers and dampness is felt between my thighs. I moan at the erotic sensation, and twist yet again to capture the memory….

“Who are you?” the voice demands. Reluctantly, I open my eyes, gazing upward. The sight that greets me makes me giggle. A small caterpillar sitting in a recliner smoking a hookah pipe.

“Who are YOU?” I ask as I turn to my side. Lifting my arm, I offer the invitation to the caterpillar. He smiles and, grabbing the bag beside him, scrambles onto my arm.  I notice then he is not a caterpillar at all but a tiny man with many hands and feet.  The appendages tickle as he climbs closer and closer to my breast. I shriek as he curls around my breast, digging into the flesh.

“So sorry, but I love breasts,” he smiles and pinches lightly, sending flashes of heat throughout my body.

I moan at the exquisite sensation. My thighs rub together to ease the ache between my legs. “Who? Who are You?” I pant.

“Better to ask what I can do for you…” he replies, digging into the bag and pulling out various implements. “I am the Keeper…”

I notice a wicked looking knife and cringe. “The Reaper???” I squeak, sitting up quickly, trying to dislodge him. 

Blood is drawn as he digs into my breast and I whimper. “Lie down!” he commands. When I comply in fear, he continues, “I am the Keeper. The Keeper of desires, of wants, or needs. I know what you need, even if you don’t. I know what you seek.” He uncoils from my breast and licks the tiny droplets of blood from around my nipple. His tongue is raspy. My nipple hardens. It’s a quicksilver flash of heat to my core.

“Let me show you, Dixie,” he smiles and begins his descent along my body, picking up implements along the way. 

“How do You know my name?” I ask as deerskin flogger lightly caresses my skin, while the legs of the creature bites into my flesh. The pleasure/pain is incredible. I can’t help but arch, seeking more.

He smiles, but I do not care. “Everyone here knows you, Dixie. Everyone but you. So let me help you find yourself.” Around and around, he weaves through my body, pinching, nipping, the implements, I know not their names, create sensation after sensation of pain, pleasure, warmth, cold….

I moan and thrash in ecstasy. I don’t know where one sensation ends and another begins. I only know that more… just a bit more, and I shall find an exquisite release… just a bit more….


I cry out at the cessation of touch, curling into a ball. My eyes search for him and I gasp when I find him standing near a tree, holding vines in his firm hands. He is on two feet, standing well over my height, his other appendages holding the implements or stroking his enormous cock. “Come to me!” he commands.

I cannot rebel against the dark voice, so I stand on quivering limbs, and make my way over to the vines. Before I can protest, I am tied, secured by hands, and feet spread and he is walking around me. A touch here, a pinch there, so many hands, I can’t keep straight where he is. I turn my head, seeking his face, but my hair is pulled and I face forward once again, tears coursing down my cheeks. 

The sensations start again and I am swept away. So many hands all over my body. I shiver, the cream flowing from my thighs. I feel a tongue along my slit, licking, probing, Oh God! Ice cold, warm breath, pain, pleasure, too much… too much! I strain against my bonds but there is no escape. How this man winds around my body, touching, seeking my pleasure points, I do not know!

I’m frightened and begin to cry as the pleasure builds. I cannot take much more and yet I know there is no escape now. My body must absorb the sensations until he decides it is time…

I hear his chuckle as all of my body is plunged into the pain of the paddles, then immediately soothed with the velvet tongue and feathers. I realize he is building me to something, something just out of reach, when he stands in front of me and takes my face in his hands.

“Open.” My mouth is wide and his tongue sweeps in at the same moment, I am impaled on his cock and his finger probes my anal rose.

AHHHH! Now I cum on a keening cry, the many sensations collide in my brain and I do not know how to stop this flood of ecstasy. On and on it goes until he is satisfied and I am limp as a ragdoll. 

Gently the many hands untie me and I am settled on his lap, the same hands that brought me to a fever pitch are now soothing me in loving care. I am sated and relaxed. I look over to see the white rabbit staring at me…

“Why did You bring me here?” I ask her. 

“You seek what you desire… but you need to KNOW what you desire… so, we journey.”

