Green Light

Oya Calor
7 mins read
Published over 3 years ago
Chapter 2

Green Light (Part 2)

“You turned on, baby? With all these dirty guys ready to fuck your holes right here on this truck? Huh?” Ted’s eyes burned into Carmen’s as Max continued to pin her down at the neck, continued to press into her mostly exposed ass with his hard cock. 

Staring up into her lover’s fire-eyes, she smiled. 

When they’d met, she’d told him what she wanted. He’d hesitated at first. He hadn’t always been the dominant type who got off on objectifying his lady. And he definitely hadn’t been the kind to wanna pass the woman he loved around. But she’d known there was potential. There had just been something about him. He loved to please her. That was the bottom line. 

Clay was kissing the back of her legs. He started at her ass, lightly brushing her cheeks with his lips, running his tongue, down, down the back of her thighs, kissing, lightly brushing, pausing to linger at the back of her knees. Her knees almost buckled as he did. And Lou, Lou was off to the side, and suddenly he had a fistful of her luscious hair wrapped firmly around his knuckles. He was kissing her face.

“Your man is one lucky guy,” said Lou, bending low to whisper in her ear, look her in the eye. “I dream of landing a girl like you one day.” He smiled. They maintained eye contact for a moment. His smile was devious, but genuine. Ted continued to watch from the sidelines, his hard cock still poking full out from the unbuttoned section of his jumpsuit. He wasn’t stroking himself or anything. He was just standing there, hard, hands to his side, watching.

Max stepped back then, and slapped her ass, hard. She remained bent over the hood for all to see.

She wasn’t sure how Ted had done it, but she was attracted to all of them. And they’d been briefed on what she was about. She could tell.

“Stand up,” said Max, softly. 

Max. She’d known him since the night she’d met Ted. They’d been wing-manning for each other at the bar. She’d always wondered what a threesome might be like with the two of them. Although she’d never actually mentioned this to Ted, she suspected he knew. Max was damn fine. And always organized. She knew he’d probably locked up shop at the front, flipped the sign to CLOSED.

She stood up.

“Hands above your head,” he continued. She got it. Ted had made Max the boss, for her.

She raised her hands above her head. 

Clay walked up and pulled her T-shirt off, tossing it aside to reveal her perfect, perky, tiny breasts with their dark, succulent nipples. She stood there.

Max stepped up next to her then and began massaging them, her tits, for all to see. She glanced back to find Ted. Still rock hard, eyes still burning. Mmm. Max pinched her nipples hard, drawing her attention back to him. She gasped.

“Don’t look at him, bella,” he said softly. “Look at me.” He took her chin gently but firmly in his hand, and turned her to face him. She felt a rush of wetness as Max leaned in to kiss her, both hands holding her face. At the same time, Lou was behind her, pinching her nipples between his fingers, spanking her breasts. She cried out, into Max’s mouth. It felt good. Really, really good. He kept holding her face tenderly, kissing her, deep. 

Clay began unzipping her barely there, greased up shorts. She wasn’t sure how he was getting in there, between Max and her, but he was, and Lou was behind her, suddenly shimmying them down, off the endless slope of her ass. They fell around her ankles and, still kissing Max, she stepped out of them, kicking them carelessly aside with her tough black boots. And there she stood, in just her boots and her black thong. Freshly waxed, of course. She could hear the collective breathing in the room, suddenly, as they took her in. 

“On the hood, baby.” It was Ted, breaking through. Without a moment’s hesitation, she walked over to the pickup truck and hoisted herself up onto the hood. “Actually, no, get in the back, in the box,” he revised. She obeyed, and sat in the pickup’s bed, legs open wide and dangling down. Her pussy peeked amply past her thong.

“Line up, boys,” he said, and the three other men literally fell into formation, lining up behind the truck for her. Max was first. He had rapidly undressed, and was wearing only his work boots. His thick, magnificent cock was unleashed for her to see… finally. The other guys followed suit, except for Ted, who butt in line to lean in between her legs and kiss her passionately. She melted into him, kissing back. His tongue massaged the base of her. She kept melting, feeling it was impossible to melt much more. Feeling it must not be possible to open wider. And then, he jumped up into the truck bed to sit behind her, leaning against the window that opened into the front seat. 

“Why don’t you sit on my lap, love?” The thought of what he was proposing turned her on so much she could barely handle it. Without a word, she got up and joined him at the back of the truck bed to sit on his lap, his hardness up against her back—skin against skin. He was still in his jumpsuit, though—the only one still wearing clothes. 

“Max,” he said softly, nodding at his friend. Max was carrying rope. He leapt up into the truck bed. He was a pro at securing both of her ankles to conveniently located metal hooks protruding from the sides of the truck box, so she sat safely on Ted’s lap with her legs secured widely up and open. Full exposure. And then he secured her wrists behind Ted’s neck, in an eternal embrace, before returning back to the front of the line.

