Thirsty for More

Lilith Bealove
12 mins read
Published about 2 years ago
Chapter 2

Picnic in the Park

The sunlight felt good on my bare skin as I stretched in the morning sun. A smile touched my lips as I recalled the previous evening with Doug. After we had both come in the alleyway, we went back inside and had a couple more drinks. We chatted about work and hobbies, sharing secret smiles over what had just transpired out back. 

My pussy still ached from the few moments we had spent together, but I felt better than I had in years. Finally focusing on myself, not worried about what my next step was going to be, relishing in being alive! Stretching once more, I rolled out of bed and jumped in the shower.

Even the feeling of the warm water cascading down my bare body was almost orgasmic. When I was done and toweled myself off, I checked my phone. Doug messaged to say that he had had a great time yesterday and that he would love to do it again. I giggled noting that he ended the message with a winking emoji. 

I quickly sent him a text back saying that I would love to meet him at the park later today for a picnic lunch. While I waited for his reply, I slathered myself in some expensive lotion I bought months ago, but never used. Yesterday opened my eyes to so many possibilities. I have been wasting my life away, saving money and expensive products for “special occasions.” 

Everyday's a special occasion and I planned to take life by the horns from there on out. 

I slipped on a silky, burgundy blouse that I never would have dreamed of wearing to the office before Gale stole my title. The v-neck plunged below the neckline and exposed more cleavage than I’m usually comfortable with. I slipped on a pencil skirt and tucked the shirt into it, drawing attention to my slender waist and wide hips. 

I checked my phone once again, to no reply, before applying winged eyeliner and a sultry red lipstick I hadn’t had the nerve to use up until this point. I glanced in my full length mirror before I gave a nervous nod of a motivation and approval to the brave and sexy woman who stood before me. She looked sexy, she looked fierce, she looked nothing like the Emma I knew. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door for work before I could change my mind. 

As soon as I walked through the door I was hit with an unusual bustle in the office. People who should have been sitting at their desks, working on articles and editing, were running to and fro, their hands full of papers. Confused, I looked around for someone to ask what the hell was going on. That’s when I noticed Gale standing at my side, a satisfied grin on her face as she observed the busy office.

“I’ve been waiting to run this project for months!” she exclaimed, not looking at me. Her face shone with pleasure as she observed the rushed panic on my coworkers’ faces. “Sorry that you won’t be getting to work on yours,” she continued, finally turning to me. Her pleased expression fell away as she took in my outfit. For once, I looked hotter than her.

“Yeah, well, I worked for the position, no one here will respect a power hungry bitch like you.” I grinned as I walked away, putting a little extra swish in my hips. I could hear her behind me trying to come up with a comeback, but I didn’t give her any more attention.

I made my way to my desk and opened my email. Apparently, Gale’s big project was almost a complete overhaul of the magazine. 

How did she get so much say so quickly?! 

I ground my teeth, and tried to ground myself before smoke started to come out of my ears. 

I’m focusing on me, my happiness, and being chief editor just wasn’t in the cards for me.

I was searching for my name in the list of tasks Gale had provided in the email when someone cleared their throat. I glanced up to see Doug standing over my desk. I smiled at him, and felt a light blush rise up in my cheeks. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t reply this morning,” he said. “I got caught up in traffic on the way to work. But I think a picnic at the park would be great! When are you going on lunch?”

“Uh,” I stalled, glancing at the calendar I kept on my desk. “I should be out of here by one, depending on what task Gale has assigned to me. What did you get?”

“She wants me to find a photographer. Said that hiring pro bono photographers was a waste of time and she wants someone on staff.” He rolled his eyes as he said this, his cheeks dimpled with a wide grin. “I didn’t come over here to talk about Gale, though. What do you want to eat for lunch? I’ll pick it up and meet you there.”

I pretended to think about it as I glanced around the room. I noticed Gale leaning against her office door frame, glaring at us. “Get me a veggie sandwich from that shop down the road,” I finally replied, returning my attention back to Doug.

“Sure, I love that place. I’ll meet you at the park at one, then?” he asked, his eyes big with hope. 

“Yes, I’ll see you then.” I returned his smile and butterflies bloomed in my stomach as he winked at me and then walked away. I admired his strong shoulders, straining against his button-up shirt as he headed back to his desk, the butterflies turning into a low flame in the pit of my abdomen. 

I returned to my computer to continue looking for my name in this list when I heard Gale’s grating laughter pierce through the noisy office. Annoyance caused my shoulders to tense up and I glanced around. She was sitting on Doug’s desk, her shirt unbuttoned more than it was earlier. She caught my eye and leaned down to whisper something in Doug’s ear, her hand on his chest as she did so.

Rage boiled behind my eyes as I watched her flirt with him. She had just watched us make plans together; how dare she try to take him away from me, too! Doug didn’t notice me glaring in their direction as he took her hand off his chest and leaned away. He said something that I couldn’t hear, but it caused her smile to fade, replaced by a bitter look.

Gale pushed herself off of Doug’s desk and stormed back into her office. I laughed as she slammed the door and turned my attention back to Doug. He caught my eyes and gave me another wink before going back to his computer. I went back to work, happy knowing that he wasn’t interested in her. 

It felt like an entire day had passed by the time one o’clock rolled around. Sighing, I minimized the browser window I had open. Gale had me scouring the internet for freelance writers who were looking to write about their fitness journey. I posted a few ads, but hadn’t found any leads yet. 

I grabbed my purse off the floor under my desk and glanced around, looking for Doug. The office was mostly empty and he was already gone. I headed out to my car, throwing a bright smile in Gale’s office as I passed by her door. She scowled back at me in response.

