The Slap Bet

Jayne Renault
10 mins read
Published about 2 years ago
Chapter 4

The Slap Bet (Part 4)

Noah hooked his arms under my legs to rest his warm palms on the tops of my thighs as he nestled in. His breath was even hotter in the crook of my groin and my pussy was clenching at the mere idea of his tongue.

I almost forgot Rob was still there until I heard him clear his throat; standing patiently a few paces back, still lightly tugging himself. My smile at him was cut into a wide gasp when Noah pulled my underwear aside to press the flat of his tongue on the throbbing pulse in my clit. My eyes snapped shut and I threw my head back. When I opened my eyes again, I found Rob’s gaze, pinning him with mine when I reiterated, “Good boy.”

Fortunately for me, Noah had been well trained in this regard too by those who came before me. His tongue was wily, skirting up and down my lips, teasing me all the way from the space above my clit to the pucker of my asshole. The boy was nothing if not thorough. And I could have let him survey my topography like that all night…

But it would have to wait for another time. I still had half a beer and a score to settle downstairs. Not to mention the patient man with a lonely cock in his hands over there needed some attention.

My mouth gaped open, my eyes even wider as I pushed Noah’s face harder into my cunt and stared Rob down. Though the old, amber light above us didn’t do much to improve visibility, I could see that his cock was straining to get a closer look.

“Good, Noah.” My words were breathy, but their willingness to please me made me more assertive than ever. “Keep doing exactly that. Rob.” Rob stood up a little straighter at the crack of my sharp tone. “Come here. Now.”

I curled my come-hither finger at him, beckoning him right into the centre of my web. With his pants still around his ankles too, he shuffled the few steps closer and stood next to us. Noah didn’t skip a beat as Rob leaned over him to kiss me again.

Caution and ceremony was finally beginning to melt away — Rob was noticeably hungrier than before, biting softly at my lower lip, dragging his stubble over my chin, and almost panting between kisses.

“Alright, Noah,” I said reaching down between my legs to catch him by the chin. “That’s enough. Come on up here with us.”

Noah rose, his face glistening with a film of my slick.

“Rob, would you like to taste me too?”

Rob’s nod was certain, even more so were his words. “Yes, please.”

“So polite.” I looked back to Noah. “Noah, would you please share with Rob?”

Their eyes darted from me to each other and back to me again.

“Come on, Noah. Don’t be so greedy. Give Rob a taste.”

Noah gulped so audibly, it practically echoed off the insides of the dusty bottles along the walls. Despite the soft echoes of the few diners downstairs seeping up through the window, the room was harrowingly silent.

My hand slinked back up to play with the wetness Noah had coaxed from me while I waited for them to sort themselves out, my one eyebrow raised with the stern expectation.

Much to my surprise, it was Rob who moved first. He shrugged and a curious smile flashed on his face before he licked his lips and began to lean in toward Noah. Noah said nothing but mirrored Rob’s motion without another prompt from me. The two boys maintained hard eye contact like they were waiting to make sure the other wasn’t going to break at the last moment and shower him in homophobic remarks.

But neither of them buckled. The closer they got, the more their eyes softened until their noses were all but touching. Their heads tilted so slightly and I watched as their lips connected for what I can only assume was the first time.

For a moment, they paused there, glued at the mouth, noses weaved. Their chests heaved as they calibrated to the new sensations, while their cocks twitched to a syncopated beat and reached out to one another.

Rob, growing noticeably bolder by the second, licked my essence from Noah’s bottom lip, sucking it gently between his. A smile tugged at the corners of Rob’s mouth when he bit down on the taste of me. Noah’s matching grin pulled his lip taut between Rob’s teeth.

I don’t know when I lost track of my hand, but it was shocked still. I was stunned to a quiet awe as these two half-naked men — who had somehow transformed into the two most beautiful men I’d ever laid my eyes on — translated their friendship through soft touches and gentle kisses in front of me, passing the idea of me between them.

Their strong, masculine angles seemed to soften right before my eyes with every cautious, deliberate touch. I swooned when Rob’s hand floated up to find Noah’s toned forearm, gave it an encouraging squeeze, and deepened their kiss. But it was when Noah reached around to the small of Rob’s back and bunched the fabric of his T-shirt up into a fist that my showy sternness fell away completely.

“My god,” I whispered like I was trying my best not to spook a herd of deer in the field, “you two are gorgeous.”

They laughed softly into each other’s mouths as their lips finally separated.