I smiled at my friend. “Yes, we journey together.”

The white rabbit twitches and before my eyes, begins to transform… Her white fur falls away to perfect alabaster limbs, her body such curved perfection, I felt the sigh of appreciation come from deep in the chest of the Keeper.  Her long white hair curves around her large breasts and down to her ample hips as she walks toward me.

“If we are together, then move over, Dixie. It’s my turn.”  

I smile as the Keeper reaches out his many hands for her.

“Where are you going? What are you doing? You have nowhere to go. No friends, no family; I’ve seen to that. You are mine.”

I notice my nightgown is covered by my coat. I have no idea how that came to be. I look outside. Darkness has fallen. I must have fallen asleep in my chair.

And I am HIS. Where once my heart skipped at the thought, his demands and indifference have replaced the joyous trip with the thud of dread. 

“Go to bed. I’ll be with you shortly.”

I hear the words and know he wishes to fuck me. There is no emotion; simply the slaking of a drive to possess, to release, to claim what is his by right.

I climb the stairs, crawl into the bed and wait. My fingers roam to my breasts, pinching, trying to feel something, anything, to dampen my pussy. One hand glides down to stimulate my clitoris – small circles, light touches, a twist…

Once again, my memories float around me, surround me, like the comfort of an old quilt. I see the cat, my friend and yet more; the rabbit, my companion, and, Oh! There’s the pretty mouse running through the jungle, her throaty laughter tinkling through the air. I start to chase after her, but I am brushed aside by a large animal – a lion! Oh no! He shall not hurt my friend! I run after them, and I come upon a waterfall. Cool mist sprays and I see the lion, his mighty head bending as if to drink. I stop, transfixed, as the sunlight catches the glitter of a diamond choker beneath his mouth.

My hand goes to my lips in horror, yet in the next instant, the lion is transformed before my eyes. The muscles along his back elongate with sinewy grace. His tail falls away to land on the soft earth as a crop. He shakes his head and his proud mane tumbles down into his now waiting hands, a flogger of soft, tanned leather. He is a man, large and strong. He turns to me, deep blue eyes questioning, his stalk hard and ready.

My eyes cast down in fear and excitement and only then do I notice pretty mouse has become a small, beautiful woman, with large breasts, a tiny waist, and ripe hips; her wavy brown hair is streaked with copper, catching the sunlight. She glows, the perfect match to the lion. The predator and the prey; primal and yet, provocative, in their union. 

She bows down, kisses his feet, then soothes his legs with her hands, working her way up to his cock. He positions it within her mouth and she moans as she kisses the head, then begins to suck, engulfing him within her small mouth. Over and again, she moves her tongue, wetting his phallus. I feel myself dampen as her passion rises in time with each pass.

He stops her with a tug of her hair, pulling her along on all fours to a nearby boulder. He drapes her across the hard rock, her large breasts hanging just beyond the edge, her head lolling down, her feet splayed wide, barely able to reach the cool grass on tiptoes, but her ass is tipped up, her back displayed. I know what is to happen as he reaches for the flogger, and I race to her side. He looks at me in question, but she takes my hand. I look to her and she smiles, so I sit next to the rock and hold her hand, my fingers tracing her cheek as the flogger descends and he begins to count.

I cringe and close my eyes as the soft thuds of the flogger continue. Her back, her thighs, her ass, a map of red stinging marks. But she moans and wriggles, not in pain, but in passion. Her eyes close and I know she is transported to another place. The cessation of sound brings my eyes to him. He smiles at me as he picks up the crop and tests it upon our joined hands with a quick flick of his wrist. I flinch at the sharp pain, but she sighs in pleasure, so I simply lower my eyes once again and try not to count the whistle of stings.

Her hand grips mine with intensity, and I can’t help but look as he sends the crop to land upon her quim and ass. She moans and gasps. I see her pleasure glistening from inner thighs. He slowly traces the cleft of her ass with the crop, down, down, until the tongue invades her gently. He pulses it within her folds then withdraws, bringing it to his lips and licking it clean, his eyes never leaving me.

