Green Light

Oya Calor
8 mins read
Published over 3 years ago
Chapter 1

Green Light

Carmen parked her car in front of Ted’s Garage and slid her keys into her pocket. She could feel her new thong wedge further up into her ass as she moved. It was almost inside her now. She had never been the type to wear thongs before she’d met Ted. She’d never been the kind to walk around in heeled boots, either. But there she was, her strikingly thick, round ass peeking out ever so slightly from her under the frayed edges of her too-snug white denim shorts. Her pointy, black, ankle-length leather boots had tassels and were reminiscent of badass villains in old-time western movies. Her long black hair was pulled off to one side and swept into a messy, carefree braid, and her small tits were braless in a loose red t-shirt bound in a knot at her navel. 

It was 90 degrees outside, but she was hotter. She felt hotter too, on display for all who cared to look. Her brown skin was glowing with sun, and her eyes, for anyone who cared to look, revealed that she was indeed getting fucked right these days. She’d never been the type to get fucked right before Ted. They’d been seeing each other just about three months. 

She had decided to bring her man lunch in a brown paper bag that day, to thank him for eating her pussy so well the night before, for pinning her down, for calling her slut, and for loving her ass so damn much. For loving her, and feeling her, despite all the dirty talk, and even because of it, because of what she wanted, because of how she wanted to be seen and touched. They’d had a real talk right before he’d fucked her the night before, their commitment talk, if you will. Except it hadn’t been like most couples’ relationship discussions. 

Carmen slowly sauntered toward the entrance to the garage. It seemed quiet that morning. Two pick-ups were parked in the dusty yard: a friendly-looking red Toyota number from the 70s, and a large, intimidating, black SUV version of a pickup that was clearly from some time well after Y2K. And then there was Max’s green army jeep. Max was Ted’s partner. Ted’s navy Chevy was always parked round the back. As she moved toward the door, paper bag crinkling in her hand, she could feel the friction from the fabric of her shorts as it stimulated her skin, providing extra resistance to the thong against her asshole. She could feel where the material ended: about two thirds of the way down her firm brown ass. She knew she was basically wearing underwear, but with frayed, rough edges. Ted loved those shorts. The sun touched her epic ass as the denim rode up further into her pussy crease. She opened the door. 

But back to their relationship talk for a second. Carmen and Ted. Carmen was straight, pretty straight for a girl, she was told. She just really loved men, was all. She loved everything about them, even if she, like most women, couldn’t always put up with their behavior. She had realized that with Ted, the difference was in how they reconciled after any weirdness, tension, or disagreement, and there’d been a few of those. It was simple. Nothing shitty lasted longer than 24 hours between them because he would simply order her to her knees. Whether she was right or wrong—it didn’t matter. Either way, he would reduce her, move her. He would order her to open up, and he’d push his cock inside her mouth. Whether it was an angry mouth, a sad mouth, an annoyed mouth. And once she felt his hard cock sliding against her tongue and hitting the back of her throat, her pussy would soften, and moisten, and she’d open up to him, and all would be forgotten. They were both very happy to come back to their bodies in this way to avoid spiraling into the inanity of relationship disagreements. So yeah, she was straight. And Ted was straight too, but he had a fantasy involving other men that made her lose her mind. His fantasy made her believe that maybe, just maybe, she could be with a man long term. So she had agreed to it: a monogamous, loyal, intimate, respectful relationship like any other. But he could (and she was entrusting him with this “could), at any point, instruct her to fuck another man (or men), whether she knew them or not. She could, of course, override this rule if it ever felt wrong, but the idea was that she would trust him and do it. Ted could use this power for good or evil. To either reward or punish his ladylove. They hadn’t yet enacted the fantasy, having just agreed upon this treasure of a relationship caveat the night before, but she knew he would pull it on her when least expect, at any point in the coming weeks. It made her very, very wet.

She was at the front desk now. No one. She rang the dusty bell, leaning coolly against the counter. Her pussy pulsed for Ted to see her with his lunch in hand. 

“Here you are, my dear,” smiled Max, Ted’s partner, as he suddenly emerged from the back room, espresso shot in hand. It was a thing; the guys had gone in on a quality espresso machine together. That was something they most definitely had in common, a love of caffeine. It was damn good coffee. She accepted graciously.

“Thanks, Max! How did you have time to make that for me? How did you even know it was me?”

“Oh, I give one to every customer, sweetheart.” He winked good-naturedly in her direction, his dimples making her blush. Max was damn fine, with is strong jawbone, his beautiful black skin, his firm physique. And he had side burns. Really excellent ones that travelled halfway down his face even though his head was shaved. His hands were dirty with car grease, and she saw him grab a rag and wipe them a little before tossing it aside again.

“Just kidding, baby,” he had seen the momentary disappointment flash across her face. “Your man actually saw you walking from your car. Eyes like a hawk, that one. He alerted us all to your presence. I mean, me and the other customers. So I thought a little coffee break was in order.” He smiled again.

