Slave Training

Eva Monroe
6 mins read
Published over 3 years ago
Chapter 3

Slave Training (Part 3)

Back at the car, I’m a little disappointed when you let me in and then simply drive us away, without so much as a hand on me or a hint to your plans.

The letdown is short-lived though, as it isn’t long before we’re driving through a rather secluded, hilly neighborhood, with lots of lush foliage and shadowy nooks.

Parking the car in one such shadow, we’re mostly hidden by the dangling limbs of a willow tree. You’re often quite free with using me in far more public spaces, and this secluded spot makes me wonder what you have in store for me. 

“Crawl into the back.”

With barely a glance at me, you start to climb out of the car, but your hand finds my ass for a quick, sharp smack, as I’m obediently crawling into the backseat.

Making your way to the more concealed side of the car, you open the back passenger door and beckon me to you. I quickly slide over and await your instruction.

“Get on your hands and knees.”

While I do as I’m told, you reach over me and yank my skirt up around my waist, exposing my naked ass and pussy once again. The sight of my bare skin puts you in a mind for several more spankings, on both my ass cheeks and between my legs. I bite back my impulse to cry out with each blow, turning the sounds I make into tiny whimpers. 

Straightening up, you grab my face and tilt my eyes up to meet yours.

“Not bad, slave. Looks like your lesson is starting to sink in.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Running your thumb along my lips, you use it to pry open my mouth and caress my tongue.

“Is your naughty little pussy still aching for me?”

“Y-yes, Sir…”

With your thumb in my mouth, I lisp over my s’s, drawing out one of your more wicked smirks.

“You’ve been such a good girl, taking your punishment and turning on the charm at dinner… I think you’ve earned a good, hard fucking.”

“Oh, thank you, Sir-”

“But first.” Your stern tone quiets me instantly. “You need one more reminder on how to behave.”

Instinctively, I lower my lashes.

“Yes, Sir…”

“Look at me, slave.”

I look up and meet your gaze, as humbly as I can.

“If you’re trying to reach me, and I don’t respond, what do you do?”

“I wait, Sir…”

“That’s right. And if you feel yourself getting impatient, I want you to remember this moment.”

And with that, you undo your pants and release the hard bulge of your cock. Without warning or pretense, you grab the back of my head and shove your cock into my mouth, thrusting over and over… Jamming the back of my throat with it, you make me gag and sputter and drool. 

“See… This is what happens to mouthy, impatient girls…”

My eyes start to water as you ram deeper into my throat than I knew possible. Pushing my head against your shaft, you hold me there, my mouth and throat full of the length and width of you.

“Look at me, slave.”

Compliant as ever, I do as you instruct.

“The next time you feel like whining, or pestering me… Remember what it feels like to choke on my cock.” Pulling my hair, you shake my head a little, side to side. “Will you remember, slave?” 

I try to nod, or respond with any sound, and struggle to control my gag reflex. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, you yank my head back by my hair, letting me gasp for air. My saliva drips all over… Your cock, my face, my cleavage… And you use your cock to spread it further over my lips and cheeks. As I catch my breath, you smile down at me.

“Let me hear you say it.”

“I… I’ll remember… Sir… I p-promise…”

“You’ll be a good, quiet girl for your Master?”

“I-I will… I’ll be g-good…”

“Hmm… Let’s make sure of that…”

Thrusting your cock back down my throat, you ram into my face over and over again… 

All told, you punish my mouth with your cock three times before you’re satisfied that I’ve learned my lesson. The swollen tenderness of my lips and throat are sure to be a compelling reminder, at least for the next few days. 

And the memory of choking on your cock, gasping for air on my hands and knees, half-naked and exposed in the backseat of your car… Well, that will definitely make me think twice the next time I’m tempted to text you repeatedly.

You haven’t come, but I’m still surprised when you tell me that it’s time for Your naughty pussy to have her treat. It’s been such a night of punishment, I’d almost forgotten you promised a reward for good behavior.

Opening the front passenger door, you reach into the glove box and return to me with a ball gag. Looks like this will be a reward and punishment combined.

While you fit the ball gag into my mouth and secure the straps, your voice soothes me with a lecture that is both praising and mildly chastising.

“Now that you’ve learned your lesson, slave, we’re going to practice being quiet. Even though this area is somewhat private, we are outside. So I need you to be as silent as you can while I destroy that naughty pussy… My naughty pussy… And because we both know what a loud, moaning little slut you are, you’re going to need some help. Understood?”

Wide-eyed and already drooling around the gag, I nod up at you.

“Good. Now turn around.”

Wiggling my way backwards, I turn my body until I’m on all fours with my ass and pussy (Your pussy) laid bare for your use.

Teasing me with your hands, you stroke and fondle me until I’m dripping everywhere. Down the insides of my thighs all the way to my knees… 

The shock of your tongue between my legs makes me cry out (muffled, but a cry all the same) and buck my hips. With a laugh, you grip my ass and instruct me to hold still and be quiet. Whimpering, I do as I’m told and pant through the glorious torment of needing to stay silent while you expertly work me into a frenzy. 

It doesn’t take long for me to come. As soon as I do, you shove my face and shoulders down onto the seat, leaving my ass up in the air and my pussy spread wide for your assault. The feel of your cock slamming into me is what I’ve been craving all day, and I quickly come again. And again.

You take full advantage of my longing, making me writhe and twist against you. Once or twice you pull out, just to enjoy the sight of my hungry pussy following your cock, desperate to have you back inside me… And each time you honor me with that gift, you fill me up until I’ve lost count of my orgasms. 

When you come, you leave the mess all over my ass and my back, marking your territory. Collapsing on top of me, you gently remove the ball gag and chuckle at the mess of saliva on the seat of your car… As you treat my sore face to kisses and nips, you sigh and tell me, “You were very quiet, my good girl… But, sloppy as ever, you made quite a mess.”

Leaving me in the back, you close the backdoor, walk around to climb into the driver’s seat, and retrieve my panties from the glovebox.

Turning back to me, you tell me to take off my dress. Obeying at once, I’m left in nothing but my bra and heels, a look you seem to favor for your slaves lately…  

“Now kneel on the floor.”

The space is a little cramped, but I do my best to follow your orders. Then you hand me my panties, and refer to the smearing of drool I left on the backseat.

“Clean it up, slave.”

There isn’t a lot to work with, my panties being rather flimsy… But I of course follow your command and mop up as much of the mess as I can. When I turn to you for approval, I see that you’re filming me with your phone. I lower my eyes and sit back on my heels.

“Did I do a good job, Sir?”

“That will do for now. You can wash it more thoroughly tomorrow. And if you’re lucky I’ll let you keep some clothes on.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Stopping the video, you tuck your phone away and smile at me.

“Put your panties back on.”

Biting my lip, I wriggle into my sopping panties. With the saliva on my face and cleavage, your come on my ass and back, and now wearing the wettest panties ever, I’m a complete mess. With your most wicked smirk yet, you look me over approvingly.

“Now crawl up here and put your seatbelt on. Leave your dress in the back.”

Submitting to your will is a thrill in and of itself, and I’m doubly aroused by knowing how much you enjoy the sight of me in such a state. 

It’s hard to believe that after all your treats and torments I could still be craving more, but as I bend over, slide forward, and unfold my used body into the seat next to you, the look on your face makes me start to tingle and throb all over again. 

Maybe, if I’m a very good girl, you’ll let me serve and please you more when we get home… 

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