The Personal Trainer

Eva Monroe
6 mins read
Published almost 2 years ago
Chapter 1

The Personal Trainer

When you insisted I get a personal trainer to help me stay active, I was a little pouty about it, thinking I didn’t need any help. 

But the woman you hired not only whips my butt into shape, she’s also gorgeous. Her dark red hair always smells amazing, and she has the biggest, most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen. It’s hard not to stare at them when we workout together… 

After a particularly grueling session, I invite her in for something refreshing to drink. While we’re standing there, sweaty and exhilarated, my eyes keep wandering to her ample chest. Finally, she smirks at me and teases with her words.

“Can I help you with something?”

Her meaning is very pointed and I blush furiously.

“Oh, I, um… I’m so sorry… They’re just very… distracting.”

She laughs and moves closer to me.

“Would you like to touch them?” 

A thrill shoots through me at the thought… But I know I really shouldn’t. You’ll be home soon, and I know you wouldn’t want me fooling around with another woman when you’re not there to enjoy it. But they’re so… tempting.

“You, um… You don’t mind?” I stammer, blushing like a schoolgirl.

She reaches out, taking my hands, and guides them up to her breasts. 

“Not at all.”

Placing my hands gently on her cleavage, she lets go and allows me to explore on my own. 

Forgetting myself, I start caressing and squeezing, in awe of how big and soft they are. I tell her as much and she giggles. Not in a girlish way, but more like a soft, low purr… 

Her nipples harden under the fabric of her sports bra, and I instinctively brush them with my thumbs. She purrs a little louder, and just when I’m about to ask if I can see them, I hear you clear your throat behind me. Dropping my hands, I step away from her and lower my gaze. 

Fuck. I am in so much trouble.

Your voice is a mixture of amusement and annoyance.

“Hello, ladies. Having fun without me?”

I hear her flirting with you, not knowing what a faux pas I’ve committed.

“Just a little… Now that you’re home, you should join us.”

Stepping over to me, you run your hand up my body and into my hair. Pulling hard, you yank my head back so I’m forced to look up at you. But your words are still directed to her.

“I think it’s time we let you in on a little secret… You see, I’m her Master, and she is my slave. She’s — usually — a well-trained little pet who does whatever I want, and works very hard to please me.”

I can see Miss Red smirking as she looks me up and down in this new light.

“I see… I’m sorry for infringing on your… property. I didn’t realize.”
“No need to apologize. You didn’t know. This young lady, on the other hand, definitely knows better. Isn’t that right, pet?”

Now that you’ve addressed me I’m allowed to speak, but I tread carefully.

“Yes, Sir. I’m so sorry, Sir.”
“Not as sorry as you’re going to be.”

I let out a small whimper and hear Red giggle again. Oh no… If she enjoys this, then I’m really in for it… 

I do my best to hold still and await your instruction. Dragging me by the hair, you lead me into the living room. Miss Red follows. You invite her to have a seat and enjoy the show, which she does, happily.

“Now, my naughty girl… Tell me why you need to be punished.”
“Um… Because I was greedy…”
“Mmhm… And what else?”
“Yes. What else?”
“I… Um… I don’t know, Sir…”

You sigh, grabbing my face with your free hand.

“Clearly this will be a hard lesson to learn… You were a horny little slut, weren’t you? Fondling your personal trainer. And without permission. Tsk tsk…”
“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”
“For what? Let us hear you say it.”
“For being a… a horny little sl-slut, Sir.”
“That’s better.” You turn back to Miss Red. “Would you like to help punish her?”
“Ooh, yes please!”

You invite her to pull my pants down to my ankles, then you shove me onto my knees. Studying me, she asks for more guidance.

“Should I pull her panties down, too?”
“Hmm… Leave them for now. No, better yet, pull them up, into that greedy little pussy of hers.”

Clearly enjoying herself, Red does as instructed, making me squirm as she yanks my thong up between my legs. Then, placing my hands behind my head, you tell me to hold still and lead her over to the couch. Looking me over approvingly, you flash a wicked grin.

“You can just watch, pet, while we have a little fun.”

