Three of Hearts

Jayne Renault
11 mins read
Published over 1 year ago
Chapter 1

Three of Hearts

I’m in the middle of a lazy afternoon masturbation session when I hear the telltale ping sound from my phone. I know it’s Alex because he’s the only one who messages me from the app that makes that particular noise.

Lying back flat on the bench seat at my dining room table with my legs straddling either side, I hold my Hitachi wand’s powerful vibrations steady to my clit with one hand and reach over to grab my phone with the other. The message display on my screen reads: “Any updates?”

Alex’s words send an extra pang of enthusiasm to my loins and I smile to myself, resting the phone screen down on my chest. I buzz through my second languid, albeit very satisfying climax before I’m ready to answer.

My head spins a little when I do sit up. I breathe deeply and stretch my neck out on either side, sending cracks through my uppermost vertebrae, and revive my laptop computer from its sleeping state.

I know what he wants, and I want to have both hands to talk to him about this one.

“Good timing,” I type. “I was just thinking about you.”

“Oh? Good things, I hope.”

“Mm. Very good. I came twice, in fact.”

“That does sound good... And what of your mission?”

“Less good.”

“Hm. That’s unfortunate. You’re running out of time, you know.”

“I know.”

“I’m not going to be in town long this time.”

“I know.”

“And who knows when we’ll have the opportunity to do this again.”

“I knoooooooow!”

“So what’s the problem?”

I type several possible responses and erase every one until I give up entirely and just stare at the blank message box on my screen.

Alex is typing now.

“You don’t want to disappoint me, do you?”


“Then make it happen, Jayne.”

His authority when he makes curt, straight forward-demands like this has a way of undoing my insecurities. It strips away my doubts, giving me permission to tap into the boldness we both know I’m capable of.

“Alright,” I type. “Fine.”

I grab my phone to access a different messaging system. The one I use for most other communications. I scroll through the find the name I’m looking for and type up a message:

“So, I was getting dressed this morning and made the most alarming discovery…”

And I hit send.

I don’t have time for weak openings like “Hey, how’ve you been?” that are all too easy to ignore.

Somewhat to my surprise, I get the response within minutes.

“Uh oh. Should I be worried?”

I smile at the screen as if he can see my face. I respond with: “I’d say. All those lovely bruises you left on me last time we were together are all but gone.”

“Oh my. That is a problem. You might just forget about me if we let them disappear altogether. What are we going to do about it?”

“You free tonight?”

“I actually might be. What do you have in mind?”

“Come over around 8:30 and I’ll show you.”

“Deal. I’ll see you then.”

I flip back to my computer screen and tell Alex I’ll take care of it tonight.

He rewards me with a “Good girl,” and adds,“Let me know how it goes.”

“You know I will.”

Jack's not the most punctual of my lovers, but he’s reliable in his own right. At 8:17, he lets me know that he’s running a little late. I tell him not to worry, to let himself in when he arrives.

I’m halfway through a glass of wine when I hear the front door open. Jack treads softly down the hall, through the foyer, and into the kitchen, where I’m ready and waiting for him.

“You made it,” I say.

“Finally... I’m sorry I’m late,” he says as he shrugs off his light jacket. “The metro lost power.”

“Typical.” I take a sip and eye him up as he takes his seat in the stool next to me. He’s looking handsome as ever in a simple black v-neck t-shirt that shows off the botanical garden of tattoos etched down his arms, and dark jeans that hug him in all the right ways. “I’m glad you were free tonight.”

“Me too.” He leans in and plants a soft kiss on my cheek, giving my thigh a soft squeeze as he does so. “Mm, you smell nice.”

“Thank you, I showered. Just for you.”

“How thoughtful of you.”


“Sure, please.”

When I stand, I give him a proper kiss hello. He shudders ever so slightly when I drag my fingers across his chest and up his throat before circling around behind him.

“Your nails,” he notes as I pull a glass from the cupboard. “They’re longer than usual.”

“All the better to tear you to shreds with, my dear.”

Jack laughs through his nose and watches me fill his cup with the deep Burgundian red. I slide it across the table to him and we sip together in a silent toast to the evening.



“I admit that I’ve got some ulterior motives for luring here tonight,” I confess.

