Where I Belong

Eva Monroe
6 mins read
Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 2

Where I Belong (Part 2)

press the intercom and do as instructed. Somehow, it both aggravates and thrills me to be bossed around by you. Part of me feels like I should stand up and order you out of my office… My office… but the other part of me… the much stronger part… can’t help but surrender to you.

“Good girl. You’re doing very well so far. Now… Hmm. Wait a minute…”

Sitting forward, you reach over and unbutton the first few buttons on my blouse, exposing my cleavage and lacy bra. Since I’m bent over with my hands on my desk, my tits threaten to spill out of the delicate fabric.

“That’s better. Tell me… how long have you wanted to show me your tits, Ms. Stratton?” I open my mouth to speak, but you bulldoze over me. “Actually, I think I’ll take the liberty of calling you Eliza.” Leaning back in my chair, you put your arms behind your head, with all the audacity of a billionaire tycoon. Or someone I just let open my blouse without a word of protest… 

“It’ll make it easier to train you. Like Pavlov’s dog. Whenever I call you by your first name, you’ll know it’s time for you to be my little bitch.”

My breath catches in my throat at such a demeaning word. For the first time, I wonder if I should be afraid… 

As if reading my mind, you stand up and move close to me, leaning casually on the desk and tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Don’t worry, Eliza. I’m not going to hurt you. We both want this. Right?”

I nod, shaky. You insist that I answer you aloud.

“Y-yes. We both want this.”

“Good. And I’m going to take care of you. I’m going to punish you, and put you in your place, and teach you all the lessons a naughty girl like you so desperately needs to learn…”

I whimper again, and you smile, gently.

“But I will never force you. There’s no fun in that. The fun - what I love more than anything - is when you surrender to me, willingly. Do you understand?”

I nod again, and you prompt me to answer aloud, again.

“Yes… I understand.”

“Good. So, what’s your safe word?” I look up at you in confusion, and your head tilts, studying me. “You do have one, don’t you?”

I shake my head, no.

Disbelief and perhaps a hint of amusement flash across your absurdly handsome face.

“Don’t tell me… could I possibly be your first?” I try to work out your meaning, and you cross your arms, growing impatient with me. “Your first dominant, Eliza. Am I the first person to put you in your place?”

I start to nod, but remember you like to hear my response.

“Yes.” My voice is barely audible, and you tilt my face up to yours.

“What was that? Speak up.”

“Yes… you’re the first.”

Your amusement is unmistakable now, as you flash an arrogant smirk at me.

“Well, that explains all the impertinence. Looks like my work will be more arduous than I thought… lucky for you, I’m up to the challenge. Our first two orders of business...” 

You walk behind me and lift my skirt, putting my ass on display for you, encased in sheer black stockings that reveal the lacy thong underneath. I squirm a little but you smack my ass again and order me to hold still. I do my best to comply, but you don’t make it easy. Your hand strokes me everywhere… my ass, thighs… between my legs… I shudder with the ache of wanting you.

“Give me a safe word, Eliza. A word you’ll say if I push you too far, and you feel uncomfortable. I want to know you feel safe, surrendering your body and your will to me…”

I whimper again at the thought. How did you know? I must’ve been so transparent.

“Um... “ I scan my desk, looking for help. The BOSS LADY mug Cenissa gave me sits next to my keyboard. “Coffee?”   

“Perfect. Now what that means is, I won’t stop if you say ‘no’ or even ‘stop’ …I will only stop if I hear you say ‘coffee’ …Is that understood?”

“Yes. I understand.” 

“Such a quick learner.”

And with that I feel you grip my stockings, yanking up the waistband and pulling… cutting? I don’t know with what… until they give way. You tear them from me, exposing my naked skin and making me fall forward, my chest landing on my desk. I remember being a teenage girl, watching the rape scene from A Clockwork Orange… how I tingled all over and felt my panties moisten when they cut off the woman’s clothes… It embarrassed me to feel so turned on by something so inappropriate.

