Thirsty for More

Lilith Bealove
12 mins read
Published about 2 years ago
Chapter 1

Thirsty for More

The email reads: Attention employees of TruBeauty, we are proud to announce that Gale Henderson will be our new office Beauty Editor. Please take a moment to stop by her new desk in Room 201 today to congratulate her and show your support!

My eye twitches and a twinge of tension grips my neck and shoulders as I read through to the end of the memo. 

I spent my entire life working towards that position. I planned out everything from high school classes to relationships for that position. I bent over backwards for the CEO for this roleI haven’t been out with friends in over a decade because I have spent every waking moment working towards being the Beauty Editor for TruBeauty. 

And they gave it to Gale. 

Gale! She started out as a secretary only a year ago with absolutely no experience as a writer, and now she has my dream job. She doesn’t work nearly as hard as I do, she spends half the workday bragging about how wild and crazy her weekend was, who she went out with, what she drank, who she took home. She has probably spent more time having sex with strangers than I have planning for my life as a Beauty Editor. 

That job should have been mine.

Absolutely fuming, I take an early lunch and spend the entire hour trying to calm down. When I grab a salad wrap and protein shake from the cafeteria, I spot Gale across the dining hall. She is surrounded by most of our male coworkers, wearing stilettos and a top that she's nearly falling out of. I roll my eyes so hard it makes my head hurt and walk around to the other side of the campus to eat in frustrated peace. 

Stupid Gale.

But maybe she's onto something. Maybe it’s my turn to be reckless for a while. Like Gale. Maybe her outgoing lifestyle, her reckless behavior has something to do with her confidence and ability to get a job that she doesn’t even deserve. 

By the time I return to my desk, I decide that I’m going to focus on me for a bit, do things that have nothing to do with career planning. It’s time for me to do something more than work. God knows I’ve worked hard enough all this time... I’ve earned a little fun.

While I contemplate this, fingers idly tapping on my keyboard, Doug passes by my office. He says hi, like he always does. I’ve never given him more than a quick glance and a polite greeting in return. This time when he greets me I notice how his biceps bulge against the sleeves of his button-up shirt. Have they always pushed against his sleeves like that? 

As he walks away, I take notice of how well his ass fits in his khakis. My fingers still above the keyboard and I nibble on my bottom lip as I watch him walk away. 

I can’t remember the last time I had sex. When was the last time I had the sweet release of an orgasm? Or even touched myself? 

Before I can change my mind, I push myself away from my desk, smooth my pencil skirt back down into place, and hurry after Doug.

“Hey, Doug, wait up!” I feel myself growing bolder with every step until I hardly recognize myself — as I approach him, my hand reaches out to touch his arm.

When he turns around, Doug’s eyes sweep to my lingering hand before they land on my face. “Oh, hey, Emma, what’s up?” We pause there in the quiet hallway. Thankfully everyone else is still on lunch, so we are alone. 

“I just wanted to ask what you were up to after work? You’ve been working here for a couple of months and I don’t know much about you.” I can’t tell if I’m coming off as sweet and curious or awkward as hell. It’s been so long since I flirted with someone.

But thankfully, I think it’s working. “Nothing at all!” he says with a smile lighting up his face. “What did you have in mind?”

“How do you feel about drinks down at The Tipsy Mermaid?” 

“Sure,” he says. “How about 8 pm?”

I agree and we part ways with a smile. I can’t say for sure, but I swear I can feel his eyes graze the full length of my body as I walk away. With my face flushed, I settle back into my desk and smirk at the excitement building in the pit of my stomach. 

I can’t believe I just did that! Take that, Gale.

I apply another coat of red lipstick to my pouty lips before getting out of the car. My heels click on the asphalt as I cross the bar parking lot, tugging the hem of my skirt down to ensure that it covers my ass. Before pushing the doors of the bar open, I look at myself in the reflection of the glass once more, to make sure that I am as hot as I feel. The top I chose has flowing sleeves and is so low cut that I’m certain even Gale would find it too revealing. 

God, it’s been too long since I’ve felt this good!

From the entrance, I scan the room. Doug is sitting at the bar already. Looking as good as he did at lunch with his button up and snug khakis, he has a short, thick glass in front of him, the liquid inside already halfway gone. His hair is a perfect mess as if he had spent the entire evening running his fingers through it. I can only hope to run my own fingers through his thick, curly locks later tonight.

Doug doesn’t notice me walk up behind him. I brush my breasts against his back as I slide into the stool beside him, my heart pounding at the bold move. I smile to myself when he tenses up at my touch.

“When you asked me out for drinks after work, I didn’t expect you to go home and change first.” A smile touches his lips before his eyes scan over my body. They pause on my low cut top and at the hem of my almost too short skirt. “If I’d known, I might have tried to clean up a bit, myself.” His rumbling laugh has a gruffness to it that makes my lower abdomen.

