Happy Birthday

Eva Monroe
5 mins read
Published over 3 years ago
Chapter 1

Happy Birthday

It’s been far too long since we’ve seen each other. Even when I’m treated to days upon days with you, it’s never enough, and time apart makes my longing for you almost unbearable. Flying in over a beautiful sunset, my anticipation peaks. The instant my plane lands, I send you a text.

Here. So wish I could see you tonight.

You’ve already prepped me to not expect time together until tomorrow. Work that you can’t get out of has you occupied, and I’m doing my best not to pout. It’s just so strange to be in the same city but not with you.

My phone chirps in reply.

I know you do. Glad you made it safe.

So cheeky and so sweet all at once. No wonder you’re irresistible.

Making my way through LAX, I’m about to leave the baggage area when I see you. It can’t possibly be you, but it is… Every tall, chiseled inch of you even more delicious than I remember… And you’re holding a sign. With my name on it, like a driver. It’s so adorable that I’m left stunned for a full ten seconds, thinking I must be hallucinating, until you spot me… And your smile breaks wide open.

Practically running to you, I drop my suitcase at our feet and let you scoop me up in your arms. It’s incredible, after all these years, what the smell of you still does to me. I nuzzle my face into your neck, basking in you.

“What are you doing here??”

Your lips against my ear send shivers down my spine, and you murmur softly to me, with your voice like honey and thunder.

“Good surprise?”

I look up at you in awe. “No… Best surprise. I thought you had work-”

“I did. And then I didn’t. So I thought I’d take you to Malibu.”

Grinning like an idiot, I shake my head. 

“I can’t believe this is happening… You’re amazing.”
“If you’re impressed now, wait until you see the vacation rental.”

And with that, you kiss me, deeply, until I feel it in my toes. I have to stop myself from climbing up to wrap my legs around your torso… Pulling back, you look me over.

“This is what you wore on the plane?”

I nod, bashful, as you take in my low-slung jeans and crop top. 

“I like to be comfortable.”

“Mmm, I like your version of comfortable…” 

Squeezing my waist with one hand and picking up my suitcase with the other, you lead me out to your car. 

We’ve barely made it to the interstate, but I can’t contain myself any longer. Thanks to your incredible surprise, I’m so touched and moved and… Aroused.

The traffic is terrible because it always is, so I take the risk and unbuckle my seatbelt, sliding closer to you. Running one hand along the back of your neck, I brazenly kiss you along your collarbone up to your ear, sliding my other hand down your chest, eliciting small sighs of pleasure… 

“I don’t have words to tell you how happy and grateful I am… Would you let me show you… Please?” 

Your appreciative sounds turn into a chuckle.

“Now? That eager, are we?”

“So eager I can hardly stand it… And we do have a bit of a drive ahead…”

My hand makes its way down to your lap and onto your cock, already swelling under your pants. Adjusting in your seat, you glance over at me but make no move to stop what I’m doing. 

“Ask me again. Properly.”

“May I please show you how grateful I am for my surprise, Sir?”

With a wicked grin, you caress my lips. “You may.”

My hands threaten to shake from the thrill of taking you in my mouth, so I make sure to breathe and steady myself before unbuckling, unzipping, and releasing your hard cock. Sliding down to meet it with my lips and tongue, I’m rewarded with your contented moans and your hand in my hair. 

As I work your phallus into a lather with my saliva, your free hand wanders down between my legs. Between your focus on driving and me worshipping your cock, you fumble with the fasteners of my jeans. Grabbing me by the hair, you pull my face up to meet yours.

“Take off your fucking pants.”

I smile and bite my lip. “Yes, Sir…” 

Making quick work of it, I kick off my shoes and peel the snug denim off my legs. In nothing but my tiny panties and crop top, I return to expressing my gratitude with a mouth full of your cock. 

Reaching between my legs again, you deftly slip your fingers past my panties and inside me. Thrusting in and out, you play with my wetness, making me writhe and moan… Moving your hand to my ass for a quick smack, you chastise me, just a little.

“Not so much squirming, slave.”

Do my best to stay relatively still below the waist, I focus my energies on my lips and tongue, licking and sucking and savoring your cock… But, fuck, you are so good with your hands, it’s all I can do to keep my hips from bucking against your fingers and palm. 

I can’t help but moan in ecstasy while you fondle me, and with my mouth on your cock, my sighs are clearly an enhancement to your pleasure. Soon enough, your hand returns to the back of my head. Grabbing me by the hair, you hold me steady while you thrust into me, fucking my mouth until I nearly choke on your cock, and swallowing all that I can when your come fills the back of my throat.