But that was nothing compared to the electricity that runs through me now, being subjected - willingly subjected - to the same treatment. By the time you’ve torn my stockings nearly off of my body, my panties are soaked through… 

My mortification is complete when you notice it, too. With a boastful chuckle, you slip your fingers under my panties, playing with the dripping wetness that can’t be denied.

“Mmm… you sure liked that, didn’t you, Eliza?”

And it’s true. Far outweighing my embarrassment is the longing I feel for you, and the overwhelming urge to surrender myself to you, exactly as you described.

Shoving two of your fingers inside me, you remind me that you’re waiting for an answer. I cry out, forgetting where we are.

“Don’t keep me waiting, pet.”

“Y-yes… oh god… yes, I liked it…”

“Obviously. And keep it down, you naughty girl, or I’ll open the door.”

That shuts me up instantly, curbing my moans, and I hear the smile in your voice.

“That’s more like it. If you can stay quiet like a good girl, I won’t have to gag you.”

I bite back my urge to groan, my breath growing more and more ragged as you plow me with your fingers, making me writhe on your hand… I’m so worked up it feels like I could come any second… 

But you pull away, leaving me panting on the desk. Then you tug at the lapels of my blazer, pulling it off of me.

“I’m going to need you to be much more naked…”

The sound I emit sounds more like a mewling kitten than anything else, as I feel so powerless to resist you… but I remember that I can always stop you, with one word… and I instantly realize I don’t want to. I want you to strip me naked, right here in my office, and to do whatever you want to me… 

Commanding me to stand up, you swiftly relieve me of my clothing. First my blouse, then my skirt, then the remainder of my stockings… I’m left standing in front of you in nothing but my bra, thong, and heels.

You return to my chair and sit, ordering me to follow and stand about ten paces away, so you can study me.

“Grab your elbows behind your back.”

I do as I’m told, my gaze lowered.

“You still haven’t answered my question, Eliza. How long have you wanted to show me your tits?”

I glance up to see a bemused smile on your face, while you slowly look me up and down.

“I… um… since th-the day… we met.”

“Just as I thought. Well. Now’s your chance. Show them to me.”

Leaning back, in that obnoxious CEO pose, you wait. I start to pull down the cups of my bra, but you stop me.

“Take it off. Slowly.”

Reaching back, I unclasp the hooks, then slowly peel the fabric from my body. With my naked breasts bared for you, I hear your sharp intake of breath and a murmur of approval.

“Beautiful.” I blush furiously but say nothing, which is a mistake. “What do you say when someone compliments you, Eliza?”

“...Thank you.”

“That’s better.” With a sigh, you shake your head. “So much to learn… Get on your hands and knees.” I do as I’m told, and look to you for further instruction. “Crawl to me.”

I feel everything - my tits, my ass, my thighs - swaying and jiggling as I carry out your orders. You stop me when my face hovers right above your feet, and I have a sinking feeling I know why.

“Bend from your waist, so that pretty ass of yours sticks up nice and high for me… and lick my shoe.”

I comfort myself with the knowledge that someone as vain as you inevitably has impeccably cared for footwear. Glancing down, I see they are indeed spotless… but that doesn’t alter the fact that you will forever have this image of me, virtually naked, on my knees with my ass in the air, literally licking your shoe… when we see each other in the halls, or in meetings, you will know you can lord this over me… that I allowed you to rule me so completely… 

I consider saying it… coffee.

Again, somewhat to my surprise, I find that I don’t want to.

Bending just as you described, I lean down and slowly run my tongue along your wingtips… first one, and then, when you command it, the other.

“Mmm… such a well-behaved pet… Let’s see how much you enjoyed that…”

You stand and move behind me, yanking my panties down to my knees. The wetness between my legs is now so slippery… I’ve never felt anything like it. And from your reaction, I’m not sure you have, either. 

