Lauren Emily
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Chapter 5

Oh! You Have No Idea


Gingerly, Lily pushed open the door and looked around for signs of life. A tingle ran through her body as her nose caught a whiff of that signature floral scent combined with something spicy. Sketches of elegant women papered the walls, along with posters for burlesque shows. But where was she? Had Lily gotten the date wrong?

“Follow my voice!” 

Apparently not. Smoothing her new day dress, Lily closed the door and made her way into Fleur’s inner sanctum, her low heels clicking on the polished wood floors.

Once Lily reached the end of the hallway and poked her head in, she promptly gasped.

Fleur sat in the very middle of a small walk-in closet, stuffed to the brim with hatboxes, errant high-heeled shoes, and colorful beaded fabric, the latter of which was threatening to drown her.

Lily had to giggle at the sight of this mussed-up glamour girl, whose usually smooth, perfect bob was sticking up on one end. Fleur grinned. “Don’t ask me how I got like this.”

Lily carefully stepped around a precariously stacked pile of valises. “How can I help?”

“Oh! That’s not why I asked you here,” Fleur said, batting away a hot pink feather floating in the air. “I thought I’d organize my closet before you arrived, and then it all fell on me! I’m a regular Chicken Little.” She held up a hand. “Here, help me up and I’ll make us some tea.”

But Lily’s brain had already clicked into efficient assistant mode, even though it was a Saturday afternoon and she was still battling last night’s bathtub gin hangover. “Why don’t we finish what you started?”

Fleur’s blue eyes widened, and a huge smile spread across her lovely face. “Do you mean that? I’d be very grateful.”

Lily shivered, remembering how Fleur had expressed her gratitude last time. She wouldn’t mind a repeat performance…

Watch yourself, murmured the angel on her shoulder, who refused to shut up at times like this. 

“I’m happy to help,” Lily said, trying hard not to think naughty thoughts about this beautiful showgirl and her delicious mouth. “Now, where should we start?”

“Where’d you learn to be a dancer?” Lily asked.

Fleur bit her plump lower lip, folding a black lace garter belt and placing it in the designated pile. They’d been chatting happily for the past half hour about Chicago, their respective nightlives and Fleur’s daytime career as a seamstress (she’d made most of the beautiful things they were currently organizing), but now a silence descended over the tiny room.

“I left home when I was fifteen,” Fleur said quietly, looking up from her long-lashed eyes. “My family runs one of the big stockyards on the South Side, and my father – ” She let out a shaky laugh. “Well, let’s just say he liked his belts.”

“I’m so sorry,” Lily said softly. She didn’t agree with her family most of the time, but other than a few spankings when they were little, her parents had never raised a hand to their children. She’d never considered how lucky she was.

Fleur smiled. “Thanks. Anyway, I could always move. Dance. I liked dancing more than anything. And Charles was already here – I’ve known him my whole life, he’s South Side too – so I lived with him for a while until I got on my feet, taking in sewing and making my way around the scene. I even met Gypsy Rose Lee.”


Fleur nodded as she picked up an errant stocking and deposited it in the designated space. “She said I had talent. I had such stars in my eyes.”

“I would too.” Lily picked up a dark green evening gown and carefully hung it next to its similarly-colored sisters. “So you, uh, lived with Charles?”

“I did.” Fleur seemed to read Lily’s mind. “It’s in the past now. But he’s always there when I need him.” She smiled. “He’s smitten with you, by the by.”

Lily’s face warmed. “You think so?”

“I know so. He can’t stop talking about you, the nights you’re not at the club.”

“I’m…” Lily bit her lip. Could she trust Fleur and want a repeat performance of what happened before the raid? 

“I feel like I’m smitten with everyone I meet.” The words rushed out before Lily could stop them. Her face was now flaming hot, and she ducked behind a silk dress, which smelled so very Fleur that Lily was now getting those feelings between her legs, which was even worse.

“What do you mean?” Fleur cocked her head in a very endearing way, and surrounded by colorful fancies, Lily was off to the races. She described everything from her first encounter with Charles to her kiss with Clare, which she and Clare had later laughed off as tipsy silliness between roommates, to her night with Hal last week, which Hal did not laugh off. 

Instead, her boss was making moony eyes at her whenever he thought Lily wasn’t looking and clearing his throat so much until she asked if he had a cold and he looked away. He didn’t try to touch or kiss her. Except for the prolonged gazes, Hal was the consummate professional. Lily couldn’t lie to herself or Fleur – she liked the attention, the feeling of being wanted, but she wished Hal would talk to her about it, and as his assistant, she felt strange bringing it up herself.

“I’m just from a place where you meet and marry one man – one man – and that’s it,” Lily finished, still blushing furiously. “And then I come here and, uh, encounter everyone I meet in the Biblical sense, and it’s all very wonderful except for when my boss is making eyes at me across his desk and trying to act like he isn’t, and I guess I’m not sure where to go from here.”

