Eva Monroe
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Chapter 3

Insatiable (Part 3)

“Tsk… she disobeyed me and didn’t hold still,” Hunter laments.

“Don’t let her get away with it. She needs frequent punishment to remember how to behave.”

Grabbing my leash, Hunter pulls me off your lap and onto the floor. He asks you, “Are you ready for her to suck your cock? Because she can do that first.”

The smile in your voice is evident when you reply, “No, punish her first. I like watching you torture her.”

The living room opens onto a dining area, creating one large living space. Practically dragging me, Hunter leads me on all fours over to the dining table. He hoists me to my feet, moves one of the end chairs, and tells me to face the edge of the table.

“Bend over. Spread your legs as wide as you can.”

Once I’m in position, he places my arms behind my back and ties my wrists together again, then secures each of my ankles to the table legs. From here, I can see you watching me, and you truly are taking delight in my discipline.

Behind me, it sounds like Hunter is sorting through a box or drawer… 

“Hmm… belt? Ruler? Hairbrush?”


As much as it can when I’m so restrained, my ass twitches in anticipation. You rarely spank me with anything other than your palm, and if you’re approving a hairbrush, I must be in big trouble.

Sure enough, when Hunter starts assaulting my ass with the back of the hairbrush, you walk over and lean close to me.


“This punishment isn’t just for disobeying orders, slut…”

Thwack! … Thwack!

“’s also for being greedy, impertinent, and demanding…”

Thwack! … Thwack!

“Is that understood?”

The hairbrush hurts so much, tears are streaming down my face. Between spanks, I manage to stammer out, “Y-yes…” Thwack! “M-m-master…” Thwack! Thwack!

You smile and shake your head, wiping away one of my tears.

“Don’t be such a crybaby. You know you deserve it. This is what you get for being such a horny little bitch.”

And with that you stand up, crossing to Hunter.

“Here, let me…”

You must take the hairbrush from him, because the force of the blows is suddenly very familiar. Thwack!! … Thwack!! Thwack!! … Thwack!!

Hunter sucks in his breath.

“Damn… merciless. Her ass looks amazing with all those welts.”

The assault ends, and you toss the hairbrush on the table.

“What’s next?”

“I thought we could watch a little of the game. Leave her tied up here… with a vibrator stuck in her pussy. It has a remote control.”

“Ha! Perfect. I need a break.”

I no longer hear what you’re saying to each other, because my mind is consumed with that thought… a remote control vibrator… they’re going to leave me tied up here while they watch baseball, and… oh god… 

Far sooner than I anticipate, the two of you are spreading me open and shoving a sizeable dildo into my slippery pussy.

“Make sure you really get it in there,” I hear you say. “I don’t want it to fall out.”

I moan as Hunter pushes the dildo in further, then your voices are moving away from me.

“How does this thing work?”

“It has different speeds and pulses, see…”

My hips buck as a variety of vibrations pulse through me. Short bursts, longer bursts… rapid beats… continuous waves… my body writhes against the restraints… and then it stops.

I whimper in frustration and hear you chuckle.

“I’ve gotta get one of these.”

For I don’t know how long, the sounds of a baseball game fill the room, along with your voices. I can’t keep track of anything being said, because my body is randomly invaded by the delicious torments of the vibrator inside me… I never know who has the remote, or when the throbbing will start, or stop… 

I come once… twice… three times before I vaguely register you saying, “I can’t hear the game over our little slut’s incessant moaning. Where’d those panties go? ...Ah, here they are.”

You appear next to me and instruct me to open wide. As soon as I do, you shove my panties in my mouth… then you hold up the remote and smile, pushing a button.

“Isn’t this fun, slut?”

I whimper and nod, wriggling in agony… ecstasy… agony… ecstasy… 

You push some different buttons, and watch as I all but howl behind my panties.

“Are you coming, slave?”

I nod again, tears streaming down my face.

“Good. That’s much quieter. Don’t lose track now… I expect a full count when we’re done with you.”

Fuck… how many have I had? That last one made four, just here on the table… right?

I’m barraged with vibrations again… it’s so hard to concentrate… 

All told, after… I have no idea how long… I’ve had at least seven orgasms tied to the table. When you and Hunter come back over to me, I’m struggling to add those to the two I had prior, because my brain is mush. Nine. Of course. Christ… nine orgasms.