Laughing, I bat my eyes, hoping that I look as sexy and flirty as I feel. “No need. I am just not a fan of the office dress code, I purr as I wait for the bartender to notice me. “Although, it looks great on you.” Before Doug can say anything, I catch the barkeep’s attention and order a Screaming Orgasm, winking at Doug as I do. A rush of adrenaline hits me. 

Have I ever been this bold? 

I didn’t know I had it in me.

While I watch the bartender mix up my cocktail, I catch Doug sneaking a glance at my breasts again. I pretend not to notice, but I’m loving every minute of it. 

The bartender slides my drink to me. I take a quick sip before turning my attention back to Doug. He smiles at me, though his eyes keep darting down to my breasts. They are nearly popping out of my top as I lean over my drink, seductively tracing the rim of the glass with my finger. After a moment his eyes travel up to meet mine and he blushes.

“So, what do you do for fun?” I ask, suppressing a smile.

“I, uh, I,” Doug licks his lips and tries to focus on answering my question, “I like to go camping. I try to get out once or twice a month.”

“I love camping!” I exclaim, a bit too excited that we have a shared interest outside of work. I take another sip of my Screaming Orgasm to slow down, making sure a bit of the creamy liquor coats my top lip, and I flick my tongue out to quickly clean it up. Doug notices and it takes him a moment to collect himself. “Even when it is cold?”

“Yeah,” his eyes dart between my lips and eyes, “it helps me to get away from everything. Reminds me that the world is not all buildings and too many people.”

Something about the way he looks at me as he takes a sip from his glass makes me believe we are thinking the same thing and it has me riled up beyond anything I’ve experienced. Imagining what he may be thinking is not helping. Trying to calm my nerves and channel my inner Gale, I quickly finish my drink. 

I can’t tell if I’m already a little tipsy or if the anticipation has me more audacious than I think I’ve ever been, but I find myself openly admiring Doug’s body. He must frequent the gym, I think as I nibble on my bottom lip, taking my time as I drink him in. My observations do not go unnoticed — Doug blushes again and a nervous laugh escapes from between his full lips.

He looks away and fiddles with his almost empty glass. “Would you like another,” he pauses, “Screaming Orgasm?” 

I laugh at his hesitancy to name my drink of choice. “No thanks, I’d love a shot of Fireball, though.” He finishes off his drink, flags down the bartender, orders two shots of Fireball, and quickly downs that before turning back to me. I take a sip of mine, feeling the liquid burn its way down into my abdomen, before completely downing the whole thing.

“Do you,” he pauses, again, licking his lips, “go camping often?” His words seem uncertain and I notice that he is fidgeting with his shot glass now.

Feeling the liquid courage take hold, I gently run my fingers down the length of his arm. “Not as often as I would like,” I purr. His hands still and we lock eyes. “But I have been known to pitch a tent or two myself.” I giggle as I take my time running my gaze down his body again and back up to his eyes, and finish by biting my lip.

Feeling his soft shirt under my fingertips, and the hard rippling muscles beneath that, I can see the appeal to hooking up with random men. Doug may not be as random as many of Gale's conquests, but still enough to cause my heart to race. I couldn’t tell if it was the whiskey or adrenaline causing a pit in my stomach, but I pushed it aside and committed to hooking up with Doug. Tonight. 

I lean in close enough to brush his ear with my lips as I whisper, “I would love to show you how quickly I can,” I pause, “get one up.” My tongue darts out and flicks his earlobe before I pull back and stand up.

I purposefully push my tits against his arm again as I walk past and head for the door. Adrenaline rushing through my veins as he tenses again, I don’t think I can ever get used to this, but I like it. When I throw a quick glance over my shoulder, I’m pleased to see that he’s hastily paying our tab and gathering his stuff to follow me.

I walk slowly enough for Doug to catch up to me. When he does, I grab his hand and lead him around the back of the bar. 

“Where are we going?” he asks.

I glance to my right and spot an opening between the buildings. “I don't know,” I say, pulling him down the alley. “Does it really matter?”

Halfway down the alley behind the bar, I push him against the wall and kiss him with a passion I didn’t realize how much I was missing in my life until this morning. I find his cinnamon whiskey tongue and smile against his lips. Doug wraps his arms around me and pulls me tighter against his body, as he takes control of the kiss, exploring my mouth with an intensity that encourages me to keep going. Wiggling against his crotch, I feel his cock grow harder against me.

I run my tongue along his bottom lip and feel his body shudder against mine. I pull myself up on tiptoes and whisper, “I told you I could pitch a tent.” 

Pulling back I see a hungry glint in his eyes, and in a low growl he asks, “What are you going to do about it now?” 

I push myself out of his embrace and I dip down to perch in front of him. With my knees open, a slight breeze makes its way up my skirt and caresses my swollen, wet lips. I quickly unbuckle his pants, glancing up at him as I do. His eyes are hooded and his face flushed as we trade a smile and I pull his dick out of his pants. My eyes widen as much as my pussy clenches as I take in the sight his cock for the first time.

