Happy Birthday

Eva Monroe
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Published over 3 years ago
Chapter 2

Happy Birthday (Part 2)

The next morning, I climb down from the loft housing an insanely comfortable king-size bed and even broader views of the ocean. Persuading myself to get up wasn’t easy, but the sight of you is so worth it.

Standing in front of the windows, you wear nothing but trim-fitting gray sweats that hang on your hips in the most tantalizing way. The vision of you standing there, sipping your coffee like the sexiest Folgers ad I’ve ever seen makes my mouth literally drop open. When you turn to me and smile, my knees go weak.

“Morning, beautiful.”
“I, um… Please, please stay right there. Give me five minutes. Three minutes.”

Rushing to the bathroom, I relieve myself, brush my teeth, and throw on a tiny, lacy teddy as fast as I can. On my way back to the main room, I comb through my hair with my fingers and then lean in the doorway. You’re watching the ocean again, with your sculpted back to me. I’m overwhelmed with the urge to lick every inch of you… 

When I clear my throat a little and you turn around, it’s your turn to go slack-jawed.

“Well. Good Morning indeed…”

Biting my lip, I smile and toy with my sheer teddy.

“You look so… delicious, Sir… I was hoping you might let me… taste you?”

Setting your coffee on a nearby table, you lean back against the window and cross your arms, your gaze boring into me.

“Go right ahead…” 

Your look is so intense, it literally brings me to my knees. I crawl over to you, slowly, letting you enjoy the spectacle of me prostrating myself for you so willingly. When I reach you, I rise up onto my knees, biting the waistband of your pants and pulling them down, until your beautiful, hard cock is free for me to take in my mouth… 

But before I can, you pick me up and carry me over to the couch, sitting down so I’m on your lap. Running your hands over my body, you kiss me, long and deep… 

With all the play we’ve indulged in, it amazes me how turned on I still am by your kisses. Full bodied, toe-curling, earth shattering kisses… Every time you kiss me, I want for nothing.

Pulling me back by my hair, you look me over and smile.

“Now get on your knees.”

I obey you at once, sliding off your lap until I’m kneeling in front of you, eager to do everything in my power to give you pleasure. 

Starting slowly, I lick you from balls to tip, and loving the effect it has on you… Adding my hands to help, I use my lips and tongue to slather your cock with my saliva. You let me minister to you on my own for a little longer, but ultimately you take control.

“Grab your elbows behind your back.”

Doing as I’m told, I’m left with your cock in my mouth as you stand up and grip me by the hair. After a few hard thrusts, you pull back for a moment.

“Open your mouth. Wider. Tongue out. That’s my good girl…”

You start to fuck my mouth, relentless. I don’t have much of a gag reflex, but when you use my mouth like this, choking on your cock is inevitable, as is drooling all over myself… You’re making a mess of me, and I love every second of it.

I feel the straps of my teddy slip down, until the top falls around my waist, exposing my tits. They bounce as you ram into me, and when you command me to look up at you, I see how much you’re enjoying me in this compromised, worshipful position. Pulling back again, you caress my face with your cock.

“How do I taste, slave?”

“So good, Master… Thank you…” 

“Mmm… You’re welcome.”

Without another word, you renew your assault on my mouth with vigor. When you make me try to say “Thank you, Sir” with my mouth full of your cock, it pushes you over the edge. Most of your come fills my mouth, but you pull back at the last second and let some of it drip all over my lips, cheeks, and tits. 

Running your fingers along my face, your look of satisfaction is the greatest gift.

“Such a good slave.”
“Thank you, Master.”
“Stay just like that.”

Settling back onto the couch, you reach over to the table for your phone. I wait patiently on my knees, clasping my elbows behind my back, with much of my face and body covered in my saliva and your come… Then I happily follow your direction as you photograph me, on display just for you… 

“Mmm, keep your eyes lowered… Now, look up at me… Sit back on your heels… Spread your knees, wide… God, you are so fucking sexy.”

Leaning forward, you take hold of my chin.

“Would you like me to return the favor now, or surprise you with multiple orgasms later, at my discretion?” 

If you’d insisted on now, I, of course, would have deferred to your wishes. But since you gave me the option, I take advantage of the opportunity to make this moment all about my efforts to please you.

“I, um… If it’s alright, Sir… I’d like to be surprised… Later.”

You raise an eyebrow at me.

