After Hours

Eva Monroe
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Published over 2 years ago
Chapter 2

After Hours (Part 2)

“Did I do something wrong, boss?” She sounded genuinely concerned, so I swiftly reassured her.

“Not at all. I just can’t wait any longer to do this…”

I pulled her to me, grabbing her hair with one hand and tugging her bra down with the other while I kissed her, hard and deep. She moaned into me and we fell back against the desk, knocking all kinds of rubbish to the floor.

While our tongues and mouths explored each other, I fondled her tits and squeezed her nipples… as soon as I pinched, she cried out, but when I looked at her face, she was smiling.

“Do you like that?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Mmmmm, oh fuck… yes… god, yes… harder…” Nico implored.

I let go of her nipples and chastised her, just a little.

“I’m going to need you to ask nicely,” I instructed.

She whimpered again and looked up at me with eyes full of longing.

“Please… please, boss? Will you please pinch my nipples harder?” she begged.

“Hmm… I don’t know,” I teased, “you haven’t finished cleaning up yet…”

Biting back her whimper this time, Nico did her best to look contrite. She didn’t openly pout or argue with me, and I realized the ball was still in my court.

“Pick up those papers off the floor,” I ordered. Ever the obedient worker, Nico did as she was told. She stacked up all the papers and then held the pile out to me.

“Where would you like me to put them, boss?” she asked.

“On that shelf, please,” I said, and immediately wondered if politeness was a buzzkill for her… 

If it was, she showed no sign of it. She simply followed my instructions and then presented herself to me, her exposed nipples still standing at attention. I took her by the waist and pulled her back to me.

“Such a good girl,” I whispered, and she sighed happily.

“Thank you, boss…”

“Would you like your reward now?” I asked.

“Oh, yes… yes please, boss…” 

Unhooking her bra, I slid it off of her and tossed it onto the desk. Nico arched her back ever so slightly, offering me her naked tits. 

I wanted to devour them, but I took my time, teasing her nipples with flicks and pinches and twists. She moaned louder and louder, her hips grinding against me, until I reminded her that the bookstore next door was still open.

“You’ll have to be a little quieter,” I cautioned her, “unless you want all those people to know what an insatiable, naughty girl you are…”

Chewing on her lip, Nico bit back her moans.

“I… I can be quieter,” she insisted.

“Are you sure?” I pinched her nipples harder than ever, and her hands gripped my back until her nails dug into my skin. Her moans still escaped her, but much, much quieter this time.

“I’m impressed,” I told her, relinquishing my hold. She leaned into me, with a sensual kiss.

“Thank you, boss,” she purred.

“If you can stay that quiet, I think you’ve earned another reward,” I offered.

Nico let me guide her to the other side of the desk, where there was a bit more room. Ever since the night when she’d flashed me her panties, there were two words that had dominated my fantasies about Nico… and now I’d been granted the chance to utter them in real life.

“Bend over,” I commanded her.

And god fucking bless her, she did.

Slowly, deliberately, I pulled her thong down to her ankles. For a few brief moments, I simply savored the sight of her… Nico’s naked body, bent over stupid Jason’s desk, waiting for me to touch her, to taste her… I sent up a small prayer of thanks to whoever was listening. I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d done to earn this moment, but I would oh so so so gladly do it again.

Running my hand up the inside of her right thigh prompted Nico to open her legs for me. I slipped my fingers between her legs, and moaned out loud at the dripping wetness I found there.

“Good god,” I told her, “you are so fucking wet.”

“Thanks to you,” she flattered me. And I accepted her compliment. The proof was there, all over my hand.

Teasing Nico’s clit, I worked my way around her eager pussy. Leaning forward, I spoke softly in her ear with a crucial reminder… 

“Now, remember… you can’t be too loud, or I’ll have to stop. Are you going to be a good, quiet girl for me?” I taunted her. It clearly wouldn’t be easy. She was already squirming and clamping her mouth shut.

“Y-yes… yes, b-boss… oh, god, oh, fuck…” Nico kept pressing herself against my hand, until I practically had no other choice but to thrust my fingers inside her. She gulped back a moan that threatened to be much too loud, and I stilled my movements until she quieted down. Then I found her g-spot.

She cried out, unbridled. I couldn’t help but thrust a few more times, but then I abruptly took my hand away from her. A threat is no good without follow through.