Jack raises his eyebrows at me in question. “Oh? So you don’t want me to fuck your brains out?”

We exchange playful, wicked grins.

“Oh no,” I say. “I definitely want that.”

“What else then?”

“I have a proposition for you.”

“A proposition, you say?”


“What kind of proposition?”

“I need help with something,” I lean my forearms onto the table, "and I was hoping you might be the one to help me with it.”

“I guess it depends on what it is," he says leaning in closer in turn. "What do you need?”

“Well, it’s not just what I need. I’m trying to help a friend out too.” Jack is mid-sip when I add, “I have a very particular fantasy that needs fulfilling.”

He eyes me over the rim of his glass, curious, but still uncertain.

“How do you feel about threesomes?” I ask.

He doesn’t choke, but the look on his face suggests he hadn’t expected those to be my next words.

“Uh… Well. I’m not sure how you want me to answer that question. They can be fun, I guess?”

“Have you ever had one?”

“An ex-girlfriend invited one of her friends into our bed for my birthday one year.”

“And?” I prod.

“It was pretty hot," he shifts in his seat, "but if we're being honest, also kind of overwhelming.”

“That tracks. But now, what if the third was another guy?”

Jack goes silent again, staring blankly at me.

“I… uh…” he clears his throat, “no, I’ve never done that one.”

“Would you?”

“I…” He scratches the back of his head for answers. “Well, I’m not sure I’ve ever really thought about it.”

“You should think about it.” My heart is pounding against my vocal cords. I take a sip from my glass in an attempt to muffle it, to maintain my air of conviction the best I can. I need to be strong for all three of us right now. “Because I think you’re the perfect candidate for something I’m trying to organize for me and a special visitor next week.”

“Jayne, I…”

“Just think about it.”

I circle back around the table and sit down in Jack lap, draping my arms around his neck.

“If we're being honest, like you say, I think it would be incredibly hot to see my friend’s mouth around that gorgeous cock of yours." I run my fingers along the neckline of his shirt, worrying at the edges. “Showing him just how you like to be licked, and stroked, and sucked… then pushing his head all the way down onto you… All while I idly tease his cock, and your fingers are lodged in my cunt.”

Jack gulps hard.

“Or maybe I’m straddling him while you embrace me from behind, feeling the compression and security of your torsos pressed to me from either side…” My eyes are closed now as I muse on possibility, rocking back and forth in Jack's lap. “Or his cock is in my mouth while I ride yours, feeling you reach out to each other, through me, rendering me a conduit of our group’s collective pleasure.”

His growing erection presses up into me, betraying any lingering confusion.

“Or best of all, feeling you both sliding into both my holes at the same time.”

Jack lets out the breath he likely didn’t realize he was holding. “Fuck, Jayne…” he says as he palms the globe of my ass and nuzzles into my collarbone.

“I might insist you share a kiss for me at that point too,” I say, running my fingers through his hair the way he likes. I know he's powerless to this particular touch.

He has grown familiar with my tricks, but he surrenders to my touch all the same. “What if I’m not into him?” I can't help but smile; there's a teasing lilt to his voice.

“You don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable with,” I insist. “You can always just focus all your attention on me instead.”

I grind down into him; a groan rolls out from deep in his chest.

“You’re quite the saleswoman,” he says biting into my bare shoulder.

“I’m highly motivated to close this deal.”

“Hm…” Jack's hand is warm on my flesh and it starts creeping up the inside of my thigh. “Well, okay. Let’s say I’m open to the idea. How would it all work?”

“Well, we could break the ice with our words,” I say, offering him my neck. He obliges by pressing his lips to my skin as I continue. “I could add you to a group chat for the three of us prior to Alex’s arrival. We could talk about respective limits, concerns, curiosities, likes, dislikes…” I moan softly into the trail of kisses Jack plants down towards my chest. “Maybe share a few photos… All get to know each other a little. And then if you’re into it, you come over some time when Alex is in town next week. We carry on the conversation in person. Feel out the group energy. And then… you know… just see where it all goes.”

“That all sounds pretty reasonable…” he admits as he cups his palm into my groin, pressing the swell of my labia through my underwear. “But I might need a little more convincing before I sign the dotted line.”

