For Dommestic Use Only

Queen Jayne Renault
11 mins read
Published 8 months ago
Chapter 3

Coming to Play

Veronica doesn’t rush. Laying spread-eagle on Scott’s bed, she takes all the time and care she needs. She dips it into the well of her cunt, glazing the black silicone tip with her own juices. She traces the lines and curves of her pussy with the phallic vibrator, like she’s giving it a thorough new coat of paint. She relishes in taking this time to see how her body responds to the sensations of the day. Some things are the same, others are different; every time they get together has something to uncover.

From the foot of the bed — jeans bunched awkwardly half-way down his thighs, erection bobbing, wrists bound, pantie-gag in place — Scott watches on in strained silence. Beads of sweat collect at his temples while rabid, caged need flares in his eyes. His left hip twitches, his cock is hard and ready for the reward Veronica refuses to give him.

For a long while, it’s nothing but soft buzzing and even softer moans from Veronica as she warms and opens herself up. Her clit throbs under the gentle vibrations on the low setting. With her free hand, she spreads her pussy lips open wide, slips a finger inside, deeper and deeper… and withdraws only to delve a little lower, teasing circles around her puckered rim now.

Every move is a conscious step as she orchestrates the song of Scott’s delicious torment.

"You are so lucky I am so patient with you.” Her voice is breathier now, but strong as ever.

Scott nods. She makes hard eye contact with him from across the room as she reaches over for the bottle of lube, snaps it open, and squeezes a generous amount onto her. She drags it down her labia to the rosebud nestle between her cheeks.

He chokes on a groan when her middle finger is knuckle-deep inside her.

“Mm… You like that, do you?” she chides. 

Scott nods.

She leans over to the bedside table for the next tool. 

“Of course you do.”

She’s gently writhing now, riding the waves of the growing tension that permeates more and more of her body as she continues to tease and stretch at her tight hole, massaging around it with the vibrator. She was raring to go well before this all started — earlier that morning, she edged herself with her trusty wand massager in an attempt to make her appointment with Scott even more explosive. But she wouldn’t even give him the satisfaction of her super-charged release just yet.

She coats the silicone plug in lube and teases the tip around her hole. Her hips roll and buck more and more under the constant buzz of the vibrations on her clit until her body is happy to welcome the plug inside. Her eyes open wide and a smile tugs across her face as it gets sucked into place.

“Ahhh, there it is.” She looks to Scott, whose body is racked with tension from this torturous denial. “How are you doing, my pet? Do you see how much I don’t need you?”

He nods solemnly.

“You really are so cute in your desperation, love.”

With the butt plug fastened in place, her hand is free again. She rubs and squeezes her breasts, squeezes her throat, arches to dip the vibrator back into her pussy. 

She wants more; she reaches for the wand. 

The deep rumbling wand compete with the higher buzzing frequencies as she pumps and swivels them deeper inside her. She nudges the plug with the side of her hand and melts a little deeper into the mattress when she finds all the perfect angles. The wands skims from clit to plug and back again, rocking everything loose so it can clamp down even hard on the prospect of release.

Increase vibrations. She’s losing track of the room, of Scott, or herself. Increase vibrations. She’s starting to unravel. She knows Scott can tell too. He is breathing so hard through the panties. 

She comes back to reality to sneak a quick check-in peek at him. When they lock eyes, the fusion is indescribable. Both of them in their power: her admiring his choice to relinquish his authority to her for her pleasure. Him revering her unwavering grace to take it. 

With this perfect combination of stimulation and energy from all corners of the room, she launches herself into a powerful release. Pulling the dildo from her depths, she gushes all over the bed. She doesn’t let up on her clit, stumbling from one orgasm into another. She hears Scott grunt, but she’s too overwhelmed to lift her head yet. She falls back, heart pounding and limp, into the pillows.

The sheets are damp with her sweat and sex. She kills the devices and rises to her elbows. She smiles languidly at Scott and shakes her head.

He’s come on himself, all over the carpet.

“Oh, my sweet. What a beautiful mess you are.” She’s shaky when she rises, but she grounds herself on all fours as she crawls to the foot of the bed. 

She releases the bind on his wrists and gently shoves her fingers into his mouth to dig her panties out. Drool runs down the corners of his mouths and he gasps — for air, for more. She holds him by the chin and looks him sternly in the eye. “But I never gave you permission to do that.”


"Shhh. No need for excuses,” she says. She struggles momentarily to stay in character — when she takes him in, in his beautifully disheveled stated, she feels that inexplicable sense of pride and gratitude that always crops up when he offers his vulnerability to her like this. “You really do look quite… famished. Did your wife forget to feed you this morning?” Veronica rises to her knees, presenting all of herself to him. “Come here.”

Scott nearly trips over himself when he falls to the edge of the mattress. He presses his knees into the bedframe to steady himself and dives nose first into her folds, sussing out the offering. She grabs the back of his head. 

“Eat,” and grinds into the bones of his face.

Scott clutches her buttocks and licks up into her with his feverish, obedient tongue. He’s so zealous in his task that Veronica nearly tumbles over. She can’t help but laugh at his enthusiasm, and grips him even tighter, forcing his tongue deeper into her shadows.

Veronica, enjoying the power of force-feeding him her pussy; Scott, excited and obediently taking his meal. 

He wants it so desperately too… He worships on his knees at the altar of her mirthless grandeur, lapping greedily for the orgasm he wants so much to offer her. But she won’t let him have the satisfaction of bringing her to orgasmic bliss just yet.