“Jesus. I knew you’d love being bossed around, but fuck… you are so fucking wet. Spread your knees wider, you naughty, naughty girl…”  

As I comply, you slip my panties off completely, so I’m wearing nothing other than my heels. You reach up and gently press my head down, until my face makes contact with the floor. At this angle, my ass and dripping pussy are laid completely bare, for you to do with as you please.

“Do you want me inside you, Eliza?”

“Oh, yes…”

“Beg for it.” My ass wriggles and you smack it, hard. “I said, beg.”

“P-please… please, I want you inside me…”

“And what will you do for me, pet?” 

“Anything…” It embarrasses me how easily and quickly I give you that answer, but it seems to please you… and I feel so, so, so good, knowing I’ve pleased you.

“That’s what I like to hear.”

And with that, you’re inside me, thrusting slow and deep… building your rhythm as you go… my hips move with you, grinding on you… reaching around, you tease my clit and I cry out, once again forgetting myself. Pulling back to spank me three times, you admonish me.

“If you can’t be quiet, you don’t get to come. Can you be quiet?”

“Y-yes… I’m sorry… yes, I can be quiet.”

“Apology accepted. But don’t let it happen again.”

“I won’t… oh, god… I promise…”

“Good girl.”

You bury yourself in me and reach for my clit again. The circles you make hit me exactly right, and you apply just enough pressure… I’m so hot and bothered, it’s almost instantaneous. Leaning over me, you press your face close to mine.

“Are you coming for me already, pet?”

“Oh… god… yes…”

“I didn’t give you permission, did I?”

Startled, I stumble over an apology, but it’s far too late to stop myself. You chastise me, but mercifully you don’t stop… you play with my clit and my pussy until my orgasm peaks and subsides… and I think I actually thank you, aloud… I’m so grateful you didn’t stop. 

You allow me to rest my entire body on the floor, spent and breathless. After a few moments, when I’ve collected myself, you pull me up by my hair, until I’m on my knees.

“Coming without permission is not allowed, is that clear?”

“Y-yes… I’m so sorry…”

“We’re going to have to work on that.”

“Yes… I will, I promise…”

“Promising isn’t enough, I’m afraid. Come here.” Lifting me by my hair, you lead me over to my desk chair. Sitting down, you motion to your lap. 

“Bend over.”

Oh god. This is so humiliating… 

But part of me also felt… I deserved it. I had, after all, disappointed you. And I wanted nothing more than to please you. So I lay my bare ass over your lap, and awaited my punishment.

It was swift, and merciless.

You reminded me to be quiet, and I couldn’t help but think that the sound of you spanking me, over and over, was so unmistakable as it echoed around the room… One look at my secretary’s face later on, and I would know if she’d heard it. 

Your blows landed with increasing intensity… smack Smack … SMACK.

“Remember this next time you want to come without my permission.”


“Y-yes… oh… yes, I’ll r-remember…” 

“In fact, no coming without my permission at all, even if I’m not there. SMACK. If you want to touch yourself, you need to call or text me. SMACK. And beg for it. SMACK. Is that clear?”

“Yes-oh fuck… ow… y-yes… it’s clear…”

“Until you’ve learned your lesson, and you get that greedy pussy of yours under control.”


Finally, you allow me to stand up. My ass stings like crazy, and I know sitting down will be all but unbearable. Instructing me to stand with my eyes lowered, and arms clasped behind my back, you tell me I’m not allowed to pick up my clothes or get dressed until you’ve left the room.

“And I’m leaving the door unlocked, so you’d better hurry.”

Before you go, you lean in and kiss my cheek, whispering in my ear.

“Not bad for your first time, pet. You be a good girl, now.”

Weak in the knees from my orgasm and punishment, it takes me a moment to register the sound of the door clicking shut.

Looking up, I find myself alone. Scrambling to grab my clothes, I slip into my private bathroom and close the door behind me.

Holy fuck. That was… incredible.

I lean against the door and catch my breath, knowing in my heart of hearts that being with you… under your command… is right where I belong.

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