“No, please… please don’t stop…” she begged. The sound of it sent a thrill from top to toes… I was feeling pretty fucking heady from the way Nico responded to me. The ache in her voice, the pleading in her eyes.

I walked around to the front of the desk, but Nico didn’t move. She stayed bent over, legs spread apart, and kept begging.

“Please, I’m sorry, I can be quiet,” she insisted.

“Clearly that isn’t true,” I shook my head and sighed, doing my best to convey disappointment in Nico’s lack of self-control.

Still prostrate for me, her eyes scanned the room.

“Um… one of the cleaning rags… you could… shove it in my mouth?” she suggested.

I followed her gaze to a stack of freshly laundered cloths, and considered her idea.

“Is that what you want?” I asked.

She nodded, her gaze imploring me.

“Yes. Yes, please…”

An irrepressible smirk flashed across my face. It was intoxicating, her willingness - eagerness - to surrender herself to me. In order to keep it from going to my head, I reminded myself how badly I wanted her, too. Then I grabbed a rag from the stack of clean linens.

Crossing back to her, I gently caressed her face.

“Open your mouth,” I instructed.

Nico obeyed, and I gently stuffed the small square of cloth into her, until it filled her mouth. She looked up at me, eyes wide, and nodded when I chastised her, just a little.

“There, we’ll see if this helps stifle all that naughty moaning of yours.”

Returning to my position behind Nico’s bare ass, I landed one sharp smack that made her cry out in muffled surprise.

“That’s for begging me to waive your punishment of deprivation.” Smack, smack. I’d never thought much about spanking someone before, but I had to admit… there was something so satisfying about watching her cheeks jiggle after the blow, and then turn red from the force of my touch. Leaving my mark on Nico’s skin made it feel like… she was mine.

Smack, smack, smack… 

“If you’re going to get the orgasm you crave, you need to be punished for your disobedience another way.” Smack, smack… “Don’t you agree?”

Nico whimpered a little through her gag, and then nodded her consent.

After about 10 more smacks, I decided she’d had enough, for now.

I told her as much, and then resumed my exploration of all the delights between Nico’s legs.

She’d been wet before, but after all those spankings… she was an absolute mess.

“Oh, fuck… look at you.” I teased. “Apparently my dirty girl really, really enjoyed her punishment. Is that right?” I asked.

Nico hesitated for a fraction of a second, and then nodded.

“Mmmhmm…” came her muffled reply.

“Yeah? You liked being spanked, didn’t you, my naughty, dirty girl…”

As I talked, I slid my fingers back inside her, taking a little time to get back to where I knew she wanted me to go. Nico’s hips wriggled, her soaking wet pussy rubbing against my hand, the volume of her moans suppressed by the makeshift gag filling her mouth. 

I finally landed on her g-spot again, and her cries grew louder, but not loud enough to conquer the gag.

“That’s much better,” I praised her. “Begging me to gag you so I could fuck you properly was a very good idea, my dirty girl.”

Nico arched her back, pushing herself up until her naked tits were within my reach.

“Is this what you wanted?” I asked her.

She nodded and told me as emphatically as she could, “Mmmhmmm…”

While I stroked her g-spot, I reached around and started to torment one of her perky little nipples. She groaned, uttering stifled words that sounded like, “oh god yes…” 

“Good. Now I want you to come for me.” I told her.

And I did my job, working her into a frenzy by caressing her g-spot and fondling her nipple until she bucked and writhed under my touch.

“Tell me,” I directed her. “Tell me when you do.”

I pulled the cloth out of her mouth and she cried out instantly.

“Oh god! I’m coming! I’m co-coming… f-for… you…” 

Unrestrained, Nico was yelling so loud anyone on that city block probably heard her. As the waves of her orgasm subsided, I kept my hand in place while I pulled her back and cradled her against me, smiling.

“Now everyone next door definitely knows what a naughty, dirty girl you are,” I teased her.

Nico smiled and looked up at me.

“I don’t care, it was worth it.” She murmured. 

I kissed her, slow and deep, and she shuddered when I took my hand away.

I told her to get dressed, and that I would finish what little cleaning was left. She tried to protest, but I insisted.

If I was going to be any kind of boss, it would be a benevolent one.

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