When I got to the park, I looked around for Doug, but couldn’t find him. I sent him a text asking where he was and he sent me a picture of the creek that runs through the park. I slipped off my heels and headed that way. When I found him, he was behind a group of trees, in a slightly more secluded part of the park. He had set up a blanket and had our sandwiches set out. He had also brought two bottles of soda and had them sitting out too.

“I’m glad you found me! I was afraid I’d have to go looking for you,” he joked, motioning for me to sit down. 

Adjusting my skirt as I took a seat beside him, I replied, “It wasn’t that hard. The creek only goes one way through the park.” 

He grinned and handed me my food. As we ate we talked about the new changes happening at the office, Gale, and what we thought of the new project. When Doug finished his food first, he started to ask more personal questions. Most of my answers were vague because I was still trying to figure out who I was. 

Soon enough, I was done with my sandwich too. I took a deep drink of the soda and as I put the lid back on, his lips were suddenly on mine. Shocked, it took me a moment to respond, but my lips molded quickly back into his. 

He reached up and threaded his fingers through my hair, undoing my bun and combing out my locks. “I’ve been looking forward to having you alone all day,” he mumbled against my lips and pulled me onto his lap. He teased my lips open and I pushed my tongue out to meet his. The warmth of his tongue against my own had a wetness flooding between my thighs. 

He had one hand on my hip, holding me in his lap and I could feel his cock growing harder each minute. His other hand moved under my shirt, caressing my stomach as he made his way up to my breast. His lips parted from mine and worked their way down my jaw line, to my neck. His hot breath caused my thighs to clench together in desire. 

Slightly distracted from his roaming, I glanced around the park to make sure no one was watching us. Thankfully, no one else was there. While I wasn’t paying attention, Doug had moved his attention to hitching my skirt up to my hips. His fingers traced the outside of my panties before wrapping around to my ass, encouraging me to straddle him.

As I situated myself above him, he worked on unbuttoning his pants and pulled out his sizeable dick. I couldn’t help but to lick my lips in anticipation; I had been thinking about last night all day and was hoping that this was where our picnic would lead. 

Doug was back to kissing and nibbling on my neck. Each time his teeth grazed the sensitive area behind my ears a moan would claw its way out of my throat. He slipped a finger into my underwear and pushed them aside to reveal my labia. With the same finger, he ran it up the entire length of my slit, eliciting a shudder. 

“You’re so wet,” he said between nips, licks, and kisses, making his way down the opening of my blouse. Before I could reply, he pushed a finger between my lips, found my clit, and began to trace shapes around it. I involuntarily pushed into his fingers, begging for more. 

“You’re so naughty,” he continued, his breath heavy with need. His cock twitched between us. I reached a hand into his lap and slowly began stroking his shaft, smiling as he groaned, his fingers slowing on my pussy. I moved his hand away and pushed the head of his penis against my clit, rubbing it against me the same way he had with his fingers. 

Doug leaned back on his hands, his head falling back with him, and he groaned so loudly that I feared someone might hear us. I glanced around to make sure we were still alone before I dipped the head of his cock into my aching vagina. His eyes widened and he pulled away, his shaft nearly slipping out of my hands. 

“Wait! I don’t have a condom on.” His voice was slightly panicked and he dug around in his pocket for a second before producing a condom and slipping it on. He seemed to completely relax then.

I continued to tease his head by only barely slipping it into my tight, wet cunt. It was time I was control again, like I was the night before.

He leaned back again and his breath hitched each time I nudged him inside of me. When his heavy breathing turned to deep groans, I pushed my hips completely down on him and smiled through a moan when I saw his hands digging up the earth behind him.

With my hands on his shoulders, I lifted myself until he nearly fell out of me and slid back down until our hips met again. I did this until I could smell the dirt he was desperately clutching at. When I was certain he was going to dig a hole beneath us, he wrapped one arm around my waist and flipped us over, knocking our drinks out of the way as he did so. 

His chest crushed into my breasts, and he pinned my arms above my head as he started a slow, but rough rhythm between my hips. He leaned down and bit my bottom lip. I flicked my tongue out in response and licked his top lip. He smiled into my mouth and led me into another kiss, lengthening and deepening his strokes as he did. I moaned providing him an opening to plunge his tongue into my waiting mouth. 

I buried my hands in his hair, holding his face to mine and his strokes became more frantic. Last night he only lasted for a couple of minutes, and it seemed as if he was going to blow even quicker this time. Propping himself up, he slipped a hand between us and began massaging my clit again, pushing me closer to the orgasmic edge he was already on.

The excitement of sneaking away from work for a quickie in the park had me so close already and his fingers on my sensitive, swollen clit merely pushed me closer to the edge. My entire body tingled, starting in my toes and working its way up, leaving a warm path in its wake. My muscles clenched as he swelled inside of me and his cock throbbed with the need for release. 

His fingers stilled on my clit as my back arched, and our bodies pressed together. I bit my lips to stop myself from yelling out in pleasure and noticed that his body had stilled as well. His abdomen was taut and his hips spasmed in time with each explosion of his orgasm.

Doug collapsed on top of me and his breath came in short puffs against my neck. His sweat mingled with my own as he inhaled my post-sex must. It seemed as if the entire park smelled of our rendezvous behind the trees. 

He kissed my ear lobe and whispered, “I’ll see you back at the office?” before he lifted himself off of me, discarded the condom in a bag I hadn’t noticed before, and put himself away. 

I adjusted my skirt and offered him a smile to convey my deep satisfaction in what just transpired. I pushed myself off the ground, and grabbed him around the back of the head with one hand. I pulled his face to mine and when our lips met I felt the familiar fire start burning again in my lower abdomen. 

As I pulled away, I smiled again and replied, “Of course.” I left him there to clean up our mess as I daydreamed about the next time we could get together on the way back to my car.