Eva Monroe
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Published about 3 years ago
Chapter 2

Insatiable (Part 2)

“Well, hmm… What are we going to do with you, puppy?”

The question sounds rhetorical, so I simply lower my eyes and bite my lip.

Hunter turns to you. “Is she mute?”

With another slap on the ass, you reprimand me. “Answer him, slut.”

“Um… Yes, Master… I’m sorry…” Looking up at Hunter, I stammer, “A-anything… anything you want, Sir…”

“Mmm… I do like the sound of that…”

Then he turns back to you, and the two of you start discussing plans for me. To be discussed so candidly while also being summarily dismissed by both of you. It’s all I can do to not squirm and whimper with longing.

“... Six times?” Hunter is saying.

“Six. And I’m sure she would’ve come more, if I’d let her.”

“And then raring to go again, first thing in the morning…”

“She was practically begging to suck my cock.”

Smirking, Hunter shakes his head. “Sounds like we have our work cut out for us. I can see why you called for backup.”

“Yeah… I’m curious to see what it’ll take to finally satisfy her. She’s the greediest little slut I’ve ever met.”

“Sounds like fun.” With that same wicked smirk, Hunter finally turns back to me. Lifting my tiny skirt, he squeezes my ass and sticks his fingers between my legs. “Jesus. Is she always this sopping wet?”

It was your turn to smirk. “Pretty much. I’m telling you. Insatiable Slut should be branded on her forehead.”

Hunter laughs again. “That’s an idea… But let’s start with the slut getting herself off. We’ll save our energy.” He turns his piercing eyes on me. “Would you like that, slut?”

I’ve been aching to come for hours, so whatever he has in store, I am ready and willing.

“Yes, yes, Sir…”

“Where are your manners, slave?”

Glancing at you, I see your arms crossed in judgment, but you wear a bemused expression. I lower my eyes and address Hunter.

“Yes, please, Sir.”

“Please what?”

“Y-yes, please… I’d… really like to come, Sir…”

“And you’ll do whatever I tell you to, won’t you?”

I nod, blushing. “Yes, Sir.”

Joining us, you tug on my leash.

“I want to hear you beg, slave. Tell us what a selfish, horny little slut you are.”

Whimpering, I look up at both of you and do as I’m told.

“P-please, Sir… Please, Master… Please let me make myself come, for you… I’ll do anything you want… Please… I-I’m a horny, desperate, selfish little s-slut… And I can’t get enough… Please…”

Satisfied, you let go of my leash. “Desperate, I like that ad-lib. It’s so true, you are a desperate little slut. Have at her, Hunter.” And with that you stand back, taking a seat in one of the armchairs nearby to watch the show.

Hunter takes off my leash, then removes my sheer top, leaving me in the black playsuit with my leopard mini hiked up over my waist, my hands still tied behind my back.

“You see this big, comfortable couch, slave?”

I nod.

“Straddle the arm of it.”

With my arms tied, I do my best, but I’m a little unsteady. Graciously, he unties my wrists, then re-ties them in front of my body, giving me better purchase.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re welcome, slave.” And then to you… “She’s very well-trained. Nicely done.”

With a grin, you shake your head. “Thanks. She’s a quick study, but needs a lot of coaching.”

Picking up a highball glass from the coffee table, Hunter removes a sizeable ice cube.

“Open your mouth.”

I do as he says, and he places the ice cube between my lips.

“Now bite down, and hold this right… there.” With the ice cube in place, Hunter leans down to me and says, “Let’s see how well you follow instructions. I want you to make yourself come, by humping this couch.”

You laugh and clap your hands together.

“Oh, that is too good. Why haven’t I thought of that?”

Hunter shrugs. “I don’t know what it is, I just really love making naughty little sluts fuck my couch.” He turns back to me. “What are you waiting for?”

I realize I’ve been frozen, listening to your exchange. Not wanting to be further berated, I quickly set to work, humping the arm of the couch as I’ve been instructed. As soon as I start thrusting my hips back and forth over the fabric, I can’t help but moan, it feels so good.

