All in a Day's Work

Eva Monroe
10 mins read
Published almost 2 years ago
Chapter 2

All in a Day's Work (Part 2)

Turning to my computer, I see that there are about four minutes left on the porn video. I’m tempted to turn it off and fix my clothes right away, but I worry that Alex will come back to make sure I’m behaving, so I sit there as instructed: tits and ass on display, gripping the sides of my chair in a deeply frustrating effort to not play with myself.

It isn’t easy, especially when the boss in the video ties his secretary’s wrists together, forces her onto her knees, and makes her beg him to come all over her tits. After he finishes, he informs the naughty secretary that to help her learn her lesson, she’s going to spend the rest of the day working like that - naked, with come all over her tits. With lowered, chaste eyes, she agrees and thanks him, and that’s when the video ends.

My body is on fire as I cover my own tits and pull my tights over my bare ass. Fixing my skirt, I struggle to focus on pulling the sales report together, but I don’t have much time to finish it.

Before I know it, the clock reads a quarter to five. Just as I start to print report pages and pull out a folder, you walk into my office.

“Babe! What are you doing here?”

“Well hello to you, too. Not happy to see me?”

“Of course I am, I just-”

You walk over and set down your satchel. Wrapping your arms around me, you pull me close and nuzzle my neck.

“Just thought I’d surprise my naughty little office girl,” you say, slipping your hands under my skirt. “Whoa, what… where are your panties?”

I glance nervously at the clock. I have to be in Alex’s office in seven minutes.

“Um, I… they, well…” I’m at a loss for words, not sure how you’ll take it. 

“Did you ruin them?” you tease me.

“Um… I got caught,” I confess, and you raise your eyebrows.

“Oh? Tell me more…”

I stutter through the series of events… how Alex walked in on me and proceeded to take full advantage of catching me engaged in such lewd, naughty behavior… how she demeaned me and promised to do more of it in her office… I tell you about the photo and how I really don’t have a choice, unless I want the entire office to see that humiliating photo… 

 When I finish, you’re quiet for a moment.

“Hmm… Sounds maybe like you’re getting what you deserve, don’t you think?”

“I am?” I ask, knowing I’m not nearly as innocent as I sound.

“Oh, absolutely. I mean, not only did you start masturbating to porn in your office, you got caught.” You shake your head with a gentle tsk.

The submissive little masochist in me suddenly longs to be reprimanded for my carelessness. I want to bend over and lift my skirt for you, taking the spankings that I surely deserve. What happens with my tights would, of course, be up to you… Whether they stay on and you spank me over them, or you make me pull them down to expose my bare, disobedient ass to you… I would willingly do whatever you want, knowing that it's the surest way for me to learn my lesson.

Lost in the fantasy of letting you punish me, it takes me a moment to register what’s happening when you take me by the arm and lead me out into the hall. You tell me to take us to Alex’s office, and I unquestioningly do as you say.

When we reach her office, you tell me to knock.

Alex opens the door, and… seems unsurprised to see you there. She smiles up at you, then furrows her brow at me.

“You’re six minutes late,” she chastises me.

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Sorry, what?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress.” I’m suddenly aware of the stragglers who are still at work, wondering if anyone can hear us.

“Mmhm.” She folds her arms and looks down. “And where is the sales report?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, it’s just-” I start to gesture to you, but she cuts me off.

“Go get it, slut. And run. I want to see your tits bouncing from the effort.”

You both stare at me, waiting. I stop trying to figure out exactly what’s happening, and instead turn on my heel, making sure to run fast enough that my tits bounce up and down, as instructed.

Back in my office, I scramble to put the report together, then sprint back down the hallway to Alex’s office, my tits practically jouncing out of my sweater.

The two of you are waiting where I left you, enjoying the sight. When I reach the doorway, you take me by the arm again and usher me inside. While I stand there panting, Alex takes the report from me and puts it on her desk.

Her office sports floor-to-ceiling windows and I wonder if anyone in nearby buildings can see in.

“I know her brain is sex-addled, but you’d think she could follow simple instructions,” she says.

“It can be hard when she’s been aching to come for so long,” you agree, “but at least the little slut tries.”

A new level of humiliation and desire sets in as you both talk about me like I’m not there, and in such degrading terms.

“Thanks for tipping me off,” Alex says to you. “I wish you could’ve seen the dirty little whore’s face when I walked in on her fondling herself.”

“Me, too,” you grin, cocksure, “But the photo you sent me gave me a pretty good idea.”

My face flushes as I realize that I’ve been set up.

Simultaneously, it also occurs to me that I can’t bring myself to be mad about it… I’m too horny, and I want so desperately to come. I know that even if I tried to pout or make a fuss about being set up, I would ultimately just give in and do as I’m told, in the hopes of being allowed to have an orgasm. And yes, part of it is that I don’t want the photo out there, but most of it is how lustful I feel… So instead of saying anything, I bite my lip and lower my lashes, waiting for my instructions.

