Bangkok Buzz

Jayne Renault
12 mins read
Published 2 months ago
Chapter 2

Bangkok Buzz (Part 2)

The DJ announced last calls and impending closing times. But if you think that stopped us, you’d be terribly wrong.

The five of us who were still standing downed one final round in the stifling dry fog, and finally stepped outside where I gratefully breathed in hot, damp sidewalk. Who knew the Bangkok smog could ever be refreshing? 

A hint of twilight was seeping into the starless horizon as we all piled into a single cab. I sat in the back seat between an adorable Thai girl wearing cat ears whose name I never learned, and Gabriel, who stroked my leg and held my hand. Alexa was in the front seat, sitting in the lap of a boy of indiscernible origins. They seemed comfortable together as they made out. 

Gabriel broke a tablet in half and looked at me. His eyes asked me if I wanted a piece. I opened my mouth and he dabbed it gently onto my tongue. I smiled, tasting the synthetic metal as it slid down my throat.

We pulled up a quiet street to an unassuming building.

Gabriel opened the door for me. A heavy bass line reverberating under the sidewalk trickled up into my soles. It wasn't until then that I realized we were going to another club. 

A second door opened to reveal an enormous Thai sentinel at his post. The bass that I had felt underfoot was now pounding aggressively in my temples as he counted our small stack of sweaty, orange bills and waved us through.  

It was even darker, deeper, heavier than the last place. 

Sweating profusely. Mouth dry. Head spinning. Skin buzzing. 

Trying way too hard to remember to relax my jaw. 

So thirsty, but I forgot that water existed.

As soon as my pulse blended with the beat, my body was possessed by the rhythm. My movements were disturbingly unrestrained. I smelled the music on my breath. My head ached, but I believed that dancing could absolve me of any pain.

Alexa released her loose grip on the tallish boy and swirled around me. Her long hair stuck to my sweaty forehead as we rolled together. 

A stranger standing next to me was smoking a cigarette. I wanted it. 

“I want your cigarette. Can I have it?”

He handed it to me and lit up another in quick succession. Alexa wordlessly requested a drag from me. I turned it around and put it between those pink lips for her. They pursed around the filter. She closed her eyes and her head tipped back. Bliss glowed from her face. I could see the smoky talons gently stroking her from the inside. I mirrored their caress with the backs of my fingers down the outside of her ribcage. She swayed, and entwined her hand with mine.

I felt her flowerchild spark flow between our bound knuckles. I tried for a moment to remember the way she tasted, but it was impossible. The perpetual electronic loop wrapped tightly around me and lassoed my thoughts. 

Everything and everyone in the room were fluid and we all melted a little deeper into the voids between the dark beats.

A glimmer of lucidity between dream states. What the hell time is it? I thought. The sun must be up by now. 

Something inside was telling me that I should probably try to leave soon. Outside, I imagined the world brushing the sandman’s dust from is tired eyes. I wondered if I could snort that too and how it would taste. I laughed at how ridiculous that was. 

Alexa and her Lover Boy were still raring to go. She tugged on Gabriel's had and insisted we join them at the next club – the one that would be open until 11 in the morning, at least. But he rubbed his dry eyes, drew a final white line in the sand, and declared that he was ready to go home. 

He turned to me. “What would you like to do, Christine?” 

I looked at Alexa and shrugged. Her eyes spoke of seduction and increasingly questionable behavior. I could feel the allusion of her powdery tongue sending a tremor to my groin that trickled down to my knees. 

But our lips were static. White noise.

“My bag is still at your place,” I said to Gabriel, without breaking eye contact with Alexa. “I should probably call it a night. Or a morning, I suppose.”

She rolled her eyes at me. Or maybe they rolled on their own. Regardless, I felt the heat of her disdain on my cheeks and my stomach churned in confusion. 

Before I even had time to contemplate my reaction, I forgot why I was upset, and we all walked out into the hazy morning together. 

Gabriel and I crawled into a cab and I watched as Alexa and her tallish boy swayed arm in arm down the street, their brutal hedonism uninterrupted.