Hunter steps back and appraises my movements.

“Yeah… This shouldn’t take long.”

“What’s with the ice cube?”

“Keeps her mouth from getting dry. I assume she’s a moaner.” 

“Oh yeah. And a screamer, and a panter.” 

Squeezing one of my tits, Hunter pinches my nipple. “Make sure to tell us when you come, slut.”

I’m mortified to see him go sit next to you and start talking. The two of you are all but ignoring me, discussing some game from the night before, with only an occasional glance in my direction. I’m left there, humping the furniture, moaning and writhing with melted ice dripping down my front… All by myself… 

God… I really am a horny, desperate little slut… 

As Hunter assessed, it doesn’t take me long to come. What’s left of the ice cube falls out of my mouth. Obliging as ever, I follow instructions and cry out, arching my back. “I’m coming… Oh god… Yes… Fuck… I’m coming…”

It’s such a release. When I open my eyes, I’m startled to find Hunter standing next to me, reattaching my leash. You’re both watching me, clearly amused by the spectacle I just made of myself. I bite my lip and lower my gaze.

Tugging on my leash, Hunter pulls me off the couch and commands me onto my hands and knees. He unties my wrists and gives my ass a little tap with his foot.

“Come on, puppy… Crawl over to your Master.” He pulls me along, leading me over to you. When I’m kneeling at your feet, he leaves me there for a few minutes while he shares about other conquests.

“One naughty slut had so much fun fucking my couch, she begged me to let her fuck more inanimate objects. I found a pretty good sized cucumber…”

Taking his phone out of his pocket, he looks up something and hands it to you. I can hear moans and laughter coming from it, but not much else. You smirk as you watch what I can only presume is some girl fucking herself with the sizeable cucumber.

“Wow,” you muse, “she’s really good at following instructions.” 

You hand his phone back and Hunter glances at me, asking you, “How long before she can come again?”

You scoff, “Hah, instantly.”

With his wicked grin, Hunter pulls me up onto your lap.


Adjusting me so I’m sitting with my back to you and my ass nestled against your groin, Hunter instructs me to spread my legs. Frowning at the bottom of my playsuit, he addresses you.

“I need better access to her naughty little pussy.”

“No problem…”

Reaching down, you demonstrate how my thong detaches from the rest of the playsuit, and Hunter happily pulls it down. He starts to it them off, but you advise him.

“Leave it dangling around one of her ankles. She can keep her legs spread wide that way, but it’ll humiliate her more.”

Hunter leaves the panties around my right ankle, then moves to the sheer, lace cups attached to the bodysuit that only thinly veils my tits. As he leans over to yank them down and expose me, through the opening of his black button-down I can just barely glimpse the slight curve of a small breast, and it awes me. Amazing… 

He’s so effortlessly male, I think to myself, and then wonder if he’d ever let me touch his breasts… 

My mind isn’t left to wander for long, as you’ve taken Hunter’s cue to start fondling and pinching my tits, making me squirm on your lap. I feel your cock start to stiffen under me, and it just makes me squirm more… until Hunter spanks me between my legs.

“Hold still, slut.”

As far as words go, not much turns me on like that simple command. I do my best to still my body instantly, though I keep panting under your torment.

Hunter plays with my wetness and it’s so hard not to move. My panting gets worse and turns into whimpers. He starts spanking me again, between my legs, over and over. It’s all I can do to hold still and take it. My tits are turning red from your molestation, and the wet smacking sounds of my spanked pussy are so loud we can all hear them over my cries of painful pleasure. 

I feel your breath on my ear as you murmur, “You’re about to come, aren’t you, slut?”

“Y-yesss… Fuck… Yes, Master…”

“Beg for it.”

“P-please, Master… Please, may I c-come?”

You tell Hunter to spank my pussy harder, and when he does, my body is consumed by the orgasm that courses through me. I can’t help it, I arch my back and moan, thanking you both for getting me off.

While I’m catching my breath, I hear the two of you talking about me again.