Camp Ardenne

Lauren Emily
11 mins read
Published about 2 years ago
Chapter 7

Reunion Swap

“This sounded so much better in my head.”

After making this declaration, Rainbow flopped back on the bed. At least it was comfy: marshmallow-soft and pleasantly bouncy, with excellent back support. You got what you paid for at fancy hotels, not that she had much experience.

Aubrey looked down at her, bemused. 

Did that guy have a bad angle? Was he always this fucking hot or was Rainbow just that fucking nervous?

“We can just watch Netflix,” he said, that insanely deep timbre sending shivers down Rainbow’s spine.

She wondered what Ian and Zazie were doing. 

“Seriously,” Aubrey said. The mattress gave as he lay on his side facing Rainbow, far enough away she didn’t feel crowded, close enough she could feel heat radiating off of him. Attraction wasn’t a problem, Rainbow’s nerves were. 

Aubrey started scrolling through his phone. “I got Stranger Things, that movie where they go to Ibiza, Guardians of the Galaxy 2…

Rainbow perked up. “That scene with the slow dance, though.”

“Sam Cooke for life.” Aubrey held up his hand and Rainbow slapped it. Kind of a dorky gesture from such a dreamy guy – she relaxed a bit.

“I really did want to do this with you,” she said. Aubrey slid his phone in his pocket and focused on her. 

Oh god, those eyes. How did Zazie stay away?

Probably the same way Rainbow and Ian did: as many weekend visits as they could manage and a shitload of dirty texts. And Skypes. And phone calls.

Long distance was a bitch. 

“You can change your mind,” Aubrey said. “Seriously, you’re not going to hurt my feelings.” He smiled. “Zazie and I have been apart three weeks. I’m not worried about getting laid this weekend.”

“I still can’t believe you and Ian are on the same tour,” Rainbow said. She rolled on her back and stared at the ceiling, clean off-white scallops. 

She also scooted ever so slightly closer to Aubrey. God, he was a big man. Not for the first time, she wondered what his cock looked like, felt like.

Aubrey rolled on his back too – whether he’d noticed Rainbow had shifted near, she couldn’t tell. “Been nice having a fellow Ardenne-r around.” He paused, then addressed the ceiling. “Ardenne man? Ardenne person?”

“Ardenne-aline,” Rainbow suggested, feeling smarter than the day she figured out the hypo in Torts and her grumpy law professor grudgingly nodded in approval. “Like adrenaline, but camp-specific.”

Aubrey laughed, glancing over at Rainbow. Her cheeks warmed. Their hands were almost touching, and now Aubrey looked down, threaded his fingers in hers, then back up at her. “This okay?”

Oh yeah. Chemistry is not an issue here.

Rainbow sighed, then quickly reassured Aubrey. “That was me being happy.” She smiled, and he smiled back. “Yes. This is okay.”

“Hi,” Zazie said to Ian, whose back was still pressed up against the door. 

He sucked in his lips, then gave her a tight grin. “Hi.”

“You’re terrified, aren’t you?”

Ian let out the mother of all groans, tapping his head back against the wall, and Zazie had to laugh. “That obvious?” Ian asked.

“I get it,” Zazie said. “When Rainbow brought up this whole swapping thing up last month, I thought it would be fun, and then dinner was great, but…” She toyed with the top of her thigh-high. “When we got in the room, I realized –“

“We’ve never been alone before?” Ian finished.

“Yeah.” Zazie could see exactly what Rainbow saw in him: the sly grin, that confidence that imbued every gesture, every syllable. The guy was positively magnetic onstage – he’d rocked his performance tonight – but down-to-earth and funny too. And she’d definitely heard about the wonders of Ian’s cock, so memorable Rainbow had made a dildo out of it.

But fantasizing about Ian (and Zazie definitely had) was one thing. Being here with him, while her boyfriend and his girlfriend played in the other room? Quite another.

Still, though, she could feel the heat of his body, the way her breasts were a whisper away from making contact with his chest. Her nipples tightened, thinking about the bed behind him, the trouble they could get into between those sheets…

“The way I see it,” Zazie said, “we could go next door, get Rainbow and Aubrey and call it a night. I’m good with that if it’s what you want to do.” Tiptoeing backwards into the center of the room, Zazie let Ian take her in: the push-up bra, the thigh-highs, the tight lace dress she’d bought just for tonight. 