My restraints are being undone, and my holes relieved of their plugs… panties and vibrator, respectively.

Hunter’s voice sounds far away when I hear him suggest that I be replenished. You agree, and I find myself being led to a pair of doggie dishes.

“Oh, that’s perfect for our horny little bitch,” you chime in.

One bowl is filled with water, and the other with what looks like granola, but feels softer. Hunter tells you it’s a crumbled up protein bar that he likes to use because it “looks kinda like puppy food.”

On my hands and knees, my ass sticks up in the air as I bend down to eat and drink. The two of you rub my limbs and extremities, soothing the aches I have from being tied up. You pet me and tell me what a good pet I am, and that I took my punishment very well.

“Such a good girl…” 

It still melts me every time you say that… The soft caresses and words are so healing, and after eating and drinking my fill, I feel revived.

I’m allowed to sit up on my knees while you both look down on me. Studying me, you lift an eyebrow.

“How many orgasms have you had?”

“...nine, Master.”

A low whistle from Hunter.

“That had to have done it. She can’t possibly want more…” he turns to me… “Can you?”

Nervously chewing my lip, I look at you… As soon as I meet your eyes, I can’t deny it. Lowering my lashes, I quietly eek out a “yes, Sir…”

“Wow,” from Hunter, and “Of course,” from you.

Deciding you’re ready for me to suck your cock, after a brief discussion it’s settled on: we’ll all move to the deck for some fresh air. Stripped naked of everything but my shoes, collar, and leash, I’ll be kept on my knees to suck your cock and thank you for my training. Meanwhile, Hunter will play, toy with, and otherwise torment my utterly insatiable pussy. After that, you’re both out of ideas.

Outside, it’s clear that plenty of neighbors will enjoy quite a show, if they’re around and care to watch… The thought only makes me more ready to come. Again.

Leaning against the railing of the deck, you watch while Hunter strips me of my playsuit, leaving only the collar. I’m leashed and led over to you… crawling, of course… 

You instruct me to undo your pants and take out your cock. Instead of letting me suck it and work you over, you take hold of my hair and tell me to open wide. I do as I’m told, and you start fucking my mouth with abandon. 

“Grab your elbows behind your back… now stick your ass out… that’s a good slut… spread your legs for Sir… good puppy… that’s a good little bitch…”

I’m moaning and drooling all over your cock and my tits, and it only gets worse when Hunter starts fondling my aching, wet pussy.  

“I can’t believe she’s ready to come again…” Hunter muses. “I’ve got my strap-on ready to go… I’m going to fuck her as soon as she comes… See if I can make her come again right away…”

Grinning down at me, you pull me back by my hair and force me to look up at you.

“Did you hear that, slut?”

“Y-yes, Master…”

“And you love it, don’t you?”

You lightly slap my cheek with your cock, and start rubbing it on my flushed skin… 


But before I can answer, you’re slamming into my face again, commanding me to stick my ass out more, spread my legs wider… 

“Come for us, you horny little bitch…”

As soon as you say it, I’m moaning and bucking against Hunter’s fingers, coming all over his hand…. Before my orgasm has fully subsided, he has his strap-on out and is filling my wet, ravenous pussy… 

Not only does he make me come again, it’s easy for him. With you fucking my mouth on one end, and Hunter fucking my pussy on the other, I feel so… dirty… and used… and alive. I come yet again, moaning all over your cock, until you come, too, and cover my face and tits with your warm cream.

I collapse onto the deck, finally, utterly spent. You collect yourself and scoop me in your arms, carrying me inside. Sitting on the couch, you lay my head in your lap and ask me how many. I smile and murmur sleepily…


You laugh gently and stroke my hair.

“Such a good, insatiable, hungry girl…”

Dozing in and out, I register something about Hunter needing to get off… and calling one of his “most trusted sluts” to come over and serve him…. 

Later the doorbell rings… there’s a sweet woman’s voice in the room… I’m just starting to wake up when I hear her say…

“Oh wow… my Mistress would never allow that. When I get greedy with my orgasms, she won’t let me have any… sometimes for days, even weeks!”

My mind is alert now. 

Especially when I hear you say, “Hmm… deprivation. If this hasn’t taught my little slut her lesson, that might be the only way.”

No one hears me, but as I lay curled up on the couch, I let out a tiny, quiet whimper, wondering what’s in store for me… 

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