Anniversary Night

Posy Churchgate
7 mins read
Published over 2 years ago
Chapter 2

Anniversary Night (Part 2)

I detected a dynamism from Jim as he prepared to take control.

In turn, my stomach swooped with anticipation. “Which way up do you want me?”

“On your front, I think.”  

My bottom was in for a spanking. I complied with alacrity.

Never having been tied down before, my heartbeat ramped up, but I lay and turned my head to the side so I could breathe.  

“A pillow here might help.”  

So saying, Jim pushed it under my hips, tilting my backside in the air. I knew my pussy, already puffy with arousal, was on display. I prickled with vulnerability and a hint of shame.

“Very nice,” Jim admired my trapped and defenceless pose. To my chagrin, my pussy pulsed in response.

Jim began gently, as I had done, tickling and stroking over the curves of my body with the tails of the flogger. I stayed silent, allowing myself to float in the darkness of my blindfold, focusing on the sensations of tickles and slaps, not sure yet what to think or feel.  

Beginning on my buttocks, he alternated between flogger and paddle. I had been nervous of the flogger’s sharp, stinging bite, but soon found the paddle was more shocking. It hit a wide area, providing plenty of slap and noise. As my buttocks and legs began to warm to the beating, my reduced senses homed in on the swish to guess which type of impact was coming.

In addition to the toys, Jim smacked me with his hand and used his fingers to rub the lingering heat around. Soon I was groaning with arousal, wantonly longing for the smacks and slaps to land in certain places. My nerve endings tingled. I felt warm where he was spanking me but goosebumps broke out elsewhere. Jim was mixing it up, but I yearned for more; harder blows on the crease of my under-bum and stings from the flogger which might stray to my pussy lips.  

Was it too slutty to ask? Would I be trying to top, but from the bottom?

“What do I look like?” I asked him. If only I could see what he saw.

“Lovely. Spread out and vulnerable.”

“Is my bottom getting pink?”

“Yes. Is it sore?”

“No, I can take it.” My breathy voice gave away my eagerness. “Spank me harder!”

I groaned in time with the blows which followed, guttural noises from deep within, which I hoped translated to I love this, give me more. 

It was getting harder and harder to speak.

“I need to take these off,” Jim said, tugging frustratedly at my knickers. He peeled them off with the stockings still attached. Then he removed my bra too, pinching and pulling, dragging on a sensitive nipple. I was truly exposed now. 

That’s when the realisation hit me: I was totally his to play with, pleasure or pain.

I sensed him pull away, and wondered how he intended to exert his power over me. My guess was he was selecting a new implement. I held my breath, waiting for the next sensation. Jim trailed something cold and heavy down the sensitive dip of my spine, eliciting a shudder. It seemed he’d chosen his favourite dildo (and mine) — the textured glass.

“Please plug my arse,” I groaned, before I could check myself.  

Who was this greedy slut, begging for every bit of her to be stimulated at once? I was shocked by my own audacity. But I truly longed for it — to be used. I yearned to experience the sensations of dual penetration I’d read so much about.

I heard the slurp of lube just before a cold wetness nuzzled at my pulsing sphincter. The plug he’d selected was a fraction larger than the one I’d pushed inside him, with a free weight inside so I’d get additional vibrations from thrusting and my own movements. I felt the slight burn as my pucker stretched until my body welcomed it in, making me sigh with satisfaction.  

“My slut,” Jim crooned, his praise soothing me.

I must have looked wanton with my tied legs spread wide, my bottom in the air and the black base of a butt plug protruding from my arse, but it felt right. Correction - it felt wonderful to be at my lover’s mercy.  A bubble of joy expanded in my chest while lust twisted my insides thrillingly. 

“Open your legs wider, like a good slut.” Jim began to tease the entrance to my pussy with the cold tip of the glass dildo.

“Oh fuck yessss!” 

It was unfamiliarly tight, which felt so right for my situation. I wanted it all, every dirty thing he wanted to do to me.  

In that moment, I was so turned on I would have agreed to anything. He could have clamped pegs to my nipples to make me yelp with joy at their burning ache. He could have caned my butt or sunk his teeth into the fleshy globes, my pussy would have run with liquid excitement, swelling with readiness to receive him.