“Mm, don’t threaten me with a good time.” I take his mouth with mine and kiss him once, deep and long. Then I slide right off him, down to the floor, kneeling before him as I start to fumble with the button on his jeans. “How about you sit back and let me show you just how much I want this.”

Jack exhales out quickly through parted lips and shimmies out of his pants for me, releasing his undeniably hard cock, and sits back down on the stool.

“Just how happy it would make me if you considered accepting this special invitation,” I add as I press my palms to his thighs and look up at him as I lean in tortuously slowly, reaching for the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue.

He runs his fingers through my hair, careful not to grab too hard. He knows it’s my turn right now to be in control.

“See, this is exactly why it has to be you for this fantasy,” I say between soft flicks and teasing swipes along the underside of his down-turned shaft. “I don’t know anyone else in this town with a cock quite as nice as yours.”

Jack is sleeping soundly in my bed next to me when I text Alex the good news: “We’ve got him.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

“Oh, it was hard, alright. And I can’t wait for you to get a taste.”

“I know exactly what you taste like.”

“But you don’t know what *he* tastes like yet.”

“True. And I look forward to it. I’m a little distracted right now. You caught me in the middle of thinking about the last time we were together.”

“Oh yeah? What specifically?”

“The way you tasted when I went down on you in the stairwell. When you were on your knees staring up at me, taking it all the way to the back of your throat. The way you tensed your thighs and stomach muscles and squeezed your pussy tight around my cock when I was deep inside you. And how you spun around just as I was about to cum and swallowed every last drop.”

“Mm… That was a fun night, wasn’t it?”

“You’re going to look so good taking two cocks.”

“You say the nicest things to me.”

“I just want to give the people I love the things *they* love.”

“I can’t wait til you get here.”

“Only a few more sleeps.”

“On that note, I’m going to kill one of them. But first, I’m going to go think about all the iterations of our devilish triangle and try to sneak out one more orgasm without waking this sleeping babe next to me.”

“You are insatiable.”

“You know it. Better get ready. We have a lot of fucking to do while you’re here.”

“I look forward to wrecking you completely.”

“*swoons forever* Night! xx”

When I reach over to place my phone face down on my bedside table and settle properly into bed, Jack stirs but doesn’t quite wake. He rolls to his side, presenting his back to me. I nestle my shin into the backs of his legs and carefully spread my knees wide, sliding my hand between my thighs. Between the proper fucking he gave me bent over the kitchen table, then up against the wall in the hallway, and finally in the darkness of my bedroom, and all this talk of getting two of my favorite boys in a room together with me, I’m slick as can be.

I dip one finger, then two into the pool of wetness and paint myself in my juices. I slowly flick back and forth, then steadily palpate my swollen clit, feeling the tension grow and my pulse quicken. I labor to keep my breath from becoming too audible. I don’t want to wake Jack — this one is just for me.

I tap, tap, tap at my clit for longer than you’d believe, until my discipline falls away, until I start swirling soft, deliberate circles around my pussy, moving from the wrist to reduce the amount of disruption that might shake through the mattress to the body on the other side. Carefully, I add my other hand to the mix, massaging the dripping wet opening of my cunt while maintaining the steady rhythm around and around my clit’s hood. The pressure building is almost unbearable now, but I’m still not quite there.

My breath is strained, yet even. I feel the swell deepen in the pit of my abdomen on every exhalation, after every other increasingly hasty circle. My eyes are closed; my eyelids fall into the back of my skull.

Finally, I implode, collapsing in on myself, clamping my lips over my teeth to bite down on my own tongue as my cunt spasms and grasps at the tips of my fingers.

My spine shudders; Jack is immobile, still sleeping softly.

I smile with smug satisfaction, licking the secret release from my fingers, and lay still until my breath steadies and levels itself. After one final deep, long sigh, I dry what’s left of me from my hands on my sheets and roll into Jack's strong back, wrapping myself around him like a shroud. That rouses him just enough. He clasps my hand with his, pulling it in close to his chest, and wiggles his butt into my belly. He barely has time to kiss my wrist before he fully passes out again, his lips still pressed to my skin.

I fall asleep to the soft heave of Jack's chest rising up into my forearm, his breaths escaping softly through his nose onto the back of my hand, and a memory of the shadow Alex’s strong frame securing me in place from the other side.