“Such restraint. I’m impressed, slave.” Squeezing my chin, you lean back. “In that case, go wash up. And put on something short and sexy so I can take you out and show you off.”

The instant I stand up and turn around, you smack my ass so hard it propels me forward. I cry out and smile back at you, biting my lip. Your expression is expectant, …Well?

“Yes, Sir.”

You grin and lean back into the plush cushions.

“That’s more like it.”

I flounce off to take a shower, eager for whatever treats and torments the day will bring.

On a cozy chic restaurant patio overlooking the water, we enjoy a late lunch of crudité, champagne, and oysters. You’re really pulling out all the stops to spoil me, and I’m flushed from all the wine and attention. Leaning close, you nuzzle against my neck.

“You look so amazing…” 
“Thank you, Sir…”

Blushing, I smile and lower my lashes. Sometimes the most simple outfits are infinitely pleasing to you, and this short, floral sundress is no exception. Granted, it’s low-cut to show off my tits rather nicely, and the fitted waist flares into a skirt that flounces around my plump ass when I walk. And I’m sure my strappy high-heeled sandals don’t hurt.

Even our pretty waitress is rather appreciative. She complimented my dress when we first arrived, and she’s been flirting with both of us the entire meal. When you order chocolate truffles for dessert and tell her why we’re celebrating, she smiles at me, all kinds of coy.

“Happy birthday, gorgeous.” Then she turns to you with a wicked grin. “Has she had her birthday spankings yet?” 

Laughing, you squeeze my waist.

“No, not yet…” 
“Well, don’t forget. Every birthday girl needs a good spanking.”

And with a wink, she was off. Grinning at me, you run your hands along my hip and under my ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

“She makes an excellent point, doesn’t she?”
“Yes, Sir…” 

While you continue to fondle my ass, I do my best not to wriggle too much so as not to draw extra attention. As soon as our waitress returns, she notices where your hand is and smirks, but makes no comment.

“Dark chocolate red chile truffles, and if you don’t mind settling up, my shift is ending soon. If you’d like to stay, I can arrange for Chrissy to take your table.”

The grin on your face tells me you have something devilish in mind.

“We’ll settle up now, thank you… And if you’re shift is ending… Perhaps you’d like to have the honor of administering her birthday spankings?” 

I must be beet red as the two of you share a laugh over your proposal. The waitress shamelessly ogles me in my clingy sundress, and I suspect I already know her answer.

“I’d love to. There’s an alcove downstairs, in the back. Meet me there in 20?”

You hand her our bill with cash, a hefty tip, and a sly wink.

“Sounds perfect.”

As soon as she’s gone you pull me closer and kiss me, asking if I’m excited for my spankings.

“Um… Yes, Sir… Also maybe a little embarrassed?”

“Mmm… Why’s that?”

“Because… She’s so pretty and… To be punished by a stranger…”

Tucking my hair behind my ear, you murmur quietly, “But these spankings aren’t punishment, they’re a birthday treat.”

“Yes, Master…”

“Besides,” you discreetly slide your hand under my dress and around my panties, stroking the wetness between my legs. “I’d say you’re more excited than anything. Isn’t that right?”

“Oh… God… Y-yes, Sir…”

“Good girl.”

And with a smile you take your hand away, popping a truffle in your mouth.

Finding the rear exit, you lead me down a narrow wooden staircase and down an open-air hallway. We find our waitress waiting in the alcove she described, and I’m slightly mortified to see that we’re only partially hidden from view. In the light of magic hour, there are plenty of beachgoers who could see us, if they happened to look closely.

Wasting no time, you instruct me to turn towards the wall, leaning forward with my hands pressed against the wooden slats, and sticking out my ass for the waitress. She’s delighted at your command of me, and doesn’t hesitate to join in, lifting my skirt to expose my small, lacy thong.

“Has she been a good birthday girl, or a naughty birthday girl?”
“Hmm… She’s been good, actually. But she’s a naughty girl in general. Why do you ask?”
“Because naughty girls get spanked with their panties pulled down.”
“A very good point. By all means, feel free.”

The waitress yanks down my panties until they’re around my knees, exposing my wet pussy to the two of you… And anyone else who might be watching.

