The Slap Bet

Jayne Renault
7 mins read
Published about 2 years ago
Chapter 3

The Slap Bet (Part 3)

“And voilà,” Noah said as he flicked on the lights. He stood aside and let me lead us in. “This is it. The old wine room.”

The L-shaped room was smaller than I’d imagined, with a dusty table at the far end that could seat six people comfortably, eight if you really squished. The walls were lined with dark dusty bottles from another time, along with one big barrel in the corner supporting a single neglected candlestick. The whole scene gave the impression that we were indeed inside a wine cellar. If it weren’t for the small opening of a window that looked out into the restaurant’s dining room down below, I almost could have believed I was underground.

“Very cool,” I lied. “Why don't we use this space?”

Noah shrugged. “We used to when I first started working here. But then Roz took over as night manager last year and it kind of fell by the wayside. So, who knows.”

“And who cares,” Rob added, shoving his hands into his pockets. “It’s way better as a secret hiding place to drink between shifts.”

“Or during them,” Noah added with a wry smile.

“You don't say.” I walked deeper into the room and approached the old table. I ran my hand over scarred wood. Though it was pocked with water ring stains, the dust was thick. It had been a while since it had seen any action.

I turned around to face Noah and Rob and leaned back into the table. They were both still hovering in the doorway. My face was flush, but more from the heat of the last shot than my nerves, which were fast melting down to make way for my impending victory.

“What are you guys doing all the way over there still?” I said. “Come in, close the door, stay a while.”

Rob turned to Noah for confirmation. With his hands in his pockets too, Noah nodded and walked slowly toward me.

This was a lot more than I ever could have bargained for when I shook hands with Erin downstairs, but once I was there, I certainly wasn’t going to waste an opportunity to check something like this off my sexy bucket list.

“I believe I was promised a tour of you boys.”

“I think this is pretty much all there is to see in here, Meghan, I—”

“Dude.” Noah cut Rob off by hitting his arm with the back of his hand. “That’s not what she meant. God, could you just be cool? If ever there was a time to be cool, this is it.”

I smirked as Rob’s expression went from confusion to mild shock as the pieces really fell into place for him. Every passing moment made me realize how much sway I had over these guys, making this epic win all the sweeter.

Noah continued his approach, which I suspect was more cautious than was characteristic of him.

“Come on, Noah,” I cooed. Without leaving the table, I reached out for him. “Show me what you’ve got.”

He looked down to my outstretched hand until his trepidation was replaced with the cool confidence he was known for. Rob’s hands fell limp by his sides as he watched our hands come together. The moment Noah was close enough, I pulled him into me. He stumbled in, hips first as if we were being pulled together by pelvic magnets, sandwiching me between him and the table.

Noah looked down his slender nose at me for one final note of mutual assurance. I set my palms on the ledge of his belt, smiled and nodded, and raised my chin to request the first kiss.

I was pleased to discover that all of his alleged practice had paid off. His lips danced with mine in a very agreeable way as we got acquainted with each others’ technique. When we slowly withdrew at the same time, I knew with absolute certainty this was going to work. 

I looked over his shoulder at Rob, who still stood a few feet away and gulped visibly when he and I locked eyes.

“Well, Rob? What’s it gonna be?” I said. “Are you joining us or what?”

Without letting me go, Noah turned around to take a peek at Rob. He shrugged his shoulder and cocked his head, suggesting to Rob that he was okay with the way things were proceeding.

That seemed to do the trick. Rob’s steps were wary as he creaked across the old scuffed floorboards to where Noah and I stood. He positioned himself next to us and smiled sheepishly at me. My eyes flashed down momentarily to catch the growing bulge that betrayed his anxious excitement.

“Hi,” I purred, pressing the flat of my hand reassuringly to the small of his back. “Don’t be shy.” I leaned in for his introductory kiss.

“Don’t worry,” I added. “I haven’t invited anyone else. It’s just you and me and your good friend Noah.”

I felt Noah’s sigh pass from his hips to mine when Rob kissed me again, with a little more conviction that time. His mild scruff offered a pleasant contrast to Noah’s fresh shave and the tingling sweetness of cola still lingered on the tip of his tongue. It went with me as drifted back from to find Noah’s lips once more. Rob’s hand moved with care up my spine; I felt my back ribs swell into his palm as our collective breath deepened.

My hands were ready then to take a different turn. My gaze moved from one set of dark eyes to the other and back again as I dragged my fingers down the two chests until I flipped my palms upward, cupping the warmth radiating between two pairs of legs. They thumped into my caress, almost in unison.

“My, my.” I sent a wave of gratitude down into the tabletop holding me up. I was dizzy, drunk on all the power I held in my hands.

“If you wouldn’t mind, gentlemen — and I suspect that you don’t…” Both men breathed heavy through their noses as I gave them a gentle squeeze. “…lending me a hand with those flies of yours.”

Rob hesitated a half-moment longer than Noah, still following his friend’s lead, but they took a step back and did as I’d asked. 

I leaned my palms back and hoisted myself right up onto the table until the rough edge met the bare flesh of my thighs, just beyond the hem of my little industry standard black skirt. I watched as belt buckles and buttons and zippers were rendered irrelevant and felt my pussy pulse into the tabletop when both of them looked back to me for their next directive.

“Hmm… In fact,” I added with a roguish grin, “let’s just drop those pants altogether. Boxers too.”

As they did, I hiked my skirt up further, spread my knees wide, and idly fondled my pussy through my underwear. The fabric was already wet and my flesh was swollen with want.

While their eyes fixed on the hand between my legs, I watched their matching erections emerge in front of me, bobbing like buoys on the water’s surface in the dim light of this near-forgotten room. Noah was tall and proud, where Rob was stocky and modest; their cocks weren’t dissimilar to their stature.

“Now. Show me how you touch yourselves when no one is watching.”

Noah’s smile curled up as he brought his right hand to his cock; Rob’s lips pursed the moment his left hand grasped his. Noah slid his palm up and down the length of his shaft. Rob tugged up towards the head. I took in the details of how they handled themselves. Cocks tend to be easy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole slough of nuances that make each new one special in its own right.

Drawing a condom from my back pocket with my free hand, I pinned my eyes on Noah. 

“Noah. You’ll go first. So you can show Rob how it’s done in here.”

“Yes, ma’am.” With his jeans bunched around his ankles — I suppose I could have told him to take them right off, but I appreciated this subtle mark of his unwavering obedience —  Noah shuffled in towards me. He placed his hands on my hips and pulled my ass right to the edge of the table. He was just about to grab the condom from my hand when I pulled it from his reach.

“Ah, ah. Not yet.” I pointed one finger toward the ground. 

It didn’t take him long to understand what I meant. I appreciated not only his compliance but his aptitude for this very impromptu situation. 

When Noah lowered himself to his knees, nestling his face between my thighs. He leaned his cheek into my thigh and looked up at me, waiting on me for the next word.

I looked down on him as I ran a hand through his hair.

I gave the back of his neck a squeeze, gently pulled his face in close and said, “Good boy.”