Fleur smiled knowingly. “You’re in love with love, huh?”

“Not sure I’d call it love.” Lily laughed ruefully. 

Fleur reached across a pile of beaded dresses and took Lily’s hand in her smaller, more delicate one. Her nails were painted red, her touch positively electric. Female energy was so different from male energy, Lily mused. Softer, slower, but just as tantalizing. Under her chemise, her nipples hardened.

“I think,” Fleur began, looking not into Lily’s eyes but down at their joined hands, “I think you’ll figure it out when there’s something to figure out. As long as you’re honest with everyone, and yourself…you’ll be all right.” Now she looked up, her face just the slightest hint of pink. “I’m sorry. I don’t know if I was talking to you, or myself, or both of us…”

“You’re so beautiful,” Lily found herself saying, lacing her fingers through Fleur’s. 

Fleur swallowed, sucked in her lips. 

Oh no. Did I make her uncomfortable?

Instead, she squeezed Lily’s hand, a shy smile playing over her pretty lips. “If I can be honest with you, Lily…” She took a deep breath. “Charles isn’t the only one who’s smitten.”

“Oh Fleur…” Lily could only eke out those two words before, in a flurry of shoving aside fabric and batting through beads, she and Fleur lunged toward one another.

Lily was already so wet, her panties were soaked through. She threaded her hands through Fleur’s hair, soft and silky, and gently massaged her scalp. Fleur moaned her assent into Lily’s mouth, her nipples stiff with desire. Leaning over Lily as the kiss deepened, growing harder and more urgent by the second, she straddled Lily’s lap and…

“Ow!” Lily shrieked, tearing her mouth away from Fleur’s as something sharp poked her lower back.  

“Oh god!” Fleur reached behind Lily and held up a shoe with a particularly pointy heel. “I’m so sorry, love.”

Lily’s heart leapt a bit at the word love

“It’s fine,” she said, giggling. Looking behind her, she brushed away the shoe’s mate and lay back, feeling confident. Sensual. “Come here,” Lily whispered. 

With a wicked grin, Fleur pulled her dress over her head, and Lily gasped – despite all the lingerie she owned, the other woman was completely nude underneath. She drank in the sight of Fleur’s beautiful body – of course, she’d seen her small breasts and slightly rounded stomach when Fleur performed, but then she’d had to share the vision with a club full of looky-loos. Now that they were alone, she was greedy for every inch, but she didn’t quite know where to start.

Kissing her neck now, Fleur sensed Lily’s hesitation and looked up. “What’s wrong?” she asked, eyes full of concern.

“I’m.” Lily bit her lip. “Not sure what to do…oh!” Fleur was laughing deeply in her ear, running her tongue along Lily’s delicate earlobe. “Don’t stop, please,” Lily begged. She felt cool air on her skin and realized Fleur was unbuttoning her dress while her small but sure tongue made quick work of Lily’s neck, her collarbone, pushing Lily’s chemise down to kiss the tops of her breasts. 

“Oh yes,” Lily whispered, her hips arching. “Please.” Losing patience, she practically ripped off her chemise. She found Fleur’s mouth again, savored how warm and wet she tasted. Lily ran her hands down Fleur’s back, cupped her glorious bottom and then gasped when Fleur’s fingers reached under her panties.

“Oh, you’re close,” Fleur whispered. She arched an eyebrow and smirked. Lily blushed. “Stay here,” Fleur said. Making her way to her feet, she dashed out of the closet, leaving Lily nearly naked, wet, and wanting very badly to climax.


“Found it!” Fleur said triumphantly. Shifting off a chiffon swatch, Lily rolled over at looked at the breathtaking sight of a nude Fleur, framed by the closet doorway, holding a – 

“You have one too?” Lily asked.

Fleur laughed. “I think every woman in America should have one.” 

If it was possible for her nipples to get even harder, Lily’s just did. 

“Don’t worry, I cleaned it this morning,” Fleur said, tiptoeing around Lily. 

“Oh, I’m not worried,” Lily said, reclining back, hoping she wouldn’t spontaneously climax and embarrass herself. “I just… I’ve only used it alone,” she finished lamely, feeling like a complete neophyte. 

Fleur bit her lip, and Lily ached for her tongue, her fingers, for everything. “Don’t worry about that either.” Pushing aside some hanging dresses, she found an outlet and plugged in the device before straddling Lily again. Waving the now-buzzing device, she said, “I have an idea.”