Ted held her close, massaging her breasts, which were on special offer to him, what with her arms secured up and her wrists tied together behind his neck and all. He kissed the side of her neck. 

“How you doing, baby? You like my little surprise?” He chuckled softly as he asked.

“Yes,” she said, craning her neck to look up at Ted’s face. “Yes, I fucking love it. And I fucking love you.” She grinned, and could tell he was pleased with this. His hand moved down to tap her moist pussy through her thong. He gave it several little slaps, and her head fell back on his chest, in ecstasy. Then he began rubbing her in circles, just the way she loved it most. “You ready for these guys to take turns on you?” he whispered hotly in her ear. 

“Yes,” she purred. He was using his fist now, to gently but firmly apply pressure to her throbbing pussy. He pulled her thong to the side, and beckoned to Max.

Naked Max in his boots jumped up without hesitation to kneel in front of them. He laid a blanket out and lay on top of it on his stomach, with his face right in front of her pussy. 

“Girl, I’ve been waiting for this day,” said Max slyly. “You’ve got a man who seriously loves you, making something like this happen for you Mmm, damn you have a gorgeous pussy…”

He reached his hand out to grip her thighs with his fingers, restrained as they were above gravity. And then he began by burying his nose, his face in her moist core, swaying slowly back and forth, and rocking her from within. Carmen let out a low moan as Max’s tongue slid down from her clit to explore more, and Ted’s rough hands squeezed her tits tightly, and he started lightly kissing her neck. Turning her head to moan into his chest, she didn’t know how this could ever be topped. Clay and Lou remained in line, naked, boots only, and rock hard. Ready to do their duty.

In the warm safety of Max’s grip, Carmen’s legs shot out taut against the rope that held her ankles in place. Max gently sucked her clit and move his tongue around in her slit to flick upward inside her, staring up at her the whole time. She was growing, she was melting, and then she was busting at the seams, squirting all over Max’s face.

Max smiled, looking first at her, and then up at Ted as she dripped and glistened off his face.

“Good job, man,” said Ted softly. “I think she liked it. Did you like that, baby? Hmm?” 

All she could do was nod, again craning her neck to look at him, and he kissed her full and deep. 

Her thong was drenched and hung off to the side now, but there was no sliding it off without undoing her rope restraints. Ted rummaged in a small box off to his left side and pulled out a pair of rusty scissors. He slid them deftly between her hip crease and the wet thong and snipped. The used material fell away to expose Carmen’s heaving pussy in full, finally.

“I’ll buy you a new one,” he said, grinning.

Max kneeled and leaned in to kiss her on the mouth as Ted reached down to spread her pussy open. The air cooled her insides as he did; she felt on fire. She kissed back, tasted her juices, and bit his lip, staring him in the eye meaningfully as she did. Looking down, she could see he was still rock hard. She could feel Ted’s hard cock beating into her back too. As though reading her mind, Ted stealthily hoisted her ass up with his hands (since she was helpless to move her limbs), and slid his cock (the only exposed part of himself) into her hot, wet pussy. Carmen cried out. And then Max was there, his cock in front of her face. She took him into her mouth, her throat, slowly, thickly, fully. She began stroking him with her throat. Gripping her ass, Ted slid and bounced her pussy up and down on his shaft at the same time. 

Clay got tired of waiting in line, so he joined, taking his place on his stomach on the blanket, with his face between her legs. Ted stopped gliding her up and down and simply sat her down on his cock without moving, so that Clay could get a taste. While Clay spread her open with hands and slurped on her juices hungrily, Ted pumped his cock—made it throb—against her walls without moving in or out of her, continuing to simply fill her. The feeling was pure ecstasy. Max stood squarely in front of her and she ran her tongue along his head and took him into her throat, deep. He found the back of her throat and stayed there. So with Max filling her throat—but not moving—and Ted filling her pussy—but not moving—Clay licked wide circles all around her inner thighs and labia, always coming back to land perfectly on her clit—kissing it firmly, wetting it, dancing around it. 

She was a multiplication of herself. She had never felt this good. With Max still filling her throat, she pumped her hips toward Clay’s hunting mouth while making her pussy more of a home for Ted’s cock in the process. He cried out. She buckled, and came suddenly—hard, again—squeezing so much she pushed Ted out of her swollen hole, and splashed Clay a little in the process too. He sat back, smiling. Her throat had also clenched around Max’s cock as she’d contracted, and he’d had to pull out fast to avoid her choking and sputtering.

Wet and heaving for air, she leaned back against her lover to catch her breath. Clay was not about to give her a break, though. He was already laying on his back under her, lifting her ass onto his face and sliding his tongue inside. He let her full weight fall on his face and let his tongue remain fully in her ass, moving it all around to wet her and open her. Carmen lost her mind, grinding down with her ass hard into his face, and onto his roving tongue. Looking down, she could see this made him even harder, and she was very pleased by this. 

By this time, Lou the intern, last in line, had hopped up to join them all, and finally take his turn—his place—on his stomach, between her legs.