Green Light

Oya Calor
8 mins read
Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 3

Green Light (Part 3)

Carmen couldn't keep track of who was where, exactly. 

She knew Clay had her ass firmly pressed onto his face, while his tongue was the interlocking, roving part. He was wetting her, cleaning her, and making space for better things to come. Which was hard to imagine, quite frankly. She continued to bear down on him, occasionally consulting the hardness of his cock as an indicator of whether or not he needed her to let up. But she knew, judging from the size of his arms, that he could easily lift her off of him if need be.

She knew it was Ted whose chest she still leaned on, since her wrists were still secured behind his neck, and his scent still filled her. She periodically turned her head to graze his chest hair with her nose and lovingly inhale her man. He never stopped gripping her tits, kissing her neck, and he had just begun nibbling her ear. His cock was hard against her back, and wet from her juices. Having sufficiently recovered from contracting around him as tightly as she had, she moved her hips in circles, pressing back against him, and felt him get even harder — if that were even possible. Understanding her longing to be filled so deeply, Ted once again moved his hands down to grip her ass, hoisting it up, and effectively robbing Clay of his tongue's playspace. Without hesitation, Ted took advantage of Clay's work, and slid her open, ready asshole slickly down on his own shaft.

Carmen cried out, pressing down hard as he filled her space. Her head fell back, closing her eyes in absolute longing for what she had at that very moment. Something was tapping on her mouth. She opened her eyes to find Clay's cock saying hello. Apparently licking her asshole had made him very hard. Looking him straight in the eye, she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out. Clay moaned out loud, just from the sight of her. And then he pushed himself in.

Lou had joined them in the truck bed. She looked down to find him responsible for the new sensation she was feeling on her pussy. As she fucked Ted's cock with her open ass, Lou caught her with his tongue on every downward slant of her hips. He left his tongue sticking out to meet her clit as it pounded away, and he very quickly glided it over different areas of her labia each time, sending her body into full quiver mode. She fell onto him, fell onto him, until suddenly he was inside her too, catching her as she pumped down, not with a lick on the outside, but with a wet and welcome entrance. As she moved her ass down on Ted's clock, she also moved her pussy down onto Lou's waiting tongue.

Where was Max? She wasn't entirely sure. It's hard to be sure of anything when your every sense is captured. Ted continued to anchor her, filling her base as he gripped her body tightly: he would guide her hips for a while, and then slide his hands up to secure her tits. She bounced on him relentlessly and heard a sort of growl come out of her own throat that she'd never heard before. Lou was basically the opportunistic tongue fucker from heaven below, and she loved choking on Clay's cock at the same time. Her eyes darted up to meet his, his gaze smouldering. Her look ignited something wild inside of him and he held onto the back of her head firmly as he moved his cock along her tongue to dip into her throat. She was slick, and welcoming. And then Lou lifted himself from the ground to kneel in front of her. Ted stopped her from bouncing on him for a moment and pushed her hips forward so Lou could get better access. With Ted's cock still in her ass, Lou slid his into her waiting pussy. She felt like she been waiting about 100 years for what came next. It was just that she never felt full, you see. She liked to be seen, admired, touched, smelled, tasted, moved. She saw herself, from outside of herself, getting fucked in all her holes on the bed of that pickup truck in that garage.

She was tightening. Seizing. She was close to coming again.

"Excuse me, gentlemen." It was Max. He was standing down below, still naked in his work boots, still hard. She wondered if he had just been watching all along. The thought definitely made her even wetter, if that was possible. The fucking stopped, as everyone turned to face Max.

"Baby," Max continued, addressing her. "I've been watching from over here, for a while now. I gotta say, it's a beautiful thing – watching you get fucked in every opening you have. It's a beautiful thing watching these guys fill you from every direction. You take it like a queen. Your man and I, we've been talking. We have this theory… that you've got a little crush on me. I thought you might enjoy putting on a little show with me for the others – just the two of us. You like to be watched, don't you?"

Carmen looked up at Ted. "Really, baby?" She tilted her head back trying to reach his lips with hers. She had never been so attracted to him. Looking her straight through the eyes with a depth she'd never witnessed before, he drew his fingers down slowly but firmly: from the tip of her chin, to the base of her throat, to her solar plexus, to her navel, right down to the origin of her warmth, and he held her there, secured her. He exhaled hotly into her ear, sending a shiver through her entire body.

