After Hours

Eva Monroe
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Published almost 3 years ago
Chapter 3

After Hours (Part 3)

Unsurprisingly, I suddenly started to like my job. Okay, ‘like’ was maybe a strong word, but I had things to look forward to now, and they all took the form of Nico. Her staggering body, her lack of inhibitions, her willingness to introduce me to this world of kink, helping me explore things I never knew I wanted.

One of the perks of Annoying Jason pawning his work off on me was that I got to make the schedule. Nico and I almost never worked a shift without each other anymore, and each one was a new adventure in hedonism.

After a few more escapades after hours, I started to feel a little braver, and to take risks in the middle of our shift. The first time it happened, we were in the midst of some playful banter when I asked Nico to grab a few bags of coffee beans from the back.

“I just took a latte order,” she sassed, “get them yourself.”

She smiled and stuck her tongue out at me. I raised my eyebrows and smirked.

“Okay,” I replied, “if that’s how you want to play…”

I saw her smile falter and her eyes grow wide as I headed to the back room. When I brought the coffee beans back to where Nico stood steaming milk, I set them next to her and took the opportunity to speak quietly in her ear.

“I think you know that kind of insolence can’t go unpunished,” I murmured.

She nodded, her voice barely a whisper. “Yes, boss…”

“As soon as you’re done with those drinks, go to the bathroom and take off your panties, then bring them back to me,” I instructed her. 

Nico responded with another nod and something that sounded like a cross between a sigh and a whimper. I resisted the urge to smack her naughty ass right then and there, only because there was no way to do it without drawing all sorts of unwanted attention.

While I ground coffee beans, I watched Nico deliver the lattes and then scurry off to the bathroom. Her skirt today was flouncy and black with a pattern of large, colorful flowers. I felt a thrill go through my body, wondering what her panties looked like today, and knowing I’d get to find out in mere moments.

A few minutes later, she was standing next to me, surreptitiously placing a folded up square of pink, lace fabric in my palm. I pocketed it, anticipating the moment I could get away and take a closer look. For the time being I rewarded Nico with a small smile.

“Good girl,” I said. “Now you can spend the rest of the day feeling like the naughty girl you are. You’ll still have to be more thoroughly punished for your impertinence later tonight, of course. But if you behave yourself for the rest of the day, maybe I’ll go easy on you.”

“Yes, boss.” Nico said, with demurely lowered lashes. She started to turn away, but at the last moment she stammered, “Th-thank you, boss.”

Out of all the new discoveries I was making with Nico, this one was the hardest to get used to. It still barely registered that a woman as amazing as Nico wanted to do these things with me, so every time she thanked me for what I saw as the gifts she was giving me… well, needless to say it was difficult to wrap my brain around.

Not that I was complaining.

“You’re welcome,” I took my cue. “Now be a good girl and go get some work done.”

After Nico complied, I slipped away to one of the single-person bathrooms and locked myself in. Fishing the pink lace out of my pocket, I unfolded them to reveal a tiny, sheer g-string.

The idea might’ve been to torment Nico for the rest of the day, but I found myself in my own state of blissful agony, thinking about her nakedness under that skirt… and wondering if these salacious little panties came with a matching bra… 

Later that evening, when things were winding down, I saw Nico chatting with our coworker Sarah. My naughty little girl must’ve forgotten she wasn’t wearing panties, because she bent over to get some milk out of the cooler and practically flashed her naked pussy to the entire store. Sarah most definitely saw… I watched her go wide-eyed, blushing and quickly looking away. 

When Nico stood up, Sarah played it off well, smiling and carrying on their conversation as though nothing had happened. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Nico, in accordance with my new role in her life, something most certainly had happened, and it was my job to make sure she knew what she’d done.

Sarah had stepped up to the counter to help a customer, leaving me and Nico by the espresso station. Surreptitiously gripping Nico’s elbow, I gave her a quiet ‘tsk tsk’ and shook my head at her.

Wide-eyed, she looked up at me with a mixture of innocence and submission.

“What is it? I’ve been a good girl, I promise,” she insisted.

“That’s mostly true,” I agreed. “But I’m afraid just now you flashed your naked pussy to poor unsuspecting Sarah.”

Nico swallowed and chewed her lip, now visibly nervous.

“I… I did?” she asked, sufficiently bashful.

“Yes, you sure did,” I chastised her. “You should only bend from the waist like that for me,” I insisted.

She nodded that adorable head of hers, agreeing at once.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” Her apology was sincere, but I knew she wouldn’t want me to let her off the hook so easily.

