All in a Day's Work

Eva Monroe
10 mins read
Published almost 2 years ago
Chapter 1

All in a Day's Work

Squirming in my desk chair, my mind is far from work. Instead, it’s consumed by thoughts of you from earlier that morning… First, you’d casually suggested I wear a thong, miniskirt, and fuck-me boots. I of course obliged you, adding a tight, cozy sweater with a scoop-neck that stopped just shy of showing off my cleavage.

Seeing my outfit, you’d wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me to you, kissing me deeply… passionately… your hands wandering down to my skirt, lifting it up… grabbing my naked ass cheeks, you’d squeezed them, hard, making me moan into you… 

Just when I was ready to beg you to hoist me up on the counter and give me a quick fucking before work, you’d pulled back with a smirk.

“Have a great day, babe,” you’d smiled, and winked at me. “It’s pretty cold out. You should probably put some tights on.”

Then, giving my ass a sharp smack, you’d left me standing there, mouth open and skirt hiked up above my waist, aching for you to fuck me.

Needless to say, I’m now having a really hard time focusing on work.

It’s only just after lunch, and I’m feeling really pouty about waiting so many more hours to see you. Grabbing my phone, I send you a sad face text and type…

Can’t stop thinking about this morning… My whole body is aching for you.

Moments later, you reply with a devilish smiley face and one word.


That, of course, just makes me huff and pout even more. Writing back, I tell you I’m not sure I can wait so many more hours to come… that I feel like I might explode before then.

Haha… aw, poor baby… you tease me. Maybe you should just take care of yourself, then.

My eyes go wide.

Here at work?

Sure. Make yourself come at your desk, like a naughty little secretary.

Tingles surge through my entire body at the thought. I shift in my chair again, feeling ready to hump it. It’s too much, and I decide I need to stand. I bend over and pull the levers on my standing desk, stretching as I stand up.

At my standing desk, I absentmindedly stand up straighter, pushing my breasts forward. I can feel my nipples straining against the fabric, and I wish so badly that you were in my office with me, to make me lift my shirt, pull my bra aside, and show them to you... and then enjoy them or not, as you see fit. As crazy as it feels, I decide I can’t take it anymore, and that I need to do as you suggested.

Texting back, I write… 

Okay… I’ll be a naughty little secretary, just for you.

Good girl, is your response.

A small whimper escapes me when I read those words. The short skirt I'm wearing hikes up slightly in the back, when a yearning in me takes over and I stick my ass out, just a little bit... In moments like this, when you are firm and commanding with me (and always, somehow, gentle and considerate all at once), my body aches for you from top to toe. My panties are still damp from the moment you kissed me this morning, and the memory of you pulling up my skirt to squeeze and fondle my ass... my eager, willing ass that so thoroughly, undeniably belongs to you… urges me on to my salacious task. 

Closing my office door, I pull up a “private” search window on my computer. Part of me always suspects the IT guys can see our browser histories no matter what we do, but I’m so turned on right now I can’t be bothered to care.

I type in the words “naughty secretary,” and the search results are plentiful. My eye is drawn to the screenshot of a buxom woman in glasses bent over a desk, skirt around her waist, with a stern looking man tugging on her panties.

I shift on my feet, trying to remember that I have work to do... but it’s no use. I’ve come to far and I need to get myself off before I can focus on anything else.

Putting my headphones on, I click Play on the video.

The cliche scene opens with the woman giving her boss shoddy work, and his insistence that she be punished for it. She dutifully bends over, and lifts her skirt when she’s told… 

I realize that standing isn’t the most conducive position for a covert orgasm, so I lower my desk and sit back down. Hiking up my own skirt, I pull my tights down just past my ass, then I shift my thong to the side and start caressing my clit.

“We’ve talked about this, Cindy,” the man is saying, and the woman nods in agreement.

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir. I promise I’ll do better.”

“I know you will. And I hope these spankings will help you learn your lesson.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir…”

The secretary cries out at the first smack, and I feel a warmth flooding through me. Circling my clit a little faster, I have to stifle a moan when her boss pulls down her panties… 

Just then, my office door opens, and Alex, my boss, walks in. Panicked, I don’t know if I should close my browser or fix my clothes first, so I just freeze, giving her ample time to take in the scene in front of her… There I am, sitting with my skirt pulled up around my waist and my tights pulled down, giving her a full view of my bare ass… on the screen, a man is spanking a woman with her panties pulled down around her ankles… and most embarrassing of all, my hand is still between my legs, touching my naughty, swollen clit… 

Laughing, Alex closes the door behind her and walks over to me. Looking me up and down, she shakes her head.

“Wow… this is a new low for you,” she chides.

I slowly remove my hand from my slick pussy, and then take off my headphones. My cheeks are flushed with shame.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” are the first words out of my mouth. So pathetic.