"Yes,” he said, massaging her pussy with his two hands as though it was two separate parts; kneading and spreading, each hand from its own end of the universe. She loved how he always knew exactly how to coax her every part until it opened because it truly, truly desired to do so. And then, his hands slid up, over the sides of her breasts, tickling her armpits, up, up until they reached the rope that bound her wrists together behind his head. Deftly, expertly, still exhaling his fire into the side of her face, he untied her hands. Clay and Lou were both well positioned to untie her ankles, and slowly her limbs were released. It was only when her hands and thighs began to tingle did she realize she hadn't had her full range of feeling for a while. And yet she had.

Very slowly, and carefully, looking around at each one of them in turn, Carmen smiled, hoisting herself up with Clay's help. She padded over to the edge of the truck bed in her tough gal boots, the only item she still wore. Squatting down on her haunches, she looked at Max without a word. And without a word returned, he walked over to meet her there and gripped her gently but firmly. Like a precious object, he lifted her up by her waist and hugged her against his chest. She wrapped her legs around his waist accordingly. And his hands fell to catch her at the ass. She found that his cock was pressed right up against her pussy in that position, very hard and throbbing. And then she found that it was perfectly positioned to part her lips. And then there he was, sliding right in.

The two other guys—and Ted—were sitting on the truck, watching. Ted was finally stroking himself. Flushed in the face. A smirk permeating his whole being. She winked back at him, returning the smile. She had never wanted him so badly. But she was about to express that by fucking his best friend right in front of him and two other guys. Max pulsated his cock, purposefully from inside her, to bring her attention back to him. His giant hands clasping her small but shapely ass, he pulled her into him and they both let out a cry.

Staring into her, Max said, “You like this, Carmen? You like me working into you with these guys watching? And your man?" He pumped it, hard, opening her from a new place, as her legs squeezed tighter around his waist, and she scrambled to bring her open spaces as close as possible to him, around him, pulling him further into her.

There was another car in the far corner, looked like it had been there a while. Glancing over, she saw Max had draped a quilt over the hood. As if reading her mind, he walked over and lay her gently on her back, without taking his cock out of her once. She became very wet at the thought of the three others in the truck, and the view they must be getting from slightly further away: her on the hood of the car with her legs spread as wide as a wingspan, and Max's firm, muscular ass moving rhythm in circles with her. His hands gripped the place behind her knees as he found that perfect inside spot — that G spot thing — and he rubbed it, rubbed up against it, to clean her pride from within. Pure ecstasy. Carmen threw back her head and groaned. She groaned and grew out like a flower. When she opened her eyes, Max was holding her face, gripping it, and she leaned forward slightly to kiss him. He abided, leaning down to kiss her full on the mouth, his tongue also playing circles into her open wetness there.

She knew it was silly, but lying there on the hood of that car with that dirty blanket laid out for her, taking him, taking him again, in front of them all, in front of her love, she felt that she had known Max forever. Like past life shit. I told you it sounds silly. She knew it did. But as she grew wider, pulling him into her, throwing her arms around his back, around his neck, merging, her eyes told him a story, and his eyes responded in kind. His eyes contained a warm whimsy she had never seen before. Yet it was very familiar. There were no words. It didn't make her love her man any less. This was just a new, abundant comfort. One she hadn't known to expect. Moving with urgency to merge with Max's body, her breasts touched his chest just as her hips fell open wide enough for the tip of Max's cock to touch the exact right tip of her inside spot. And she flew into spirals, her body cascading down the hood of that car, as he released, crashing into her at the same time. Lucky the quilts and Max were there to catch her. She caved into his chest, panting, and felt weak. But in a good way. She realized suddenly that she was crying wet tears onto Max's chest. Lifting her head, she began to wipe them, but Max quietly grasped it her hand, moving it away, and placed her head back on his chest.

This was release.

Carmen cried into Max's naked chest for a minute, or two minutes, or five. Hugging him closely she did not feel self-conscious. He wrapped his arms around her and held her there tightly. Then, she was done.

She disengaged, looked up at him, and smiled. "Thank you," she said, smiling.

"Any time, baby," he said, smiling back. "Power beauty," he added, playfully stroking her chin.

Looking back at the truck, she caught Ted's eye. His look was meaningful. With her hand on her heart, she breathed, simply, looking at him. She would make the others come now. Or, they would make her come again and again, until they came in the process. And she would make love to her man — somewhere, woven into it all she would make colorful love to her man. And it would transcend the test of time.