“Aw, look at her blushing,” you mock me, approaching me from behind and lifting my chin with one hand, while you grope my breasts with the other. “She can’t even pout about being set up, because she wants to come so badly.”

It was a little infuriating that you knew me so well, but still, I kept my mouth shut and took it.

Alex is watching you run your hands all over me, squeezing and caressing and jostling… 

“I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon, and I just can’t decide… should we strip her completely naked first, or should we just take her tights off and make her serve us in just her tiny little skirt?”

“Ah yes… I noticed you did away with her panties,” you comment, lifting my skirt and taking another look.

“I made her bend over and I cut them off her,” Alex says, not bothering to hide her glee.

“How wicked,” you admire. “As for the options you presented, definitely the latter. Being tormented and made to wait for things drives my dirty girl crazy, so if we really want to punish her, we should take it slow.”

“Ooh, I know! Let’s cut her tights off her, too!” Alex literally clapped her hands together, she was so delighted by her own idea.

You laughed and agreed, hiking my skirt up over my waist. Pinning my arms behind my back, you held me still while Alex approached me with her scissors.

“Maybe we’ll cut all your clothes to pieces, slut,” she mused, running the scissors down my cleavage and torso, until they reached the waistband of my tights. “Then you’d have to go home naked. That would be so humiliating for you…” 

 She took hold of my tights, and slowly started to cut down the length of the thin fabric. You were right, again… As soon as I felt the nylon spring open, exposing my ass and pussy to both of you, I moaned and squirmed, making you grip my arms tighter.

“Hold still, slut,” you commanded, and I obeyed at once.

Alex guided my feet out of my heels to cut off the tights, then instructed me to step back into my shoes. I did as I was told, until I stood there naked from the waist down, with my skirt hiked up and my high heels making my ass stick out like it was looking for a spanking.

You told me to grip my elbows behind my back, and when I complied, the two of you circled me, cracking jokes about enjoying your naughty slut and snapping photos on your phones.

“This is making me thirsty,” you announced.

“Pour us two scotches, slut,” Alex commanded. 

The two of you sat on the couch, and I made my way over to the bar cart. I could feel your collective gaze on me, ogling my bare ass as it jiggled away.

“The ice bucket is on the bottom shelf,” Alex informed me.

“Bend from the waist to pick it up,” you added. When I assented, you further instructed me to spread my legs, and I did so with a small whimper.

“Aw, poor thing,” Alex said, full of faux sympathy.

“Don’t let her fool you,” you assured her. “The little tramp can’t get enough of this. She loves being treated like a naughty, dirty girl. Especially when she’s misbehaved and she knows she deserves it. Isn’t that right, slut?”

I looked over my shoulder with penitent eyes.

“Yes, boss,” I conceded.

“She can be so well-behaved, when she wants to be,” my work boss observed. “You must have so much fun with her at home.”

“Oh, you have no idea…”

I serve your drinks, and the two of you look me over.

“Is it too soon to make her pull out her tits?” Alex asks.

“Never,” you reply. “If there’s anything she loves more than being punished, it’s flaunting her tits. She wears the sluttiest bras and super low cut shirts whenever I want, and will let me take her anywhere like that… to bars, the grocery store… and when people stare at them, it just makes her all hot and bothered.”

“Of course it does,” Alex says, shaking her head. “In that case…”

She stands up and moves behind me, yanking down my sweater and tearing its neckline in the process. After mocking me with the reminder that it’s yet to be determined how much clothing I’ll be allowed to wear when I leave her office, she follows suit with my bra, tugging it and my sweater down until they’re both around my waist. As soon as my tits are exposed, my nipples perk up, and my face flushes with shame as I realize how much I want you both to play with them.

“You’re welcome, slut,” Alex says with a laugh.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I reply. “If I, um…”

I stop talking when she raises an eyebrow, making it clear with that small gesture that I’m not to speak out of turn.

“If you what?” she asks.

“If I… say please… will you, um… touch them?” I can barely get the words out, I’m so embarrassed. But I want it so badly, I have to ask.

My question makes you both laugh outright, amplifying both my indignity and my desire.

“Jesus, you weren’t kidding,” Alex says. “She really is a greedy little slut.”

“I told you,” you reply.

“I don’t know, slut, let’s hear how well you beg,” Alex challenges me.

You both lean back on the couch, watching and waiting. I clear my throat.

“P-please… please, boss, please, Mistress… will you please, please play with my tits?”

“Bring them closer,” Alex instructs, and I obey at once, approaching the couch and bending over, so my naked tits are right in front of your faces. “Keep begging.”

“Please… I’ll do anything… please play with them… I need them to be fondled and groped… please…” 

Alex laughs again while you smirk at my desperation.

“Maybe later,” Alex decides. “Take them away, slut.”

I whimper in agony, but I do as I’m told.

“What should we do with her now?” you ask.

I’m left to wait patiently, standing with my clothes bunched around my waist and my tits and ass on display, while the two of you decide my fate.