I leaned my heavy head onto Gabriel's shoulder and gazed out the window at the scenes passing me by – suited men on scooters skillfully navigating between Technicolor tuk-tuks and rainbow taxis, food cart ladies setting up their wares for the first meals of the day, groggy backpack-clad travellers emerging from guesthouses to make their day-long treks to all corners of the country. 

I wondered where they might be going. 

I didn't care. 

I drifted off to sleep. 

We were in front of the pink apartment where we started. 

We made our way back up to the 14th floor. I looked around at the mess of bottles and cups that we had left behind. 

It felt like it had been ages since we had been there.

It felt like we never left.

Gabriel grabbed two brown beer bottles from the fridge. Cracking them open, he handed one to me. “Wanna go watch the sunrise from the roof?”

“Fuck yeah.”

We crawled through the large window, scaled a small ladder, and made our way up to the rooftop. How we did all that with sweaty beers in hand, I couldn’t tell you.

I walked towards the edge of the building and peered over into the spindly alleys below. The bleeding sun directly in front of me struggled to breach the layer of smog shrouding the skyline. If nothing else, it made it easier to look right into that single bloodshot eye.

Perched on the edge, my feet dangled dangerously. I could tell it made him nervous; it made my heart feel light.

“Don’t worry,” I reassured him. “I’ll make sure to fall backward if I get dizzy or pass out.”

He scoffed and cautiously took a seat next to me. He wrapped his arm behind my back and clasped the ledge on my other side, bracing me there, and we stared unblinkingly into the crimson ball beckoning the city to wake. 

Vehicles revved. Horns honked. Semi-tame monkeys shrieked. Semi-feral dogs barked. That one bird crooned its spooky song somewhere in the distance.

Chok dee,” he said, clinking his bottle against mine with a weary smile.

I leaned gently into him and took a swig of my beer. 

Gabriel invited me to crash for as long as I’d like. I tried to set myself up on the couch, but he insisted that his bed was big enough for the two of us. I knew he would, but I don’t like to be presumptuous. 

I peeled off my sweaty shorts, traded my damp tank top for the dry t-shirt he had laid out for me, and crawled under his surprisingly cool sheets. The room was comfortable; a big fan in the corner blew a constant breeze through the space. And he was right – his bed was pretty big. 

My head was buzzing from all the booze. And all the drugs. And all the dancing. And the frequent pop-up thoughts of Alexa's kiss. And the fact that I had been awake for well over 24 hours now. 

Gabriel crawled in next to me. We were both a little clammy from the Bangkok excess. 

Our eyes were closed, but our sleep was pantomime.

Things moved slowly. Like high school. Fumbly, dry mouth kisses. Light, curious hands. Renewed caution with every new advance.

But I was coming down. And I was tired. And horny. And tired. And my patience was long gone. I wanted someone. He would have to do.

I flipped myself over to straddle him. Bowing over to kiss him with a little more intent, I heard the front door open. Sounds like Alexa and her boy may have finally made their way home again. I giggled quietly and teased his mouth open with my tongue to find his.

His lips were soft, but not as soft as hers. I lazily kissed down his neck. He closed his eyes and his hips gyrated up into me. Despite the excessive indulgence of the night, I felt his excitement build slowly but surely between my legs. 

My lips followed an invisible path down the midline of Gabriel's torso. I kissed around his belly button and rested my cheek on his waist. I looked back up at him - his kind eyes were still closed as he tried to run one hand through my sweat-mangled hair. 

I pulled at his boxers. He laughed through his nose and raised his hips as I dragged the waistband all the way down to his ankles.

I know that the huge dick cliché is staggeringly overdone. As if a massive penis is the only way a girl could ever hope to have amazing sex and epic orgasms. But the cock on that skinny little French boy… I certainly hadn't expected it, and contrary to popular belief, I was almost intimidated by it. 

How am I supposed to do anything with that? 

It’s not going to fit in my mouth. 


But in the end, I dove down anyways, admittedly excited to try. Clasping his imposing cock loosely in one hand, I rubbed the fleshy tip back and forth over my wet lips. My saliva leaked down the length of his shaft so my hand could glide easily over the surface area my mouth couldn’t reach.