Still holding Noah’s arm, Rob reached out to me with his other hand. He rubbed along my bottom lip with the pad of his thumb and said, “You’re one to talk.” I could still taste what was left of me on Rob’s lips when he grabbed me with just the right amount of force by the back of the neck and kissed me hard.

He was getting cockier, and I wasn’t going to discourage it.

“I think you’ve earned this,” I said handing Rob the condom. I caught Noah’s eye and added, “Don’t worry. I have something for you too.”

With my skirt bunch up around my midsection like a bulky belt, I hopped down from the table and lowered myself to my knees in front of Noah. Pressing my palms into my thighs, I looked up at him and cocked my head while his cock, ramrod straight and desperate for attention, thumped in my face.

“I’d like to taste you first,” I said as I rubbed my palms over my thighs to warm my cold hands. As much fun as it was to torture these boys, I'm not that cruel.

Noah’s whole being melted into my palm when I wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I smiled and looked up at him again. “Is that okay with you?”

“Yes,” he groaned. “Oh my god, absolutely.”

I teased the head of his cock with my breath before introducing my lips. I kissed the length of his shaft, all the way to the crook of his groin and back up again. He shuddered when my tongue found his skin, and I felt the surge of his excitement on the roof of my mouth when I took him all the way in.

This has always been my favourite flavor of power.

I licked and sucked as wet and as thoroughly as Noah had done for me, painting every millimetre of him with spit. So much so that there was an accidental pop when I pulled back. With one hand on his shaft and the other toying with the sopping mess between my legs, I looked back up to check in with him.

With his furrowed brow and open-mouthed sigh, Noah’s kind face had taken a serious turn. But when he bent to tuck a stray strand of my hair behind my ear and force a kiss on my mouth, he pulled back with a big smile on his face.

The floorboard under Rob creaked when he moved the weight from one foot to the other somewhere behind me. “Fuck, that is so hot,” he said.

After a few more passes with my palm, I held Noah steady at his base and took him even deeper into my mouth. He groaned and gently clasped the back of my head, following along with my rhythm, while his other hand dipped down the front of my top.

“How does she feel, Noah?”

“Good,” was his answer. I deliberately clenched my lips harder around him on the upstroke. Both hands were weaved in my hair now, and his breath caught in his teeth. “Fuck, really good, man.”

I closed my eyes and sank into the meditation that is a perfect, sloppy blow job. As my throat relaxed, my grip at the base of his shaft tightened; Noah’s clutch on my roots increased in tandem. Saliva tracked from the corners of my mouth, dripping to my thighs and onto the between my knees floor as I threatened my gag reflect with Noah’s reach. As you might have noticed by now, I’m a bit of a sucker for a self-imposed challenge.

Where Noah was long, Rob was thick. When I opened my eyes again, I was able to make the side-by-side comparison without difficulty.

“Mm, hello,” I said, taking Rob’s girth in my other hand. Noah released his hold on my hair, but I didn’t let him go when I twirled my tongue around the head of Rob’s cock and welcomed him into the warmth of my mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” Rob groaned.

“Told ya,” said Noah.

“Meghan, your mouth is so warm,” said Rob. I cupped his balls in the hand I’d dedicated to him and relished in his reaction. “Girl, you’re killing me,” he whined in faux-protest.

Rob’s energy was more demanding than Noah’s, which only excited me even more. Because he wasn’t quite long enough to choke me, I had the freedom to move with a little more gusto up and down on him. Swirling my lips and my hand in opposing circles, I pushed Rob harder and deeper down my throat, opening myself up from the inside.

I got a little too into it though. Between my vigor and the forced stretch of Rob in my mouth, my jaw started to cramp. I pulled back and stroked them in perfect unison, looking up at them very seriously.

“I’m sorry, boys. My mouth is just a little tired,” I confessed. “I think I might need a little help. Who wants to join me down here?”

Rob didn’t hesitate. “Me,” he said. But when he got down on his knees right next to me and looked from Noah to me, I caught a glimmer of his earlier shyness. “Can you… show me how?”

I let Noah take hold of himself so I could use both my hands to hold Rob’s face. My wicked smile widened in the warmth of Rob’s surrender; his willingness to be vulnerable with us was as indescribably hot as it was beautiful and endearing.

“Mm, yes, of course, my sweet boy,” I said after I’d kissed him slow and deep. “You don’t mind being our sexy guinea pig, do you, Noah?”

Despite how obviously turned on he was, Noah put his hunger on pause a moment and smiled at Rob with the most genuine, reassuring look you could imagine

“No,” said Noah. “I don’t mind at all.”