“It is time,” he rumbles as he lifts her high upon his shoulder and carries her to a bed of palm leaves. Their limbs entwined, he thrusts into her, powerful and sure, as she wraps herself around him, clinging to his strength, offering her body, her soul, a gift for him, in passion and life. He comes with a mighty roar, and she shrieks in ecstasy as I stand mesmerized by the intensity of emotion and connection of the moment.

He lifts her once again, cradling her in his arms and walks into the lagoon toward the waterfall. He turns and beckons me with the crook of an eyebrow. “You may join us, if you wish.”

I feel the dampness between my legs and long to immerse myself in the cool water, but my shyness is returning. I shake my head in the negative, and he chuckles. “Clothed is fine, Dixie.  Although unclothed is better.”

I blush and smile, then hurry to take off my shoes and stockings.  I wade into the water, watching them together. It’s a peaceful time of murmured words, and soothing caresses as he skims his fingers over her skin, lightly touching the marks left by his passion. She brushes her lips across his collarbone, and they hold each other, lost in their own world for a while.

I leave them to their privacy and wander closer to the waterfall. I hear pretty mouse say something, and the lion roar, but as I turn to see, my ankles are pulled and I’m knocked off balance. I fall into the water. I cannot breathe nor find my footing as deeper and deeper I am pulled down. I am drowning. I close my eyes as the blackness overtakes me.

I’m in a small, dark cave. There’s light coming from the entrance, but it is blocked by a large boulder. The shape shifts and I realize it isn’t a boulder but a dragon. My friend! I jump up and run to him, but stop short when the sun is absorbed into the blackness of his scales.

“You are not my friend.”

“Now why would you say that?” He smiles an evil smile, showing pearly fangs set in a blood red mouth. “We can be friends, more than friends, if I care to make it so. Tell me, Dixie, how is your mouth? Has it been used for pleasure? Come closer and let me see your value…”

“No! I know my value! It is not in servicing you!” I spat at him. I was terrified, but I refused to back down. I am cowed in real life, but in my dreams, I am brave. This must be a dream… had to be.

His head falls back and he laughs, the evil sound booming within the walls, echoing within my veins. “Very well, pet.” He backhands me with a large claw, cutting my cheek with his talons. I fall against the cave wall with a sharp cry. “You will learn your place and so will she.  You are kindred. She will come.”

I hear the thud of boots and look beyond him. The Red Queen advances with her army!

He turns to me and smiles. “And now the fun begins.” He reaches for me, tearing at my clothes, biting at my flesh and I can’t help but scream. This is not the painful bite of the crop, soothed immediately in my mind with warm hands and soft kisses. This is an assault on my body. No connection. No intimacy. Rape.

I feel the talons scrape down my stomach, leaving deep scratches. They force my legs apart probing my vagina. I scream but no sound emerges…

“STOP!” the Red Queen commands.

The dragon turns. “Shall you take her place? Will you be my slave?”

The Red Queen comes forward. “Let her go, and I shall stay.” She looks to me in compassion and sorrow. I shake my head at her. She must not give in to him.

“We will not speak of this again.” She kisses my cheek and steps into his arms. Her words echo the ones used by my husband, but I know there is hidden meaning for her. The dragon’s talons curve to possess her.

I grab a rock from the cave floor. He shall not hurt her! I fling it with all my might, hitting him between the eyes. He drops the Red Queen and swings his mighty tail toward me. I try to slide past him but he captures me within its pointed stakes. The Red Queen screams as she is impaled upon his mighty cock.

He laughs cruelly and I know this is the end. I look to her as she struggles to free herself. I will not give up! I bite him hard between the scales and a look of surprise crosses his face as blood pours from his mouth. His grip slackens and I run to the Red Queen and pull her away.

The dragon falls and I see hundreds of tiny arrows and a large sword protruding from his back. The sword has pierced his heart and the evil stench permeates the air. I peer into the light to see the silhouettes of my friends – the rabbit, the man in the hat, the gentleman dragon, pretty mouse, the Keeper, and the cat, plus one.