I run my fingers up and down the impressive length of it, teasing a shiver from his body. His eyes flutter shut and I hear the soft thud of his head rolling back into the wall. 

I glance up at him to make sure he’s ok. “Are you good?” The words scrape their way out of my throat, coming out husky and deep.

“So, so good,” he moans. He runs his fingers through my hair as I flick the head of his throbbing cock with the tip of my tongue and relish in the groan that slips from his lips. Without warning, I envelope his cock from tip to base with my warm mouth. His hands bunch in my hair, and I can feel him holding back from thrusting too hard into my mouth.

I set the pace, bobbing my head back and forth on his dick, my tongue swirling around the base, saliva dripping down my chin. I tilt my eyes up to look to his face. His eyes are still closed, his chest rising and falling in quick succession as he moans in time with my movements. I smile around his cock and push him into the back of my throat, swallowing around his shaft. He fills my throat and thick saliva coats his head, helping to ease him deeper into me. His cock spasms and he moans, louder than he meant to, but I don’t let up. He glances down at me, nervous that he might have attracted some unwanted attention. Even the idea of getting caught makes my vaginal muscles clench and my panties get a little wetter.

When I feel the telltale stiffening of Doug’s cock and the taste of precum at the back of my throat, I slowly release him, sliding my lips up his shaft until I reach the head. I flick his head once more and he sighs at the absence of me until I stand up and demand his mouth again. As I tangle with his cinnamon whiskey tongue, I grab hold of his cock and stroke my saliva along his shaft.

His breath hitches and I nibble on his lower lip before whispering against his lips, “Are you ready to show me just how amazing your big,” I pause, glancing down at his cock still dripping with my drool, “tent pole is?”

Doug nods. I turn around and pull my skirt up, presenting my ass to him. He groans as his dick pushes against my bare ass. Fitting snugly between my legs, he rubs into the drenched crotch of my panties.

“Push ‘em aside,” I mumble. He wastes no time exposing my swollen lips. He reaches around me and runs his finger down the length of my slit and finds my clit. Rubbing circles on it, I arch into him. He holds me in place with his other arm and kisses my neck while I squirm against his finger, my pussy aching. “I want you inside me,” I moan. “Right now.”

“Your wish is my command,” Doug growls as he picks me up off the ground and whips us around to face the wall. I steady myself by placing my hands on the bricks and arching my back for him. My clit cools in the absence of his fingers. I can hear the crinkle of a condom wrapper as he digs it out of his pocket and opens it. “Oh, you came prepared,” I note with a raised brow and a smirk, my clit throbbing.

“Always,” he says. I glance over my shoulder as he finishes putting it on. He grins at me before he rubs his head against my lips, slipping in just a bit, and then goes back to teasing me. 

It is my turn for my head to roll back and my eyes to flutter shut. My hands tense against the wall and I push up onto my tiptoes, begging him to just fuck me already. My hips arch back, rubbing my mound against him. I’m about to demand him to get on with it when he pushes his cock completely into me with one swift movement.

I moan loudly and feel my vaginal walls clench around him as he fills me completely. The thought of being caught has me so turned on, I’m dripping around his cock. With one hand bracing myself against the wall, the other massaging my clit, I clench around his thick girth as I edge closer to orgasm. 

His thrusts grow more sporadic as my pussy grasps at his shaft. He groans into his new rhythm while I’m unable to catch my breath between thrusts, my moans reduced to whimpers. I can feel him growing within me, pushing deeper, his groans become grunts. 

Doug reaches around me and frees one of my breasts from my top. His hand is rough against my sensitive nipple and my body tenses as he rolls it between his finger and thumb. His hand engulfs my tit and he squeezes it, trying to focus on not cumming just yet. His grip on my breast as he pounds into my slick pussy is enough to almost push me over the edge.

“Stay with me,” I plead, “I’m almost there.” 

He releases my breast and straightens, his fingers now digging into my hips as I push back into him, creating my own rhythm. The hand massaging my clit grows more frantic as my body begins to tingle and my vagina contracts around his throbbing dick until I’m oblivious of my surroundings. 

“I’m cumming,” I scream, my entire body tensing around his shaft as my legs start to tremble and wave after wave spreads from my toes to my convulsing pussy. Doug stills my hips by digging his nails into the soft flesh. I barely notice the pain around the flood of pleasure overloading my senses. 

Holding me in place, he fills my still clenching pussy with thrust after thrust. His pelvis slapping against my ass as he pushes deeper inside me with each plunge. With a final, hard, thrust, Doug’s cock twitches as he cums. 

Still inside of me, he hunches over my body, resting on hand on the wall above us to catch his breath.

“I didn’t expect you to pitch a tent so effectively in an alleyway,” he manages with a breathy laugh.

I smile as I push away from the wall, causing Doug to slip out of my still wet pussy. “After the way today began, I just really needed to get away from everything.”