Sitting up, I wipe my mouth and smile at you, a flush creeping up my neck. You tuck yourself back into your pants, and I obediently help to re-zip and re-buckle. While I tend to you, you caress my hair and face, sneaking in a few kisses and squeezing my waist.

“Mmm… You are such a good girl.”

I lower my lashes with a smile and sit back in my seat.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Now buckle up, we still have a ways to go.”

I look down at my jeans and heels in a heap at my feet. 

“May I… Should I, put my clothes back on, Sir?”

That wicked grin of yours appears again, making me squeeze my legs together from longing. With a quick once-over of my mostly naked body, you turn back to the road.

“Just your heels. Not your pants.”

Wearing only my panties, heels, and crop top for the rest of the drive makes the time go by so slowly. You’re sure to torment me now and then with a hand on my leg, a squeeze of my hip, and even instructing me to open my legs so you can caress up and down my inner thighs… But that’s as far as you go. By the time we get to Malibu, I’ve soaked through my panties onto your passenger seat. When I confess this to you, you simply respond with a smirk.


A few moments later, you pull into the driveway of an adorable bungalow right on the beach. Even from the outside, it looks magical. I’m speechless as you get out of the car and retrieve my suitcase, before opening my door for me… It’s such a treat to be spoiled by you, I savor every moment. 

Taking off my seatbelt, I swing my legs out of the car and move to put my jeans back on. You stop me with a raised eyebrow.

“Did I tell you to get dressed?”

“Oh, I, um… No, Sir.”

You hold out your hand with a smile, and I sheepishly give you my jeans. You tuck them away and offer your hand again, for me this time. I take it and you help me out of the car, putting me in my nearly naked ensemble on display for any attentive neighbors. It thrills me to be treated like such a lady and your naughty little slave all at once.

Leading me inside, you usher me ahead, presumably to enjoy the view of me walking in front of you. Entering the main room, I gasp in delight. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlook a moonlit ocean. From a few scattered lamps, the living room and kitchen are awash in a warm glow.

“This place is incredible.” 

“Your ass is incredible.”

With those words, you grab me from behind and bend me over the kitchen island. Yanking my panties down to my knees, you kick my feet apart and reach up under my shirt. Grabbing and squeezing my tits, you pinch my nipples to push me over the edge. I cry out at the painful pleasure, and your hands move back down to the wetness between my legs. With a chuckle, you give my dripping pussy a few light smacks.

“You weren’t exaggerating, slave… You’re a sopping mess back here.”

“Y-yes, Sir…” 

When you step back, I’m afraid you’re going to leave it at that, but within seconds your pants are undone, and you’re shoving your cock inside me. 

“Such a hungry pussy deserves a treat.”

“Th-thank you… oh god… thank you, Sir…”

You grip my hips and thrust in and out, pounding me against the counter. In the midst of our fervor, I am utterly euphoric. After waiting so long to enjoy each other again, you know exactly how to give me what I crave most. These exquisite moments of our bodies entwined, pulsing together in ecstasy. With lots of perfectly timed torment, of course.

Pulling out you keep one hand on my hip and use the other to stroke between my legs. Leaning forward, you growl in my ear… 

“Is this what you want, slave?”

“Oh…. God, fuck, y-yes, M-master…” 

“Beg for it.”

“P-please… Sir… fuck… please, please fuck me…”

Reaching up to torture my tits again, you spank my pussy and my ass, making me twitch and wriggle.

“Tell me how badly you want it.”

“I-I n-need it, Sir… I need you t-to fuck me… P-please… I’ll do anything…” 

“Mmm… That’s what I like to hear.” Smack. Smack. Smack. My ass jiggled under your assault. “Anything I want, for the next three days…?”

Your fingers found their way to my clit and I nearly exploded.

“Oh fuck, me, god, Yes…. Anything, I’ll d-do anything… Please…. Oh fuuuuuuck….”

With a lick and a nibble on my ear, you take me over and beyond.

“That’s right… come for me, my delicious, naughty, girl… come for your Master.”

Clawing at the counter, my orgasm nearly splits me in two… And before my climax has a chance to recede, you slam your cock into me, making me come all over again… You come moments later, filling me with all of you. 

Spent and panting underneath you, I catch my breath as you let your weight lay over my back. Brushing my hair out of my face, you kiss my neck and whisper in my ear… 

“Happy birthday.”

I smile as a small laugh escapes my lips, ready for more of my best birthday ever.