“I believe you,” I offered, in full Benevolent Master mode. “But I’m sure you want to prove to me just how sorry you are, don’t you?”

“I do, I will,” she swore, her voice naked with eagerness.

I cocked one eyebrow at her. “And how will you do that?”

“I’ll d-do anything you want me to, boss. Please. Let me prove it to you.”

Damn. That was a new one. I had to admit, I was a little thrown by her offer to “do anything…” Just what exactly did I want her to do? I needed to buy myself some time, to figure out an appropriate way for her to demonstrate her remorse. In the meantime, I intended to keep playing my part for her, and to play it well.

“I’ll let you know tonight, after closing. For now, I expect your absolute best behavior, or you can expect your ass to be spanked so hard you’ll have trouble sitting for the rest of the week.” I hoped I sounded more confident than I felt in my declarations. And I hoped the internet had some helpful, kinky ideas for punishing a misbehaving submissive that weren’t on my Hard No list.

As soon as Nico and I were the last two in the store, I told her to do a thorough cleaning of the espresso machine, and then sequestered myself in the back office. I’d already decided on her punishment, but I had to do some menial work of my own to prep for it, and I liked the idea of making her wait a little longer.

The punishment I liked the best involved remote controlled, vibrating panties, but since I had no such magical item at hand, I’d had to go with my second choice. That morning it had been raining, and Nico came in wearing her classic trench coat, which made her look so stylish and delectable I’d wanted to ravage her then and there. Conveniently, it served for the perfect prop for her penance.

Once I’d tallied up all our earnings for the day, I called Nico back to “my” office. She hurried in, quiet and unquestioning. When she stood in front of me, she kept her hands clasped behind her back and her lashes lowered. She was the very picture of repentance.

“How was your day?” I asked.

“Um… good?” Nico seemed startled by the question.

“Did you enjoy spending most of it without your panties on?” I teased.

“Um…” her voice was small and breathy. “Y-yes… I did. Thank you, boss.”

“You’re always so grateful,” I acknowledged. “It makes me very happy.”

“I’m so glad to hear it, boss. Making you happy is my favorite thi- oh! Ohhh…”

I cut her off by slipping my fingers between her legs, where I discovered just how slippery and wet Nico was.

“Oh my,” I couldn’t help but chuckle. “It feels like you really enjoyed spending the day without panties…”

Panting a little while I caressed between her legs, Nico nodded in agreement.

“Y-yes… I did, b-boss… I loved it…”

“Mmm… I can tell.” I abruptly removed my fingers and looked around for something to wipe them off. When I turned to Nico, I saw her staring at my hand, soaking with her wetness.

“You can see for yourself, can’t you?” I asked. Nico nodded and licked her lips. Which gave me an idea. “Does my dirty, naughty girl want to clean my fingers for me?”

“Yes… please, boss… if I may?” She asked.

If she may… Good god, I was hands down the luckiest son-of-a-bitch on the planet.

“You may,” I replied, and proceeded to stick my fingers in her eager, willing mouth, one by one. Nico luxuriated in licking and sucking each finger, slowly, letting me play with her lips and sticking out her tongue for me when I told her to.

Satisfied with her work, I praised her for a job well done and then leaned against the desk. Before Nico’s punishment, I’d decided to review her offenses.

“Now, if you recall, you’re only without panties in the first place because you were a saucy little brat earlier today, weren’t you?” It sometimes startled me how natural it felt, to be in the position of lecturing, guiding, and instructing Nico. It was a powerful intoxicant, to know that she not only didn’t mind it, but that she actually got off on it.

“Yes, boss.” Nico’s lashes had resumed pointing toward the floor. “I’m so sorry, boss.”

“And then, because you’re a very naughty girl you forgot you weren’t wearing any panties, and you bent over in such a way that you embarrassed our poor, startled coworker Sarah by flashing her. She now knows - along with who knows how many of our customers - what your naked ass and pussy look like.” 

My mini-scolding inspired a flush of red that crept up Nico’s cleavage to her cheeks.

“I know, I’m so, so sorry, boss.” Nico shifted on her feet, her gaze still lowered.

“How does that make you feel?” I asked.

Again, she seemed surprised by the question. It took her a moment to answer, and I waited patiently.

“I… um… well, I guess, mostly embarrassed?” she stammered. “B-but also… um… a little, um… turned on?” 

Now it was my turn to be surprised. This girl never ceased to amaze me.

