Lawless Attraction

Oya Calor
9 mins read
Published over 3 years ago
Chapter 2

Lawless Attraction (Part 2)

Nelson and John each had one of my thighs secured as I sat snugly on the couch between them. Having just asked if they were going to fuck me, they seemed to have decided to make me beg. Nelson turned to face me. 

“Open your mouth,” he said. So I did. And he shoved 3 fingers inside, worked my mouth, my tongue, like he was trying to expand it with his fingers. Holes. Just holes. “Are you going to stretch your holes for us?” he asked. “What? This isn’t the hole you had in mind?” He smiled. “We decide where to fuck you, okay?” I nodded, wet, and my legs fell further apart. 

After a while, John said, “Turn upside down so that your ankles are resting on the headrest.” I obeyed, and the result was my head hanging halfway off the couch cushion, and my pussy in the air, halfway up the backrest. 

Nelson slid a cushion onto the floor to couch my head and John slid me slowly downward to meet it so that now, my asshole was the highest pinnacle, while my pussy actually tilted forward and was all the more inviting since my thighs' only option was to spill over my head. Had I been more flexible, my toes would have met the floor. It wasn’t comfortable, not gonna lie. But it wasn’t uncomfortable right away, and I was distracted by the feeling of my asshole and pussy opening and spreading as was very much happening in this position, and my likeness to an object kept me aroused enough to remain in position. 

First, John used his fingers to open and spread my asshole. He worked three fingers in and out, using his spit to make the hole wetter and slicker. And then Nelson spat on my pussy and slapped it. Did I mention I fucking hate that? That I’m disgusted by being spat on? Ugh, but the heat of the moment was beyond me. And I liked the slapping part just fine. So I let the boys work my holes. It was quite simple really. I was a fruit with two swollen spaces, and I let them ready their palates – kneading, tapping, spreading, stretching, and loosening with their tongues. It was all I could do not to explode.

"This little slut’s got some tight and tasty holes, doesn't she?” said John, glancing at Nelson. Nelson nodded, very flushed in the face. And with that, he grabbed a condom from the top of the dresser, rolled it on, and dunked his rock-hard cock into my then gaping pussy. I cried out, and my head was thankful for the cushion on the floor. He held onto my thighs, crouching above me and repeatedly drove his cock into me, all the way, gripping me just above my knees so I didn't roll over into a ball.

"You like that, you little slut?" asked John. "Man, make her taste it." 

Nelson stopped fucking me and came to kneel on the floor, the only place he could, above my head. I opened my mouth like a good little whore and he plunged into my throat from above.

"Can you taste yourself leaking all into the back of your throat, slut? Does that taste good?” I nodded, eyes wide, as he continued to fuck my face. He could probably see his cock bulging from my taut, stretched neck. He seemed to get harder, and harder. I got wetter as I opened more and more in what seemed like every direction. John was circling my asshole with his tongue again, and finally, still fully clothed—possibly because he was self-conscious about his body, I thought to myself—but with his dick fully engorged and exposed, he pushed it into my ass (with a condom, it should be noted), gripping me by the thighs to keep my hole at an appropriate height, just as his friend had. With one cock in my throat and one in my ass, I felt enlightened. Laugh if you must. But, I guess I've always been the kind of girl who lives craving to craving, always a little anxious about how she's going to fill or fulfill her needs, regardless of whether or not she'd admit it to just anyone.

Well, I have to hand it to Nelson because I didn't see the next thing coming. Pun intended, of course. While the lithe, devious man was pumping his love into my throat (pardon the expression), he also managed to reach forward and massage my very open, very wet pussy in firm, circular motions while John fucked my ass. It felt like my mind was going in circles as I somehow jolted my body to the rhythm of three distinct, but synchronistic beats. My mind was the widest and wettest thing of all. I throbbed with the wrongness of it all, expanded with my notable lack of self in that room with those men, and contracted at the sight of my own body as I watched from somewhere a little more elevated.

And then my jolt moved upward. It had something to do with the two guys giving each other an innocuous high five above me, as they continued to hit my holes. Or my voids, if you will. It had something to do with the way I started to choke on Nelson's cock, because he got a little carried away and started pumping my throat too hard. I shook my head no, and turned to the side, tears streaming down my face. A slick, viscous texture hung from his cock. I felt used and delicious—a shining specimen. My jolt, it moved upward up from my entrance, through my pounding clit, round and engorged as it was, into my womb — that site of everything I've ever wanted and will create — and up through my navel, before escaping into the universe at large. In other words, I came harder than I've ever cum. I’ve probably said this before, but I mean it this time. The screen in my brain went dark and I felt a warm, dizzy, shudder silence my brain as my body buckled back to project me away from their bodies, and from their wants. 

