All in a Day's Work

Eva Monroe
11 mins read
Published almost 2 years ago
Chapter 3

All in a Day's Work (Part 3)

“I want to hear stories about what you’ve made her do,” Alex says, her voice full of glee again.

“Should we make her stand in the corner while I tell you?” you suggest.

“Yes! Or… would it be more embarrassing to make her kneel, and put her forearms on the ground? That way her slutty tits will hang there, all aching and lonely, and she’ll have to stick her naughty whore ass up in the air, waiting to be spanked…”

With a chuckle, you shake your head.

“You really are wicked,” you tell her.

“Thank you,” Alex demurs.

You tell me to turn profile to the two of you and assume the position that Alex described. When I do it, I feel the truth of Alex’s assessment… It’s utterly humiliating to have my ass propped up on display like that, especially while my tits are dangling toward the floor… I’m tempted to drop them lower so the carpet will graze my nipples, but I know I would get in serious trouble for that.

Tuning in to what’s happening on the couch, I realize you’re telling her the story of when I accidentally let our neighbors see me in a slutty outfit, and you dressed me like a prostitute and took me to a bar. You must be showing her pictures, because I hear Alex saying things like… 

“Oh my god, look at that dirty slut… and all those people staring at her…”

“Her pussy has never been wetter,” you say, and Alex laughs.

You move on to the time you punished me for paying for porn with a credit card, and I realized with horror that you were going to show her the video… 

Sure enough, you let her look at photos of me in various degrading states of undress… and then I hear the sounds of the video, the one where you put whipped cream on my nipples and my pussy, and then licked it all off… making me tell you how I’d let you put it online and sell it, if that’s what you wanted to do.

“It’s tricky, isn’t is,” Alex muses, “punishing a dirty little slut who loves it so much?”

“It really is,” you agree. “It’s hard sometimes to come up with new and inventive levels of humiliation, and even when I do it just turns her on more.”

“I’ll bet,” Alex scoffs.

“See for yourself,” you tell her. “Check out her pussy. Whatever you want - finger it, fondle it, smack it - and I promise you… it’ll be the wettest, slickest little pussy you’ve ever felt.”

I whimper in anticipation, knowing how right you are and how it will make Alex taunt me when she feels it.

Sure enough, the instant her fingers land between my legs, she gasps and then laughs loudly.

“Oh my god, you weren’t kidding! The little slut loves it. She’s fucking dripping down her thighs already… This calls for a slight change in plans, since her dirty, sopping wet pussy clearly deserves spankings even more than her slutty ass…”

And with that, Alex lands six sharp smacks on my pussy. The sound is extra loud, thanks to my undeniable mess of juices. I cry out with each slap, which only delights Alex more.

“I’d have to take a video of this if Damon wasn’t joining us. Otherwise he’d never believe me.”

“Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot you invited your husband,” you say, oh-so-casually. It sends a thrill of lust and embarrassment through me, knowing I’m to be shared with a third and unknown person.

“Thanks so much for letting me,” Alex coos. “I’m allowed to punish little whores on my own, but it’s so much more fun for both of us when he can participate.”

“Naturally,” you agree. “Do we know what’s in store for our dirty slut when he gets here?”

“Not yet,” Alex replies, “but my drink definitely needs freshening.”

“You heard her, slut. On your feet,” you command.

I do as instructed, obediently taking your empty glasses and returning to the bar cart. While I refill them both with ice cubes and two fingers of scotch, the two of you make lewd comments about my body, and discuss how appropriate I look, with my clothes bunched up around my waist, and all my “naughty bits” on display.

“It’s too bad I can’t make her spend the whole workday like this,” Alex says. “It’s certainly what the little slut deserves.”

“Hmm… I think we should at least come up with Dirty Slut Dress Code for her, though, don’t you?” you offer.

Alex claps her hands again. I hand the two of you your drinks, and stand with my hands clasped behind my back, listening to the determination of my fate.

“That’s a great idea! You wouldn’t mind enforcing it, on your end?”

“Not at all. Like you said, it’s what she deserves. Besides, she’ll love letting everyone in the office ogle her body. It’ll hardly be a punishment.”

“In that case, we should think of something extra… something that will actually torture her,” Alex suggests, and you readily agree.

After debating a few mortifying ideas - picking one coworker per day that I have to “accidentally” flash… only letting me bend at the waist, no matter how short my skirt… making me clean Alex’s office every week, in a French maid’s uniform - you settle on a daily punishment, to go into effect the next day, and to last indefinitely.

“That’s settled, slut,” Alex informs me. “For 30 minutes of your lunch, every day, you are to report here to my office. You will sit at the writing desk in the corner, where I will tie your wrists to the arms of the chair. While you’re tied up and helpless, you have to watch all the porn I select for you. If I feel like it, I may also expose your tits and/or ass while you watch. If you’re lucky, I might even fondle them a little. But you will, under no circumstances, be permitted to come. Not until your boss here allows it. Could be that night, could be not until the weekend… Is that understood?”

 I nod, my face and tits flushed at the thought of such daily torture.

“Y-yes, M-mistress…” I stammer. 

Just then, the office door opens and Alex’s husband Damon walks in. We’ve crossed paths before, and he always stares candidly at my tits. Now that I’m standing there, so stripped bare for his pleasure, he makes no effort to hide his sense of triumph.

“We always knew this one was a dirty whore, didn’t we, babe?” 

Alex bounds over to him and they kiss deeply while he runs her hands over her body.

“So glad you made it,” she purrs.