“Hmm. Well, I don’t want you accidentally flashing people in the future, is that clear?” I’d started to feel very proprietary about Nico, and didn’t feel much like sharing. It was something I intended to talk with her about later, when we weren’t in the middle of sexy play, so I could ask how she felt about belonging to just me.

“Yes, boss. Perfectly clear.” Nico replied.

“And since you didn’t notice when it happened today, I thought we’d have a little lesson.” I declared.

Nico squirmed a little at the word “lesson,” but since she didn’t say anything (especially not “radish”), I determined that it was a good squirming.

“I want you to fetch the red binder on that bottom shelf for me, by crouching to retrieve it.” I instructed.

Obeying at once, Nico did as she was told, and then stood to hand me the binder.

“Very good,” I praised, taking it from her. Then I walked around behind her, giving additional orders on the way. “Now I want you to fetch the blue binder on the same shelf, but bend from the waist.”

As soon as Nico compiled, her skirt slipped up and exposed her naked bottom to me. Without hesitation, I spanked her, once on each cheek. She cried out with each smack.

“Can you feel the difference?” I asked.

“Y-yes…” Nico stuttered.

“Are you sure?” I asked again, “Because you couldn’t tell earlier today.”

Still bent at the waist and exposed to me, Nico’s perfect ass bounced a little as she nodded. 

“I-I’m sure, I promise.” She insisted.

“I think maybe one more for good measure,” I replied, and spanked her hardest right between her legs. The smack was extra loud because Nico’s pussy was so wet. She moaned and squirmed, but didn’t stand up until I instructed her to do so.

A few days earlier, when we were post-coital and talking about our Yes and No lists, Nico had insisted that being spanked between her legs was a major turn on. I’d been worried about how painful it would be for her, but she was adamant that that was precisely the point, so I’d promised to try it, for her. 

Turns out, I definitely didn’t hate it.

With Nico standing before me again, I returned to my post leaning against the desk.

“Take off your clothes. Leave your shoes on.” I commanded. In this moment, I saw no need for pretense. Nico obeyed, quickly at first, but slowing down when I asked her to. There was something particularly enticing about watching her undress for me, slowly… deliberately… 

When she stood before me, naked but for her kicks, I took a moment to drink in the view. Nico waited patiently, obediently, until I gave her further instruction.

“Did you close all of the blinds?” I asked.

“Yes, boss.” She replied.

“In that case, I want you to go to your locker and fetch your trench coat. You’ll need it for your next task.”

 Showing no sign of reluctance, Nico left the room at once. I followed her with the sealed bag containing the money drop for the night, and waited in the front while she retrieved her coat.

A skilled submissive, Nico came back to me holding her coat. She hadn’t put it on because I hadn’t told her to. I adored her attention to detail.

“Put it on,” I instructed, “and come here.”

Wrapping herself in the coat, Nico buttoned and belted it on her way over to me. I smiled at her, unable to hide my pleasure.

“You are a very good, obedient girl, Nico.” Even if she was technically being punished, I couldn’t let her excellent behavior go unacknowledged.

She rewarded me in turn with flushed cheeks and a smile of her own.

“Thank you, boss.” She demurred.

I handed her the deposit, and resumed my Stern Voice.

“To prove how sorry you are for misbehaving today, I want you to take this deposit over to the night drop at the bank. Do you know where that is?” Nico nodded, her doe eyes wide. “Good. I’ll open the blinds that face the bank so I can watch you. The last thing I want is for your safety to be compromised.”

“Thank you.” Nico’s gaze took on the shape of adoration. “That’s so kind of you.”

I shook my head.

“No, it isn’t. It’s common decency. You deserve nothing less than to be cared for and kept safe. Don’t ever forget that, okay?” No matter how much I enjoyed dominating her, I felt an undeniable gentleness toward Nico. I knew I would always do everything in my power to protect her, and I needed her to know that, too.

She smiled up at me, full-on blushing now.

“Okay. I won’t forget.” Nico said.

With the deposit in hand, she left the store. As promised, I opened the blinds to watch her scurry across the parking lot to the bank next door. I’d felt a thrill at the idea of having her run an errand while naked under her coat, but I had not anticipated the electricity I would feel watching her actually go through with it.

When Nico made her way back across the parking lot, grinning and flushed from the cool night air, I knew I was done for. As soon as she walked through the door, I was going to tear off that trenchcoat and ravage her exquisite body, challenging myself to bring her to new heights of pleasure… 

There would be no more punishment. At least not tonight.

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