Jim was frustratingly gentle and slow. My logical brain was just a bystander at this moment, so I needed him be brutal, to make me feel the power of his control over me. 

The glass dildo was girthy and the plug already inside my butt made my pussy a tighter tunnel than usual.  My head spun with the stretching sensation when he sank the glass dildo to the hilt, deep inside me. The pressure kept building, an approaching thunderstorm, as Jim’s motion picked up speed until he relentlessly pistoned the dildo relentlessly in and out of my hole.  

I tried to imagine his view. I listened to the squelch and suck noises made by my wet gash, as it gripped and sucked like a kid on a lollipop.

“Please ...” my voice broke with anguish.

“What do you want?” Jim’s voice, in contrast, was laced with control.

“Please,” I gasped, my arousal scattering my cognitive powers. “Fuck me! Please. Your slut wants to be used.”

“How much do you want this?”  His steely voice raised goosebumps down the length of my spine, while juices drooled from my pussy in submissive response.

“Oh, Sir” I begged, “I’m your toy, your slut. I could suck your cock right now, to show you how much I want it!”  

Desperate - I babbled.

He eased the dildo all the way in, still so slowly, while his slippery fingers teased my clit, fragmenting bursts of pleasure from my pussy out to every extremity.

“Oh ... my ... God!” It felt so good, I was skewered. I’m not sure if the words came out right.

“Dirty girl,” he said with approval as I humped against the dildo. “You look so sexy right now,” Jim’s voice was husky.

I was writhing and groaning, chasing after my orgasm with the drive of a pack of hounds.  I thrust my hips up and down, opening myself wider to the dual penetration. Jim continued to fuck me tantalisingly slowly with the glass dildo, twisting it as he slid it in and out of my hole.

“You look hot as hell!” he rasped with approval. “Your juices are running free.” To confirm this he swiped a finger through my sloppy folds and fed them to me. I sucked my sweet tang from his finger, wishing it was his hard cock.

He slapped and pulled at each buttock in turn, agitating the plug, sending flutters of pleasure through my pelvis and throbs of heat to my core.

“Come for me,” he urged. “Let yourself go!”

Fuelled by his permission, I chased harder and my building climax seemed within my grasp. I bucked my pelvis up and down, fucking myself onto the unforgiving glass dildo until I came. Thrashing my hips, I groaned with euphoric joy and relief. Experiencing a starburst of sensation and pleasure, I unravelled before him, tied down but spread open. 

Lying there I gloried in the throbs washing over me while tight spasms rippled in my pussy, clenching and pulsing around the toys buried in me. I wished I could see myself right then, and was surprised to find myself hoping there’d be bruises to admire later.

Secured as I was, Jim had to help me. He removed the anal plug carefully before unfastening my wrists and legs. Now that the euphoria was over, I was actually quite stiff. Bringing my limbs back into my usual posture, my shoulders felt stretched and my hips complained a bit.  

“That was so hot!” Jim enthused. 

It seemed that as the euphoria wore off, so did my wanton confidence, making me feel a little shy. 

“You looked so sexy,” he insisted. “And you were so tight.”

“I didn’t look too slutty?”

“Not at all. I really wished I hadn’t come already, because I wanted to fuck you doggy style, or come over your arse cheeks.”

That made me feel proud and fulfilled. “Let’s try that next time.”  

I had much to process as I moved on wobbly legs to shower. There was definitely a ‘mistress’ within me - I’d got so turned on having Jim at my mercy, teasing and tormenting him until he came. I definitely wanted to try to revive that role.

I stepped under the hot water to let drumming droplets massage away tension from my time as Jim’s submissive. He’d taken to the masterful role like a duck to water, very considerate, yet almost too gentle… Until he wasn’t. 

I smiled to myself as I stopped the water and wrapped myself in a towel. I’d got so desperately horny I’d called him Sir! Would Jim ever let me live that down? 

Did I want him to?

The answer was no. I couldn’t wait till we had the chance to try that again. 

In charge or tied up, now I knew, BDSM definitely was my kink.

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