“If you don’t mind,” I hear you say, before the familiar tone of the Record button on your phone. The waitress giggles.
“Of course not. You’ll want to make her watch this later, I’m sure.”
“Something tells me you’ve done this before…”

The two of you share a laugh again, and she asks how many birthday spankings I deserve. You settle on my age, and she insists that I count along. When she lands her first smack I’m thrust forward toward the wall. You remind me to hold still.

“You know how to take your spankings better than that, slave.”

At the word 'slave,' our waitress laughs again. 

“Ooh, your slave… Will you make her show me her tits while we’re at it?”

“Mmm… I’ll do it for you.”

With your phone in one hand, still recording, you use the other to tug down the top of my sundress. My tits spill out easily, and the waitress laughs before resuming her spankings.

“Keep counting, slave,” you remind me.

“Three… Mmm… Four… Ah… Five…” 

Filming from different angles, you capture every moment of my birthday ridicule-treat. My ass and tits jiggle with each blow, and I struggle to stay focused and keep counting. I accidentally say “23” twice, and you tell the waitress to add three more spankings for my error. By the time she finally reaches the last spanking, my ass stings so much I know it’ll hurt to sit for the rest of the night. 

Putting your phone away, you tell me to straighten up and say thank you. Those are your only instructions, so when I turn to the waitress, it’s with my tits out and my panties still around my ankles. 

“Thank you, for my spankings.”
“Mmm, thank you, gorgeous…” 

Moving close, she caresses my face with one hand and kisses me, using her other hand to fondle my tits and my ass. Then with one last smack, she smiles and bids us goodnight.

You stop her before she walks away and turn to me.

“Take off your panties.”

I do as I’m told and hand them to you. You toss them to the waitress with a wink.

“A memento, for a job well done.”

With a laugh, she tucks my wrecked panties in her pocket and strolls off into the sunset.

Adjusting my dress to cover my tits and now naked ass, you lead me back down the beach towards our vacation rental. When we get to the small patio, you press me up against the window and kiss me, your hands taking liberties with my body… 

I moan and writhe under your touch, not caring that we’re right on the beach and there are still plenty of people milling around down by the water.

My dress straps slip off my shoulders, and your mouth moves down my neck to my cleavage… My torso… And… Oh, god…

Lifting my skirt, you command me to spread my legs. The instant I do so, your mouth is on me, your tongue expertly savoring every inch of my wetness… I try to keep quiet since we’re outside, but you’re so goddamn good at this, I can’t help but let some of my gasps and sighs echo into the deepening dusk. 

Grabbing your hair, I buck against you with the eruption of my orgasm, and all I want in that moment is you inside me… 

“P-please… Sir… Please… I n-need you… Inside me…” 
“Mmm… Like this?”

Still crouched in front of me, you slide several fingers into my eager pussy and chuckle when I can’t help but cry out.

“Oh… God… Yes, Sir… Fuck, Yes…” 
“Is that all you want?”

Slowly fingering me while I squirm against your hand, you already know the answer.

“N-no… Sir… I w-want you to… Fuck me… Please… Oh, god…”
“Right here? Where anyone could see you getting good and fucked?”

The smirk in your voice practically makes me come all over again.

“Where… Wherever you w-want… Sir…”
“Mmm… That’s a good answer.”

Abruptly pulling away from me, you stand up and open the door to our beach house. I try to catch my breath as you lead me inside and instruct me to wait by the windows. You return from the kitchen with water for us to share, and I’m grateful for your insistence on staying hydrated. 

As soon as I set down the glass, you grab me by the waist and spin me toward the giant windows. Bending me forward, you put me right back in my spanking position, with my arms braced against the glass and my ass sticking out, inviting you in… 

Wrenching the top of my dress down again, you make sure my naked tits are on display for anyone who looks toward our windows. Then you lift up my skirt, kick my feet apart, and fuck me, relentless… My ass still stings from my spankings, and I cry out, openly, loudly, as you thrust into me over and over and over… 

“That’s a good girl… No need to be quiet in here, slave…” 

Pulling my head back by my hair, I arch into you as you fill me with your delicious cock… My tits slapping against the glass with every plunge. It doesn’t take me long to come again, and when I do there’s only one thing I can say…

“Thank you… Oh, fuck, god… Thank you, Sir… Thank you so much…”

And when you come, too, and I am overflowing, dripping down the insides of my legs… We collapse into each other and make our way to the floor, where we lie together catching our satisfied breath, listening to the sounds of our heartbeats and the ocean waves.

Without a doubt… Best. Birthday. Ever.