On the screen, the boss pulls his secretary’s shirt open, exposing her large, bouncy breasts. Alex smirks, first at the screen, then at me.

“Oh, I think this is too good a story to keep to myself. Besides, I also clearly have to write you up for it, so I’m afraid everyone in HR will know what a dirty little slut you are.” 

Mortified, I instantly imagine all of our administrative assistants, passing around a detailed memo about my lewd behavior… and how they’ll all whisper and laugh every time I walk by.

“Oh, please,” I beg, ready to do anything to stop her. “Please don’t. I’ll do anything,” I swear with wide eyes, desperate for her to believe me.

Studying me again, she ogles me candidly, and I’m acutely aware that I haven’t fixed my skirt or my tights yet. Crossing her arms, she stares me down.

“Prove it,” she challenges me. “Show me your tits.”

I whimper and bite my lip, managing to eek out a small… “What?”

“Is that a problem?” she arches her eyebrow.

“N-no…” I stammer, with a full understanding that I may’ve backed myself into a corner by vowing to do anything.

Tugging at the neckline of my sweater, I pull it down along with my bra, until my substantial tits pop out. In the cold air, my nipples harden. On the screen behind us, the secretary is now on her knees, sucking her boss’s cock.

Taking a step back, Alex gets out her phone and points it at me. She snaps a photo of me with my tits and ass exposed, porn playing on the computer screen behind me.

“You have two choices,” she informs me. “Obviously I can’t support this kind of behavior, so you’ll have to be punished, one way or another. Either I can write you up, and this photo might “accidentally” circulate the office…” she places her phone on the desk to show me the offending photo, and my face flushes with shame. “Or, at the end of the day you can come to my office and… work it off. And I won’t tell anyone that you’re a dirty little slut.”

“W-work it off… how?” I ask. And without thinking, I start to cover my breasts.

“Did I say you could put those tits away, whore?” she snaps at me, crossing her arms.

“N-no,” I stammer, and immediately put them on display for her again. Stepping forward, she reaches out and pinches my nipples, twisting and tweaking them between her fingers. I start to moan and she shushes me.

“Be quiet, slut.” I bite my lip and do as I’m told. “Very good,” she praises me. “Now what do you say when someone compliments you?”

“Th-thank you, um… m’am…” My breath catches as I wriggle under her torment. 

“Hmm… I prefer Mistress,” she tells me.

“Thank y-you… Mistress.”

“That’s better. So, which is it?” she asks. “Do you want the entire office to see what a lewd, indecent whore you are? Or are you going to be my obedient, vulgar little slave?” 

The thought of everyone in my office seeing that photo is beyond mortifying… So is an evening spent servicing Alex, but… at least then no one else would know.

“I, um… I’ll be your slave,” I offer.

“What kind of slave?” she corrects me.

“Your obedient… vulgar little slave. Mistress.”

“Good,” she smirks again. “I look forward to making you do whatever I say, slut. I’ll be sure to come up with some exciting and inventive ways to humiliate you.”

She’s still torturing my nipples, and I’m embarrassed to realize how much it’s turning me on. It’s making me want to come more than ever… 

As if reading my mind, she steps back, releasing my nipples.

“And don’t even think about getting yourself off, whore.” She glances at the screen, where the secretary is now stripped fully naked and getting fucked on top of the desk. “Your first assignment is to keep your tits and ass out until you finish watching your dirty video, without touching yourself. Actually, I do want to make one adjustment… stand up and bend over your desk.”

With a small whimper, I do as she says. My tender nipples brush the desktop, sending tingles through my body.

Grabbing a pair of scissors, Alex takes hold of my thong and pulls, yanking them up between my legs. I involuntarily moan and writhe against the fabric, making Alex laugh.

“Yeah, I bet you like that, don’t you, slut?”

I can’t help but confess… 

“Yes… ohhh… yes, I like that, Mistress…”

“Of course you do. Too bad for you, dirty little whores don’t get to wear panties.”

And with that, she snips the flimsy fabric in two spots, and pulls my panties off of me.

“Ohh…” I let out an involuntary moan and wiggle my ass, now stripped of its panties. I can hear Alex ‘tsk’ as she throws my thong in the trash.

“Such a dirty, insatiable girl… Using you and your slutty body is going to be too much fun. Now, sit down and finish watching your porn, like a good little slut.”

I do as I’m told, acutely aware of the wetness between my legs as it seeps on to my desk chair.

“When the video is over,” Alex continues, “you may fix your clothes and cover yourself, for now. At 5:00 sharp, I want you to bring the completed sales report to my office, and you will take whatever punishment I choose to administer.”

I nod, wide-eyed.

“Yes, Mistress.”

And with one last smirk, she leaves the room, shutting my door behind her.