Nelson was grinning at the spectacular nature of it all, and tapping his still-hard cock against my face: my eyes, my nose. I stuck my tongue out to greet it, trying as I was still to reckon with the orgasm I had just experienced. John was panting, and sweating through his white attire. I had done somewhat of a backward somersault turned side-tilt in the process of orgasming, given the position I was in, and was now in a pseudo-fetal resting place very unwilling to move. I sighed heavily, chuckling for their benefit.

"Did that feel good?" asked Nelson snidely.

"Mmmmhmm,” I responded.

 "I want to cum with your tight little swollen pussy wrap around my cock," said Nelson. 

He walked over to the mattress, and sat down, leaning against the wall. He pushed his glasses up on his nose, gave me that mischievous smile, and sat patiently, rolling on another condom. Slowly pushing myself up from the floor that had been my home for the last century of pleasure, I moved very slowly to meet him, John lending a stable hand to my ass as I walked past him. I sat down on Nelson's lap facing him and slid his cock inside of me, no fanfare. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he let out a deep sigh. It was more of a groan, actually. My wetness encased him and as I rocked back and forth on his cock, it felt so good against the walls of my pussy — kind of like a deep tissue massage. My only real sensation was that core of warmth and its pulsation. I wanted it again. Without so much as lifting my body up or down I simply ground my hips into his. Hands leaning on the wall above him for support, I pushed myself up and back only to grind down, further and further into him. His mouth opened wide — uncontrollably so, as he stared up at me with wide eyes, and reached out to grip my circling hips. They were circling for their own gain, it was true, but that's what made it feel so epic for him. I hear that's how pleasure actually works.

My pussy began seizing him tighter and tighter, as he rocked up into the base of my warmth. And then suddenly the head of his cock felt like it was releasing some kind of endlessly moist and magical spiral up inside me, and I came, hard as fuck, once again.

The beauty of it: he came at the exact same time. That whirling spiral was a mutual sensation. As he shot into me (into the condom, that is), he squeezed my ass so fucking tight. It almost made me feel loved.

None of this was love, but it was still worthwhile. Imagine that. I kind of felt like I had lost my virginity again. The whole being with two guys thing.

But now it was still John's turn to meet us on the other side of divinity. I wanted to get going, but I knew I'd feel more powerful about the whole thing if I walked out of there and everyone had cum. John was sitting on the couch, still heaving, but had his cock out and was stroking it — had been stroking it, while watching me fuck Nelson into oblivion. I leaned forward on Nelson's lap with his cock still inside of me and we shared a passionate kiss. He took my face in his hands and moved me into him. It was so unlike the rest of the entire evening, that I almost fell in love right then and there.

Then I got up, leaving him there, and walked over to John. I plopped my ass right down on his lap and moved my bare feet up to rest on his thighs, as I lifted my ass in the air and reached back with my hands to spread my cheeks apart. He reached for a bottle of lube on the coffee table (yes, there was lube on the coffee table), and dutifully slathered my asshole. Inside and out. While groaning, almost inaudibly. Almost. And then I sat my hole down slowly, but steadily, on his cock. It was a snug fit, but in a good way. His cock was nowhere near as large as Nelson's, so it was perfect for my ass. I kept my feet stable on his thighs, just above his knees, as I rocked back and forth on my newest center point. And then I hoisted myself up and began bouncing my asshole up and down on his cock, using his sweaty chest as leverage as I pushed into it with my hands. I felt like a porn star. A really good one. As I pleasured his cock with my ass, John cupped my cheeks — one in each hand. I felt like he was stretching me open wider as I fucked him. As he fucked me. 

Nelson had made his way up and suddenly appeared, kneeling between my legs. Every time I thrust down, he tickled my clit with his outstretched tongue. The anticipation of this small but well-timed gesture of his combined with the actual small but well-timed licks of sensation was more than enough to send me reeling as I bore down with my ass on John's cock. I swear to you, I mean, I know everything is attached, everything is connected, so I'm not sure if I should call it an assgasm or what, but the combination of Nelson's quick tongue and John filling my ass with his cock made me seize, yet again, with everything that I had, falling backward in spite of myself against John's sweaty chest. I immediately hoisted myself up again, and sat back down on his cock. He was very close. A few quick up and down strokes of my ass on John's shaft proved that I was right. He came hard and fast. I feel like I haven't been very nice to John in the telling of the story, and it's mostly just because I don't like the smell of his pheromones, I suppose. But honestly, that was part of the whole adventure. The tension of wanting, but with caveats. The feeling of satisfaction, with just the right dose of inner conflict.

John was breathing heavily and tweaking my nipples tightly, still inside my ass. I got up, and went to the bathroom to go clean up. I chuckled as I went, and Nelson gave me a wink.

When I got out of the bathroom, I was ready to leave. I was feeling very satisfied. It was rare that I had so many orgasms, without any worry about condom use, or lack thereof. These two were filthy, nasty fuckers, but they were safe, respectful, and actually a lot of fun. Not to mention, experienced, and very well-practiced. I blew them both a kiss as I parted, and slipped Nelson my number. I mean, you never know, right? Would be a great story for the grandchildren…