So much spit. I felt my wetness swell, trying to compete.

Gabriel's face was quiet and blissful. His peace encouraged my throat to relax and both quietly enjoyed the ride. No words to interrupt the messages his body sent to me.

He grabbed a condom from the bedside table drawer. He stretched the rubber dome over his erection and lied back down so I could crawl back on top of him. First, I teased myself with the latex tip, and then slowly, I slid down his shaft until I had consumed him completely. I ground my hips back and forth, feeling his full girth as it challenged the edges of my inner walls. He lazily rested his hands on my hips while I assumed full control of setting our rhythm. 

Despite his size, Gabriel slid inside without much difficulty. I was incredibly relaxed on our post-party cloud and I'm obviously built to expand, but I was nonetheless impressed that it wasn’t more of a struggle to get him all in there. My moans were coming more freely as I melted into the moment.

My hips started to tire to the point of cramping, and vestigial echoes of the bass thumped in the back of my skull. I bowed over him to rest a moment, surrendering to the sensations, and I let him take over, thrusting up into me. Then my heart flipped; I heard someone cough in the next room and remembered that we weren’t alone. I clapped a hand over my mouth to keep quiet. Gabriel laughed, pumping a little harder on purpose before he flipped me right over. Softly panting, he looked down at us as we slid in and out of each other.

I idly stimulated myself while this was happening, thinking simply that it might excite him to watch me. But after my fingers made the first few rounds of my clit, I felt an unexpected pang of potential begin rise in me. 

Holy shit, I thought. I might actually come. 

Exhausted after a very full night of partying, I was going to achieve orgasm with this complete stranger in Bangkok.

His deep, steady thrust didn’t interrupt my fingers from running their laps around my clit. I reached my hips towards the ceiling and craned my neck into the pillows behind me. Clutching the pillow, I closed my eyes and saw the white light exploding from my core. My walls clamped down around him as my legs lost any sense of strength or control. 

I was sweating... More? Again? Still?

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and as he pulled out, I shuddered.

Maybe there is something to be said for the big dick hype after all. 

Or maybe I just need to learn to let go and take what I want more often.

I rolled over and encouraged Gabriel to mount me from behind. But my arms were quaking, nerves perplexed by the cocktail of bliss and exhaustion, and I couldn’t hold myself up for very long. My face collapsed into the sea of sheets as I dropped to my stomach. He fell with me, thrusting purposely up between my legs. I pushed the balls of my feet into the mattress and clenched my legs. My pelvic floor gripped spontaneously around his cock, and the end was unsurprisingly near. 

As his breath quickened and his pace picked up, I felt him grow more rigid, and Gabriel grunted into my shoulder. I imagined his back arched like a cat and each thrust was slower yet deeper than the last until he finally came to a full stop, folding his body into mine.

Layers of sweat cemented us together. I was fully asleep before he pulled his weight away.

Hours went by. Or minutes. My alarm went off, but I don’t think I ever really fell asleep. Gabriel didn’t stir when I peeled his arm away from my breast and crawled out of bed. I slinked into the bathroom to get dressed. 

I was desperately thirsty. In fact, I almost had my lips wrapped around the tap before I remembered that I was in Thailand and stopped myself. Maybe don't do that. 

Splashing the water into my face instead, I peered into the mirror. I almost didn't recognize my reflection - my face must have changed again.

When I reemerged, he had groggily risen from his bed and put on a bathrobe. Because of course, he had a bathrobe. Europeans…

We walked out of his room together to find Alexa and the cat-eared Thai girl passed out cold on the couch, wrapped around each other. 

Gabriel looked at them and shook his head, snickering under his breath as he walked me to the door.

“Well,” he yawned. “I hope you enjoyed your tour of Bangkok’s underground club scene.”

He gave me directions for the most direct route back to the nearest BTS Skytrain station, kissed my cheek, encouraged me to come out again with them sometime very soon, and closed the door softly behind me. 

It was well past midday when I walked out into the street to join the rest of the city. Bangkok’s buzz mimicked the one still rumbling inside me, and after all that, all I could think of was how much I needed a goddamn ham and cheese toastie.