She did so love playing the temptress. 

And if Zazie were honest, the idea of fucking another man – and hearing Aubrey fuck another woman in the room next door – was more than a little titillating.

“Or,” she continued, seeing Ian’s eyes light up, following her every move, “we could kiss for a while, see where that goes.” 

“Come here,” Ian said, his voice going down about three octaves. And now I’m wet. Aubrey’s baritone had spoiled her for life.

Kicking off her high heels – they were sexy as fuck but killing her feet – Zazie hightailed it back to the door.

She touched her lips to Ian’s.

“Would you like to kiss me?”

Normally, Rainbow was ace at making the first move. Hell, she’d engineered a threesome that was also a dildo-making party this past summer. 

Tonight, however, she felt like mixing it up a little. Here was this beautiful man, who was happy just to watch Netflix with her. She wanted him to come to her. Just to see how it felt.

She knew she wanted to be here, that she wanted Aubrey. She just felt like trying on a new role for size. Hey, they were all actors.

Aubrey nodded, intense gaze never leaving hers. Moving closer, he put a hand on her cheek – god his hands were huge – and leaned in.

Oh fuck.

Aubrey’s lips were soft but intense. Authoritative, letting you know what he wanted (which right now was Rainbow), but he’d get there when he damn well pleased, and you’d enjoy the ride. 

The fact that he was taking his time made Rainbow even hungrier, hotter for him, so when he gently pulled her on top, their kiss deepening, she gladly gave over, straddling his strong body, and – oh – feeling him get hard under his trousers. His hands slid down to cup her ass over the fabric of her dress and Rainbow moaned in his mouth, spreading her legs wider, adjusting herself so her clit rubbed against his cock.

They weren’t even naked yet and she knew she wanted to fuck him stupid.

Damn, Ian.

Zazie should have known – Rainbow had excellent taste in everything from hair color to glitter dildos – but she wasn’t expected this kiss with Ian to be so…explosive. The way he sucked on her tongue, always wanting more. The way he let his lips travel to her neck, devouring it in a way that was almost vampiric. Zazie usually wasn’t into being bitten, but the way Ian did it, working his lips and tongue over her neck before gently nipping, she moaned and leaned into it, thinking of Aubrey discovering the bite mark later…

And then she felt Ian’s cock, long and thick. They were still fully dressed, kissing against the hotel door (though she was pressed up against it now), and the feel of his shaft against her clit, through all their clothes, made Zazie want to come in a way she hadn’t since high school.

“Don’t stop,” she heard herself say, that breathy moan she used years ago with her teenage boyfriend as they fumbled in his parents’ basement, unsure of what exactly they wanted but knowing the wanting, that base instinct, as soon as they discovered it. 

“Wrap your legs around me,” Ian said in her ear, his voice rough and demanding. Once she obeyed, he slid his hands up and down her stockings, holding her in place as she slithered all over that lovely cock, still fully clothed, his mouth pressed on her neck as she moved her hips just so, crying out her climax when it came and hoping Aubrey and Rainbow could hear through these thick walls.

As Zazie came down from the adrenaline high, she laughed a little, surprised at how quickly she’d gotten into this swap.

One incredibly hot makeout was all it took.

Grinning and cocking his head toward the bed, Ian said, “Let’s get naked.”

“Is that Zazie?” 

Above Rainbow, Aubrey cocked his head toward the moan. He grinned. “Yeah. Definitely my woman.”

“That’s lovely,” Rainbow breathed as Aubrey kissed her nose. Zazie came long and guttural, with a hint of high-pitched. Very different from Rainbow, but lovely nonetheless. The perfect soundtrack to Aubrey tonguing her breasts, his big hands skimming over her body, his cock thick and hard against her stomach.

She wanted to fuck him so bad, but the foreplay was oh so nice.

“I haven’t done this in a while,” Rainbow said as he worked her over. Aubrey really knew his way around a woman’s tits, and the soft scratchiness of his beard against the sensitive skin was leaving her awash in sensation. “Just rolled around naked with someone.” She was so wet, knowing when she did come it would be explosive, and the anticipation was delicious.

“Me neither,” Aubrey said. “Time’s usually at a premium with me and Zazie.” He lifted his head from her chest. “You have gorgeous tits, by the way.”