I bite my lip and say nothing, knowing that speaking out of turn will only get me in more trouble. Turning to Miss Red again, your smile is more gentle. 

“Now, even though it wasn’t your fault, you can still help make up for my little slut’s mistake.”
“Happily, Sir… If I may call you Sir?”
“Mmm… Not yet. That’s a right you need to earn.”
“Of course… Will you teach me how?”
“You can start by showing me those incredible tits.”

Without hesitation, she pulls down her bra and lets her ample breasts spill out. They’re even more impressive uncontained, and her nipples are still hard. You shake your head and let out a low whistle. “Take your bra all the way off.”

She does as she’s told, then you pull her down on the couch next to you. With your hands and mouth all over her tits, you keep telling her how perfect and amazing they are, while she purrs and thanks you and writhes under your touch. Without stopping, you grin at me.

“Is this what you wanted to do, my greedy little slut?”

I lower my lashes and nod. “Yes, Sir.”

With a low laugh, you nudge Red onto her back. Then you take off her sneakers and her workout pants, so she’s in nothing but a skimpy thong. The sight of her nearly naked body is so stunning, I can’t help but let out a small whimper. 

Relishing in my torment, you take her by the hand and lead her over to stand right in front of me.

“Kneel,” you command, and she obeys instantly. 

She grins at me and smiles up at you, waiting for further instruction. 

“Hmm…” you muse aloud, “not quite right…”

Picking up a nearby footstool, you put it behind Miss Red and tell her to sit on it. When she does so, her gorgeous tits are right in front of me, at eye level, only about a foot away from my face. I bite my lip and whimper, prompting you to grab my face and force my gaze up to you.

“This is what you get, slut, for being impatient and greedy. You keep those selfish little hands of yours behind your head, and your eyes straight ahead. Understood?”
“Y-yes, Sir…”
“Good. Don’t disappoint me again.”

You let go of my face and I obediently stare straight ahead at Red’s giant, glorious tits. I’m forced to watch as you do all the things I was hoping to do, and more… 

Grabbing both of her tits with one hand, you shake them up and down. She purrs and squirms a little, so you grab one breast in each hand and pinch her nipples. Her back arches and you pull her against your body.

“Tell me… Did you like it when my little slut fondled you in the kitchen?”

She moans with pleasure.

“Mmm… Yes… I did… I really like it when people play with my tits…”
“Ha, I bet you do…”

With that, you slap each of her tits in turn and grab them both in one hand again. Then you reach around with your other hand and play between her legs. She starts to groan, her body twisting… 

Leaning her forward, you guide her tits towards me until they’re mere inches from my face, and shake them up and down again. I strain to not whimper, biting my lip hard. Smirking at my suffering, you finally release her, letting her lean back against you.

Looking between us, you commiserate with her.

“Should we torture her some more before we continue?”
“Mmm… What does that involve?”
“My little pet has toys. Some are for pleasure, some are for torment, some are both…”
“Ooh, let’s do both!”

With a smile, you turn to me.

“Crawl over and fetch your ball, pet. And the clamps.”

Knowing I need to make up for my indiscretion, I do exactly as you say and only as you say, even though it’s hard to crawl with my pants around my ankles. When I get to my drawer, I start to open it with my hands, but I hear you stop me with another tsk.

“I said fetch, pet.”

Of course… I silently chastise myself. Fetch means with my mouth.

“Yes, Sir. My apologies, Sir…”

Taking the drawer handle gently in my teeth, I pull it open. Nudging around the contents of the drawer with my nose, I find the ball gag and nipple clamps. Behind me, I hear Red laugh outright.

“She really is like a little pet! So well-trained…”

Taking the strap of the ball gag between my teeth, I struggle to pick the nipple clamps up, too. I hear the sounds of the two of you continuing your fun while I work to follow instructions. Even though I’m aching to turn around and see what’s happening, it’s more important for me to do as I’m told.

Finally, I manage to pick everything up with my mouth, and like a good pet, I crawl back over to you. As you prefer, I come up onto my knees with my hands up in a begging position and wait.