“And I brought cigars!” Damon procures a small box of Cubans from his briefcase. “Punishing a slut always makes me want to smoke.”

Alex makes introductions between the two of you, and Damon hands you the box of cigars before crossing to me. He wastes no time, grabbing my tits and squeezing them, running his lascivious hands all over my body.

When he reaches my pussy, he laughs.

“Holy fuck, this is the wettest cunt I’ve ever felt! Looks like we’ve got a whore on our hands who loves getting what she deserves.”

“She does indeed,” you agree. “She’s been very compliant tonight, hoping to get an orgasm out of it.”

“Is that so?” A wicked glint flashes through Damon’s eyes. “Then I guess we’ll have to make her earn it.”

Taking three cigars from the box you’ve opened, he announces that even though it’s “old fashioned,” he likes to wet the end of his cigars. Clipping the tips off of three of them, he then gathers them into a phallic little trio.

“For starters, I want to strip this slut naked, make her get on all fours, and make her hold these in her pouty little whore mouth,” Damon says.

My whimpers only spur the three of you on. Alex grabs my arms behind my back, while Damon strips me of all my clothes, groping my body as he pleases in the process.

At first, I can’t see you, but then you appear in front of me, wielding the nipple clamps that my tits are all too familiar with. I bite my lip and squirm, but Alex holds me steady.

“Kneeling on all fours is too easy for her,” you say, handing Damon one of the clips.

Alex titters as you each take hold of my nipples, pinching them into submission before attaching the clamps. I moan and wriggle, but we can all see how much I’m loving it.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you, slut?” Damon taunts me, and I have no choice but to confess.

“Y-yes… oh, god…”

Damon slaps my tits, one at a time, and I notice you filming the moment on your phone.

“Tell us how much,” Damon commands.

“Oh, fuck… oh… I l-love… I love it… ohhhhh…”

You chime in, clearly relishing in my punishment.

“And what do you say when you get something you love, slut?”

“Th-thank you…” I moan again when Alex shakes me back and forth, making my tits flop from side to side, jostling the clamps. “Thank y-you… ohhh, god… so m-much…”

Damon grips the back of my hair, hard, pulling me from Alex’s grasp. Shoving me onto my knees, he takes the trio of cigars and tells me to open my mouth. I do as I’m told, and he thrusts the cigars in, commanding me onto all fours.

For a moment he keeps my head pulled back, so you and Alex can take plenty of photos and video of my humiliating state. The cigars are big enough that I’m already starting to salivate from the effort. Alex finds this particularly amusing.

“Aw, the little slut is drooling, like she’s a hungry little pet… Is that what you are, slut? A hungry, greedy little whore pet?”

I nod, since I can’t speak with my mouth full of cigars, and Alex laughs.

Damon lets go of my hair, and the three of you discuss next steps. It’s decided that when I’m done being a good little cigar wetting pet, I’ll fetch Damon a drink. Then you’ll all enjoy your scotch and cigars while watching me beg for my orgasm. If I do a good enough job, you’ll let me lie across the couch, and you’ll all enjoy using my body as you please while I rub my clit and get myself off.

I’ve made a complete mess kneeling there, both from my saliva and the wetness dripping off of my pussy. After Damon takes the cigars, Alex makes me fetch a towel and clean it up before I fix her husband’s drink.

Once you’re all set up with scotch and smokes, I’m told to start begging.

“Please, p-please… I need to come so badly,” I supplicate myself, on my knees, pleading. “I’ll do anything you all want, I promise… P-please… I’ll be y-your sex slave… all of y-ou… whenever and wherever you want…” (Alex laughs at that one) “I s-swear… I’ll take w-what I deserve… l-like a good little s-slut…”

I’m so achingly desperate, I really am willing to do anything at all for permission to come. And thankfully, blessed release is granted.

You sit on the couch and lay me over your lap. On one end, Damon takes out his hard cock and starts thrusting it in my mouth, making me thank him and tell him how much I love it.

On the other end, Alex is fingering my pussy, and maybe even fucking with a cigar… I can’t entirely tell…

Meanwhile, you’re working your magic on my tits, pinching and pulling on the clamps, telling me what a good little slut I am for taking my punishment.

Only then do you allow me to touch myself, and it’s almost instant… before I know it I’m climaxing, crying out in sheer bliss, telling you all that I’m coming like a good little whore, and thanking you for letting me… 

When all is said and done, I’m left panting and naked on the couch while you finish your cigars and drinks. After that, I’m “dressed” in what’s left of my clothes.

At some point, Alex clearly took the liberty of cutting my already short skirt, so it’s a mere scrap of fabric that barely covers my ass. I have no panties to wear, but I’m given my push-up bra and my sweater to put on. The neckline is ripped open, so I might as well not be wearing a shirt at all… My propped up tits are completely on display.

Paired with my strappy heels, I’m all set to be escorted home in the most degrading ensemble I’ve ever worn. Alex delightedly informs me that the janitorial staff should all be here… So not only did they hear the naughty whore coming her face off, but they’ll all get an eyeful as you walk me out of the building.

Taking me by the arm, you give me a little jostle.

“What do you say?” you prompt.

“Thank you,” I dutifully reply, with my eyes obediently lowered. “Thank you for treating me like the dirty, greedy little slut that I am…”

Damon gives my ass a few more spankings, and Alex says she looks forward to seeing me in my new, bimbo workwear tomorrow.

“And don’t forget our lunch meeting,” she says with a wink.

I nod, biting my lip as you lead me out the door, ready to parade my tawdry body all the way home, like a good, obedient girl who can never get enough.

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