Eva Monroe
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Published over 3 years ago
Chapter 1


When I wake up, you’re already downstairs making coffee. Putting your button-down shirt on over my naked body, I pad down the steps to greet you in the kitchen.

“Good morning…”

Leaning in, I start to kiss your neck and slide my hand toward your crotch… You gra my wrist, and pull my hand away.

“You had six orgasms last night.”

Pouting, I lower my eyes. Awake less than ten minutes, and I’m already being chastised.

“I know… And I’m very grateful…”

“Good, you better be.”

Taking your coffee to the living room, I follow a few paces behind. I know I should probably drop it, but I’m so horny…

“Maybe I could… suck your cock for you? Please, Sir…?”

Sighing, you sit on the couch and set your coffee on the table. Looking me over, you shake your head.

“My cock needs a break, slave. I’m not a machine.”

“Yes, Sir…”

I try to keep the pouting out of my voice, so you don’t bend me over your knee. Spankings always hurt more in the mornings.

“God, you really are insatiable. Aren’t you?”

My eyes on the floor, I bite my lip and nod. “Yes, Sir…”

“Tell me. You’re an insatiable little what?”

“I-I’m an insatiable little… slut? Sir…”

Smirking, you look me over again. “That’s right. And since you’re so eager to behave like one today - even after I pleasured you for hours just last night - I think we’ll pay a visit to a friend of mine.”

I’m so surprised, I let out an involuntary whimper. Your face and voice stern, you look up at me.

“Is that a problem, slut?”

“N-no, Sir…”

“It better not be. Unbutton that shirt.”

Obeying at once, I undo the few buttons I’d bothered to secure, and open the front of your shirt to display my nakedness for you.

“Mmm… Good girl. Kneel down and sit back on your heels. Spread your knees apart. Wider. And grab your elbows behind your back.”

Following all your instructions is only turning me on more, and with my knees spread so wide, I’m sure you can see the wetness growing between my legs. At this point, it probably just amuses you.

You tell me to keep my eyes lowered and wait patiently.

“You’ll get to act like the greedy little slut that you are as soon as I decide to let you. Is that understood?”

Biting back my whimper, I nod again. “Y-yes, Sir.”


Reaching over, you tweak each of my nipples until they’re both hard and perky for you. It makes me moan and squirm, and I hear you chuckle.

“That’s better… Just as you should be.”

You leave me like that the entire time it takes you to drink your coffee and read the paper. The only moments your attention shifts to me is when you re-tweak my nipples, making sure they stick out the way you like them. When I whimper or moan or arch my back, it just makes you laugh. You remind me that I’m only getting what I deserve, and I stay quiet because I know it’s true. I’m always so hungry for sex… And you know I love it when you torment me, even though it drives me crazy… 

Finally, you give me permission to stand up, but only after you’ve run your fingers between my legs and teased me for being a “messy, dripping, ravenous little slave…”

Then you direct me to shower and make myself presentable for your friend.

“And leave the door open, so I can make sure you don’t get greedy and make yourself come. Because if you do that, I’ll whip your ass and walk you around the block on your leash.”

... as desperate as I am to come, that threat is enough to make me behave.

In the shower, I’m sure to wash and trim and exfoliate… Cleaning myself exactly the way you like me to. I’m so used to it now, I feel scruffy and unkempt if I don’t keep myself up properly.

When I finish and go to get dressed, I find you’ve laid out my outfit, which might be a strong word, as there isn’t much to it. A black harness playsuit with strategically placed hardware, a small leopard mini skirt, a sheer black top, and a pair of black stilettos.

Getting dressed, I make sure to secure the collar built in to the playsuit. You have a leash that connects to it, giving you ample control over where I go and what I do. An outfit like this does not call for subtle makeup, so I apply sharp eyeliner, mascara, and shiny red lipstick.

Finding you in the living room, you look me up and down approvingly. In contrast to my scandalous attire, you’re dressed in a suit and tie. As if reading my mind, you tell me you have a meeting later that afternoon.

“Maybe I’ll bring you with me and leave you tied up in the car to wait… Maybe I’ll leave you with my friend… I haven’t decided yet.”

The thong portion of my playsuit is quickly getting soaked.

After a twenty minute drive or so, you pull up in front of a sizeable house. Getting out of the car, you stride over to the passenger side. You open my door, reaching in to grab my arm, pulling me onto the sidewalk next to you.

Grabbing my face, you give it a good squeeze. 

“Turn around.”

As soon as I obey, I hear you take off your tie. Next, you're binding my wrists together behind my back. Then the leash appears, and you fasten it to my collar. The street is quiet, but we’re in broad daylight, and I can’t help but wonder if anyone is looking out their window.

Your lips against my ear, you murmur… 

“Hunter likes his pretty puppies to be all tied up.”

It sends a shiver of anticipation down my body.

In the car, you’d told me a little about Hunter. He’s a friend you've mentioned before, but not in direct relation to our play… Until now.

You told me that Hunter doesn’t really ascribe to any one gender, but today he’ll be in “Daddy mode,” so I should use male pronouns and address him as such.

“You can call him Sir or Daddy, and you can stick with calling me Master.”

I bit my lip and nodded, “Yes, Master.”

You’d smiled and stuck your finger in my mouth for me to suck on.

“Such a quick learner…”

Standing in front of Hunter’s door, my curiosity is overwhelming. After you knock, that curiosity is quickly satisfied.

The person who opens the door is one of the most handsome and beautiful people I’ve ever seen. Tall, slim but muscular, chiseled features, a full mouth, and a platinum swoop of close-cropped hair… But what really hits me are his eyes. The piercing blue of them sweeps over my barely concealed body, and I swear… When he licks his lips, my knees go weak.

Next to me, your enticing voice brings me back to the moment at hand, and I see you pass off my leash to Hunter.

“Here she is, as promised. Your slutty little puppy for the day.”

Without pretense, Hunter tugs on my leash and pulls me inside. You follow behind, smacking me on the ass a couple of times. Hunter grins at you.

“She’s even more delicious than the photos and videos you’ve shown me.”

A flush creeps up my cheeks, and I wonder what all he’s seen… But I dare not ask, not in my role of Obedient Slave.

“Thanks, bro. And thanks for helping me out today. I swear, this little slut can never get enough. I made her come six times last night, and she was groping me five minutes after she woke up.”

Hunter laughs and pulls me into a large, open living room. The windows look out over a beautiful vista, and the room is full of light. Without curtains, it must be really easy to see inside. 

Tugging on my leash again, he leads me over to a sizeable couch, and speaks to me for the first time. His voice is not as deep as yours, but I have no trouble thinking of him in masculine terms… 

“Well, hmm… What are we going to do with you, puppy?”