“Lovely,” she said. “Where is my man, if you don’t mind me asking? I brought him lunch. She held up the paper bag.

Max raised his eyebrows. “Wow. I don’t know what he did to deserve a woman like you, but quite frankly, I’m jealous,” he snickered.

Carmen smirked and caressed his arm in joking placation.

“He’s fixing a truck. In the garage,” he motioned with his head to the door behind him. “You can go on in, honey. It’s just him and a couple of cool cat customers back there. Ima make another coffee and join y’all.”

“Ok, sounds good.” She joined him behind the counter but he didn’t move out of her way in time for her to smoothly exit through their staff garage door, and she half-walked into him. “Sorry.” He moved to let her pass, and she could feel his eyes glued to her half-exposed ass as she moved.

“Damn, baby,” he breathed, and she just smiled, pretending she hadn’t heard.

She was in the garage now, and there was Ted, lying beneath a black Honda, only his dirty, sneakered feet showing. 

“Hey, baby,” she said. “I brought you some lunch.”

“Mmmm, that’s my girl,” he called from under the vehicle. “Gimme two minutes, honey. Just gotta finish this. Have a seat. Boys, meet my girl, Carmen. Carmen, the boys.”

Carmen nodded and smiled toward the two men seated on a bench off to the side. “Nice to meet you,” she said.

“Yeah, pleasure’s all ours,” smiled the first one. He looked Greek. Well over 6 feet tall. Was wearing baggy ripped jeans and a Pantera T-shirt. “I’m Clay.”


Clay took her hand, and kissed it, but not before she noticed his eyes quickly flash to the tops of her shapely thighs coming out of her short shorts. 

The second guy, also staring, stood abruptly once Clay had finished loving her hand, and stuck his out. “Lou,” he grinned. His hands were oily, and he wore a navy jumpsuit like Ted and Max. “I’m the new guy. Sorta at the intern stage.”

“Great to meet you guys,” said Carmen, as she sat down on the bench in the space between them. As she sat, she looked over and noticed that Clay’s cock was really hard, creating a tent in his jeans. She looked him in the eye, pretending not to notice. 

Carmen sat up straight, and parted her legs ever so slightly, one knee toward each of them. She was a cock tease. Always had been. It was all in good fun.

Ted wheeled himself out from under the car, hoisted himself up, and wiped the sweat of his handsome brow with the back of his greasy hand. His mop of blond hair was messy, the careful man bun she had made for him that morning half undone. He smiled sweetly at her. 

“Come here, baby.” He beckoned her with his hand. She went over to where he was leaning against the car, placing the bag of lunch on a nearby work table. He grabbed her tiny waist with his hands and wiped car grease all over her skin and the sides of her cut-off shorts. She knew he was doing it, and it turned her on. They kissed hard and deep, her back to the other two. Her ass, I should say. He tongued the back of her throat, the roof of her mouth. He knew just how to do that. Ted looked the other two men in the face and then began kneading Carmen’s ass. He even gave it a little slap. The two just sat there, motionless, clearly very aroused. Max came in then and joined them. 


“Doesn’t my baby girl have the best ass you’ve ever laid eyes on, boys?” asked Ted.

Carmen could feel herself getting wet. Fiery wet. She stuck her ass out more for their benefit, as Ted continued to massage it with the car grease still on his hands.

“Um, yeah she does, bro,” said Max, finally, smiling. 

“Yeah,” chimed in Clay, as though snapping out of a reverie, and Lou took a deep breath before uttering, “Fuck yeah, man. That’s quite a girl you got there.”

“Open your legs, baby,” Ted whispered in her ears. She obeyed. “Lean over the car for me, baby,” he said it louder now, for the others to hear. She obeyed, her pussy melting for what was about to come.

“Boys, I’m about to share something really special with you all today. I love this little girl more than life itself, and yet I’m going to share her juicy little pussy and tight ripe ass with you guys. Because I trust you. And anyone I trust, she’s also agreed to trust. Isn’t that right, Carmen?”

“Yes, it is, my love.”

“Good girl. Baby, hike those shorts up higher into your asshole, and show my boys that incredible ass clapping thing you were showing me last night, will you?”

Her face burned into the hood of the car where it rested, her arms off to her sides. She was bent over at 90 degrees. She did as he said and reached back with both hands to hoist those cut-off shorts into their rightful place. 

Someone was behind her now, his hand stroking from the base of her back upward along her spine to her neck. Large hands. Max. Keeping one hand on her neck to hold her in place, he used the other to reach around in front of her, underneath her loose t-shirt. His massive hand found her tiny breasts and held them tight, squeezing them together, like a prize, as his hard cock pinned her ass to the vehicle through his dirty jumpsuit.

She didn’t think Ted would be on it so quickly. She had to hand it to him. She looked up to find him staring, his hard cock the only thing exposed now from his dirty coveralls.