“What’s your – “ Lily started to ask, before feeling Fleur’s mouth on her right nipple, sucking then gently biting, before moving on to her left. Fleur was rubbing her wet pussy against Lily’s leg now too, and Lily was sure she was going to explode right then and there, when –

“Aaaaaaaa oh yes!” Lily cried, when she felt that familiar buzzing between her legs. Opening her eyes, she saw that Fleur was straddling the top of the device, so it could please both of them. Their legs intertwined and Fleur’s small breasts were now right over Lily’s mouth, teasing. Lily began kissing them frantically, rocking her hips as Fleur did the same and the magic invention vibrated between them, as Fleur tugged Lily’s hair at the roots and Lily heard her own cries, low and guttural, blending in harmony with Fleur’s breathy little sighs, as they rode each other to a beautiful, simultaneous climax.

Three hours later…

“Did Fleur talk to you about our idea?”

Charles’ legs were much longer than Lily’s, and she struggled in her high heels to catch up without falling down. Looking over his shoulder, he slowed down.

“Sorry, doll,” he said, eyes twinkling. He offered his hand and she took it, before they started walking again, dodging other couples headed into the sparkling Chicago night. “You could walk faster.”

“I can’t help it if your legs are longer,” Lily said, smirking at Charles. “Be a gentleman for once in your life.”

“What do you call this?” Charles asked, holding up their joined hands.

“Polite,” Lily shot back, grinning. “Barely.” She loved their banter, how she could sass him in a way she never could with Hal. The spring breeze whipped around, ruffling her hair.

Charles grinned back, raised her hand to his mouth and kissed it, before she stood on her tiptoes for a very public smooch.

“Watch it!” yelled a man in a pinstriped suit, pulling a dame in a fur coat around them. 

“You’re just jealous!” Charles called after the man and Lily burst out laughing.

“Did Fleur ask me what?” she said as they picked up their pace. 

“About the club?” 

Not quite, Charles. We moved from her closet to her bed and stayed there until I had to leave and get ready for my date with you. She blushed at the thought. And wondered why she didn’t feel guilty. 

“You still there?” He was looking at her curiously, still holding her hand. Lily shook herself out of her Fleur reverie.

“Yes!” she said a little too loudly, and Charles winced. “Sorry. No, we got, uh…distracted. Cleaning out her closet.”

Charles grinned and squeezed her hand. “I’ve seen that mess. I’m surprised you’re not still there.” Should I tell Charles? Do I owe him an explanation? He let go and put a hand on her back, guiding her across the street as the light turned green. “Anyway, she was supposed to talk to you – she and I, we’re thinking of opening our own club.”

“That’s wonderful! A place for Fleur to perform, and you to run?”

“Exactly.” Charles took Lily’s hand again and they both picked up the pace. “And,” he said, sneaking a glance at her, “we want you to go in on it with us.”

He had to be fooling. “Me?” Lily said. “I don’t have any money, Charles. Or any skills, really.” Also I’ve been intimate with both of you and you’ve been intimate with each other and how will that work? And why does the thought of you and Fleur together make me want to go home and reach for my device?

Now Charles stopped dead in his tracks. His smile faded, and he gently took Lily by the arm and guided her to an abandoned storefront, away from the thickening sidewalk crowd.

“Doll,” Charles said. “You constantly underestimate yourself.”

They’d had this conversation before – on both previous dates, actually. Lily rolled her eyes. “I’m a dumb hick from the sticks who cleans up nice. What could I possibly offer your club?”

He crossed his arms. “You are not dumb, and I don’t want to hear you say that again. I mean it, Lily.” His expression softened. “You’re smart.”

“For a girl.

“For anyone. And I’m not saying that to get under your skirts, because I’ve already been there.” Lily laughed. Charles touched his forehead to hers, and the gesture, so intimate in this very public place, took her breath away. “I’m serious,” he said. “You haven’t been in the city very long, and you already work for one of the most powerful companies here. When Fleur was nervous about performing in front of that producer, you knew how to help her out.” He grinned. “And you’re spunky.”

“You know just what to say to a girl,” Lily said softly, meaning every word. She looked down at the bows on her shoes and took a deep breath. “I come from a big family, Charles. I’m not used to standing out. To someone telling me I’m smart, that I can do something other than have babies.” She felt the blood rush to her face. “I hope you’re not playing with me.”

“My doll.” He tipped her chin up. “I would never fool about something like this.” Charles’ eyes shone in the moonlight. “You’re something special.”

That was it. She needed him right now.

Looping her arms around his neck, standing on her tiptoes to reach his lips, Lily kissed Charles. Softly at first, before covering her mouth with his, going deeper until their tongues tangled. He groaned, strong hands sliding around her, lifting her so she could wrap her legs around his waist. “Oh Lily,” he said in her ear, and she shivered, grinding against his already-hard cock, wondering if anyone could see them if she undid his pants and let him slide inside her…


He fell, and Lily with him, as she screamed, glass shattering all around them.