Safe Travels

Eva Monroe
8 mins read
Published over 1 year ago
Chapter 1

Safe Travels

Cradling my phone in my lap, I turned off Airplane Mode the instant the wheels hit the runway. As soon as the service bars appeared, I sent you a text.


I’d always loved flying, but leaving the confines of a plane was a great feeling, especially when I was coming home to you. My phone chimed while I was hurrying through the airport.

Kiss you in a sec, babe.

Grinning like a moron, I stopped in my tracks when I exited the secure area and saw you standing there. You were inside to surprise me, instead of waiting at the curb. My grin turned into a beaming smile as I rushed toward you with a squeal, literally jumping into your arms.

You gave me that kiss you’d promised and set me down. I smiled up at you.

“You’re so good at surprises.”

With a shrug, you feigned modesty but then spoke with sincerity.

“I really missed you.”

We walked outside and to the parking garage, our arms around each other while I regaled you with a recount of my travels.

“Zero turbulence, you would’ve loved it-”

With a gentle clearing of your throat, you looked pointedly at my hoodie, zipped all the way up.

“Oh! Sorry…” I dutifully unzipped, revealing a low-cut tank top barely covering my ample breasts, made more so by the push-up bra I wore. “As instructed.”

“Mmm… that’s better, thank you.”

“It’s my pleasure,” I blushed.

You’d texted me before I boarded my flight, telling me to “prep my cleavage” for you, but to make sure I didn’t share it with anyone on the flight. I loved doing naughty things for you, under wraps, so no one else would know.

At your truck, you hoisted my bag into the back and opened the passenger door for me. Before I could climb up, you stopped me with a hand on my hip.

“What are these?” you asked, snapping my waistband against my skin.

“Um… leggings,” I confessed.

Fuck. I totally forgot.

“I see that. And what have we said about wearing leggings as pants?”

I bit my lip and squirmed a little under your gaze.

“That um, it leaves nothing to the imagination… so everyone can tell what I look like without pants on…”

“Did you forget?” you challenged, your voice low.

“Yes,” I nodded, “I’m sorry.”

“Turn around,” you commanded, and I did as I was told, letting you bend me over the passenger seat. “Maybe this will help you remember next time.”

Yanking my pants down to my knees, you exposed my thong and bare ass cheeks to the cool night air. I let out a soft cry, goosebumps prickling my naked skin. In this position, my tits threatened to spill out of my tank top.

“How does that feel, showing off your ass in public? Should we take these “pants” all the way off and walk back through the airport?”

I shook my head.

“N-no… no, boss.”

“I didn’t think so. Climb into the truck for me, then you can cover yourself.”

I obeyed at once, but you slowed me down. 

“Take your time. I want this lesson to sink in.”

“Yes, boss.”

I climbed into the truck, slowly, kneeling on the seat for a moment before settling in and pulling up my leggings.

You waited until I’d covered myself before you closed the door and joined me, hoisting yourself into the driver’s seat.

We’d barely made it out of the parking garage before I realized I was in trouble again.

“Can’t wait to get home and dig into some of my hot sauce,” you declared, and my face fell.

Glancing over, your smile faded.

“Oh, no… Babe, did you forget that, too?”

I chewed my lip, wincing.

“I’m so sorry, I bought it… I just left it on the dresser. I can call the hotel, I’m sure they’ll send it…” I trailed off, quieting under the weight of your disappointment.

“Yes, you can do that first thing tomorrow. In the meantime, I guess you’ll have to entertain me with other pleasures.” 

You looked pointedly at my cleavage, and I shifted the strap of my seatbelt until it crossed behind my back, giving you a better view.

With a smirk, you glanced between me and the road ahead.

“You’re going to have to do better than that. Pull your bra and your tank top down as far as they’ll go… You can spend the rest of this drive naked from the waist up.”

I wriggled in my seat, heat coursing through my veins.

“Yes, boss.”

Doing as I was told, I stripped out of my tank top first, then my bra, pulling them both down until they bunched around my waist. You watched me hungrily, basking in the ease of my obedience. I sat back and let you look at me, my tits jiggling with every little bump in the road.

“Mmm, that’s better. Do you want me to touch you?”

“Oh yes, please-”

“I’ll bet you do,” you replied with a cocky grin. “I appreciate your politeness, but this is meant to be a punishment for you, so, no fondling, I’m afraid.”

I lowered my lashes but worked hard not to pout. I didn’t want to earn any more reprimands.

When we pulled into our driveway, you cut the engine and turned to face me. The porch light illuminated my chastened state while you looked me over.

“I’m tempted to make you walk to the porch like that,” you mused, “but I’ll spare you, this time.”

“Thank you, boss.”

“You can put your bra back on,” you allowed, and I followed your instruction. “Except… hmm…”

Reaching over, you pulled the cups down, underneath my breasts, leaving them both propped up and exposed. Then you told me to cover them with my tank top. I slid back into it, my perky nipples visible through the tight, thin fabric. You admired your handiwork.

“That’ll do. A little treat for our guest.”

My face flushed bright red. I’d forgotten your friend Chris from college was visiting. We’d met a couple times before, but my nipples were definitely not on display.

I bit my lip with a quiet “Yes, boss” and you sat back, studying me.

“I’m afraid this isn’t enough to help you remember things properly next time. What do you think? Would more penance help you commit your instructions to memory in the future?”

It almost felt like a trick question… Like you were giving me the chance to say no, but saying no didn’t seem like the “right” answer, even to me. I felt awful for forgetting to pick up the one thing you’d asked for, and we’d talked about not wearing leggings as pants right before my trip. I really had no excuse for being so absent-minded. Letting you discipline me a little felt like the least I could do.

“I hope so, Boss. I promise I’ll do my best… and I’ll take whatever correction you deem necessary.”

“Mmm. That’s my good girl.” You leaned over and gave me a slow, deep, sensual kiss. The moment I started to lean into you, you pulled back to give me my commands. 

“When we get inside, I want you to talk with me and Chris for exactly five minutes, then say you’re tired from traveling and excuse yourself to our bedroom. Freshen yourself up while you wait for me, and get yourself ready for bed. But don’t get undressed, not until you brush your teeth. While you brush your teeth, I want you to pull those naughty leggings and your panties down to your knees, and think about how you can improve your behavior. Is that understood?”

I was squirming in my seat at the thought of your lascivious instructions. I tried to make myself hold still as I nodded.

“Yes, Boss, understood.”