She kicks Scott away with the flat of his wife’s stiletto.

“That’s enough,” she says. He trembles when he stands, his come-splotched pants still halfway down his thighs. His knees are pressed red from the harsh kiss of the bed frame when she pulls his pants all the way down. His half-hardened cock twitches at her.

“Oh my. Look at you. You greedy little slut, you think you can handle more? Well, let’s put you to use then, why don’t we? On the bed. On your back.”

Sheepish and shy, he lays down on his back. 

“You think you can you get hard again?”

“Maybe…” He bites down on his bottom lip as strokes himself, cautiously. “I don’t know. We’ll see.”

“Hm… You don’t seem very excited,” she chides. Which is completely untrue because with every subsequent line Veronica throws at him, he swells a little more in his grip:

— If only you’d behaved and hadn’t come without permission.

— What would Anita think of you, if she knew just how weak and wanton you become when she’s gone?

— Show me how you touch yourself when you think of me.

His face scrunches up as he groans and grows in his hand. She stalks up on to the bed, stands over him, looks down at him. He slows his stroke until he falls to stillness and waits for her next directive.  

She squats down over him, straddling his. Instinctively, his hands float to her hips, but she swats him away.

“Ah-ah. No touching without permission.”

She crawls all the way up and sits on his face. “Give me your mouth,” and she grinds into his clever tongue, the butt plug rubbing into his chin. She reaches around and teases the jewel on the end from behind as she rides into him. Back arching, she grinds her pleasure into his chin, his cheeks, his reverent tongue. His hands wrap under her legs to reduce the strain on her thighs — she lets that one slide because she’s about the crash.

Veronica cries out and the rays of their power stretch from his tongue to hers. It ignites a hunger beyond discipline; she rolls off him, demanding that he enter her. “Now you’ve earned it.”

He flips her over and assumes a more dominant role to penetrate her. But he’s thrusting away, his phone goes off.

“Are you going to answer that.” Panting, his face flushes. “Answer it.”

While he fishes the phone from his pocket on the floor, she flips herself around, presenting her ass to him.

“Hey, babe.” He slides inside her. "Yeah, I just came in from a run. How’s your day going?” She slowly rocks back and forth over his cock. “Ohhhhyeah, for sure I can do that for you.” She squeezes her muscles around him on the outstroke. “Wow, I mean, great! Yes. Love you too. Bye.”

As soon as the call drops, Veronica pushes back on him with a vengeance. Despite his sometimes bratty undertones, Scott is a generous lover and does take direction well. He grabs the wand massager from the sheets, reaches around to press it to Veronica’s clit, and plows into her, fucking her back to oblivion.

Veronica is shocked to feel this rise come so quickly; she wails as another orgasm rips through her. And this one is exhausting. She’s fully spent. Her forearms are shaky and her vision is a little fuzzy. 

She collapses to the mattress. “Oh my god…” she says, first to the ceiling and then to Scott. “Thank you.”

He lays down next to her and kisses her shoulder. She raises an eyebrow in question. 

“Oh, no,” he laughs. "I’m sorry, I’m not going to come again today.”

“Come now. Don’t apologize for that. You’re so much more than an ejaculation.”

"Ha, what a relief"

Veronica peels the high heels from her feet, dropping them over the edge to the floor, and leans back into the headboard. She invites Scott to snuggle in closer. His head curls into her lap. As she absently strokes his hair and massages his scalp, she feels the last of his tension drip away.

“Thank you, V,” he whispers. “I really needed that.”

“Thank you, for sharing yourself so generously with me, as always.”

She feels the stretch of his smile on her thigh as he nuzzles into her. 

A breeze slips in through the open window and washes over them. When she looks to the softly flapping curtain, Veronica notices the clock. “Mmm, it looks like I need to be going soon. Do you mind if I have quick shower?”

“Not at all. You know where everything is. I’m just going to lie here a little while longer.” Scott yawns, sounding like he’s already halfway to dreamland.

Veronica gives him a quick kiss and leaves him in the mess of soiled sheets.

In the bathroom, she puts herself back together in record time. She quickly rinses off their combined sweat, adds another layer of war paint, primps her hair back. She reemerges radiant as ever, though still naked since her clothes are strewn about, to face the rest of her day. “I hate to hurry off on you, but as you know, I do have another appointment and I don’t want to be late.”

“Of course not. Thank you.” 

She offers him with one last soft, slow kiss. “You clean this up before your wife gets home though.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He says and pulls the duvet up over him. “Right after a quick nap.”

She smiles and leaves him to rest.

The day is even brighter than when she left it. 

Fully dressed, sunglasses on, Veronica strides across the street back to her car, her trench tail flapping with even more confidence than before. As she settles into the driver seat, she pulls out her phone and makes a call. She fusses with her hair in the mirror while it rings in her ear until she gets an answer.

"Anita, darling. How are you this morning?
Yes, I’m just leaving your place now.
No, he won’t be joining today. I think he’s currently napping. 
You horny little witch… Yes, I did leave a mess for him to clean up. I’ll tell you all about it when I get there. See you shortly.
Mm-hmm, buh-bye."

Veronica chuckles to herself and tosses her phone into the seat next to her. She rolls down the window, lights a cigarette, takes one last look at herself in the mirror, adjusts it back to its rightful place, and makes a U-turn in the middle of the road, without fear or regard for anything that might cross her path.