 The newcomer picks the Red Queen up in his arms. “The Predator is dead. Long live the Red Queen.”

“Who are you?” I inquired as the caterpillar runs soothing hands all over my body and the cat purrs around my legs.

“I’m the dark knight. It’s my job to care for the Queen in every way.” He touches her, his hands passing along her skin, probing her with loving fingers, capturing her whimpers with his kiss.

I lower my eyes, but the pretty mouse encourages me to look. “Watch, Dixie. See how beautiful the true connection can be.”

Each of my friends removed an article of clothing to make a bed. I hand over my torn dress, and the Keeper quickly rolls it into a pillow, then scampers back, crawling up my leg to attach to my breast. The pain/pleasure evokes memories of happier times. I sigh and pet his back.

The dark knight kneels and lays her down on the bedding, careful to keep their contact skin to skin. He brushes her hair away from her face, murmuring words of comfort and love. His mouth kissing the lacerations on her breasts, licking them with a lover’s tongue, quietly warming her with skilled hands and tender bonds of sensuality. 

I notice her begin to shiver, but the knight simply presses his body closer, enveloping her in his mantle, yet still caressing, murmuring, kissing her. His hands never leaving her body.

The Red Queen begins to gasp and moan, panting as his lips follow where his hands wandered. She mewls and arches as he brings her to her knees, tonguing her clit, sucking her folds, wiping away all traces of the evil the predator had perpetuated. She thrashes and he slaps her ass hard, the sound echoing off the cave walls, making me flinch. But in the next instance, he soothes the redness, containing the warm sting to the tender touch, the gentle cupping of her cheek.

The Queen falls forward upon him and he suckles her breasts as he lifts her to his waiting cock. Sliding down slowly, she nevertheless stiffens in fear, and yet he continues his quiet words of love and praise as he holds her hips. I watch and know the moment the fear subsides and passion takes over.

The dark knight begins to lift her, impaling her once again. She moans and gasps as her pussy engulfs his cock, sucking him in and out. She starts to cum, but he holds her still. “Ask me,” he cajoles.

Shaking her head in the negative, she wiggles, trying to find the right position, but he holds firm. “Ask me!” he demands now, shaking her slightly.

She growls at him as he pulls her hair, and flips her over onto her back. He withdraws until only the head remains within her. Grabbing her arms above her head, he comes within inches of her face and roars, “ASK ME!!”

Arching for him, she relents. “Please. Please, Sir, make me cum.”

He drives into her with such force, she bounces on the bedding. Lifting her hips high, he plunges into her, wet and wanton, ready for him.  “You. Are. Mine.” He slaps her face lightly and she opens her eyes. “MINE!”

The Red Queen convulses around him, screaming in ecstasy as he continues to pump into her. I see the strain in his arms and neck as he came. Tears are running down my cheeks. Pretty mouse was right. It was a beautiful connection.

The dark knight wraps the Red Queen once again in his mantle, holding her in his lap, murmuring soft words. “You are mine. You shall always be mine. No matter what the future holds, remember this…you are Mine.”

“Dammit! Look at me!” I turn my head and see him, naked before me. His cock is soft and his face is mottled in rage. I try to remember what I have done to incite his anger.

“Move over.  I want you.” He gets under the covers.  “Suck me.”

“No.” I calmly get out of the bed and begin to dress.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He growls at me. “Where the hell do you think you are going?”

I smile at him. The first genuine smile in weeks. I faced a dragon. I can face him. “To find my happiness.”

I walk out the door and into the night.

“What do you think it means?” I asked as I finished my tale, looking into the eyes of my love.

“It means you are ready for the dungeon, pet. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Maggie Adams is an award-winning Amazon Best Selling romance author. Her Tempered Steel Series has launched the tiny town of Grafton, Illinois, into international recognition with sales in Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the UK and her follow-up paranormal series, Legends, looks to do the same!

When she's not writing, she enjoys traveling (usually just to the grocery store), dancing (around the kitchen to avoid cooking) and relaxing with her family (aka taking a nap while watching a movie). She loves to chat, so feel free to look her up on Twitter @AuthrMaggieAdms!