“Thank you,” Rainbow murmured, letting her hand travel down to his cock, and Aubrey closed his eyes, biting his lip as she stroked hardness, up and down, finding a rhythm. “You’re gonna make me come with that shit,” he said, and from the tone of his voice Rainbow could tell he’d be okay with that.

But she had a better idea.

Sliding her hand up his side, Rainbow looked him in the eye.

“Wanna sixty-nine?”

“Oh fuck, Zazie, just like that.”

Ian lay nude on the queen-size bed, supine except for one part of him, which was currently in Zazie’s mouth.

Rainbow hadn’t been lying.

Ian’s cock was decidedly different from Aubrey’s – longer, less girth – but just the right size for Zazie to tease with her mouth and hands before taking him fully in. Sliding her short fingernails up his inner thigh, making him hiss with pleasure, Zazie began to score her nails over his balls while sucking him, loving the feel of his hardness in her mouth, the power she had over him, knowing her slutty lingerie, the way she’d come against the hotel room door had all played a part in creating this glorious erection she was currently worshipping.

Then suddenly, Ian went quiet.

“This is amazing, don’t get me wrong,” he said, erasing Zazie’s temporary flash of panic. “But I want to fuck you now, if you’re into it.”

Oh, she was very into it.

As Ian rolled on a condom, Zazie lay on the bed. Never breaking eye contact, she pushed her lacy panties aside, otherwise keeping her bra, garters and stockings on. 

“It’s like that, huh?” Ian said, grinning, his hard-on almost tapping his belly.

“It is exactly like that,” Zazie confirmed, beginning to rub her clit as he watched. “Oh,” she sighed, playing with herself just the way she liked, knowing how close she was again, wanting to slide her fingers in and finish the job but wanting Ian inside her even more. “Get over here,” she managed to choke out. 

“I can do that,” Ian said, and before Zazie knew it, she was full of cock.

“Harder,” Zazie begged as Ian began to thrust. She could feel her walls stretching but welcomed the sensation, relished the new man learning her body. “Oh Ian, oh god,” she groaned, knowing it wouldn’t be long for either of them, feeling the soft mattress under her back, the cool slick sheets, loving the smell of sex starting to permeate the room.

Ian grunted with the effort, throwing one of Zazie’s legs over his shoulder and thrusting even deeper – and suddenly she felt it, the point of no return, the certainty that she was going to finish, and finish hard.

“Here it comes,” Zazie cried out and Ian doubled down, going harder, faster as she kept her eyes open and watched the room shatter apart. When orgasm hit, Zazie arched her back, heard Ian’s deep groans, felt him going in and out and in and out and in and out, moving her hips over and over and relishing the sensation of getting completely, beautifully fucked.

Aubrey feasted on Rainbow’s pussy. 

There was no other word, the way he savored her folds, her clitoris, using his mouth in ways she didn’t know were possible, like she was a delicious treat.

She would tell him so if he weren’t fucking her mouth.

Aubrey’s hands weren’t lying – the guy was huge, and she had to use her hands more than she was used to, but judging from the times he came up for air and ran his hands over her ass, rumbling “don’t stop, sweetheart, it’s so good”, she suspected he was into it. Rainbow did so love sucking cock.

Next door, the moans of their lovers were loud and demanding, giving Rainbow an idea.

“Lick me till I come on your face,” she said, forward even for her, but she wanted Aubrey to smell like her, wanted to rub all over his perfect face. The sensation of his beard between her thighs alone was making her hungrier. 

“You’re such a little slut,” Aubrey said admiringly, and Rainbow twisted around to look at him over her shoulder, face shiny with her.

“Thank you,” she said. “Now get back to work.”

Maybe it was the dirty talk, the idea she was getting away with something even though her partner had sanctioned it. The sounds of Ian and Zazie’s satisfaction and the headboard hitting the wall. The sensation of Aubrey’s velvet tongue laving her clitoris, his generous cock filling her mouth, the way his balls were tightening, on the verge of explosion. 

But as Rainbow spread her legs wider, moved her hips, felt Aubrey’s finger slide inside and began to stroke, she knew this would be the biggest orgasm of her life. Still jerking Aubrey’s beautiful cock, she threw her head back and moaned like she’d never moaned before, coming all over his face and loving every second.

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